NHLPA’s Fehr says he doesn’t have set deadline date


Former Gazette baseball writer Jeff Blair, now with the Globe & Mail, has his own Toronto radio show on The Fan 590. On Wednesday morning, he had Donald Fehr as his guest and the executive director of the NHLPA said that contrary to comments from the league, he does not have a set deadline date he is working towards.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

Following Blair’s show, NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly went on The Fan 590’s Hockey Central @ Noon show, saying it’s a “crap shoot” whether or not fans and sponsors will return to the NHL after the lockout. You can hear that interview by clicking here.

The Gazette’s Dave Stubbs caught up with the Canadiens’ P.K. Subban on Tuesday to talk about the RBC Play Hockey Charity Challenge slated for Wednesday night in Toronto with Team Subban taking on a team led by Tampa Bay Lightning star Steven Stamkos.

“I hear Stammer’s been working out,” Subban told Stubbs about his childhood friend as the meek trash-talking began. “Maybe he’s bigger than he usually is, but compared to me I think he’s about a buck 90, and I’m 220 (pounds). I don’t think it’s much of a match when we get in the corner.

“I might stand on the right side at the top of the circle just to deny him any opportunity to score. That’s where he gets 50 per cent of his goals. I have the book on him.”

You can read Stubbs’s column by clicking here.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told TVA that he’s saddened by the lockout, adding that he knows hockey is a business but that depriving fans of a full season twice in eight years isn’t good for the NHL. Read more by clicking here.

Time magazine’s Gary Belsky wrote about hockey’s wealth distribution, looking at “What’s really behind the NHL lockout”. You can read that column by clicking here.

And Pierre LeBrun writes on ESPN.com about the NHL and NHLPA waiting for the other to move. Read LeBrun’s column by clicking here.

(Photo by Louis Lanzano/The Canadian Press)


  1. ZepFan2 says:


    Sorry dude, no cowboy boots or dow (ugh) for me.

    Hung out more at the warehouse and St. Catherine’s brasserie

  2. HabFab says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Long time poster but first time reader. Can anyone tell me who is playing goal tonight…Price or Halak? Thanks…

  3. Mr. Biter says:

    According to ESPN sports that’s how Fehr operates. He will wait till the final deadline and begin serious bargining then. Either the next series of NHL game cancellations or the following will have the disclaimer there is no set date for the season to begin.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  4. shiram says:

    Good news everyone!

    SiriusXM NHL Network
    Bill Daly ‘ yes we will have a season’ @SiriusXMNHL @HNICRadio

    • Ron says:

      Friedman confirmed by tweet that when he asked yes or no, that I don’t know not part of it, he answered in the affirmative.

      So now we go from here to see when and if it happens.

      • Trisomy 21 says:

        Well think of what people would say if the deputy commissioner responds “no” that that question. That doesn’t really look good on the NHL then does it. I’d really not invest much into that you guys. You gotta be more pessimistic, you don’t get hurt as often by the NHL and you don’t get other people’s hopes up as well. Merry Christmas!

        • HabFab says:

          Yeah! I’m keeping my money in my pocket. Nothing but lawyer talk IMO.

        • Ron says:

          Ian, I’m as pessimistic as anyone, both shiram and myself just posted what is being run around the twitt world and Elliotte Friedmans take on what was said to him that is all. If people want to get their hopes up that is their own prerogiative and can form their own opinions on Friedmans statements. I’m certainatly not investing anything into it so you don’t have to worry your little head about it. Happy Holidays to you too.

    • frontenac1 says:

      What year? Friggin Lawyers. (Not you Commandant)_

  5. Kooch7800 says:

    Malcolm Subban of the Belleville Bulls has been named Canada’s starting goaltender for their World Junior pre-competition game against Finland on Thursday

    “Keep your stick on the Ice”

  6. Bripro says:

    Stu or Stubbs might have posted this on the previous thread, but for those who didn’t read it, but need another hockey fix, here’s SI.com’s Steve Rushin on the ongoing lock-out.

    His line that makes me chuckle: “…the NHL, a league that expanded from the Rust Belt (Detroit, Chicago) to the Sun Belt (Nashville, Raleigh) to the Sansabelt (Phoenix, Miami) and now occupies a place in the universe somewhere beyond Orion’s Belt, invisible to the naked eye and gazed on only by lonely obsessives with telescopes (or a season ticket to the Columbus Blue Jackets).”

  7. Bripro says:

    For anyone looking to watch the RBC Charity Challenge between the Subban and Stamkos teams, at 7:00 pm they’ll be playing the live feed here…


    And here’s tonight’s lineup:


    And if you want play-by-play, you’re welcome to join me. I’ll be sitting in my basement screaming at my screen! I need to practice for when the real thing returns.

  8. Timo says:

    Man, day time TV sucks

  9. HabinBurlington says:

    Both sides still think they can win with current proposal and refuse to acknowledge the other sides perspective. This isn’t even close to a negotiation. I do recognize that when compared to the last CBA the give has all been done by the players.

    However, the reality is that the owners are just that the owners. Unless leadership from the players side can work with them, the relationship will remain adversarial and the owners will remain sticks in the mud until they reach the agreement they require or desire.

    This is the problem with a league with far too many teams whom require so much fiscal help in order to survive, due to the markets they are in compared to the markets such as Montreal, Toronto, New York, Boston, Calgary, Vancouver etc….

    And of course the fault in that lies with Bettman and the owners. The NHL was more than happy to cash all those franchise cheques when these teams joined the NHL, and they have a right now to ask for a playing field which allows them to field a decent competitive team and not lose money.

    Unfortunately the issue of too many teams in bad markets is not raised by either side due to their selfish greed. Fehr isn’t about to bring up the concept of losing players jobs, Bettman isn’t about to admit he sold product in bad markets, so instead the two of them fight over what money is there and each feels the other is greedy.

    One giant fricking ostrich with two heads, both firmly placed so deep in the sand, hot molten lava and magma has destroyed any brain cells in either.

    • Bripro says:

      Like I said in the earlier thread:
      “The NHLPA hired Fehr when….. 2 years ago? And yet, he waited until after this season was over to sit with the NHL.
      And Bettman talks the talk, then disappears for days on end. Every week, we hear or read of there being no discussions planned for days (turning into weeks).
      Yet both sides, in their blinded arrogance, are quick to point fingers regarding lost games and lost revenues.”
      And they both stand by their convictions.
      Fehr, that he can collect more money for the players and Butthead, that the Sunbelt is a healthy place for hockey.
      Did you see Bob McKenzie’s tweet picture of a non-frozen pond?
      That could be anywhere in South U.S.A. …. all water.
      Like the substance in between both of those individuals’ ears.

    • wjc says:


      1. Owners own players play.

      2. Last CBA ended up favoring the players 57% to 43%. When you are talking Billions a percentage point is a lot.

      3. Players had to give back, the don’t want to, status quo fine with them. Owners disagree.

      4. NHL structure is such that teams in the States are necessary for NHL to grow and of course keeps players playing in NHL.

      5. NHL should be allowed to grow their league anyway they see fit.
      New rich markets take time to grow. NBC and pay-per-view will and do bring in revenue streams. The NHL divide up money amongst itself anyway they see fit.

      6. Once fans buy tickets etc. it is no longer the fans money, it belongs to the NHL. The players share in that pot to the tune of millions of dollars.

      7. These owners that bought into these markets know it will take time for the game to really catch on. If you enjoy NHL hockey and you think it is worth investing hard earned money in for tickets etc. why do you assume this cannot happen in other places as well.

      8. It takes money and investment to make money, so it needs time.

      9. Get over this “greed” argument. Everyone wants the maximum of what they can get. Players and owners want all the pie they can get.

      10. Let me assure you NHL is not in these markets blindly. They have a plan. Hockey is a different game then baseball, faster more action, dangerous. Hockey is a different game then basketball, faster, harder to score, more hard hitting. Hockey is different then football. Has a lot of the elements of football, but totally different to.

      So NHL is unique, which makes it appealing to fans who prefer football and its danger and hard hitting. Fans will learn to love hockey if people in the north can get their collective heads out of the sand and let it happen.

      Hockey does not belong to Canada and the same visionaries that grew the game in the mid sixties from 6 teams to 30 need that confidence, that it is a game that stands on its on merits.

      Just ask yourself why do I like this game and you will have your answer.


  10. Habitant in Surrey says:

    “hockey fans are absolute gluttons for abuse and incredibly desperate to watch pro hockey” , quote from Time Magazine

    …sad, but true

    HIS’ temporary Official Hockey Fan Theme Song; Morrissey/The Smiths ‘Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfkvPnjb9hs

    Bring Back Boone, and send Hickey to Hamilton !!!

  11. Cal says:

    Fehr doesn’t have a set date? Yeah, and my butt doesn’t have a crack.


    • Bripro says:

      Can you say “colonoscopy”?
      As for your Zep choice, it was my second album, after machine head.
      Great choice, and appropriate lyrics Cal.

      • Cal says:

        My brother bought an at the time new-quadrophonic stereo (with 8-track, no less!) Used to love listening to Whole Lotta Love and hearing the music go from one speaker to the next around the room.

        • Bripro says:

          Absolutely! My Lloyds Quadraphonic…
          I used to lay on my basement floor, with the speakers on either side of my head, putting the volume up to “just below static-to-blow” level.
          Now when someone talks to me, I look at them and say “eh?”.
          I wonder why?…

          • Psycho29 says:

            I used to do the exact same thing with my Lloyds; the speakers on each side of my head.
            Then I bought headphones from those liquidators (Can’t think of their name, they used to advertise in Montreal all the time…. )
            Then I could stand up and listen to music!!!!

        • frontenac1 says:

          Zep in Quad, Stove Tokes, Cold O”Keefes….Great times amigos!

          • Bripro says:

            No O’keefe my friend! Dow!

          • frontenac1 says:

            Hey,wait a minute! I remember a young kid with long hair,tie dyes,cowboy boots,dancing by himself to Zeplin,with a Dow in his hand in the West End. Was that you?

    • HabinBurlington says:

      You need to go see this guy it sounds like.

    • Riga Fraction says:

      That why it all comes out of your mouth instead?

      Why would Fehr have a set date? He doesn’t cancel games or cancel seasons. He’s simply trying to negotiate with someone that refuses to negotiate. The players offered to play through the hostage situation that the league’s imposed and the owners/Bettman have chosen to lock them out without games instead. Games being cancelled and seasons being potentially cancelled are all on Bettman. He decides if or when to play the games, no one else has a say so long as he keeps 8 of the 30 votes that he needs.

      • Cal says:

        Calm down, sonny. Fehr has been doing sweet eff all since he became director of the Donothing Squad.
        Fehr has done nothing but stall and delay since 2010. Eff him and his drunk slob brother. May they both find a nice spot in hell. Or wherever they decide to retire to.

  12. ont fan says:

    Anybody see the Evander Kane pic in Vegas. Yikes!

  13. commandant says:

    A look at the lockout from Time Magazine’s business division.


    Not bad, except for the use of the other magazine’s numbers.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

    • Mustang says:

      I particularly like this line “Ice hockey is fourth in a three-horse race of professional team sports vying for the affection of casual U.S. sports fans.”

      • HabinBurlington says:

        So true indeed Mustang, like a dog chasing its tail the way NHL is trying to convince some markets they will love the game. It is a great game, but when it isn’t being played at the grassroots by decent numbers, the interest cannot be the same. Thus the unlevel playing field for teams and the reason to lose a few teams.

      • wjc says:

        USA fans are never casual about their sports, once NHL has enough exposure, they will be as die hard as they come. Catching basketball and baseball should be a no brainer.

        Baseball is a chess match with occasional burst of energy and basketball is made up of giants banging in easy baskets, to the tune of 100 per game. Football has stoppages every 10 seconds or less.

        Hockey is the only game, when it is right has speed, passing, hitting and shooting that cannot be compared to anything else. Kids are used to video games and are not turned on by some of the main line sports in the states. Wait until they get full exposure to the NHL.


    • Riga Fraction says:

      Exactly. Seems silly to discuss Fehr’s deadlines as if he has any say in the matter.

      • wjc says:

        Riga, Fehr could end this this afternoon if he wanted to. He could have ended this before it started, he could have ended this many times. Spare me the victim bull.


        • HammerHab says:

          wjc, Bettman could end this this afternoon if he wanted to. He could have ended this before it started, he could have ended this many times. Spare me the victim bull.

          see what I did there?


          It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

        • Riga Fraction says:

          Fehr has no choice in the issue. If he had a choice, he would have used it and they would have been playing all along. Sorry, but you’re just 100% wrong there.

          What you’re saying is akin to saying it’s no longer rape if the woman stops saying no no no and just says oh I give up and lays back to take it instead.

    • Cal says:

      “The urgency is not because NHL fans will give up on the sport; hockey fans are absolute gluttons for abuse and incredibly desperate to watch pro hockey. (Seriously, check this out.) No, NHL owners should get their act together because their league faces something none of the other major sports do: Russia’s KHL, an aggressive and surly rival league that has long resented how many European players in general and Russians in particular choose to play in North America rather than staying on their home continent. The KHL’s finances, like most things Russian, are a little murky, so it’s hard to know if the league could seriously compete with the NHL for top talent in the long run. But a surprisingly large number of iced NHLers are now playing in the KHL while they wait out the lockout, including a lot of North Americans.

      You have to worry that at some point many will simply decide to stay for the long haul.”

      Maybe he should ask Joffrey Lupul? 🙂

  14. commandant says:

    The bigger question is “what is Bettman’s Deadline” because of course, just as a matter of logistics, it will be the NHL who cancels the season. I’m not even getting into the blame game here… just a straight logistical issue. The League is the one who has to pull the trigger and cancel the games.

    Go Habs Go!
    Check out Top Shelf Prospects, my Team by Team prospect reports

    • shiram says:

      Guessing mid January. We’ll probably see 2 other weeks of games cancelled soon.

    • Thomas Le Fan says:

      In the words of Richard Thompson … “Did she jump or was she pushed?”
      Then again, does it matter?

      • myron.selby says:

        For those with an insatiable appetite for trivia (guilty as charged!), this song was about the brilliant but tragically damaged singer Sandy Denny. She was voted top female vocalist in England 2 years in a row and in all her various incarnations – Fairport Convention (where she first sang with Richard Thompson), the Strawbs, Fotheringay and solo – she was incredible, with an amazingly clear voice and fantastic delivery. For you non-folkie types you might recognize her from her duet with Robert Plant on Led Zeppelin’s Battle of Evermore.

        She died as a result of falling down the stairs and the song was asking whether her Mother had pushed her or did she just fall. I can’t find too much about it right now but I remember at the time (1978) there was quite a controversy.

        OK – back to hockey.

    • ont fan says:

      Bill Daly just said on Sportsnet mid January. He named all the issues and they seem miles apart.

    • wjc says:

      You already got into the “blame” game and you blame Bettman and the owners. Poor, poor Fehr and the players, the apparent “victims”


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