NHL won’t suspend Ference for hit on Halpern


NHL Hockey Operations has decided not to suspend Bruins defenceman Andrew Ference for sticking his shoulder into the head of Canadiens forward Jeff Halpern during the third period of Wednesday’s Game 7 in Boston. Halpern was flattened to the ice on the play and no penalty was called. But the NHL did review the video and TSN reported they had a disciplinary phone call with Ference on Thursday morning.

The hearing was likely conducted by NHL VP Mike Murphy as Senior VP Colin Campbell does not rule on any matters concerning the Bruins since his son, Gregory, plays for Boston.

The league generally does not announce when it has merely fined a player and it is possible he was fined for the hit. Regardless, Ference will be available when the Bruins begins their second round series against the Flyers on Saturday.

Here’s how the play was seen and descirbed on NESN:

On the play, Halpern was skating deeper into the Bruins’ zone — near where Ference was standing — in anticipation of a pass from Lars Eller at the blue line as Montreal tried to cycle the puck down low. The pass was intercepted by Brad Marchand — some 30 feet from where Halpern and Ference were — and he skated the puck the other way. As Halpern went to turn and follow the play, Ference leaned into Halpern and caused his hard-capped shoulder pads to make contact with Halpern’s head.

Ference was fined $2,500 by the league last week
for his single-figured gesture in Game 4 of the series at the Bell Centre.

Update: Here’s another angle from the Versus telecast. Can’t find the CBC clip, but the Hockey Night announcers were outspoken on Ference’s actions.


  1. Timo says:

    Boy, Gomez really sounded sincere there. What a shameless putz.

  2. Timo says:

    I want to see a Tootoo hit on Kesler.

  3. ari says:


    u know, imagine a line of lapierre,higgins,s k,we could beat boston

  4. Harry says:

    What happened in this latest hit on Halpern, from an NHL standpoint?
    Intentional head shot. Potential career threat.
    The latter is the consistent factor in nearly all of this year’s NHL decisions on suspensions (after several legal problems raised a few years back). At least one major one is still before the courts.
    This is a sport that tries to reduce the financial costs of injuries to its teams and the league. In the process it sanitizes acts of violence, that after a claim, an insurance provider might question.
    Think about it…. So many of the NHL decisions after hits seem to make no sense at all to the vast audience who witnessed the aggressive acts .
    Too often the acts go unpunished, but the NHL is doing this for good reason. And even when the NHL answers, the reasons stated is completely whitewash the acts they say they have considered.
    Star players as Crosby(several hits), Pacioretty(Chara), Savard(Cooke), Markov (Cooke), etc etc never generated a suspension. Did the cost of their injury loss ever get paid directly by the League, their team or the individuals involved in the injury?

    How much would a Crosby career cost a league, team or a player if ended following a suspension?

    Suspensions are rare, too small with a few games and the rules on hits are too soft to protect players. ( example a player gets a penalty if blocked without the puck but hit severely well after having passed the puck.(Savard, Markov, Pacioretty)…

    My view of the season…though it’s not over

  5. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I am a Habs Fan, but I don’t see a Ference ‘leaning-into’ Halpern …only standing His ground …more Halpern unintentionally running into Ference’s shoulder I would say
    …maybe we are hyper-over-reactionary over Chara’s ‘intent’ on PAX

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • ari says:

      yes,because he timed it very well.perfect alignment

    • Harry says:

      The truth is that Halpern ran into Ference’s finger.
      That is why no NHL suspension was warranted. Maybe he got a fine..we’ll never know..besides the Bruins need him. He’s a nice guy!

    • ManApart says:

      Yes, good on you Surrey, for being objective. How can you suspend Ferrence, when he was a statue? Ferrence slightly leaned in upon contact, but other than that, did not go out of his way whatsoever, to approach Halpern. Halpern skated right into Ferrence and because of the hight difference, his chin aligned with Ferrence’s shoulder. It’s too much, to ask Ferrence to jump aside because he knew Halpern was coming into him. This is Hockey, not Tiddly Winks.

    • Duracell3 says:

      At first I thought he leaned on, watching it in the 2nd video angle, if anything hes just bracing for obvious contact, although he did happen to choose the best angle. Not suspendable imo.

      Even if it was blatant though, its a joke to think they would do anything anyway.

  6. Stooof says:

    I believe that the JM experiment has to end after this season. Unfortunately the fault lies on one scott gomez. Not in a long history of les canadiens has a player been given such slack while performing soooo poorly. And that is while punishing other players for lesser transgressions. JM acted like an addicted slots player that kept chasing the redeeming win. Throwing quarter after loonie into the depths of a lost cause. Gomez should have been nailed to the bench a long time ago and then given little opportunities to come back to form. Much like has been done to pouliot, kosty, (both) and other underachievers. Although now I have to wonder.. given sergies coming out party in nashville, was it infact JM who could not find the right way to get through to him? was calling him out in a practice in front of media, essentially making him his whipping boy for the season, the wrong move for a young fireball like sergie? I mean imagine this, you are in a room full of all your peers, all wanting to impress eachother so that you can achieve something great… then suddenly you are called out in front of everyone, embarrassed, humiliated… how do you react to the person who did it to you for the rest of the year? a humble person might just let it go and follow any order bestowed upon them, but these hockey minds are not humble. especially the fiery youngsters. Destroy their confidence on day one of a new season and you can kiss their season goodbye. I think JM is not a fit coach. I personally believe he is the sole reason Sergei didn’t work out here. I think he is the sole reason the habs lost the series. Allowing gomez to play when it was painfully obvious he could not contribute hurt the team, hurt the chemistry, and is completely backwards to everything he tried to accomplish in benching youngsters. “earn 8 mill a year, and then you can suck”
    I am bitter about sergei going.

    • Timo says:

      Not going to happen. How many fired coaches’ salaries is the organization going to have to pay? JM is there for at least the term, so is Gomez, so is Gauthier. That 25th cup is moving further and further away.

    • Harry says:

      losing Sergei was a big mistake. Andre is still the more talented of the two and I hope he stays on. He actually had good stats compared to most on the offense but his potential is of the charts.
      And another team might get him at his peak.(He came closest of Habs to scoring in overtime in game seven)
      Coaching staff including the GM’s need to figure out how to work with talent and primadonas….Sergei, Grabovski…if stroking and psychology do not work, at least get something in return…Weber next?…Pouliot well, expensive mistake? This guy has talent and on a low scoring team someone should do more work with him..its not as if he was suspended……

      • Timo says:

        JM is not a players coach. The only reason Subban is turning out great is not because of JM but because of Subban. It’s BS to give JM credit for the way Subban has turned out.

  7. habitual says:

    There’s a surprise. What an incredible surprise.

    Question: has any headshot in the playoffs resulted in supplemental discipline?

    National Hypocrisy League.

  8. Timo says:

    Sigh… must be nice being a Canucks or Preds fan… their teams are still playing.

    • OneTimer says:

      Their bandwagon’s got room, you know. Since you seem constantly dissatisfied with the Habs, why don’t you hop on for a while? Like 2-3 seasons?

      • Voice of Raisins says:

        Since you’re playing stewardess can I get a couple brews and a little package of almonds?

        Also, this pillow smells like tears. Can I get a fresh one?

        when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

        • OneTimer says:

          Same offer goes for you, my friend. By the way, beers are $7 in coach and you look like you could barely afford the plane ticket. I know our Game 7 loss was difficult, but if your pillow smells like tears I suggest you man up and stop sobbing into it. And quit grabbing for my ass when I walk down the aisle. Have a nice flight.

          • Mr. Biter says:

            Timo and man apart only come out to gloat when we lose, otherwise they they have no life so give them their play time before they have to go back to their room’s in their mother basement.

            Mr. Biter

  9. novahab says:

    The NHL is a joke and a disgrace the way they allowed Chara , Lucy and now Ference to get away with murder. What was Chara really drinking on the bench in that Coke bottle. Of course everyone believes it’s Coke I don’t. What would happen if some one spilled the beans that it was some kind of steroid drink or drugs hiding behind that Coke label. Would Coke go after the Bruins and Chara. Any trainer worth anything know don’t drink a sugar frink like that you get a quik rush then you lose it twice as fast. Not to mention in the heat of that fink all that sugar you would dehydrate very fast.

    • Voice of Raisins says:

      NEW CRISIS! Chara is drinking the blood of Canadian kittens and black squirrels! Good call, get Skully and Mulder on this, stat.

      Explains those nefarious homicidal tendencies, he needs an Ovaltine IV.

      when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

  10. samTHEman says:

    Shocker. The league didn’t suspend Steckel, Chara or Richards for their hits. Why would they start now?

    ~Kiss my ass Lucic!!!!

  11. RH says:

    Leaned into him? Really? Give me a break!

  12. LA Loyalist says:

    Thought I was done, but I just read this in the Globe: The Coyotes’ total losses for the 2010-11 season were $36.6-million and the idiots in the NHL are lifting every rock to keep the team there. Why? Why? Why?

    There is an old joke here in Hollywood that no one makes $1M movies because you can’t steal $1M from a $1M movie. You get the point.


    And there is no buyer for Atlanta, and so on, and so on, we have how many franchises that lose serious money?

    I know it will be a busy summer, but if anyone sees Gary Bettman…

  13. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  14. PeterStone says:

    This league hasnt changed much and it probably never will. There are so many grey areas … so many debates about what is acceptable and what isnt. The Habs need to be aware of it, and adjust accordingly.

    This year what happened to us in Boston and then in the return match with the MaxPac assault was pretty ugly. Management needs to take the necessary steps to get players who are capable , and willing, to do the things that need to be done. You need to be able to dissuade certain acts, and to exact the appropriate revenge if necessary. I cant imagine a repeat of the same thing next year to a PK for instance …

  15. LA Loyalist says:

    Thanks to all the HIO (“H” stand for “Habs”) writers, behind the sceners and Posters and to Serious for all his research. His size list cheered me up. And for the record I am ok with smaller players if they are surrounded by size and muscle. (love Desharnais, Weber).

    Can you imagine being a Habs fan without HIO? It would be painful. Especially for us expats, we can’t just go down to Bishop St. or Le Cage au Sports and order a draft and enjoy the game.

    I wore my Habs sweatshirt to the rink last night (kid’s practice) and literally yelped when PK wired the tieing goal. (Later, I had to tell my son the bad news when he came off the ice, boy is he pissed, he’s played 26 games in his young life and only lost about 3 of them so he does not understand yet how hard it is to win.)

    Then I nearly got in a fight in my own game later 🙂

    Anyway, it will be an interesting summer. I think it is very clear what and who we need to do, and there will be plenty of time to discuss it.

    Go Habs!

  16. subbbbbang says:

    any of you wonder how chara gets dehydrated?
    This is a professional athlete!!!??????!!!????


  17. gmd says:

    I wish some journalist would write a book on this league and all the conflicts of interest.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      will take a journalist with “big ones”, cuz all our cdn sports writers need their hockey sources etc… for their bread and butter.

      I would like to see Stephen Brunt or Bruce Arthur tackle that.

      Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

  18. Ian Cobb says:

    Part of a Man!
    I disagree with the Halpern hit, it is the responsibility of the hitting player to not make contact with the head! Just like a stick infraction making contact with the head. You are responsible if you make contact to the head with such a weapon on your elbows or shoulders.

    By the way James, your last post is a much better effort in being positive and social, keep it up.

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Ian please keep posting the concussion stuff. I’m sure many of us are very interested. Did you see the Matt Dunigan article a week or so ago? 14 concussions! His kid had his first and has now switched to baseball. Anyway, keep going and thank you.

      Have a great summer.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      The part i am most annoyed at with the hit, was as you say Ian, his intent to just make sure the shoulder caught him in the head. If he pops him shoulder to shoulder i got no issue, but then again, may have been more obvious interference.

      And truth be told, i am proud Halpern is a gamer, but shouldn’t he have spent 15 mins in the quiet room? Another example, this league has no rules they will ever abide by.

      For those that feel Halpern should have kept his head on swivel, yah sure your right he should have been looking around more. But Ferrence saw him all the way, and made sure he made contact. That is the complete lack of respect part of this game. He wanted to catch him in the head with his indestructible shoulder pad.

      Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

    • ManApart says:

      I just don’t get how you can suspend a guy when he barely moved. He was a statue that Halpern ran into, minus a very slight lean as they made contact. There are a million worse head infractions than this. You suspend this, then half the league will be suspended at one time or another. The head issue is serious and we must take measures to curb them, but we have to remember this is hockey. Things are going to happen.

      And I want to try to balance my negative comments with positive ones, to come off fair, but it ain’t always easy with this team.

      • ManApart says:

        Price is a diver! What do you want? What are you talking about racist posts? Ferrence knew what was happening and didn’t avoid the situation, but Halpern is the one who skated into him. Ferrence was not moving towards Halpern.

        Is anybody gonna shut this guy down? I’m not one to call for Mods, but this nutjob is going to far.

  19. 1010 says:

    There is a strange new breed of hockey fan that has evolved in southern Ontario. The new breed was born a few years ago and has now become a force whose credibility is as laughable as their intelligence.
    They are: Laffs/Broons/whomever is playing les Habs fans.
    I believe these freaks evolved on three fronts:
    First; they have very limited memory of their team actually playing in a playoff game so they choose second, third and fourth teams because they don’t want to miss out on the fun.
    Second; there are those who think Montreal considers the Laffs their biggest rival and don’t seem to understand that you would need to play a playoff series against a team once every,oh, I don’t know, let’s say every 30 or 40 years, for a rivalry to have any meaning.
    Third; and perhaps the biggest single contributor to this phenomenon is the Cherry factor.It goes something like this:’Well,
    golly, our greatest living Canadian cheers for the Laffs. He cheers for the Broons. And he also cheers for every team that the Habs encounter. Duhhhh, that’s good enough for me.’
    And so the meatheads emulate the Don.

    Today at work I recieved pathetic comments from five persons. One of whom was an actual Broon fan. Since I would have given it to him I actually spoke with him about the game.
    The rest of the idiots were the new breed of fan I speak of and so they were told to f— o– because their team hasn’t played a meaningful game in six years.
    Sad thing is: these morons seem to think that this is the natural order of things.
    Imagine the confusion if their excuse for a hockey team ever makes the playoffs.

    Have a good summer fellow Habs fans.

    GO HABS…

  20. gumper says:

    Wow! Just watched the Pacioretty interview. Dude was cleared to play! Amazing storyline on a couple of levels. Anyway, this series sure would have been different if Chara hadn’t taken him out. He was pretty much exactly what we were missing.

  21. nek25plus says:

    It’s not a shock considering. They talk thru both sides of their mouths. There is a way you can get your point across…stop supporting with purchasing their products. Don’t go to other arenas to see games, just spend in MTL at the Bell centre. Boycott anything NHL. We are the largest fan base…even if T.O doesn’t think so, and we can hurt the league greatly. Many stations here in T.O are hurting due to the fact that RDS gets most of the viewership. That is why they are softening here on what they say. TSN,CBC,Sportnet.

    Before you poo poo that…I work for the CBC. Ratings are way down.

    Thanks Habs for a great series.

    In the end if you want to seriously get your point across…choose everything Montreal.

    • Keith says:

      So you work for the CBC do you. Tell me something then. Why are the on-air people who work for HNIC (MacLame and Cherry et al) such Hab-haters and general douchebags then? It wasn’t always that way. I can remember a time when the show was top notch, but it has steadily SUCKED for the last 15 years or so. I have e-mailed them numerous times on why they only show Toronto every saturday night and get the same form-letter reply. the last straw for me was when Cherry insulted Max Pacioretty, Geoff Molson and the Montreal Canadiens organization. I just said, “That’s it!” I’m done with those tools and I haven’t looked back. My life is MUCH better for it. Like you said, stop supporting it and it will force them to change, but I seriously doubt it. Oh, and I am pleased to hear that their ratings are “way down.” That tells me that we are making a difference and the CBC will someday lose saturday night hockey(just like they lost the Hockey Song) to TSN or Sportsnet. That day cannot come soon enough for me.

  22. SeriousFan09 says:

    Habs are too small and the management doesn’t get the message, things will never get better, right?

    Since 2009, a listing of prospects signed/traded for/drafted:
    C Louis Leblanc 6′
    C Joonas Nattinen 6’2″
    D Mac Bennett 6′
    RW Alex Avstin 6’2″
    C Gabriel Dumont 5’9″ (5th round)
    C Dustin Walsh 6’2″
    C Mike Cichy 5’11”
    C Andreas Engqvist 6’4″
    LW Phillippe Lefebvre 6′
    RW Aaron Palushaj 6′
    D Brendon Nash 6’3″
    LW Hunter Bishop 6′
    C Lars Eller 6’1″
    RW Ian Schultz 6’3″
    D Jarred Tinordi 6’7″
    C Mark MacMillan 6′
    D Morgan Ellis 6’2″
    RW Brendan Gallagher 5’9″ (5th round, again)
    LW John Westin 6′
    LW Alain Berger 6’4″

    Thanks for playing.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Thanks for the post serious, good food for thought.

      Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

    • Omit says:


      It’s not necessary to look into the future. The Habs are the same height on average and 5 lbs. heavier per man than the Bruins are. The Habs also match up in size with the majority of teams.

      This is a myth perpetuated by ignorant folks.

      “Time wounds all heels” – J.L.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        The issue is that size is concentrated heavily in guys who are mostly role-players, or don’t properly use it. Aside from Patches, the Habs lack a 6′ + player in the Top-6 who really drives the net, AK has a power forward’s body but a perimeter player’s mentality, Pouliot has the talent but no will to use it. Give the Bruins credit, they have selected guys who generally employ their size compared to MTL, where we have an issue with it.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

    • PeterStone says:

      I dont think there is specifically a lack of size on the Habs .. where the lack of size comes into play is ( and by size, I mean being big and playing big ) is in the top 6.

      I mean, Mara is Big, and Gill is Big … so ?

      Lets be honest, of the guys you have listed, who is a Legit top line forward ? Enquvist is a 3rd or 4th line C. Leblanc is looking like a 3rd line Winger , Palushaj may never make the bigs. Seriously, Hunter Bishop and Ian Schultz may never play in the bigs.

      Management of this team needs to address the weaknesses’. We are going to be playing the B’s with Lucic and Chara for the next 6 years … the Flyers with Pronger and Richards for the next 4 … if you want to compete, you need the players to compete with.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        They’re not all Top-6 material of course, but one or more of these guys may surprise us and in puts to rest these arguments the Habs aren’t looking after the need to get bigger. You can’t draft a host of Top-6 potentials each year either.

        Leblanc has plenty of upside beyond 3rd-line, he played most of this season with an injured shoulder and still was one of Team Canada’s top forwards despite no good line assignments or PP time.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

      • Mark C says:

        I think its a pretty safe bet that Palushaj will make the NHL and at least be a good 3rd liner. He’s put up a 73-24-40-64 +22 line as a 21 year old in the AHL. Given his production, skills, and age there is clearly something here, the kid is a player.

    • ManApart says:

      Ya, since 2009. After a number of hard lessons, they are finally starting to wise up a little. Not that many of those guys will ever get to Montreal, but it’s a start.

      So, I bet you’re glad that you didn’t think Horton would be anything to worry about eh, Serious lol? Only 2 OT goals including game 7. Also how about you’re take on Thomas being a fraud? Hit another nail on the head there. Also Boucher was no big loss and Yzerman has nothing on Gainey? Keep those insights comin’ Fan.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Because everyone Yzerman picks is going to be a star right? I mean hell, multiple 2010 Draftees left Brett Connolly in the dust at the WJC. Leblanc outplayed him with a bad shoulder and far worse line assignments and no PP time.

        BTW, we can throw accusations back and forth about making poor talent judgements but how’s your Top-5 in the world goaltender buddy Jaro Halak? Thomas is a fraud, this series proved it by the series of ridiculous rebounds he gave up that a power forward would eat for breakfast, Pacioretty would have destroyed him. His technical skills are a joke and he was saved more than once in OT by a player jumping in front of a sure goal, Price didn’t get the same help and that was the series.

        Guy Boucher defeated a Pittsburgh Penguins squad missing Crosby and Malkin, JM defeated them when they were both healthy. Steve Yzerman’s two big moves to get Gagne Roloson has worked out so far, but is that a long-term solution? Gagne was injured quite a bit this year. He also weakened himself by giving away Meszaros when his team was in position to drop defencemen.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

        • ManApart says:

          No, Yzerman won’t always be right, but I know one thing, he will be right a hell of a lot more than Gainey/Gauthier or most other Gms. And will you give the Connolly kid more than 10 months before you declare him a bust.

          Halak was a top 5 in the world last season from Feb on, when i said that. I also have no doubt he will be a top goalie, when the Blues straighten out a few things. He showed flashes of brilliance on a bad team, that were playing with half their roster at times, this season. Look at his shutouts. Look at Conklin’s stats for the same team. He’s a very credible back-up and his numbers were 8-8-4 .881save% and 3.22 GAA. I’m not saying Halak played like a top 5 this year, because he was inconsistent, even with the bad team in front of him, but to compare his stats to Conklin’s shows you how great a job he did.

          As for Thomas, don’t give me that technical skills BS. The man proved this season he’s one of the best, setting a new save% record, he then stepped up in the playoffs to save his team’s bacon. He’s already won a Vezina also and has good playoff numbers overall. To say Price is better or played better this season and playoffs is completely unfounded.

          To not give Boucher and Yzerman credit makes you look completely biased. They just took a team that missed the playoffs the last 3 years, to the 2nd round and maybe more, in THEIR FIRST SEASON! Yzerman made a bunch of great moves, that I don’t feel like listing right now, but think Moore, Brewer, Clark, Kubina, Roloson, Gagne (sort of), Bergenheim and Boucher of course, who probably will win the Coach of the year, or at least be nominated. Face it man, you were wrong about them. At they just are getting started. And dumping Mezaros was a great move, because of his massive contract. More money for St.Louis, future Stamkos and making it easier to eat Vinny’s contract. It’s called smart cap management, something we haven’t been exposed to here.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            People here are ready to call Tinordi a disaster as well and he went 16 picks later. I was just pointing out that his first high pick in the draft so far is not on pace with other guys taken in the same range, or a guy people are ready to write off as Top-6 in Leblanc.

            But he isn’t right now is he? It’s like saying Lecavalier is a 50-goal scorer when he’s done it ONCE in his career. You said he’s a Top-5 goaltender in the world. The Top-5 goaltenders in any given year lift their teams, despite struggles further along than he did, check out Henrik Lundqvist, or Ilya Bryzgalov over the last two seasons, lifting teams with soft offensive power even when they’re healthy, or just examine Price’s heavy schedule and his record. Ryan Miller as well, Buffalo’s saviour for years in a row.

            Thomas got the easier starts this season, he faced the lower quality of opposition more often in the season compared to Price and his defence, including the team’s #1 Defencemen (and Norris Winner) Zdeno Chara was on his side all season. He was nearly ended these playoffs because of his lack of technical skills, terrible sense of rebounds that again, a power forward (like Scott Hartnell) will gladly eat up in the next round. Flopping goaltenders tend to lose out in the long run because their athletics can’t in the end, make up for their gaffes. Pacioretty would have crushed him in this series.

            They did what they did because the players they needed to execute for success, Stamkos and St. Louis, were perfectly healthy. If either of them had missed significant time, they’d have been finished. Boucher being a better coach than the yahoos they stuck behind the bench in the last few seasons helps of course but please, the Penguins were missing their superstar forwards in that series, this wasn’t David over Goliath, it was David over Goliath missing his right leg and his left arm. Eat Vinny’s contract? The one that’s set to go for 10 more years when he’s had 3 straight seasons with injuries? Yeah, that’s going to be easy to do. I’m sure Yzerman can make Lecavalier’s contract magically shrink as well. I said TBL would likely be better, but you’re making them out like they’re Cup Contenders when they struggled against the weakest offensive team in the East in the first round, how do they plan to handle a Washington team who’s offensive guns are INTACT?

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

          • Mark C says:

            Mezaros 4 yrs @$4M > Kubina 2 yrs @$3.850M

          • ManApart says:

            I’m tired of writing, so will sum my thoughts on your rsponse up quick.

            Tinordi can not be considered a bust in the least at this stage, people who say so are jumping the gun. Leblanc will be a top 6. Will he be an average top 6, or a very good top 6, I’m not sure. I lean towards the latter.

            I think the book is still out on Halak. Will he be a good starter or a great one? You know what I think. He’s first full year as a starter had some bumps, but all in all under the circumstances, I think he did quite well. We’ll see next year what happens.

            I can’t remember your Thomas rebuttals, but look, the man is a great goalie. He’s proven it. His stats were incredible, no matter Chara or not playing a lot etc. He’s no Hasek, who’s the greatest goalie I’ve seen, but is definately one of the best. A great battler. His performance at the beginning of game 4 was awesome. It saved the series for Boston.

            As for Tbay. I don’t care what the Penguins were. they were still a very good team. Tbay was a non playoff team before. Beating the Pens, especially coming back from 3-1 down, was a great achievement. I never said they were a Cup contender, just that Yzerman and Boucher have done an excellent job so far. There were expectations, and they surpassed them.

    • Mark C says:

      There will be a few skilled players with size at 17 this year too.

      • SeriousFan09 says:

        Indeed and some good names there, not a great year overall but I think there’s still potential for a good prospect at that point.

        – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

        • Mark C says:

          Any thoughts on Mark Scheifele?

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            I like him as the potential Big Centre with #1 potential, it’s something of a long shot but he had a pretty damn rookie year with Barrie(the last-place team in the OHL by a country mile) and then put on a great showing at the Under-18 Tournament. His stock is up with me, just worried the U18 showing may have raised his general profile a bit too much. Zibanejad looked good a while ago until the word got out and now he’s looking to go in the first fifteen picks, if not Top-10.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

        • ManApart says:

          Hey, you’re a good sport Serious. Hope you don’t take my ribbing personally. You’re a great fan, and it’s fun to have friendly ribbing/banter from time to time.

  23. LL says:

    After reading the comments, I see the inmates are running the asylum.

    Bruins fans: No cup for you any time soon.

    Price Bashers: Seek some help because his successes are going to push you over the edge one day.

    Oh I almost forgot, and have a nice day y’all! 😉

    • ManApart says:

      Maybe the ones commenting on the inmates and asylum are actually on the inside of the asylum looking out at the real world, and not realizing it.

      LL (looking out the window into the sunny courtyard): Look at all those inmates out there. They are crazy. I’m sure glad I know the truth.

      Nurse: Miss LL, it’s time to take your pill dear.

      LL: Look at all those trolls running free out there. They are so clueless. They don’t understand how we in here, know so much more than them.

      Nurse: Of course dear, now let’s take your pill and maybe then we can eat some Peach puree.

      LL: Yay for Puree!!

  24. solomio says:

    And for the record the prediction ring has one man standing. He called the series. Good on ya.

    ManApart says: Bruins in 7

    • ZepFan2 says:

      Yay…what a fan!!

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

    • _Habsoloutly_ says:

      ManApart, the same moron that just posted this epic piece of wisdom. “Halpern ran his head right into the man. He’s got to be more aware on the ice.”

    • ManApart says:

      I’m not going to rub it in, like I know others would to me if I was wrong. I thought Boston played pretty badly overall, outside of Thomas, Marchand and the 3rd line, and should feel fortunate to have won. It was a very even series, when it shouldn’t have been. I give props to the Habs for fighting until the end. Games 3 and 4 were the key failures in this series. Especially after leading game 4, 3-1. You win one of those and game over.

      I thought Montreal’s goaltending and defense were very good for the most part. It was the lack of depth among the forwards that lost the series. Just like last year, surprise, surprise! Boston’s top guys were almost totally shut down (Lucic was absolutely horrible), 0-20 or whatever on the PP!! It was the 3rd line of Ryder, Kelly and Peverly that allowed the Bruins to win (with Thomas of course). Great trades by Chiarelli on the latter 2, to make up for the Kaberle debacle. If you want to win a Cup you need depth folks. Resigning Moore would have been a good start.

      Anyways, hopefully my enemy Gauthier addresses the lack of depth and physicality among the forwards. The goaltending and crop of D to choose from, should be OK. The top 9 are the issue.

  25. WestHab says:

    I wasn’t too surprised about ferrass not getting a suspension. And then agin it wouldn’t help us. Why make it any easier for philly. Maybe Pronger will take his head off one game, hope so. I don’t like philly but right now I’ll be cheering for them against boston.

  26. Mark C says:

    Some great video over at RDS. Subban’s stuff was really good, seemed to think that the benching helped. Also, had great things to say about Gill, who might be a must sign. Subban wanted to go to the Worlds but is too banged up. Gomez gives a mea culpa, which I thought was fine on his part; however I’m sure the anti-Gomez crowd will rip apart.

  27. tyty1100 says:

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  28. Captain aHab says:

    Honestly folks, if the NHLPA doesn’t say anything about cheapshots, why would the owners?

    The NHLPA comes across as saying that it’s OK for some of their members, including possibly the league’s best player, to get busted up. It’s OK if they lose brain cells because whoever hit the guy shouldn’t lose salary due to a suspension.

    The players are getting what they deserve as far as I’m concerned.

    • kordic says:

      I agree 100%!!!

      This is union/owner B.S. that better be worked out in the off season.

      As far as the Habs go or should i say who has to go.
      Hammer. Garbage/slow/ old
      Gill Garbage/molasses/ old/useless
      Pooliout Floater/ likes to hit imaginary objects/ lack of scoring
      Kost It’s just time!!!
      Gomez Buy him out. He is done.

      Sign the Wiz. For the fifth year in a row, I will say, we need to get BIGGER!!!!!!!!!, Pleks is not a first line center!!!! and find a bum that can play once in awhile.

      “The ghosts are gone. The Canadiens have two choices, try and win the cup or be French Canadian” – Ken Dryden

    • Keith says:

      Very true. The union is trying to protect the whole, but they are forgetting the individual player. I also read somewhere that the NHL wanted to bring in longer suspensions and bigger fines(last collective bargaining agreement) but the union balked at that.

  29. Propwash says:

    It’s foolish to think Campbell doesn’t have a say in the matter.

  30. Timo says:

    So when will Habs get a clue and understand that being a bunch of nice guys will get you nowhere in the league ran by the old boys and league that lives by tribal rules? Enough being nice guys… I would like to see an opposing player on a receiving end of some dirty hits once in a while. Nice guys finish last, I believe is the saying.

  31. Fansincebirth says:

    Chara crushes Max – nothing
    Lucic crushes Spacek – nothing
    Halpern kisses the stanchion – nothing
    Ference head shots Halpern – nothing
    Hammer takes a stick to the throat – nothing

    Freaking Gong Show….

    I’m hoping the Bruins are ripped a new one by Philly, even though I hate the Flyers

    Win this for Max!

    • Chuck says:

      You forgot to add the ‘Ference Finger’ to the list.

      • Voice of Raisins says:

        Also forgot the Bergeron knocking Subban to the ice with his mighty thumb. Man that guy has amazing digits.

        when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

    • Norm0770 says:

      Going back to the regular season you can add the Campbell using his elbow pad to slice up Pyatt’s face.

      There were also infractions against other teams too. The Bruins and Flyers both get away with a ton. It will be a true battle of attrition in the next round.

  32. 4m3y2j says:

    You speak about being impartial,get serious.All the replays show that while Ferrence did not move his torso he def. shifted his shoulder,he knew Halpern was vulnerable with the concussion history.Ference is a coward and a hypocrite and he was trying to win points w/ his teammtes for being in the doghouse with them.He is a classless,shameless moron.
    Your team is dirty,own it,live by the sword and die by it.Also,you are as declasse as the bruins as not only are you sore losers but your even worse poor winner.Enjoy your little victory as being with that organization you need to grasp at any straw available;you pathetic shell of a human being.

    • ManApart says:

      Hey, it’s not my fault the Bruins beat the Habs. Seems like you’re blaming me for it. I’m not a Bruins fan at all. Outside of Thomas and Marchand, thought they played like shit really. I just think there is no way that deserves a suspension. Ference moved his shoulder a little, but c’mon, this is hockey, not ballet. Halpern ran his head right into the man. He’s got to be more aware on the ice. Seems like the league agrees with me.

      • Chuck says:

        Considering the recent track record of the NHL disciplinarians, I’m not sure that I’d be too proud to say that they agree with me. But hey… whatever floats your boat.

        Fact is that Ference not only didn’t try to avoid the hit, he moved his shoulder into him. That shows his intent to make contact with Halpern’s head, and thus should be suspendable.

      • ManApart says:

        If I thought you had even a remote clue , concerning hockey, I might think about your post. But since you’re the most ignorant poster on this site, I won’t bother.

        • _Habsoloutly_ says:

          ” Halpern ran his head right into the man. He’s got to be more aware on the ice.”

          ManApart = IDIOT!!!

    • Voice of Raisins says:

      It still begs the question, however. Why did Halpern turn to hit a near stationary Ference (who didn’t have the puck at that point) and was completely behind the play?
      Would it have been better if Ference ‘shaped it up’ and lay twitching on the ice to wait for the trainer to make that trip out then stick his tongue out at the opponents bench? Which kibbying faker would they have called if they both went for the Oscar nod?

      It’s a thinker, eh?

      when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

  33. 24 Cups says:

    When the league doesn’t act after it’s best player is hit (twice) and misses the rest of the season….

    The NHL doesn’t give a shit. It’s time for the Habs to load up on some size, muscle and grit.

  34. Jdub1985 says:

    that’s just mean … that kid has mental problems.

  35. Ian Cobb says:

    The NHL is one of the most corrupt business’s in N.A. With so much money involved, and controlled by so few at the top, it tends to be a joke as our young men suffer brain damage for life. Players safety is at the bottom of the feeding trough in this racket of a so called game.

    The NHL wanted to get rid of the clutch, grab and fighting, they wanted to speed the game up, they wanted to have the more talented players show off their style of play, and eliminate the enforcers.

    They have changed the rules of the game to accommodate all of these measures, at the expense of all the players health.

    Players are 200lbs plus going twice as fast on the ice as a few years ago. Wearing lethal weapons of armour on the elbows and shoulders. Not the soft leather pads of former years. Can you imagine Gordie Howe wearing such equipment, the neurology hospitals would be full. We must slow the game down now and above all remove the heavy armour that are being used as weapons.

    The word respect has vanished from the game, with this much money involved for all in the league, owners, management, players and agents. “Lawyers” need I say more”.

    Players are going to die and some have already been damaged for life needlessly.

    Last night,s two hits on Halpern is a perfect example of intent to injure with no NHL discipline to the player for this vicious assault .

    Government has to step in with laws to protect the lives of our youth playing this game now! Before we have many more brain injuries and deaths.

    I care ! about my favorite game and these young men who play it.!

    • Voice of Raisins says:

      “Can you imagine Gordie Howe wearing such equipment, the neurology hospitals would be full”

      “The word respect has vanished from the game”

      “with this much money involved for all in the league, owners, management, players and agents. “Lawyers” need I say more”.

      “Government has to step in with laws to protect the lives of our youth playing this game now!”

      -You’re saying the game would have been just as damaging as it is now if the ‘old-time, respectful’ players had modern equipment?
      -You’re chiding lawyers but want government regulations?


      when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

    • SeriousFan09 says:

      Not one good excuse in the world for the pads these players wear, at all. Anyone ever see our captain’s pads? Those are the ones he wore for Boston College I’m pretty sure and he gets along fine at 5’7″.

      – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  36. Jdub1985 says:

    Of course not … daddy Campbell was in the room.

    GOD! How did we allow this trash team that shat all over our star players and city this year get away with the series … especially after a 2 – 0 lead … shame on them.

    • Voice of Raisins says:

      I wonder if daddy Campbell still relishes all those cups he helped his son win in Florida…

      when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

  37. observer says:

    The first attack on Halpern was WORSE when his head was aimed into the solid turnbuckle/glass just like Chara did on Pacioretty, Lucic on a Atlanta player that Bruins obviously have perfected with no suspensions for any of them.

  38. Danno says:

    Why can’t I post any comments?

    Am I banned? If so, why?


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  39. Danno says:


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  40. Rossy says:

    Told ya so. Why would Bettman and Campbell and the NHL Gong Show suspend Andrew (the Finger) Ference when they allow Chara and Lucic to commit murder and mayhem? Where’s John Ferguson when we need him?

    • observer says:

      dont complain. we have hamrlik trying to win the lady byng pacifist trophy for a defenseman in today’s game, but getting the “unsung hero” award instead from the brilliant montreal media. minus -5 the last 4 playoff games which should have been worse if bruins would have taken advantage of his stupid penalties, lack of physicality.

  41. avatar_58 says:

    No suspension, goons win, Price snubbed for not only the vezina (luongo? seriously?) but also the hart.

  42. Ian Cobb says:

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  43. ManApart, I agree with you Halpern should be looking where he was going(don’t know if that excuses Ferrence), but it should have been a penalty. There were a lot of calls conveniently missed that benfitted Boston . I loved hockey one time for the game, now I get a bad taste in my mouth, Bettman may as well come clean and say it up front that the teams north of the border don’t matter much.

  44. Danno says:

    The NHL is a joke


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  45. Voice of Raisins says:

    when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

    I take you now to a corner table at a small but pricey restaurant in the downtown Montreal area where Carey Price sits uncomfortably with a representative of the Canadiens fan base. The meal is over and now he is at the part of the evening that every man who’s ready to move on dreads…the ‘talk’.

    H Fan Base: What happening Carey? Why haven’t I heard from you? I keep hearing about contract extension offers but you keep saying you’re putting them off until after the season. Are you having commitment issues?
    Carey Price: I’ve just been…thinking a lot. I…have some things I need to sort through in my mind.
    HFB: You just seem so distant lately, like you don’t really care.
    CP: Oh, I do care. Really I do. I just…well…I’m not sure if I can be what you want me to be.
    HFB: (responds angrily) are you saying I’m too demanding? Is that it? You know, I’d expect this fro…
    CP: (nervously looking around the restaurant and hoping to avoid a scene) No, no, no, no…That’s not what I meant. All the attention and love you give can be great…it’s just…
    HFB: Just what? (Asked with trepidation)
    CP: I…I…just don’t think this is working out.
    (Sucks in a sharp breath and reaches across the table but HFB pulls her hand away and crosses her arms)
    I just don’t think we’re right for each other, I guess. I think it might be best if we…you know…stopped seeing each other for a while.
    HFB: (Picks up napkin and dabs watery eyes, speaking in a quavering voice)
    This is about Jaroslav, isn’t it? How many times do I have to tell you? It was a one season thing, he meant nothing to me. It’s always been about you.
    CP: (sighs) it’s not just about Jaroslav. I was good about that, wasn’t I? I didn’t complain even after all those things you said about me…
    HFB: But I never meant it…any of it!
    CP: It’s hard to explain, it like…well…do you remember the all-star voting? When you stuffed the ballot box to get me and half the team in even though none of us really deserved it?
    HFB: Yes…we were so proud.
    CP: But I we didn’t deserve it. Not that year anyway. It was embarrassing standing there and being the butt of locker room jokes. I wanted to be there because I earned it but I just got the feeling that…well…you know…
    HFB: No! I don’t know (said indignantly)
    CP: …It was like it was more about you than it was for the team. I know you meant it with the best intentions but it was just…wrong.
    HFB: So that it…I’m the problem (begins sobbing)
    CP: No, no. It’s not just about you. You have a lot to offer. Any other goalie would be really lucky to have you (looks around anxiously for the waiter to bring the check)
    HFB: (Choked voice) Then what else can it be?
    CP: It’s lots of things, like…well…like in the locker room. They had to move down most of the forwards locker shelves because they had to keep asking Gill for a boost to get their equipment, or when someone crashed my crease and instead of anyone stopping the other player they’re all laying on the ice and holding there heads for an intent to injure call. I just can’t take it anymore, it’s humiliating.
    HFB: But they can change! I can change! Just say what it is you want and we’ll do it! We can buy ladders for Brionta and Cammi! We can get double-runner skates! They can take acting lessons!
    CP: C’mon, you know you can’t do that. Remember Ken and Patrick? Remember how that worked out?
    HFB: What was wrong with Ken and Patrick?
    CP: You know. (Shakes head) One retired as soon as possible and went to the Leafs, of all teams, and the other practically had his flight booked before the game was done and won two more cups with them. I just don’t want to end up like that.
    HFB: (reaches across the table and takes his hand) But we’d never do that to you, never in a million years.
    CP: And what about Jose?
    HFB: (Pulls hand back) Ok, now you’re just being cruel. You know why that didn’t work out.
    CP: Alright, alight. I’m sorry. Forget I brought that up. I know it went bad for both of you but still…you aren’t going to change, you can’t even understand why you should.
    HFB: (Now pleading) But you’re so different than them. We could never be like that to you.
    CP: (Finally gives up and calls the waiter over then turns) you know that’s not true. I’ll have a couple bad games and you’ll start looking at some kid from the bulldogs and calling him the next savior while you go on line and start making beach ball jokes. Trust me. I’ve seen it too many times. You can’t help yourself.
    HFB: So that’s it then? After all we’ve been through your just going to pack up go to that Boston hussy? You’re no goon…how could you even think you’d belong there.
    CP: Please, I’m not going to Boston…
    HFB: Oh, so it’s that Philadelphia bimbo? Or is that tramp in Detroit? Maybe even that San Jose slut that is making eyes at you. We can be more than them. Just give us one more chance, please.
    CP: (Shakes head and digs out wallet, hurriedly tossing the waiter a handful of bills)
    I don’t know what I want or where I’ll end up. All I know is I don’t want…you.
    HFB: (drops head down into plate of shrimp scampi remnants, sobbing loudly as Carey rises from the table, wanting to reach out and pat her back but withdrawing his hand at the last second)
    CP: Look, they’ll be others. Can I call a cab for you or anything?
    HFB: NO! Just go! I don’t ever want to see you again!
    CP: Well…I was going to stop by next week and pick up my CD’s and a few things I left in the bathr…
    HFB: Really? (Looks up quickly with pasta stuck to her face and dripping mascara, a hopeful smile on her face) I have some old games on DVD. Maybe we can go over them for old time’s sake?
    CP: (Cringes after realizing the error of his statement)
    You know what? Never mind. I…uhm…need to pack light. Maybe you can just mail them to me or something.
    (Hurries out of the restaurant)
    HFB: (In fit of rage slams fist on table, sending a fork flying sideways. A young busboy snatches the utensil out of the air with a left hand save before it impales another patron)
    Busboy: “Uhm…ma’am…are you alright? (Asks nervously and places the fork back on the table but safely out of reach)
    HFB: (Quickly wipes pasta and smeared make up from face and smiles)
    Well, that was quite a save. Can I buy you a drink, handsome?

    Fini (for now)

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      lol, wow I can’t believe I actually just read that.

      That was the worst post I have ever read on the internet. Just terrible. And that’s saying something, because I’ve seen really bad posts out there before.

      • Voice of Raisins says:

        And he knew right then, the chiding tone of the goob touching his head had shattered his world…
        Meh, I’m over it.

        when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

    • LA Loyalist says:


      p.s. Alex Auld should play the waiter in the movie. He has some spare time.

      • Voice of Raisins says:

        That might work, hmmm.
        Are you connected out in the Left Coast? Have your people talk to my people. We’ll do lunch.

        when the going gets weird, the smart get the hell out of Dodge.

  46. ZepFan2 says:


    “Did I mention that specific play was a dive?”

    No, I did. I’m being an idiot, like you. Stay with the program!

    “Grow up”

    Been doing that all my Life. What the hell have you been doing?

    Btw, practice what YOU preach!
    Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

    • ManApart says:

      So, I’m an idiot because I say the Habs are known as divers around the league, which is true. Price is the biggest diver in the world. We saw a few examples yesterday. Subban is universally hated, partly because of his diving. Then you go off on some juvenile rant, that doesn’t address what i said at all, and I’m the idiot?

      • HalifaxHabs says:

        Ok yeah, we get it, you’ve said it a million times, certain Habs have a reputation for taking some dives, in a league that promotes goonery, and pretends to care about concussions.

        What’s your point? I have news for you, Price and Subban are going to be Hab mainstays for a looong time. So if you don’t like them, why don’t you choose another team to cheer for, that isn’t full of divers and has a lot of big players? That way you can be happy with your “favorite team”.

        OR, do you just like to come on here and stir sh1t up?

        • ManApart says:

          And you guys like to call me a troll. I’m telling you, all of you really enjoy doing yor best impersonation of one. A guy said the Habs are known for diving. Many people jumped on him, as the regulars on here like to do, anytime someone states something negative about the Habs, even if it’s true. I felt like supporting him, because he was just telling the truth. That was my point. Just because Price and Subban are divers, doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I’m a huge PK fan. So can you girls stop acting so sensitive and just stay on topic.

          • LA Loyalist says:

            Man, you should not engage in a battle of wits with unarmed posters. Dorothy Parker don’t post here lately.

      • ManApart says:

        There’s another one of your interesting, informative, engaging posts again.

        • _Habsoloutly_ says:

          Truth hurts doesn’t it moron? Better hurry up before mommy and daddy get home and you’re sent off to your room to stick pins in your Price doll.

      • ZepFan2 says:

        I don’t address BS rumours and hearsay.

        That still doesn’t change the fact you’re an idiot!

        Btw, I’ve been to 10 Stanley cup parades. You?

        Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

      • ZepFan2 says:

        “and I’m the idiot?”


        Geez, didn’t we already establish that FACT?!

        Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

      • Ton says:

        Again facts please you talk rumors and non facts; Tony Marinaro went through this exercise and false perception with boston radio (idiots like you) and you will find it on 990 audio files. He clearly squashed the diving penalities called against montreal. He asked them how many penalities they took, too many men, etc They didn’t know and you don’t either. You talk about players and every team has skeltons in the closet. why is it important to bring up that subban hated, like gainey said he’s hated because he is good, is he not??? answer instead of talking shit on this site.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Huh? Dude, we’re all in pain, but take a pill and calm down. Sheesh.

        ManApart (not to speak for him) isn’t happy that we have holes in the team. I’m not happy. Lots of us are not happy with how this has worked out. We’re not happy but we’re not surprised. Habs have so many holes they should be in the Swiss league.

        Sorry, that’s just fact and blowing the 2 game lead on Boston proved it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

        • _Habsoloutly_ says:

          Hey look, it’s manaparts little troll buddy minion. STFU. You an TrollApart can go get a room. Let me know when you get a f’ing clue you piece of shit.

      • Timo says:

        That’s BS and I disagree with it. We had a diver, his name was Lapierre and now he is gone. Habs are not divers… really. Come on!

      • Led says:

        I read your posts fairly often. You don’t offend me or really make me angry. Often your observations are very astute. Like you, I think; I hate hypocrisy. I’m a life-long Hab fan but I try to be as ojective as possible (in everyday life as well). But if you’re truly a Habs fan then just maybe you might comment on the positives once in a while (maybe you do). By giving people the impression that you feel there is nothing good about the Habs you reinforce the perception that you’re a troll. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but it’s also not all dark and dreary. With regards to Ference I have to disagree with you. While Halpern should have had his “head up” it doesn’t absolve Ference of his action and intent. He saw a vulnerable player and moved intentionally to hit his head. In today’s world of replays and heightened concussion awareness it is a punishable offense. His HYPOCRISY after criticising his own team-mate for a similar action should at least evoke your criticism. In failing to ever see the Canadiens in a positive light you become a hypocrite yourself. Or maybe you are just a troll; I hope not.

        • ManApart says:

          I hear you. I do tend to post mostly the negatives on the Habs. I do once in a while, talk about a Subban or a Pacioretty (my new favourite Hab) or a Hamrlik, who I think did a great job this season. And even Martin, who I give a lot of credit to, for getting the Habs as far as they did. But I am certainly not balanced. I figure there are so many people gushing over the positives, that I kind of see it as my role to balance that with the negatives, which I see as more numerous. I agree, it isn’t all dark and dreary, and my overall stance makes it look that way. I’ll aim to balance my tone out a little better.

          As far as Ference, He leaned into Halpern a little and didn’t make an attempt to get out of the way, but Halpern is the one who actually skated into Ference. Fernece almost didn’t move like a statue, and let Halpern take himself out. I mean Ference knew what was happening, but there just isn’t enough there to suspend IMO.

  47. Danno says:


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  48. Propwash says:

    Of course not.

  49. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  50. Sakus Evil Twin says:

    Lot’s of talk about the shufflin’ of troops over the summer..

    1st comment is that Gauthier is going nowhere. He’ll still be GM next season as will, I imagine, JM.

    So that leaves the ‘system’ to work with.

    Had a look through http://nhlnumbers.com to see which free agents would make the most sense in the system and, given those who are likely to be gone, came up with the following list.

    Tim Connelly (1.2M)
    Joni Pitkanen (D) (4.5) – to me a good replacement for Hamr
    Curtis Glencross (1.2)
    Ethan Moreau (1.750)
    Adam Mair (0.5)
    Andy Greene (D) (0.75)
    Ville Leino (0.825) although I’m sure he’ll be signed for more
    Eric Belanger (0.750)
    Pascal Dupuis (1.4)
    Maxime Talbot (1.05)
    Simone Gagne (5.250) too much, but a horrible season
    Christian Erhoff (D) (3.4)

    Not gonna get ‘em all, but there are some interesting fish in the sea…

    No answers, just opinions. Bite me. Och.

  51. habs001 says:

    should be interesting who will the league favour if anything happens flyers or bruins…campbell must be sweating this as snyder is as strong as jacob…maybe they just let both teams kill each other and no suspensions

  52. yeah, Bruins got the bounces, but in all fairness Montreal had a few passengers- what did Gomez to benifit the team, what did Moins do(skate in circles far from the play), who was Sopel playing for?? Did Gomez win 1 battle for the puck(noo). There were players on Montreal that were hurting the team(bring up a couple of players from Hamilton, they would have contributed something). I’m not pleased under any condition to see Bruins beat the Habs, but really we were too banged up to go very far if we beat them. I’m starting to lose interest(after 60 years), the ice is pretty tilted to the South, I’m proud of Canuck’s Gillis letting them know that the bias was obvious. I’ve never felt this way about Hockey before!!!! Fed up with this phoney Butthead(Bettman).

    Bryant Mac lean

  53. habs001 says:

    we won 3 games lost 1 and tied 3 in regulation…i still think the biggest difference was that our 3rd and 4th lines provided no scoring…the bruins had peverley,kelly and ryder…if only we could have picked up a 18-20 goal guy at the deadline.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      “if only we could have picked up a 18-20 goal guy at the deadline.”

      which 18 to 20 goal guy that was available? you mean Penner? who did absolutely nothing for the Kings and cost them a top prospect and a 1st round pick?

      I agree it would have been great to have another goal scorer, but if we want to be accurate about what they “should” have done at the deadline, let’s talk a specific player, and what we would have had to give up to get him.

    • Mark C says:

      We had one, until one of the world’s greatest defenseman didn’t know where he was on the ice or who was out there with him.

  54. ManApart says:

    How is that play by Ference a suspension? Halpern walked right into him. Ference barely moved. He may have leaned a few inches into him with the shoulder, but no way in hell that’s a suspension. Halpern has got to look where he’s going.

    • HabsFanInVictoria says:

      I think we’ve all had about enough of your hate for the Habs.

      • ManApart says:

        How is it hate, to say that play doesn’t deserve a suspension? I mean are you that out of touch, that if you don’t support a suspension, anytime a Hab is injured, you’re not a real fan?

        • HalifaxHabs says:

          No ManApart, it’s not because you don’t think that specific play is a suspension…. it’s because we all read your posts on here regularly, and you come across as a poser fan, who just comes on here to talk sh1t.

          I’m not saying that’s what you are, but that’s how you come across in almost all your posts. You should stop acting surprised when people on here don’t like you, this is a Habs fan site, and your posts make you seem like a Hab hater.

          • Ton says:

            your being to kind!!

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            I know, but I’m not trying to talk smack to him, just pointing out the obvious, since he always seems so surprised people don’t like him on this Habs site.

            We’ll see from his response if he actually has a brain, or if he is just a sh1t talking clown.

          • ManApart says:

            I can see I come across as a Hab hater. I like the Habs, although i’m not as big a fan as I used to be. I am pretty much a hater of management because I don’t think they are doing a good job making the Habs what they could be. I know this team will just be spinning their wheels, like they have been for a decade, until management is replaced. So I resent management for wasting my time and I resent some of the fans who I see as enablers to mediocrity. I don’t know how far back you go, but I go far back enough to remember that if the Habs didn’t contend for a Cup, everyone was on the firing block. It was just the way it was.

            I mean if some yahoo like me, saw exactly what Montreal’s troubles would be last summer, why didn’t management? If they did, why didn’t they do anything about it?

          • ManApart says:

            I just keep it real. If you guys can’t deal with it or want to call me a shit talking clown, well it’s your perogative.

          • HalifaxHabs says:

            I’m surprised by how reasonable your answer is, lol

            but my response is easy too

            “I mean if some yahoo like me, saw exactly what Montreal’s troubles would be last summer, why didn’t management? If they did, why didn’t they do anything about it?”

            Well, because it’s not anywhere near as clear cut as you make it sound, or as easy to “fix” things as you make it sound. There are 29 other teams competing with us for all available players. And that’s reality ManApart.

            You could always pick a new favorite team that is more in line with what you like to see on the ice.

          • ManApart says:

            I know that’s a reality, but half the league is still better than us after 8 years of management and we haven’t even had a sniff at the Cup since 1993. That is not acceptable, no matter what the situation in todays NHL is. I do really like Detroit. Best franchise by a mile. I am also getting pretty interested in Yzerman, Boucher and Tbay. My call for Habs management and coach before Tbay hired them BTW. For now I’ll hope Molson saves the team and does what’s right concerning club direction and management, before fully changing alliances.

    • ZepFan2 says:

      I know, eh!

      And what was with blaming Chara for MaxPac’s injury? Anybody with half a brain could see Max skated into Chara’s forearm, then to embellish it, he dove into the stanchion.

      Good thing you and Dr. Rechhi knew better. 😕

      Welcome to the newer NHL: The National Head-shots League.

    • Ton says:

      What do you come on this site to cause shit……………….your come back usually is that the young guys don’t know hockey bla bla bla…………..bring it on your made a fool this week more than once and you will be made a fool of again if you test people hockey history skills on this site………..your too stupid to comprehend Ken Dryden intellect account of the game by the way……… this is after all a montreal canadien site and your better off supporting the team and not bash them at every turn like you do, non constructively that is!!

      • ManApart says:

        I’m the fool, yet I’m the only one on the site who picked Boston in 7. I have the right to critsize the team if I see fit. It seems like I’m the only one who recognizes the deficiencies on this team and the only one who is trying to change it.

  55. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I can’t believe some people here actually thought there would be a suspension? If they didn’t suspend someone for doing it to Crosby do you really think they are gonna suspend a Bruin for doing it to a hab?? I love reading “The hearing was conducted by NHL VP Mike Murphy as Senior VP Colin Campbell does not rule on any matters concerning the Bruins since his son, Gregory, plays for Boston.” Like that means anything whatsover, Cambell is still involved with the people who make the decisions and is their boss. NHL is a joke league now. I’d rather go back to the 70’s with the goons than watch this crap that goes on. At least in the old days you could have a tough guy to police the other team and hold them accountable for the cheapshots. Nowadays it’s just a gong show circus run by the head clowns Bettman and Cambell. F’ing pathetic how bush league the NHL has become. You media guys need to start sticking your mics in the faces of the owners and ask them the hard questions, like why they let this crap go on and how in the world they can justify a guy having a top job in hockey ops when his son plays in the NHL.

  56. slychard says:

    The habs out… So am I. Untill next year. Could care less who wins the cup. As long as it’s not the bruins. NHL is truly begginning to suck in my books. Never thought I’d say this but unless the habs are in I completely lose interest.

  57. HabinBurlington says:

    I think it has become obvious, this team needs to take a page out of history, in the mid 70s. Flyers were running the league amuk with their physicality/goonery. Once Robinson came back on that ice and started laying a beating on the boys, along with a solid big rest of Dmen, we showed the ultimate mix of talent and strength. We didn’t have goons, but we had big tough guys who could play hockey.

    This current team has Travis Moen (who is probably exhausted from being on an island trying to play this role), Ryan White (bright future as good role player) and Paul Mara (whom the coach won’t play until bodies are not found elsewhere).

    Our 3rd and 4th Lines need to be rugged, end of story. This league will not change. Therefore we need to blend size with skill.

    Great Effort Boys, PG get to work this Summer!

  58. habs365 says:

    Boston had more .500 players than the Habs that’s why they won the overtime games and in the end won the series. what I’m saying is Boston with the most .500 players if you make a mistake could be the difference between winning or loseing which is what happened and Horton just happened to be one of their .500 players. to improve the Habs had better pick up at least 3 more .500 players forwards that is and this team is gonna be alright, defence and goaltending is not a problem…….

  59. Danno says:



    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  60. mrhabby says:

    it was a given nothing was going to happen…geesh.

    ..heres hoping flyers just smoke the bruins get ready cam neely ya putz.

  61. One Word


    Shane Oliver
    Brandon, MB,Canada
    R7B 2R7
    Ph- 204 724 8418

  62. Jay R says:

    No surprise that the Bruins got another in a long list of passes. It must be nice to have daddy Campbell watching out for you. This year more than most, I’ve really started disliking the NHL product and where it’s heading. First, the league is only giving lip service at best to protecting it’s players, and second there is such inconsistency in the calls (including the Bruins getting special treatment) across the league.

    Now that the Canadiens are out, I’ve lost all interest. This is the first time this has occurred! What a joke of a league – and they wonder why the NHL can’t grow its fan base…

    25 is a nice round number…waiting patiently

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Someone is going to die. It’s just a matter of time and it is going to break a lot of hearts and worse, it will take a lot of kids out of hockey and put a black cloud over our sport and knock it’s growth in the U.S. and amongst immigrant families in Canada back 20 years.

      Thanks Gary. I can’t wait to hear your fake teary-eyed speech at the funeral, all sincere and remorseful.


  63. Jay R says:

    25 is a nice round number…waiting patiently

  64. This is a reply by a hockey fan of the Bruins in reply of a comment made by another fan who said Ference should of got a one game suspension. He also added that it makes sense since his recent track record with the bird getting caught up in his equipment.

    ” The middle finger wasn’t a big deal to me, it is the playoffs and emotions run hot. P.K supposedly did something similar yesterday (I didn’t notice, but read it off the boards here), and they shouldn’t, but it isn’t a huge issue to me. It is hard to compare a hit with a gesture in my eyes, so that would mean the “track record” doesn’t apply to that particular incident (again, my opinion). ”

    Well I think some Bruin fans should get the correct info first before they make fools of themselves. They just hate Subban don’t they…too bad he is soooo good.
    SUBBAN=Clutch,Tank,Defensive,Offensive,25+Min,Good Player only gonna get better.

    Habsnation is still standing.

  65. HIO people tell us what your take is on the Ference hit. You can vote in a poll or leave a comment. Thanks visit canadiensnation

    Habsnation is still standing.

  66. Ference should of received a 1 game suspension. This guy has been doing this type of dirty play all series, Im telling you mark my words the Broad Street Bullies are gonna lay a beating on the Bruins defense.

    Habsnation is still standing.

    • Lafrich says:

      Dude: It is “Should have” not “should of”. You can fix it on your web page as well if you feel so inclined.

      • LA Loyalist says:

        Dude, if we’re going to start korrecting grammer n’ speling here it’s going to be a very long day 🙂

        • D Mex says:

          Chill : your spelling and grammar are products of the environment in which you reside – we get it. Why not go all in and spell your last name with a “Z” for good measure … just sayin’ 🙂

          ALWAYS Habs –
          D Mex

  67. huge_polar_bear says:

    Cammalleri turned down an invite to go play for Team Canada in the World Hockey Championship in Slovakia.

    Good choice / Bad choice what do you all think?

    I personally would have loved to see him put on the sweater and represent… I hope he has an undisclosed injury or something and that it’s not just that he wants to take the summer off.

  68. bp says:

    Still wondering how Hammerlik could get a stick to the throat and there’s no call.

  69. HabsPEI31 says:

    National Headshot League presents awards for Best Example of Not Applying Rule Whatever Its Number Is Because We Don’t Really Care to:

    Brad Ference and Zdeno Chara!

    This is REALLY what the League was thinking of when they instituted this rule:

    “Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through.” – Jacques Plante

  70. shiram says:

    The nhl has not been doing anything about hits like this, so it is no surprise.
    We often complain about the nhl, but you have to think the nhlpa could throw it’s hat in and ask for some change too.

  71. fofe84 says:

    I’m not surprised at all that there was no suspension, though I believe there should have been. I don’t understand why Boychuk’s hit on Halpern wasn’t reviewed. He hit him from behind into the stanchion and received a boarding penalty.

  72. BadHabit says:

    Does that really surprise anyone? This league is a joke.

    • D Mex says:

      I agree that the notion of even-handed discipline in the NHL is becoming more and more of a joke, especially where Boston is concerned. Chara, Lucic and Ference X 2 come to mind, and let’s not forget Richards in Philly.

      Buttman is going to have to figure out which pro league(s) he wants to compete with, and whether MMA is on the list.

      ALWAYS Habs –
      D Mex

  73. HabsPEI31 says:

    Raise your hand if you were surprised…

    I thought not.

    “Only a goalie can appreciate what a goalie goes through.” – Jacques Plante

  74. Chuck says:

    Karma’s a b*tch… just wait and see.

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