NHL players jump on board with ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you follow Twitter you’ve probably noticed a lot of NHL players dumping buckets of ice water over their heads this summer.

The growing number of ice-bucket videos includes ones from Canadiens prospects Nathan Beaulieu and Dustin Tokarski as well as Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby and Tampa Bay Lightning coach Jon Cooper.

It’s a fun stunt for a serious cause–promoting awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease for which there is no cure.

People post videos of themselves dumping ice water over their head and challenge others to do the same. Those that decline are encouraged to donate to an ALS charity.

Unrestricted free agent Paul Bissonnette, who tweets under the name @BizNasty2point0, promised to post a video today. He offered an intriguing hint on Monday with a photo of a helicopter dumping water on a person standing on a mountain: Tweeted Bissionnette: “I was nominated by Keith Yandle for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge. So we went next level. Video will be posted (Tuesday).”

Bissonnette tweeted the video on Tuesday morning and it’s unique. You can watch it here.

The ALS Ice BucketChallenge has gone viral sparked by 29-year-old Peter Frates who suffers from the disease. Frates, who lives in a Boston suburb with his wife Julie, played hockey, baseball and football in high school and was captain of his baseball team at Boston College. He is confined to a wheelchair now and can no longer speak.

The idea for the ice bucket challenge came from a young man in New York state who also has ALS, Peter’s father John told The Gazette on Monday.

“And once Pete got a hold of it, he’s really the spark that has created this virtual ice storm across the country because Pete is so well known, especially in Boston with a lot of pro athletes because of his athletic career,” Frates said.

John Frates credits two professional athletes for the challenge reaching a wide audience: Boston Bruins forward Gregory Campbell and New England Patriots’ wide receiver Julian Edelman.

The ALS Association’s national office in the United States has seen a huge spike in donations with the Ice Bucket Challenge. Donations jumped from $22,000 to $1.35 million from July 29 to Aug. 11 compared to the same 14-day stretch last year.

On an unrelated hockey note, the Michel Therrien Invitational was held Tuesday at Le Mirage golf club in Terrebonne near Montreal. Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban and forward Lars Eller were at the tournament along with Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin and assistant coach Jean-Jacques Daigneault. Other familiar faces at the golf club were Hall of Fame goaltender Patrick Roy, now head coach of the Colorado Avalanche, and former Canadiens’ assistant coach Gerard Gallant who was hired as the Florida Panthers head coach in June. You can watch what Subban had to say here:

(File photo: AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

Project to raise awareness for ALS is raising a splash  by Brenda Branswell

Michel Therrien Invitational – Aug. 12, 2014 by Canadiens.com


  1. twilighthours says:

    Damn I love all you liberal arts degree people.

  2. Habilis says:

    BREAKING: P.K. will be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge live on TV in a few minutes… with a dump truck.


    You should watch.

  3. Habilis says:


    Pretty weak by Gally as far as the challenge goes. Was there even ice in there?

    On another note, LOOK AT HOW JACKED HE IS! He’s like a Mini-Hulk. Can’t wait to watch him play again. I think/hope he takes yet another huge step this season.

    Is it September yet?

  4. Adidess says:


    Why are you so sure people are dumping buckets of water over their heads INSTEAD of donating money? I am under the impression these athletes have donated, and over and beyond their personal gifts they have thought of a way to leverage more publicity and contribution for the cause by doing that silly thing. There is no way ALS contributions would balloon to the extent that they have without the athletes’ participation in giving money and raising awareness.

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      It has indeed helped the cause, and the donation numbers support that.

      But…. It has became a little “hey Look at me, I am dumping water on my head” rather than the point of the initiative to actually raise money for ALS. Awareness? I don’t think teenagers care to google it sadly. I can’t speak for everyone of the age 13-20, and that would be un fair. But i unfortunately get the notion that SOME, not everyone is doing it for there own personal gain rather than for the cause.

      I would prefer if people actually donated what they can to a great cause, rather than put themselves on the spot. Just me.

    • punkster says:

      Andrew at EOTP is taking part with his own challenge…donate $20 and you get to dump the bucket of ice water on him…time and place TBD but it will be soon.

      I’m in for a $20 bucket…anyone else want to join me?

      Release the Subbang!!!

  5. Stevie.Ray says:

    Former Blackhawks first rounder Kevin Hayes will become a UFA. A 6’4″, 216 lb 22 year old who put up 65 points in 40 games for Boston College. He has no ties to Montreal which is unfortunate.

  6. Habitant in Surrey says:

    E-mail out-take (number 3) from Michelle Edge, Vancouver’s CRTC office:

    “You may be aware of the CRTC’s public consultation – Let’s Talk TV: A Conversation with Canadians on the future of the Canadian television system – launched in October 2013. Canadians were invited to share their views and then fill out an interactive questionnaire based on the views that had been expressed on the programming available on TV, how they receive that programming and whether they have enough information to find solutions if they are not satisfied.

    Canadians will have an additional opportunity to participate through an online discussion forum, beginning on August 21, 2014, and continuing throughout a public hearing to be held in Gatineau, Quebec, from September 8 to 19, 2014.

    If you are interested in participating, or would like to follow the conversation thus far, visit our website at http://www.crtc.gc.ca/talktv

    I hope you find this information helpful.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To respond to this message, please click here and follow the prompts: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/rapidsccm/landing.asp?lang=E&caseid=676257&key=42381.9657016589


    Michelle Edge

    CRTC Client Services | Services à la clientèle

    Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission | Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications canadiennes

    858 Beatty Street, Suite 290, Vancouver, BC V6B 1C1

    Telephone | Téléphone 1-877-249-CRTC (2782)

  7. Habitant in Surrey says:

    E-mail out-take (number 2) from Michelle Edge, Vancouver’s CRTC office:

    “I note your comment about the restraint of competition. The Competition Bureau is the independent law enforcement agency responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Competition Act. Should you be concerned regarding market power, you can contact the Competition Bureau Toll-Free at 1-800-348-5358 or through its website: http://www.competitionbureau.gc.ca/eic/site/cb-bc.nsf/eng/home

    More information is available in the Competition Bureau’s “Preventing Abuse of Market Power”:


  8. Habitant in Surrey says:

    I am trying to post the second-half of the e-mail I received from Vancouver’s local CRTC office today, but the HIO gremlins are giving Me the ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’ thingy.

    So, I will break it up somehow and re-post above.

  9. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Here is my take on this ice bucket challenge… Actually DONATE to the cause instead of dumping a bucket of water over your head to get likes on Facebook.

    I challenge everyone at HiO, to not dump a bucket of water over your head, but to click this link and make a donation to a very good cause.


  10. Old Bald Bird says:

    I am late to the party, but I’d like to chirp in on the Ottawa Arena from the discussion below. Yes, it’s on the western side of the city. But the city is a small one. I can’t imagine that it would take too many people more than a half hour to drive there. For most it’s probably a shorter trip than to a centrally placed arena in a bigger city. IMO the Ottawa problem is market size, plus the fact that I can’t imagine that too many francophone fans would forsake the Habs, thus compounding the market size problem. I really don’t think the arena location is the difficulty although people keep bringing it up.

    • Chris says:

      It isn’t so bad now. But for people who didn’t have cars (like my brother and I…he was attending Carleton at the time), the original public transit to the Palladium was terrible. It took well over an hour each way. Not a fun trip at all.

      It is a lot better now…they have dedicated transit lanes for most of the trip, and express buses to and from games are reasonably quick.

      But in the mid-1990’s, even with Ottawa’s famously lavish transit system, it was a gong-show.

    • mark-ID says:

      OBB, I live in Ottawa. It isn’t just the fact that it takes 30 minutes + by bus to get there, but also that there isn’t much too do around it. There are really only two methods of transportation…bus or drive. You don’t have people walking to the games like you would in MTL.

      I am 29, I like to go out to the bars and have fun after the games I go to, you just don’t have that in Kanata like you would if it was at Lebreton Flats for example.

      I really do believe it would make a positive difference for the Sens, if the location was better. I think they would have more walk ups who decide to buy tickets last minute….just because they are looking for something to do, and they are there.

      “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

      • Mavid ® says:

        Agree I live east of the city..its a long drive you only have one choice in parking and its 12 bucks. No problem streaming into the lot, but once the event is over..good luck getting out. Its a free for all..going in when they are taking your cash there is tons of parking lot attendants, going out maybe one..so everyone is going in 10 different directions..result you sit there in the lot for over an hour. I have been told take the bus..well then why bother having a parking lot then. I live out of town a car is my only option…Lots of folks at work live out in the west end..game day it takes them for forever to get home because of the traffic jams going into the arena..and so on..and so on..then there is the market size..all the die hard Hab and Leaf fans..its a government town..that fun forgot..

        Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  11. JohnBellyful says:

    Not sure about the technology and what not, but if I put up a 250-foot TV aerial would I be able to pick up the signal from the source and not have to worry about blackouts and broadcast rights?
    (I’d put lights all the way to the top for the benefit of birds and drones.)

  12. Habitant in Surrey says:

    August 15, 2014

    Dear sir:

    Thank you for contacting the CRTC on August 14th about the announcement of the Rogers Communications / NHL agreement that includes NHL games beginning in the 2014-15 season.

    The acquisition of broadcast rights is a contractual matter between individual broadcasters and third parties such as sports leagues, and not something the CRTC gets involved in.

    The sports leagues negotiate with broadcasters the terms of distribution contracts that include which broadcasters will broadcast which games, to which markets and by what technology. For example, a league may grant exclusive rights of a particular program to one broadcaster or to several broadcasters for different markets. They may grant only the television rights or both internet and television rights.

    According to Rogers’ news releases, the agreement with the NHL will be an extensive broadcast and multimedia agreement that includes all national rights to broadcast NHL games on all media platforms (radio, television and internet) in all languages. Rogers has reached separate agreements with CBC and TVA for the English-language broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada and the national French-language multimedia rights, respectively.

    Therefore, certain games will continue on CBC and TVA. Complete NHL programming will be provided on Rogers Sportsnet, City and Rogers’ other media platforms instead of TSN and RDS.

    If you have specific programming questions, you should contact Rogers directly.

    The CRTC has regulatory measures in place to ensure that programming broadcast on television must be made available to subscribers of all cable and satellite services as well as competitive wireless and internet providers under fair and reasonable terms. In particular, the CRTC has put in place a number of rules for vertically integrated companies to ensure that Canadians are not forced to buy a mobile device from a specific company, or subscribe to its cable, satellite or Internet service, simply to access their favorite television programs, including hockey games.

    Vertical integration refers to the ownership or control by one business of both programming services, such as conventional television stations, or pay and specialty services; as well as distribution services, such as cable systems or direct-to-home (DTH) satellite services. Vertical integration also includes ownership or control of both programming undertakings and production companies. Vertically integrated companies include Rogers Communications Inc., Quebecor Media Inc., Bell Canada and Shaw Communications Inc. The following link provides more information: http://www.crtc.gc.ca/eng/com100/2011/r110921.htm

  13. Habitant in Surrey says:

    FCC Commissioner Pai Supports Ending Sports Blackout Rule: http://www.wgrz.com/story/news/2014/08/12/fcc-commissioner-pai-end-blackout-rule/13951013/

    BUFFALO, N.Y. — FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai discussed his support Tuesday morning for ending the sports blackout rule, which helped prevent many Bills games from being seen on local television over the years.

    “It’s disserving fans,” Pai told 2 On Your Side in a one-on-one interview. He added, “There’s no question in my mind that at this point that the public interest lies on the side of fans in Buffalo and all of these other great NFL cities who are just dying to watch the team but can’t do it in person.”

    Pai and his fellow commissioners at the FCC voted unanimously in December 2013 for a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to eliminate the blackout.

    He wants the chairman of the FCC to call a vote to remove the blackout rule.

  14. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Rick Westhead; TSN Senior Correspondent: ‘NHL Loses Key Decision In TV Rights Lawsuit’ http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=459001

    ‘The National Hockey League has lost a court motion to dismiss a case filed by six fans who allege that its restrictions on local TV broadcasts are anti-competitive.

    The case is expected to proceed to trial early in 2015. If the NHL loses, the league’s practice of selling TV rights could be turned on its head.

    Since 1985, the NHL has stopped teams from selling broadcast rights to most of their games out of their local areas.

    If this latest litigation is successful, it’s possible that popular teams like the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks could begin selling their broadcast rights throughout the United States.

    In a lawsuit filed in New York two years ago, a group of disgruntled fans claimed that the restrictions on broadcasting were inappropriately driving up the price of sports cable television packages.’


    Read and sign The Rogers NHL Habs Petition at; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-habs-blackout-rds

  15. lach60 says:


    I bought a few books a couple of weeks ago and I saw a brew book for $2 so I picked it up. I’m looking into testing it out.

    Any pointers to avoid those first-timer mistakes?

  16. PK says:

    Guy in a Habs baseball cap story:
    Walking around Whistler, I see this guy walking along with his family
    And I see the CH logo on his cap.
    Of course, I go up to him and give him the old “Go Habs Go”
    Is this UCe?
    Wonder what he thinks of the Subban and Eller signings?
    Is Sekac going to look good on a line with Pleky?
    All good questions that I thought that he may wish to discuss.

    Nope, the guy looks puzzled and answers in a foreign language…
    From the look on his face, I don’t think he knows the significance of the logo!!
    Cap is borrowed from a cousin?
    A gift?
    Who knows. LOL.
    Oh well… Back to summer mode…

    Oh, by the way, Go Habs Go!!

    • mark-ID says:

      It’s funny, because anytime I meet a huge Habs fan, I always ask if they are on H/IO…but they never are. Just goes to show how many Habs fans there really are out there.

      “I think I may have found a way for us to get Griffey and Bonds, and we really won’t have to give up much” -Costanza

    • shiram says:

      I almost never my Habs jersey out.
      One of my buddy does, and about half the time he does he gets some weirdo talking to him of various random things.
      It breaks the barrier of anonymity and that’s a barrier I like, especially in a big city.

  17. DMAN says:

    With Gagne getting an invite to Bruins camp, who do you see possibly getting an invite to Habs camp?

    • frontenac1 says:

      Thanks for the link amigo, but really? The reporter looks like a rookie pup. Just remember this. Life is too short to drink cheap booze. And never drink Bourbon while Bass Fishing.Saludos!

  18. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Vincent Brosseau-Pouliot: La Presse; “RDS did not comment yesterday on this aspect of the case of TV rights, but the Montreal Canadiens say they did not intend to apply for a waiver to the NHL.”

    Kevin Gilmore; vice-président directeur du Canadien: “It’s unfortunate, but we must respect the rights of each regional team. Such an application would open a Pandora’s box: all teams could make the same request to expand their regional rights. Our previous contract with RDS was a joint venture with the NHL, which allowed RDS to obtain this exemption.”

    La Presse: ‘In the forthcoming hockey season, Francophones living west of Belleville, Ontario will no longer be able to watch all Canadiens games on television in their native language.

    Francophones in Ontario and Western Canada will not be able to access any Habs’ games from some TV distributors, a situation that worries the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA) the largest group of Francophones outside Quebec in Canada.

    Approximately 60,000 viewers outside Quebec watch regular season games in French on TV, or about 7.5% of the total audience in the country.’

    Marie-France Kenny, president of the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA): “We must ensure at least that the situation is fair. If hockey is available in English, it should be also in French, “.


    Read and sign The Rogers NHL Habs Petition at; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-habs-blackout-rds

    • Luke says:

      all teams could make the same request to expand their regional rights

      Yes, that would truly be horrible. What with fans being able to watch all those games and stuff… that’d be worst.

      • Chris says:

        The Ottawa Senators are a great example of why it IS in fact terrible from an ownership point of view.

        When the Senators were put into the city of Ottawa, there were obviously massive mistakes made by the original ownership group, not the least of which was building a hockey arena in the middle of corn fields far outside the city proper.

        But a massive hurdle facing the Senators was also carving a niche for themselves in the Ottawa region, which was already strongly split among fans of the Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. Ottawa is not a huge market, so they need the hockey fans in the market to come out and support the team. That isn’t as likely to happen if those fans have the ability to watch the Leafs or Habs games on nights where they overlap.

        The NHL operates as a group of independent owners collaborating together. That is why the regional rights exist. So while it makes sense to fans of the Montreal Canadiens or Toronto Maple Leafs or Detroit Red Wings to not have regional rights impeding their ability to get their brand out to the masses, it DID make sense to the other owners who are trying to capture their own regional fan bases.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          That is all well and good, but I as a fan of the Habs don’t give a rats ass about the Ottawa Senators or any other club surviving. I want to watch all my games at a reasonable price. Habs no doubt had a fortunate scenario recently with RDS allowed to broadcast Nationally, wondered which owner screamed the loudest to have this loophole closed. Probably that whiner Melnyk.

          • Chris says:

            The owners see closing the loophole as another money-generating tactic. NHL Centre Ice subscriptions for Habs fans who don’t want to stream are going to more than cover whatever the NHL’s owners were making off the RDS deal in the past.

            I would love to have all 82 games. But the NHL has decided that it is not in their best interests to provide it. It is their business, not mine.

            And to be honest, it is the Montreal Canadiens that are being greedy here. They could designate all 82 of their games as “national” and leave none for “regional” broadcast rights.

            But there is a massive financial penalty to them for doing that: national broadcast rights are shared equally among all 30 teams, while regional rights go solely to the team itself. For the large market teams like Montreal, Toronto, New York or Vancouver, the regional deals are a financial windfall.

            I suspect Eugene Melnyk would be over the moon to get his hands on 1/30th of the broadcast rights to all 82 Habs or Leafs games, as opposed to 1/30th of 22 Habs or Leafs games, especially now that his franchise is reasonably well established in Ottawa.

        • Habitant in Surrey says:

          I think the Ottawa Senators is the only Canadian team that may be susceptible. Yet it has survived with the Leafs and Habs diluting it’s revenues for years.

          There is no way to make the Habs and Leafs disappear.

          In Canada one has the bilingualism dynamic in almost all marketing in any business. Francophones will not walk-away on this issue because of the Ottawa Senators.

          Having Habs’ games available on cable in French in any Canadian city would make zero impact to a local hockey city’s market.

          It’s a red herring imposed by the NHL.

          • Mavid ® says:

            @Chris your are correct..car dealerships and some High Tech firms sprung up around it but thats about it.. my co workers are pissed every game day as the queensway is backed up solid before the arena exit..its a stupid place to put a building period..the nice thing about the Bell Center and most arena’s downtown is you have a choice in parking or other means of transportation, and there is lots of places in close walking distance for before and after the game…

            Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

        • Gumper Knows Best says:

          You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about mr. know it all. Kanata is a great place with over 100 thousand people that work and make money and pay taxes. They don’t live off of other peoples tax money. Get a clue before you post your clueless BS.
          You sound like a liberal Arts degree person.

          • on2ndthought says:

            did I miss something???

            “a cannonading drive”

          • DipsyDoodler says:

            And Kanata presumably has at least one nursing home.



          • frontenac1 says:

            Where the f#ck is Kanata?

          • DipsyDoodler says:

            Oh you should go. They have a mall and everything.



          • Chris says:

            Was I wrong that the stadium was built in corn fields outside of Kanata? Sheesh…I drove by the damned thing every weekend for years.

            Like the arena in Phoenix, what was then the Palladium was built as the centrepiece of a land-development scheme by original team owner Bruce Firestone and his land development company, Terrace Holdings. The original site was 600 acres of farmland on the southwestern edge of Kanata. I can assure you, there was not a single building for a couple of minutes of drive on either side of that farmland before construction began. The 100 acre site of the original stadium long stood out as an anomaly, as the province overruled the re-zoning of the surrounding agricultural land meaning that the attached re-development never actually happened (and that largely remains true to this day, although Kanata has certainly grown out towards the site).

            In the first couple of seasons, the traffic to and from Senators games was horrendous. There was no possibility of walk-up traffic, and everybody was forced out on the same exit. The Queensway might as well have been a parking lot, something you generally didn’t run into until after passing through Kanata and most of Nepean, and only in rush-hour. Seeing nothing but stopped cars to the horizon at 10 pm at night was a huge deterrent.

            My brother lived near the Bronson/Sunnyside interchange with the Queensway, which meant that it was an approximately 25 km drive to get to the Palladium from an area that is basically near the centre of metropolitan Ottawa.

            To put that in context, it would be like building the Bell Centre on the eastern edge of Saint-Hubert or building the Air Canada Centre in Vaughan. You can do it, and people will grudgingly make the trip, but it is an awfully silly decision.

          • frontenac1 says:

            Oh yeah! Out there. I think I spent a week there one night.

          • twilighthours says:

            @Gumper… wha?

          • Mavid ® says:

            Who are you talking to? And what are you talking about..cause apparently I missed it to??

            Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Hey, Kevin.

      How is it a Pandora’s box?

      How is allowing a Canadian citizen to pay for the content they wish to see a “Pandora’s Box”?



  19. Luke says:

    What a day… But, it’s a Friday in the summer (although it feels like Autumn here today).

    I think I’ll start to get myself ready to hit the pub and talk about unnamed players from a non-specified league with quoting any specific statistics.

  20. shiram says:

    Renaud Lavoie ‏@renlavoietva

    Simon Gagné will be at the Bruins training camp on a try out. #tvasports

    I’d rather they sign him than Hayes.

    • Kooch7800 says:

      he should really just Retire. He isn’t going to make the Bruins or any NHL team anymore.

      He is done

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I don’t understand why you’d say that Kooch. Do you dislike him as a person or a player? Why so dismissive?

        He’s been unlucky with injuries, but he still has talent. He took a year off from the game, mainly forced to do so because of the cap crunch imposed by Gary Bettman after his Third Lockout, but there a significant chance that it’ll be a benefit to him, that he’ll have healed a lot of nagging injuries, and some concussion problems he had.

        I’m not betting that he’ll make the NHL, that he’ll win a job, but he still has the hands, the hockey sense, I wouldn’t discount his chances too much.


  21. shiram says:

    The last player of the Whalers to announce his retirement next week.


  22. thebonscott says:


  23. shiram says:

    Apparently, the NHL has stated that advanced stat sites are violating copyrighted materials.

    And http://www.extraskater.com/ is down.

    Let the conspiracies begin.
    Some are saying it could be the website would be incorporated in nhl.com

    A piece about the news pertaining to stats being copyrighted :

    • DipsyDoodler says:

      What conspiracies? Gary Bettman is a weasel.



      • shiram says:

        But would they go so far to shut down extraskater?
        Other advanced stats website still seem to be up.
        Behind the net , for example.

        • Cal says:

          Lawyer’s letters take a little time to be received. ;)

          • on2ndthought says:

            or, maybe we jumped the gun?

            Extra Skater @ExtraSkater · Aug 9
            More site maintenance ongoing.
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            Extra Skater @ExtraSkater · Aug 9
            Site’s back up and running smoothly.
            View conversation
            ReplyReplied to 0 times RetweetRetweeted 0 times FavoriteFavorited 3 times3
            Extra Skater @ExtraSkater · Aug 9
            Doing some work on the site. Hopefully done soon.

            “a cannonading drive”

          • shiram says:

            Well I did say conspiracies…

          • DipsyDoodler says:

            I stand by my description of Gary Bettman.



    • HabinBurlington says:

      How soon before NHL stops replays being put in vines etc… like English Premiere is about to do?


      • shiram says:

        I mean if they took the Habs sign from the shish-taouk place, where will they stop?
        You have to figure at one point the negative publicity from those acts is worse than the stuff they are outlawing.

      • Cal says:

        It’s already happening in tennis. Rogers had full replays while TSN had interviews only. A major shift in sports programming has been going on this summer. I foresee a quick split between Bell and Rogers co-owning MLSE.

    • Cal says:

      Well, it is the NHL’s info. Mining it so your site gets hits is akin to stealing that info. If any advanced stat site wants to use that info, they should make an agreement with the NHL first.
      It’s a roadblock to all the “advanced” stats websites that don’t do the work yet reap the benefits of many hits.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Man, that weasel couldn’t even keep one day of my goodwill (thought the shades coming of on the ice bucket challenge was a nice touch)….

      “a cannonading drive”

    • Luke says:

      Ahh yes, let’s limit the access to the information that drives the endless discussion and free marketing of our product better than we ever could have hoped for.

      It’s like they’ve never actually logged onto the internet…

      (I’m guessing someone used the NHL site to find stats that show that Greg Campbell is a bad Corsi% player).

    • mdp2011 says:

      Elliotte Friedman ‏@FriedgeHNIC 22s
      Have had a few questions about @ExtraSkater today. It was not an NHL-mandated shutdown. Maybe he was “Dellowed.”

      • HabinBurlington says:

        Interesting, Shanahan said they were going to hire another Asst. GM soon….. with analytics on their side I don’t see how the Leafs don’t win the CUP!

  24. habs001 says:

    Good news is that the Eastern Conference is wide open and the Habs have a good chance of winning it in the playoffs…On the other hand i dont think there is one team in the East that could win 3 rounds in the Western Conference…With parity in the league opportunities will be limited and the way the East lines up this year the Habs should make a full effort to go all out and win this year…The reality is that there are many teams in the East that have more future prospect than the Habs that are just as good as the Habs prospects and many have higher potential upsides…The East will get better in the next couple of years so i dont believe the Habs chances will be greater in 2 years than now..

  25. Ian Cobb says:

    Summit News!
    For everyone that want’s to join in, going to the HIO Summit, that have their own game tickets, you are quite welcome at Hurley’s Pub Friday eve., Breakfast Sat. at Chez Cora’s, the Bell Center & Hall of fame tour’s at 10:30am. Without notification for me.

    But for the Summit pre game dinner at the Baton Rouge and Montreal Canadiens Children Foundation raffle tickets, Please give me a heads up so I can have the correct count for reservations. Don’t forget your charity gift donation each as well.

    Itinerary Summit News, Pictures and comments

  26. DipsyDoodler says:

    1. Install xbmc


    2. Install fusion following these instructions:


    3. Install Sportsdevil

    Either find it in fusion or follow these instructions:





  27. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Here is something… Who would you rather have on your hockey team.

    Crosby vs Toews
    Pac vs JvR
    Kane vs Kessel
    Seguin vs Perry
    Ovechkin vs Giroux
    Karlsson vs Subban
    Bergeron vs Kopitar
    Duchene vs Hall
    St. Louis vs Benn
    Price vs Quick

  28. Dr.Rex says:

    Dackell Juneau Witehall
    Ward Darby J. Dawe
    Lind Chinourd Poulin
    Dwyer B.Lindsay M.Higgins

    Dykhuis Traverse
    M.Baron Weinrich
    Lachance Laflamme


    I put together this lineup for all so we realize our current lineup is actually quite good. I realize Murray baron had a decent career but his 1/2 year stint with the Habs was a real struggle.

  29. HabinBurlington says:

    Any scrabble players among us? Thanks to Dipsy’s link to Burritos I stumbled upon this.


    • Habilis says:

      Ha! I thought I played Scrabble until I read that article. Now I realize that he plays Scrabble, I just try to play. I mean, “chlorodyne”? Really? My spell check doesn’t even recognize that as a word. If someone I was playing laid that down, I’d probably just laugh. Laugh and lose. ;)

      Thanks for the link.

  30. DipsyDoodler says:

    Looks like it’s all kicking off in the Ukraine.



  31. Luke says:

    What’s for lunch?

    Inspire me!

    • Hstands4Hockey says:

      Building and NHL arena without an NHL team….
      Sure that’ll work out great for ya!!

      Sincerely, Hamilton.

      Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!

      • shiram says:

        Remparts will play there, I think?
        But yeah…
        The issue though is NHL won’t even think of expanding or relocating a team unless you have an arena.

        Tax payers get screwed either way.

        • dr. schmutzdeker says:

          Abso-lootly…the resurrection of the ‘Diques would relegate the Leafs, Bruins etc to lower positions (by a wide margin) on my most hated team listing. Couldn’t stomach that team and their crappy blue and white uni’s.

  32. scamorza says:

    Not sure if this has been posted and can’t provide the exact link but do go to thehockeynews.com to see the latest taking up the ALS challenge. Good way to start a Friday with Bettman getting dunked. And J Jacobs. At least he had a good line – ” oh that’s a lot of ice .what was waste of ice- where’s the vodka.”

    come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  33. Mattyleg says:

    Morning all!
    Rainy day, but it’s Brew-Day, so it’s a good day!
    Making my General (Richard) Montgomery Pale Ale today. Hope to improve on an already damn fine product.

    In other news I have a wheat beer (‘Five Roses’) three days away from tasting, although I’m not too confident of its quality, and ‘Operation Market Gardener’, a raspberry blonde ale bottle conditioning until Sept. 2.

    That last one lives up to its acronym, as it’s what my g/f repeated over and over after tasting the pre-bottled product. It’s incredible.

    Happy Friday everyone, enjoy yourselves, whatever you’re doing!

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  34. thebonscott says:

    New topic: Can you guys and gals let me know good family places to eat in montreal and the best smoked meat places (schwartz’S??)???

    • shiram says:

      I was disappointed in Schwartz last time I went, and I hear The Main, just across the street is a great replacement.

      If you don’t mind kitsch, Le Roy du Smoked Meat is pretty damn good.

      • Habfan10912 says:

        If it’s Poutine you’re looking for Shiram’s your man.

        • shiram says:

          It’s easy, I always recommend Chez Claudette, it’s not too far from downtown, it’s got Habs picture on the walls, it’s open late on most days, and 24 hours from thursday, friday and saturday.
          the poutine fits the classic taste, and there is plenty of variety for those who wish to experiment.

          I hear Pattati-Pattata is good too, but the few times I tried going, it was packed.
          And these days I’m not doing the poutine anymore, eating healthier and all that jazz.

    • Mavid ® says:

      Its not in Montreal..its in St Jean but Abies is where I have gone a few times..excellent. In Montreal Rhubens was good as well

      Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • Habfan10912 says:

      Not a Montrealer myself but on my visirs there have found a couple gems. I actually enjoyed Schwartz but it was a few years ago. Do not ask for lean. The fat is where the flavor is and the cholesterol. :)

      Off the beaten path and somewhat different are Stash’s Cafe and a cute little Hungarian place called Cafe Roccoco.

      For pub food I really enjoy the Stew at the Ole Orchard Inn.


    • DipsyDoodler says:

      Schwartz’s is excellent.

      Apparently the Main has changed owners and its not so good anymore.



    • scamorza says:

      I have always enjoyed going on Prince Arthur or Duluth street in the summer time . Bring your own wine, nice sized portions with good value and outside patios galore with only pedestrian traffic in most places. If it is more fine dining you are looking for I always have liked Il Cortille on. Sherbrooke West near Guy – very nice seafood risotto. Of course the Bar B Barn is still there last I looked on Guy Street – chicken and ribs, if you eat the whole hawg you will have to go lie down somewhere. many other places all depends on what you want to eat. Think others have covered the smoked meat delis

      come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  35. frontenac1 says:

    Hola Amigos! Dog Days of August. We are on holidays from our weekly Friday Board Meeting at the Saloon. Guess I will just go to the Saloon, drink,tell lies with the Lads. It’s good to have a break. Saludos!

    • on2ndthought says:

      saw this list last week. somehow think that stat doesn’t do Matt Hendricks justice. maybe he’s declined, but my memory is a Dave Clarkson type player (at 1.8, not 5+ M$)

      “a cannonading drive”

      • Luke says:

        I’d say he’s more of a Travis Moen type.

        Never broken double digits in scoring. Once broke 20 points. Gets about a PIM/game. 4th line, Defensive roleplayer… 340 games, 65 points, 475 PIMs.

  36. HabinBurlington says:

    An interesting read on just how important Erik Karlsson is to the success of Ottawa’s offence.

    (Also a complimentary article regarding our own PK Subban)


    • Adidess says:

      I read the article. My thought on it is I don’t like how it led me into a labyrinth of gossip links where I felt compelled to click on stories about the hottest female athletes, the hot wifes of NFL players, the biggest first round busts in NBA history, the 70-yr-old lady who looks 40, etc. Now I feel like I have lost control over my internet consumption and what topics I care about. Danm you, Burly!

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      I tend to think Alfy was the most important player in Sens success.. His loss was not the story it should have been…

      ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

  37. Mavid ® says:


    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  38. HabinBurlington says:

    Some people yesterday were wondering if this Ice Bucket Challenge was of any value aside from just making people dump ice water.

    At this time last year the ALS Assoc. had received $32,000 compared to the $5.5Million they are have received this year.


    While it may be getting a bit old watching people now tweet their pictures of icewater (talking to you Gary Bettman) the fact that donations are up this much is tremendous.

    • Cal says:

      The power of social media to do good works is not to be sneered at. Well done!

    • twilighthours says:

      That’s sweet. But I was more wondering what these high profile athletes were donating.

      • Luke says:

        I’m not sure why this matters.
        If Crosby has simply donated $15,000 instead of doing the challenge, would that make people happy? Probably not. Some folks would decide he should donate more of his money.

        Does Crosby playing along bring more than X amount of dollars attention to the cause? Apparently so, since donations have exceeded previous year’s by thousands of percents.

        Without the challenge they raised $32k, with it they raised $5.5 million. Who cares what the cheque Crosby cut looks like?

        • twilighthours says:

          Oooh you’re fired up. I like it.

          • Luke says:

            i didn’t even get into the amount of additional charity work they do (donating private boxes, hospital visits, fundraising appearances etc) or go down the route of “And how much did you raise/donate?” either…

            For some reason it really bugs me.

            These guys are raising money for a good cause and having fun while doing it, why anyone would criticize that, I don’t understand.


          • twilighthours says:

            Have a beer, man. It’s Friday

          • Adidess says:

            Agree with you Luck, I don’t get it either. Some people contribute their money to charity, others contribute their time (which is all they have, and that’s extremely valuable), yet others contribute their time, their fame, and their money, but somehow it doesn’t look like they are doing enough.

            I would bet there isn’t a single athlete who is doing the challenge who would not also contribute some money. They know how bad that would look. Even if they didn’t contribute $, getting involved is still a positive action.

            I can be as cynical as the next guy, but I don’t see what people are criticizing here. It’s true that few charities are successful at SOLVING the issue they’re created to address (as in eliminating it), but what would the absence of charity do, would it do more for the cause?

          • HabinBurlington says:

            The potential cure for ALS is probably still a long way off. But the costs to people who are afflicted with this disease can be immense. When my father was finally diagnosed (it takes quite some time, as essentially they eliminate other potential causes of the problems and are left with ALS diagnosis) we immediately started making changes in the household to try and make his stay in the home as comfortable as possible. We were fortunate (in an unfortunate manner) than another relative had just gone through a long series of health problems and happened to have purchased many items which were helpful. A lazyboy chair which electrically elevated allowing my dad to get in and out easier, a water pressure chair for the bathtub also designed to allow him in and out of the tub for bathing. A hospital type bed which provided the same help. The list of things required to help was endless, scooter, ramp for house, wheelchair, and then some lesser known items like a suction device to help remove buildup in his throat as swallowing became difficult.

            I am not sure how much of the money raised is going research or to ALS society groups which help patients, but I personally am just so excited to see ALS receive so much attention.

            Like many others I knew nothing or little about it until I watched my 6’4″ 245lb father (he wasn’t overweight like his son…..) become a frail man who couldn’t talk, or walk or do much of anything within 6-8 months. The ALS society at the hospital in Winnipeg were beyond reproach in how helpful they were. I can’t say enough good things about those people.

            Hooray for this exercise, I only hope I never see a loved one afflicted by this rotten disease again!

          • Adidess says:

            I’ll be honest. I didn’t know anything about this disease beyond its scriptic name until now.

            And, Burly, ALS being in the news is probably what allows you to share this touching story of your dad’s battle. So like you, I see the mobilization by these athletes as a great initiative, no matter the ultimate impact, which is already significant.

        • Mavid ® says:

          I am with you Luke..I am sure the charities are not complaining..lots of people give the gift of themselves as well..

          Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • Rugger says:

      I have no problem with the ALS association using any gimmick they can to get people donating. As I mentioned earlier, I prefer to donate locally (going to Vermont this afternoon to support the Hospice program at a small hospital where my dad passed away), also donating time can be as important or more so than money. One of the best times I’ve had with coworkers was making 500 sandwiches every Friday for local kids who’s best meal during the school year was the free lunch but had nothing during the summer months. It felt great to do that.

  39. DipsyDoodler says:

    I never download anything via piratebay and the like, and I don’t shoplift.

    However, I do listen to Habs games on various probably illegal streams.

    I figure its OK since I pay for RDS.

    It’s just more convenient (*) to watch the game on my laptop sometimes.

    (* i.e. my wife wants to watch something else.)

    The quality is so-so but it’s still enjoyable.



    • John Q Public says:

      The fact is all you need is a internet connection ,cell phone while out and you have access to everything.

    • shiram says:

      There are Hd illegal streams out there, if you are savvy enough, and know where to look, the quality is certainly comparable to cable.

      Though the justin.tv website shut down recently, it might put a damper on those illegal stream sites, HD or SD.

      The fact remains that prohibiting people in certain regions to watch online is stupid and pushed people into illegal website, instead of buying into cable again.

      The likes of netflix, youtube and to a lesser extent twitch TV are changing the face of audiovisual entertainment, and many are wising up to the ridiculous prices, absurd quantity and repetitiveness of publicity on cable.

      I’d gladly pay 100-150$ to watch all the Habs game online on an Hd stream, but the League and distributors cut that option out from me.

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        I think we should share these with the faithful.

        This puts the Gazoo in legal jeopardy I believe, but I doubt they will realize it.



        • shiram says:

          Remind me when the season starts, and if it still works, I’ll try to hook you up.
          As I said, there’s a bit of computer wizardry, but if you can use Office, you should be good.
          Also, I would not know how to work it on a Mac.

      • Mavid ® says:

        XBMC is your friend..takes a bit to install and set up but once its done..live sports..great picture even HD quality.

        Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

    • Mavid ® says:

      I live in the boonies..all I can have is satellite..Bell or whoever the other sat company is Starchoice/Shaw..not sure..Eastlink came into town but stopped at the tracks..and of course as always I am on the wrong side of the tracks. I think I get all the games though I am east of Ottawa..my french package includes RDS, TVA, RDI..and then I have the sports one with Sportsnet/TSN..either way they get enough of my cash so if a game is not available I will stream it..

      Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  40. HabinBurlington says:

    The Leafs are being extremely generous this pre-season! They gave their season ticket holders the option not to purchase the normal mandatory preseason games, in order that they can then sell to the public. It is obvious to me that MLSE is bordering on philanthropy comparable to that of Mother Theresa.


    • 123456 says:

      Interesting – I wonder how many empty seats they have a preseason games and what the resulting diminishing concession sales are. Or are they really doing this out of the goodness of their sweet little hearts?

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I think each ticket will be easily sold. The thirst for tickets by the Public for the Leafs is tremendous. I don’t believe the intent was charity, but rather to give the season ticket holders a break from having to buy preseason sludge, knowing that they would get their money from the less fortunate folks on the street.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Tried it at their corporate store in Oakville (beside headquarters) I liked it. But given how many Tim’s are small shops geared for drive thru this won’t help the speed or efficiency as the menu is already to widespread I think.

      I just want a coffee when I go there, I’m finding McDonalds to be faster and their coffee is good to.

      • Habfan10912 says:

        Hi Burly! If one can just visit McDonald’s and other slop selling establishments and just order coffee, I guess that’s OK. Me? I’ll do Dunkin Donuts or a neighborhood deli for my coffee.

        CHEERS bud. I hope the golf game is in fine shape.

  41. Cal says:

    And lo, on that Friday morning
    The rain fell and stifled comment.
    Yet still those gathered kept their
    Faith, certain that some topic or
    Other would lead them out from
    The Dog Days of August.

  42. jols says:

    Well done HiS. You have politicians talking about the issue now. It’s a big accomplishment. You never know where this will go now that politics, culture and language are involved. You’ve already gotten a lot further than I thought you would. Cheers and good work.

  43. CHicoHab says:

    In 56 days Habs at Leafs.

  44. Habitant in Surrey says:

    La Presse:

    ‘The Federation of Francophone and Acadian communities will monitor this closely.

    “The current situation is not acceptable, said its president, Marie-France Kenny.

    It is not sufficient that TVA Sports is only available on satellite across the country, but not in our cable.

    We want to talk to VAT and the CRTC to find solutions. If necessary, we will bring the matter to the Minister Shelly Glover. “

    • Marc10 says:

      I like where this is going. Me thinks you just hit gold.

      Go HiS Go!

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        Some guy on the desk at the CRTC told Me today this not the CRTC’s business, it’s a private-sector matter.

        But, once You get politics, culture and language involved, I think he will soon be eating his words.

        • Timo says:

          This is the response I got from CRTC.

          “Dear Michael

          Thank you for contacting the CRTC on August 5th about the announcement of the Rogers Communications / NHL agreement that includes NHL games beginning in the 2014-15 season.

          The distribution of hockey broadcasts is determined by the NHL and its broadcast partners. The CRTC is not involved in any way. As such, the CRTC is unable to take action on your complaint

          The sports leagues negotiate with broadcasters the terms of distribution contracts that include which broadcasters will broadcast which games, to which markets and by what technology. For example, a league may grant exclusive rights of a particular program to one broadcaster or to several broadcasters for different markets. They may grant only the television rights or both internet and television rights.

          According to Rogers’ news releases, the agreement with the NHL will be an extensive broadcast and multimedia agreement that includes all national rights to broadcast NHL games on all media platforms (radio, television and internet) in all languages. Rogers has reached separate agreements with CBC and TVA for the English-language broadcasts of Hockey Night in Canada and the national French-language multimedia rights, respectively.

          Therefore, certain games will continue on CBC and TVA. Complete NHL programming will be provided on Rogers Sportsnet, City and Rogers’ other media platforms instead of TSN and RDS.

          You can make your views known directly to the NHL and to Rogers, but the CRTC cannot force them to carry games on RDS.

          I hope you find this information helpful.”

          • Timo says:

            At least they think I am ‘dear’.

          • Habitant in Surrey says:

            That’s basically what I was told too by the CRTC minions.

            But, when consumer pressure, politics, language and culture become involved ? That can change real fast.

      • Timo says:

        Chris’ efforts are super commendable, but sadly, the only thing that will possibly, and I mean only possibly, make a difference if these 60K people stopped paying for their subscriptions to TSN, Sportsnet, and whatever other channels people need to have, plus canceled their Rogers services. And even then it would unlikely hit Rogers hard enough to force any changes. The lawyers’ bill to make such changes will probably outstrip any economic impact “felt” by losing 60K TV customers.

        • Habitant in Surrey says:

          The NHL’s own corporate national black-out rules are the main cause of all this crap Michael I have come to learn.

          The Habs going along with it is also an issue.

          TVA shouldn’t have been given French-language national broadcast rights by Rogers because, in My opinion, they do not yet have the broadcast infrastructure and network, nationally, that Bell (RDS/TSN) have to make it financially feasible, even if they had the full 82 game rights instead of the meagre 22 they own of the Habs games nationally.

          It’s a dog breakfast nightmare for Habs’ Fans this season unless there is some compromise by the NHL, Rogers, TVA and Bell (RDS/TSN).

    • Cal says:

      As the season approaches, the ipetition will take off. I’m expecting 5 to 10K signees, now that they know it’s there.

  45. Habitant in Surrey says:

    La Presse:

    ‘The 22 national Montreal Canadiens games on Saturday nights, and any playoff games, will be broadcast on TVA Sports across the country, but TVA, which will only be celebrating its third anniversary next fall, is not currently offered by all TV distributors in English Canada.

    TVA Sports is available across the country at Bell and Shaw Direct, but not Telus or Rogers, or at most small regional distributors in Western Canada.’

    What an unholy mess ! :(

    • Timo says:

      Yes, phew. Checked that I do indeed get TVA Sports in HD. So that’s 22 games and playoffs.

      Now, I read somewhere on the interwebz that if you get a bell PVR that is registered (whatever that means) in quebec, you will be able to get the local (Mtl) feed. Wasn’t able to verify that though. Google is quite on the issue.

      • Habitant in Surrey says:

        There will be a lot of people streaming.

        The quickest way to make them see the light is through their pocket books.

        I’ve been told by Telus and Shaw here they are expecting most of TVA’s games will be blacked-out by NHL’s black-out rules.

        Won’t know for sure for awhile.

        • Timo says:

          So how the f does it work… what does “nationally televised” mean then? F NHL and F Rogers and F Habs and F RDS.

        • Habsfan88 says:

          TVA games shouldn’t be blacked out when it’s a national game. It would be shown here if the providers in the west, Shaw and Telus, have TVA Sports, but currently neither carry that channel so french national games will not be seen out west.

          • Timo says:

            Bell and Shaw dish carry TVA sports and TVA Sports HD though…

          • Habsfan88 says:

            i suppose on satellite, shaw direct n telus satellite will have the games on tva sports…but telus optik n shaw cable won’t since they dont even carry the channel for that service

  46. Habitant in Surrey says:

    La Presse:

    ‘About 60 of the 82 regular season games aired on RDS, will not be available west of Belleville, Ontario (a town located two hours and a half drive west of Ottawa), due to NHL rules on regional rights.

    RDS did not comment yesterday on this aspect of the case of TV rights, but the Montreal Canadiens say they did not intend to apply for a waiver to the NHL.

    “It’s unfortunate, but we must respect the rights of each regional team”, said Kevin Gilmore, executive vice president of the Canadiens. “Such an application would open a Pandora’s box: all teams could make the same request to expand their regional rights. Our previous contract with RDS was a joint venture with the NHL, which allowed RDS to obtain this exemption.”

    I think the Montreal Canadiens will be caught between a rock and a hard place on this, because most Francophone Montreal Canadiens’ fans will not accept this, that French language broadcasts of the Habs games to all provinces (west of Quebec) will be blacked-out by the NHL.

  47. Habitant in Surrey says:

    La Presse:

    ‘In the forthcoming hockey season, Francophones living west of Belleville, Ontario will no longer be able to watch all Canadiens games on television in their native language.

    Francophones in Ontario and Western Canada will not be able to access any Habs’ games from some TV distributors, a situation that worries the Federation of Francophone and Acadian Communities (FCFA).

    Approximately 60,000 viewers outside Quebec watch regular season games in French on TV, or about 7.5% of the total audience in the country.

    “We must ensure at least that the situation is fair. If hockey is available in English, it should be also in French, “said Marie-France Kenny, president of the CFA, the largest group of Francophones outside Quebec in Canada. ‘

  48. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Vincent Brousseau-Pouliot; La Presse; ‘Moins de matchs du CH pour les francophones hors Québec’ (translation; ‘Fewer Habs Games For Francophones Outside Quebec’)


    This is dated January 14th 2014, but interesting to the issue.

  49. DipsyDoodler says:

    OK this has to end.

    It is no longer possible to turn a blind eye to head injury in hockey.

    No one knows what was the role of concussions in Ethan Williams’ depression and suicide at age 16. Maybe none.

    But this is a child who suffered 8 concussions playing hockey since age 11. “Hits from behind, elbows to the head and yes, punches to the face, had all contributed to eight concussions since the age of 11.”




    • Phil C says:

      I don’t know what it would take for hockey culture to change, but it is seriously broken. Obviously I am a hockey fanatic based on my posting in August and I love playing more than watching, yet I would never let any son of mine play contact hockey. It is simply unsafe. Until they can get the big collisions out of the game, it will always be unsafe.

      Fighting amongst pros is one thing, but it’s shameful that they allow it in junior hockey.

      • Paz says:

        I have 2 sons and a daughter who have played. It is dangerous.

        But soccer leads to concussions as well.

        Football is terrible for concussions. My daughter was concussed playing flag football for her high school. She banged heads with a teammate reaching for a pass.

        She has recovered. She continues to play several sports including ice hockey very competitively.

        I hear you. Hockey is dangerous.

        Being an athlete is dangerous.

        • DipsyDoodler says:

          That other things are dangerous isn’t justification for hockey being unnecessarily dangerous. (And anyway the evidence for soccer is so-so.)

          I still don’t think deliberate hits to the head, hits from behind and bare-knuckle fighting should remain part of the game just because life is full of risks. These aren’t normal risks of playing sport.



        • Phil C says:

          Life and sports comes with risk. But in hockey it is not a risk, it is a sure thing that you will eventually be concussed, probably several times. I could live with the accidental concussions from inadvertent collisions or trips or high pucks, as these should happen infrequently enough to be worth the risk. But contact hockey actually allows you to hit hard enough to concuss someone. Completely within the rules as they are currently interpreted. This is the insanity in the sport. Non-contact hockey is a great sport in itself, surely hockey would still be great if they eliminated the big collisions.

          Personally I think contact hockey and football are in big trouble going forward as the public becomes aware of the dangers.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        Agreed, love hockey myself too, my favorite sport and it is not even close. I would never allow my kids to play, not a chance. So many other great sports without the risk and violence, and just as much fun. Sad really, but true, and most of the blame lies on the parents pushing their kids too hard, coaches trying to use 11 and 12 year olds to further their own “career” in the game etc.

        • Marc10 says:

          I think you can play as long as the kids are relatively slow and it’s non contact. When the kids get older and bigger, in their teens, then the game starts to get very physical and fast and there the risk for injury gets dramatically amplified.

          Same for all team sports with contact really, but I’d say hockey given all the padding and the requirement to be able to skate to get any kind of speed, makes it a safer proposition than rugby or football at an early age.

          Of course, if you’re going to save dollars, just sign the kids up for soccer and tell them not to head the ball. :-)

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      Plus his father is dying from cancer too? So sad…

    • JohnBellyful says:


  50. Clay says:

    Good thing I logged in – I’d totally forgotten the score of the last Habs game.

    ☞ “The deepest sin of the human mind is to believe things without evidence” ~ Aldous Huxley ☜

  51. CHicoHab says:

    Tinordi is 22 years old. If he can’t jump into the NHL as a regular this season then I don’t believe he will be any different next year or the next. Either he has it or he doesn’t.

    • UKRAINIANhab says:

      He should start with the team, Although if management wants a veteran over him than I trust they know more than me.

      I wonder about the DD on defence.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      lots, and lots of good players are 23, 24, before they make it full time. I think he plays a lot this year, but it is not over if he isn’t a full time NHL’er yet.

  52. Habitant in Surrey says:

    Rogers NHL Habs Petition Update:

    Like it, or not, it’s update time ! :)

    There have been some interesting initiatives that I will discuss later when more developed.

    Today, I received a message from a prominent TVA personality that The Petition is being heard by the NHL, Rogers, Bell, the Habs, and his own company. He is predicting ‘the NHL will make some adjustments’

    Likely he’s referring to the NHL’s own corporate national black-out rules, which is ham-stringing Rogers and TVA from currently solving the broadcast restrictions west of Quebec.

    So, it’s encouraging to hear ‘the noise’ is being heard, and something will result from it.

    I have tweaked the premise of The Petition,again, to not let Rogers off the hook, but to explain how national broadcast restrictions of the NHL itself are frustrating as well to Rogers, TVA, RDS and TSN.

    The Petition has provided ‘a Voice’ to Habs Fans frustration and anger. It is being heard.

    We will have to see what will result.

    The following are the most recent 10 to sign. We are at 2, 118 at the moment. An increase of 100+ in past 3 days.

    If You haven’t signed yet, please read the updated Petition premise, and decide for Yourself if it says what You agree with.

    Thank you/merci again to whom have already signed, and to these fine folks below;

    dave gaston gignac
    just now

    Dave Leeson
    just now

    Roxan Tardif
    just now

    Michelle pignal
    just now

    Michel Jacques-Gosselin
    just now

    Christian Trudeau
    just now

    Lysande Bisson
    just now

    John Hancox
    8 hours ago

    Kevin Duldhardt, Canada
    17 hours ago

    Heather Poupart
    17 hours ago


    CBC Radio ‘AirPlay’ interview: http://bit.ly/1oRuhhO

    Follow Me on Twitter: @HabInSurrey

    Please read and sign at; http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/no-habs-blackout-rds

  53. kevin says:

    Good evening Hab fans, I hope things are going well with everyone. I hope CJ doesn’t mind me saying this,but met him and his lovely family, parents and siblings for lunch today. if he is typical of the posters on here, I feel blessed and privileged to be counted among the best fans in the world. he spoke highly of people he’s met in this great group, too many to name but being a newbie to this site, I am blown away by some of the character of you people. Take a bow, you know who you are.


  54. UKRAINIANhab says:

    As someone who has citizenship in Canada and Ukraine, I present you with Ukrainian Canadian Hockey players :) . This list is awesome!!! (Well for me at least Lol)

    Dave Andreychuk, Kieth Tkachuk, Bill Barilko, Mike Bossy, John Bucyk, Dale Howerchuk, Terry Sawchuk, Eddie Shack, Bronco Horvath, Vic Stasiuk. I could be missing some?

    …and Wayne Gretzky, Wayne’s mother was actually Ukrainian, not Polish, from what I read at least…

  55. crane says:

    Chicago’s deadline tomorrow for Hayes. He will be a Hab by Monday

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Who is this Hayes fellow? Also how the posters favorites have fallen. Prust played all last season injured, still went into the corners, took on most comers in fights and now many posters seem to be ripping into him for having signed such a huge contract. In his first year these same posters were extolling his virtues in protecting the Gally’s and his offensive play. Now unless MB get’s an “Enforcer” Prust’s 2015 season might be a very short season if he’s supposed do the enforcing for the Habs. Also letting it fall on Tinordi is not a good idea yet. Give him another year or two and he’ll be ready to go with anyone. I don’t want to see another ‘Komo” due that jerk Lucic.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • jols says:

      Calgary Flames will be all over him. He was Gaudreau’s line mate in College I believe. I think he will be a Flame. Hope we sign him though. He has lots of potential upside.

  56. JohnBellyful says:

    Here are some choice reads, non-hockey, courtesy of the New Yorker, as suggested by Slate.
    You have three months to read them all — before it’s hockey 24/7

  57. HammerHab says:

    Alright folks, with the Leafs doing their “Bench” thing in an attempt to honour their past greats, (something they’ve done very poorly to date) I propose we blow them out of the water!

    Create a life-sized outdoor rink, with bronzed boards and some sort of stoneworkthat resembles ice. Make bronze statues of all Hab greats who have had their jerseys retired and place them in an action scene against eachother. You have Harvey backing up with Richard storming down the wing, Beliveau heading out front waiting for a pass to put the puck past Roy while Robinson tries to keep him to the outside, Lafleur, long hair flowing, flying down the other wing with Gainey in hot pursuit, all the while Dryden at the other end with his stick under his chin, Savard having just passed the puck up, with Morenz skating past him, Bouchard still battling with Cournoyer to Dryden’s left. Scotty on the bench urging his team to play defense while Toe stands atop the other bench having just lit a fire under the Rocket. Jacques Plante coming down the hall itching to return to the ice all stiched up, brand new mask in his hand. The remaining guys, Moore & Henri, on one bench, Boom Boom, Lapointe & Lach on the other bench all standing waiting to hop the boards to get into the play.

    What a wonderful scene that would be and a true tribute to the greats of this team!

    edit: and how could I forget! up above the ice in a booth affixed to the wall of the Bell Centre a bronze Danny Gallivan and Dick Irvin Jr. calling the game! We honour the true greats, on and off the ice!


    It’ll always be Habs Inside/Out to me

    • frontenac1 says:

      Leafs have been hilariously pathetic for more than 40yrs now. It’s actually quite sad. Really. I actually respected them back in the 1960″s.

      • on2ndthought says:

        Like you respect the Bruins now? I know what you mean. Keon and the Chief, the Big M, Bauer. It was about national bragging rights. 1967, watching the newsreel reviews of the Leafs hoisting the Cup at our PeeWee hockey banquet left me nauseous.

        “a cannonading drive”

        • frontenac1 says:

          Naw, never respected the Bruins amigo. But those Wed. Night games against the Leafs in the 60″s were great. In Black and White. Danny Gallivan.Fergy vs Shack. Great tilts, and old Zipper face vs Jake the Snake. I loved it.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Sounds great. Get some CGI generating, holographic producing gearhead on this!

      “a cannonading drive”

  58. Paz says:

    Dipsy, I think Reechi makes the Hall of Fame.

    0ver 500 goals, over 1500 points, I think that’s more than enough.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      For sure Recchi should be in the hall. #12 all time in career points. We may have hated him defending his teamate after the Patches/Chara thing, by Recchi was an great player for a long long time.

  59. frontenac1 says:

    Size of a goalie matters? Check out some of tapes on the Gumper! He was 5 ft nothing, smoked, Drank Rye whiskey, he said “My face is my mask” and didn’t put up with shit from coaches, managers,or owners. Yeah right, size matters.

    • bwoar says:

      It ain’t the size of your liver, it’s whatcha drank on it.

    • piper says:

      I met the Gumper one night at a celebrity function that i was bar keeping at. He arrived early and hung out with us at the bar for a while. He was drinking coffee. Quite a shy person but we started talking Habs and he opened up and told some very interesting stories. A great guy that considered himself a Montreal Canadien forever.

  60. habs-fan-84 says:

    Mats Sundin should be in the HoF.

    • knob says:

      Agreed. Not only did he have a great career but he also screwed the team is was supposed to be so “loyal too”.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Matts was a good player on a sh#ty team. Hall of Fame? Why not? Have you seen some of the stiffs in there?

    • Chris says:

      His NHL career alone makes him a natural choice. His international career, where he may very well have been the most dominant player in international competition of his era, makes it a no-brainer.

      Teemu Selanne won’t need the help, but he and Saku Koivu are the other guys whose international performance warrant consideration when their cases are heard. Koivu was not a HHOF in the NHL, but he’s a borderline case if they consider his international career.

      They should just waive the waiting period for Selanne….there’s no point in even making the guy wait. Same goes for Jagr when he retires. Those guys are every bit as iconic in Finland and the Czech Republic as Gretzky was to Canadians, and perhaps even moreso.

  61. DipsyDoodler says:

    The old 500 goals gets you into the Hall idea doesn’t apply to players who played in the 90s.

    Roenick, Recchi, Turgeon, Bondra, Andreychuk, Tkachuk, Verbeek all scored 500+ during that era, and none are in the Hall.

    And I’d put Sundin squarely within that group.



    • shiram says:

      Ovechkin will very likely finish his career with over 500 goals, he’s at 422 at only 28.
      At his pace, let’s say 40 goals per season, for another 7 years to bring him to 35, he could easily reach 700 goals…

      would that put him in the Hall?
      It’s tougher now to score then it was then.

      • knob says:

        What are the parameters that need to be achieved for one to be elected to the HoF?

      • DipsyDoodler says:

        If Ovechkin retires tomorrow he is in the Hall.

        Not even close.

        Three time MVP. First or second team all-star every year he’s played.



        • Chris says:

          And Mats Sundin was still a better player. (Note that I agree with you…Ovechkin is a no-brainer Hall of Fame player at this point.)

          • shiram says:

            Interesting, considering how little respect he seems to get around fans.

          • frontenac1 says:

            I like Matts better than OV. Better? Who knows? Apples and oranges I guess. Like Gretz vs Mario or Ali vs Joe Louis.

          • Chris says:

            @shiram: Agreed about Ovechkin. I don’t really understand why he gets so much backlash: is he really all that different than Wayne Gretzky? When I was a kid, the joke was that a Wayne Gretzky back-check involved looking back at the guy he was supposed to be checking. Pretty much the same as Ovechkin.

            Ovechkin’s goal totals, when normalized for the low-scoring era that he has played in, are astounding. Hockey-reference.com tries to normalize numbers across eras…it is obviously not fool-proof, but it can still be neat to look at.

            Here’s Ovechkin adjusted numbers after 9 seasons:
            679 GP, 484 G, 912 PTS, 108.5 point share

            Here’s Lemieux adjusted numbers after 9 seasons:
            577 GP, 397 G, 974 PTS, 108.2 point share

            Here’s Lafleur’s adjusted numbers after 9 seasons:
            677 GP, 357 G, 835 PTS, 101.3 point share

            And here’s Bossy’s adjusted numbers after 9 seasons:
            689 GP, 429 G, 843 PTS, 104.3 point share

            Does this mean that Ovechkin was as good as the other 3 guys, 3 of the best pure goal-scorers in recent memory? Of course not. But it is at least an attempt to level the playing field of the point inflation due to the 1980’s, where even a guy like Dennis Maruk could put up over 314 points over a 3 season run.

          • frontenac1 says:

            Numbers. It’s a team game. I’d take Mario over Gretz any day. I’d take Matts over OV and Lafleur over Bossy.

    • Hobie says:

      Interesting Dipsy. I’ve never really paid too much attention to the HHOF. I always hear people complain that it’s way too easy to get into. So I kinda figured anyone with 500 NHL goals was in there. My bad.

      Hobie’s Habs Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byrgZ90b5Yw&feature=youtu.be

    • Chris says:

      Recchi will absolutely get in. He’s too intertwined in the league’s record books to be excluded.

      I also wouldn’t bet against either of Keith Tkachuk (one of the top-goal-scorers of his era) or Dave Andreychuk (recognition of lifetime achievement…14th highest goal-scorer in league history should have a place in the Hall of Fame).

  62. Jocko says:

    Good day gang. Have a look at this ‘headlining’ news at TSN:
    Okay, the laffs make all of these player movements, blah, blah. I ask you, what did Bergevin do? He surrounded himself wth a team of people that could help him achieve his goals of putting a winning team on the ice, ie, the horse before the cart, and not vice versa. I really respect Bergevin’s intellect and approach to his position. Good luck Laffs, you’ll need it!

    I don’t want to see Maurice tonight, I want to see The Rocket!

  63. DipsyDoodler says:

    From the Cupofchowder article. This is a quote from an article defending enforcers:

    “It didn’t make the B’s bullet proof, obviously, as evidenced by the hard head shots that guys like Marc Savard, Nathan Horton, Loui Eriksson and Patrice Bergeron have taken over the years. But it could have been worse if No. 22 wasn’t glowering at the cheap shot artists from the end of the bench.”

    Not a fan of logic, that man.


  64. Luke says:



  65. on2ndthought says:

    Some teams and their back ups: Columbus (McElhinney ), Boston (Svedberg), Arizona (Dubnyk), Colorado (Barra), NJ (Kincaid), St-Lou (Allen) (maybe even Calgary with Ramo)

    Toker does not fit the mold NHL GMs are looking for, and some times odd players get through waivers, but there is way too much uncertainty in that list to think MB will take a chance of losing Tokarski, IMO.

    “a cannonading drive”

    • shiram says:

      But he did get some insurance in signing MacDonald for the farm, and there’s already Condon there.

      • on2ndthought says:

        I think a Price injury is something MB has to be prepared for. We all love Budaj, and want to see him play 17 games for the Habs this year, but not at the cost of losing Tokarski. Go with a 60 – 22, CP – DT split. Budaj gets moved, gets waived or sits in the press box and helps Waite.

        “a cannonading drive”

        • knob says:

          I think that Tokarski is over-rated. He likely is a starter for a bottom end NHL team, which is good however, said team won’t make the playoffs. Tokarski will have a journeyman career. Montreal likely puts him through waivers and plays him in the AHL this year. If they lose him then they look to Joey McDonald, if needed.

          • on2ndthought says:

            Oh, for heaven’s sake. He had a winning record in HAMILTON last year! I’m really not saying a team is going to grab him to anoint him a #1 (though, as you say, some team may want to try). He’s a back up with potential to step in if the starter struggles or is hurt. Arizona WANTS Dubnyk to be better than Tokarski, because giants are the current fad in NHL goalies; but he’s not.

            “a cannonading drive”

          • knob says:

            Size of a goalie is important. Most of the time teams can limit the quality of shots that a player can take but when they can’t, size absolutely matters. NHL players have such a quick release now a days that goalies have next to no reaction time. The bigger the goalie, the smaller the net. Tokarski flies around in his net because he is small, Price is cool as a cucumber because he only needs to shuffle left and right a few inches. Honestly, Tokarski could get 40 shut outs in the AHL this year and it wouldn’t mean a thing, except that he got 40 shut outs in the AHL.

          • on2ndthought says:

            2 other important things for goalies: do they stop pucks, do they win games? winning is a team thing, and quality of chances vary depending on team defense. Just seems to me some goalies win 1-0 and 7-6, while others win 3-2 and then lose 4-3. both have 3.0 GAA. Anyway, I’m no pro scout, and may well be over-estimating Tokarski. Felt he was very cool for us last year. Look at the scoreboard up top, that was game 6. I woulda loved to see him in a game 7.

            “a cannonading drive”

          • Mr. Biter says:

            I think that if Price is not 100% ready for the season opener Toker stays up. When Price is ready to go, then Budaj will be moved. Toker has a smaller cap hit this year. I watched him on the Hab’s West Coast swing and he played great on a dismal road trip.

            Mr. Biter
            No Guts No Glory

          • Loop_Garoo says:

            He hasn’t played enough yet to know. There are dozens of goalies who have had great playoff runs, or even a great season. but can’t handle long term, from Leighton against the habs a few years ago, Steve Penny etc. I like Toker, he will fight hard all the way, but I remain unconvinced. Since we only need a backup goalie here, I’d go with Budaj, who has proven to be a very good backup provided he is playing in low pressure situations, which is where the backup normally plays. If Price goes down to injury in the playoffs, we are likely done no matter who replaces him.

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