NHL labour talks headed to mediation


The Canadian Press reported on Monday afternoon that the┬áNHL and NHL Players’ Association are turning to mediation in an effort to solve their labour dispute.

With negotiations stalled, the sides have agreed to allow U.S. federal mediators into the process. The Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service says the negotiations “will now be conducted under our auspices.”

Deputy director Scot L. Beckenbaugh, director of mediation services John Sweeney and commissioner Guy Serota have been assigned to the case.

Deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in an email to The Canadian Press that he hopes they’ll be able to sit in on a session as soon as this week. The NHL and NHLPA haven’t met since last week.

The lockout, now in its 11th week, has forced the NHL to cancel all games through Dec. 15.

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In other off-ice hockey news, Eric Lindros got married on the weekend. And get this: his wife is a Quebecer. Read more by clicking here.

(Photo by Chris Young/Canadian Press)

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