NHL fines Ference $2500


The Bruins Andrew Ference, who showed one aspect of his character in early February, when he criticized his teammate Dan Paille for a head shot on the Dallas Stars Raymond Sawada, showed another last night in Montreal when he made an obsence gesture to Bell Centre fans after scoring Boston’s first goal in his team’s 4-3 comeback victory.

The NHL announced this morning it was fining Ference $2500 for his highly unprofessional salute.

Ference’s actions are somewhat different than those of the Sharks Joe Thornton’s after he scored last night in Los Angeles.

Ference’s fine is substantially less than the two-game suspension the NHL gave James Wisniewski when he was with the Islanders during the regular season for his obscene gesture toward Sean Avery (video) in an Islanders-Rangers game on Oct. 11.

Anyone who thought the unwritten rule that supplementary discipline in the playoffs was halved from that of the regular season will be surprised at the Ference ruling, but — as those in Hockey Operations like to say — each infraction has to be judged on its own merits, so we are left to assume that Ference’s gesture was somehow less offensive than Wisniewski’s. Or that an obscene gesture to the fans is less offensive than one to another player. Or something.

Ference said afterward in the Bruins’ Bell Centre dressing room, “Coach just showed me it, and it looks awful. I just saw it and I can assure you that’s not part of my repertoire. I don’t know if my glove got caught up. I can assure you, that’s not part of who I am or what I ever have been.

“So it looks awful, I admit it, I completely apologize to how it looks.”

The Boston Herald wrote this morning, “The veteran defenseman has given Bruins fans a poster to hang on their walls for all time,” and “He might’ve earned himself legions of new Habs-hating fans across New England.”

Anticipating some sort of action from the league, The Herald went on to testify about Ferrence’s good nature and they chronicled the fine deeds on his resume. “His work with political, environmental and humanitarian causes is well-documented, including his spearheading of the NHL carbon neutral program and his trip to Africa with Right to Play. Even his in-game fights usually only occur when he’s coming to the defense of a teammate,” they wrote.

On the Team 990 Morning Show, Elliot Price recalled when St. Louis Cardinals shortstop Gary Templeton was suspended indefinitely by his own team in 1981 and fined him $5000 after Templeton grabbed his crotch when St. Louis fans booed him for not running out a ground ball.

No one is expecting the Bruins to take any similar action against Ference.


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  4. jew4jah says:

    i say the habs, as a team, give the finger to the boston crowd tonight before the game… $2500 each? let gomez pick up the tab.

    chara = חרה

  5. HabinBurlington says:

    What is amazing is how many people in this country think what he did was okay. I understand many Non-Hab fans hate the Habs. What is unfortunate is how they forget this is a gate driven league, a league which says you can’t respond to Sean Avery and his less than human comments, but go ahead and tell our customers to F off! Gary Bettman, Bill Daly and Colin Campbell, I can no longer give a shit what you ever do. None of you have any scruples whatsoever. I am so disgusted that our national game (don’t correct me about Lacrosse Baggataway is officially our game) has been overrun by neandatrhal lawyers etc…. I am so fed up.

    Obviously we need to trade the farm to get that spoiled brat Campbell’s kid on our team to every get a break.

  6. Larry says:

    And…the Boston Herald comment just reinforces that Bruin fans are classless human garbage. On this Holy Easter weekend I wish nothing but grim tidings and bad luck for the lot of them.

  7. Larry says:

    I agree with those saying it is just another example of the inconsistency of the league on such matters. I would add incompetence but when it involves the Bruins we all know it is more a case of corruption. It is just SO obvious that it is not even funny anymore.
    I am inching ever closer to abandoning this league. Bettman and Campbell have stolen the game I have loved for 40 plus years and I do not think I want to continue giving them my support.

  8. Ian_from_Niagara says:

    In Game 4 of the season series against Boston, Campbell pounds Pyatt in the face with an elbow pad. No suspension.

    In Game 5 against Boston, Chara breaks Max’s neck. No suspension.

    In Game 6 against Boston, Marchand takes a 100% head shot at Gomez. No suspension.

    We already know Colin Campbell has previously outed himself about being involved in games his son plays (don’t put stuff in e-mails if you don’t want to be exposed).

    Wiz got a two game suspension as an Islander for making an obscene gesture to a player, Avery.

    Just saying………….

  9. slapshot777 says:

    Why would anyone think Ference would get anything out of something like that when they never did anything to Chara. I guess Bettman and his bunch of croonies, don’t care about how many children were watching hockey who get to see it.

    Bettman will not bite the hand that feeds him. Since Jacobs (Boston owner) who is the supposedly sole reason why Bettman got his new five (5) year pushed through in a rush. I remember people talking about how there was nothing on the Bettman contract and then bang, out of the blue Bettman has his new deal.

    If Jacobs and Bettman are the best of buds, then you can forget about Boston ever getting a raw deal or short end of the stick. Bettman will make sure that Boston is well looked after.

    This is why, in my opinion hockey is ruined all at the hands of the American owners. We will not likely see a Stanley Cup in Canada until Bettman is gone. I was hoping that with Donald Fehr taking control of the Players Association that he would be the one to put Bettman in his place. But with this new contract we will see another five (5) years of stupid hockey and idiotic rulings all over the place when it comes to suspensions.

    Players will and so will the fans always be in a fog when it comes to suspensions. But rest assured that when a Boston player is ever involved keep in mind how “nothing will be done” to this player.

    To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

  10. Bill says:

    I think all Habs fans feel the same way about this: more concerned with the league’s continuing lack of consistency than anything else. I don’t think anyone here thinks it would be “right” to suspend Ference … how can you suspend someone just for being a classless clown? I mean, you’d have to suspend half of Boston’s roster and ban all their fans. So forget it.

    I don’t care about it honestly. More concerned about how the Habs coughed up three leads and choked in OT. Credit to Boston, they refused to quit and deserved it, although Price and the Gomez line helped them out a bit. Again, looking for better next game.

    Habs in seven.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  11. Oaf28 says:

    1) You fail to realize that its only a select few retards who boo the anthem… just like the ones that start the riots, so no, its not ‘us’ Habs fans that need to be reminded.
    2) Ference can shove his finger where the sun don’t shine for all I care. What gets to me is the inconsistency of the league’s disciplinary officials. Oh wait, it’s Colin Campbell. The only thing consistent with him is his protection of the Bruins’ players. If it was a Hab that did that in Boston, I’d want him off the team. Telling off a player is one thing, telling off an entire city is a complete lack of class.
    3) Calling 911 after the Chara hit? Whatever… once again, only a select few retards did that. Also, you can stop bringing that up now because its not like the Bruins never had an incident where they wanted to involve the authorities… or do you not remember the Maurice Richard incident? You know… when the cops actually showed up to the rink?
    4) When you have a douchebag like Gary Bettman running the NHL, who’s mandate is only to expand the NHL’s market into the US and to sell hockey where there is no hockey, of course there’s only going to be six Canadian teams.

    • msully628 says:

      @Oaf28 – Right, another Canuck using the Colin Campbell excuse. Where were you all when Campbell looked the other way when Marc Savard was nearly decapitated by Matt Cooke. Get some new material.

      • Mad Habber says:

        Matt Cooke is a classless clown…Nobody likes him, and I’m pretty sure that there were several on this site that thought Cooke should’ve been suspended. But ya know we are all just a bunch of whinny Canadians that nobody listen to anyway.

      • Oaf28 says:

        Once again… more inconsistency. That’s what gets to me. Cooke definitely should have been suspended. However, it makes you are a complete hypocrite if you think Cooke should be suspended and not Chara. A hit to the head (or any other hit causing severe injury for that matter), intentional or not, is reckless and should be punished, end of story.

        For the record, I’ll be the first to call out a Hab for giving a dirty hit.

  12. Exit716 says:

    Is anyone surprised by anything the Bruins do these days?
    They know Colin Campbell has their back, so they can pretty much do anything they please with impunity.

    • HugeHabsFan says:



      “Thank you Cammy for making my day even more amazing!”


      Cammalleri: “I almost feel bad for a guy who plays an NHL career without experiencing what it’s like to be a Montreal Canadien”.

  13. eric says:

    You’re so typically american msully628

  14. prt22 says:

    Wow! Not that suspending this clown would have made much of a difference in the series – He’s no Chara – but the lack of consistency from the league is difficult to reconcile. Wiz gestures to Avery and tells him to go felate someone and yields a two game suspension… A measured and fair punishment in my assessment. This guy gives the crowd the finger and scarecely gets a slap on the wrist. Perhaps I would be less off-put if there weren’t kids watching. but pro athletes – like it or not – are role models and need to be held to a higher standard. The NHL should take a long hard look at what they are selling.. or shovelling.

    • Mark C says:

      He’s no Chara, but Boston’s 7th D is Shane Hnidy who isn’t an NHL player at this point. Hnidy was given less than 5 minutes when filling in for Chara in game two. If Ference missed a game it would have been a big deal.

  15. Mr. Biter says:

    Actually I thought of it as kinda funny,childish but funny. Having said that if othes have been suspended for the same thing, he should also be gone. Just imagine of PK would have done it on Boston. Cherry’s head would have exploded.

    Mr. Biter

  16. habsindepth says:

    Boston Newspapers say: “a poster to hang on the walls”

    Interesting, that Ference says “his glove got caught up” LOL, i mean can you make any lamer excuse? Oh wait, have to go read up on Chara’s excuses about Patches, yes there are lamer excuses.
    Web: http://www.habsindepth.com – For the Fanatics
    Twitter: @habsindepth

  17. CHsam says:

    Whatever this is just a distraction. Get ready to play hockey. No more of this “this isn’t a must win game”. Every game and shift should be a must win.

  18. habsfan0 says:

    Colin Campbell will not jeopardize the chances of the team his son plays on by suspending a Bruins player. What a laughing stock the NHL is becoming.

    • mtl says:

      Wisniewski gets two games and Ference losses some pocket change. Listen to Mr. Campbell talk about “standards” … the guy needs a new job!

      See “Cybulski & Company: Colin Campbell Interview” on http://www.tsn.ca/radio

      • habsindepth says:

        When Wiz got that two game suspension, i was one of those who didn’t agree with that decision. A fine would have been just fine, but he got punished for two games. Now that Ference didn’t get a suspension, it doesn’t make any sense to me! As you said, there are no standards here! I mean if you are going to suspend one guy for a rude/obscene gesture, suspend everybody who does it! What’s the difference here?

        Web: http://www.habsindepth.com – For the Fanatics
        Twitter: @habsindepth

  19. Stratcat31 says:

    I’d be more concerned with the Habs meltdown than a hand gesture.

  20. Lateskate says:

    There was no mention last night, and nobody booed the American National Anthem. For starters, try not booing the black kid on ice before talking about class, or should I say, racism.

    • msully628 says:

      @Lateskate – I didn’t see a black kid on the ice, I noticed a hockey player with tremendous speed, shifty moves and a rocket of a slapshot who’s not afraid to throw around his muscle. But thanks for letting us all see the first thing you notice is the color of the person’s skin. Not racist here in Boston. Ever heard of Willie O’Ree? First colored player in the NHL, and he played for the Bruins. Check you facts before you play the race card.

      • TINMAN17 says:

        Slow down @msully628, you mention Willie O’ree as if that exonerates Bostons racist past. That is a big f’n joke. When Jackie Robinson had a try-out for the Red Sox, Tom Yawkey showed up in the dugout and told the coach, “Get that ni**er off the field!” That is documented fact. But speaking of Willie O’Ree, maybe you ought to read up on how he was treated by the fans. As far as racism in Boston is concerned, haven’t you ever seen the picture of the white guy from Southie spearing the black guy in the belly with the american flag on the steps of the state house over bussing. Or read up on how many black Celtics greats were treated by the fans and the city. Going back further than all this, don’t bother with the movie, Glory, read first hand accounts of the Mass. 54th all black regiment that fought in the Civil War and how they were treated by Mass residents at the time when we were supposedly leading the charge of abolition. Check your facts before, you, use your race card, moron.

        Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

      • TINMAN17 says:

        msully is an idiot

  21. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    I bet your mother and father are actually brother and sister.

  22. Stratcat31 says:

    It does look intentional but the league is all over the place with their punishment anyhow. It warrants a fine but no suspension. Thinking about it further, aren’t these the same fans that have to be reminded by the announcer that they have 6 Americans on their team, so they won’t boo the US national anthem? Maybe they deserve a bird flipping. 🙂

  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    Hopefully the boys take this as Bulletin Board material and embarass the ‘Ruins in their own house tommorow.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  24. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Just want to add one more thing. I don’t care what happens this year. As for next year, we need to make sure that we have a muscle man in the lineup that can do to Ferrence what the league failed to do. That bum should have been knocked unconcious on the ice for that gesture. Bravo league for fining him $2500. I hope he can afford it.

    “Hate the Bruins like a sickness”

  25. _Habsoloutly_ says:

    So sad to see what the Bettman regime has done to the great sport of hockey. Here’s something to think about, just imagine if a Habs player had done that to Boston fans. Just think of all the habs hating scumbags all over the hockey world going nuts and pouncing saying how classles the habs and their fans are. Bettman and Cambell have made the NHL the laughing stock of all pro sport. But sadly it’s the owners who hired these guy’s and ultimately some of the blame has to be laid at the feet of the owners who let these clowns run the game into the ground.

  26. punkster says:

    Another bush league call by a bush league. The finger itself is not the issue nor even Ference and the Bruins trying to lie their way around it. It’s the lack of consistency the league has once again shown on even the most trivial of infractions. Given the Campbell interview yesterday we should not be the least surprised. The people running the league and the NHLPA are simply buffoons.

    ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  27. Tony McLean says:

    Can Jack Edwards do a piece on what liars the Bruins are? First it’s Chara about his intent, about not knowing Max was on the ice, the whole affair. Now it’s the un-manly lies of “Inter” Ference. No cred. Verbal diving.

    “This has to be the mother of all brain-dead decisions.” – Red Fisher on the Jaroslav Halak trade.

  28. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Like a former bruin, Joe Thornton, once said: Boston always gets favorable calls from the league. Absolutely pathetic.

    “Hate the Bruins like a sickness”

  29. 24 Cups says:

    I’m not getting bent out of shape over this but Ference should at least own up and admit he acted like a bit of a jerk. Saying your hand kind of got caught up in the air is as lame as it gets.

    Stu also brings up a good point about infractions getting lighter disciplinary action. I could care less about hand puppets, but surely the league could have sent a clear message by banning guys from the playoffs after they endangered other players with shots to the head. It would have set the stage for a new policy direction in the fall. Not gonna happen, folks.

    Maybe the NHL should look at signing on Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aids as an official league sponsor.

    24.2 Cups

  30. Sal says:

    More bush league tactics from a bush league head office. No conflict of interest here, just fine decision making with no hint of sarcasm. NHL is a BUSH LEAGUE. Brian Campbell really gets it. Bruins are teflon.

    Sal from the Hammer

  31. Gods, the National Hockey League is quickly becoming a bigger joke than I had previously believed. Since when is nepotism in ANY organization “Okay”?

  32. smiler2729 says:


    The Wiz gets 2 games for an “obscene gesture” to another player (Sean Avery, no less).

    And Rick Rypien gets a dozen games or so for shoving a FAN in the stands in Minnesota.

    Now Ference gets a slap on the wrist for an “obscene gesture” to FANS in Montreal and all across TVland… and he achieves cult hero status in New England.

    It doesn’t add up, NHL, I guess only Sean Avery and Minnesota fans matter, not the millions across Canada that watched and got the finger.

    Hey NHL, F You!

    “My second favourite team is whoever plays the Leafs”

  33. edgie says:

    price not a vezina finalist…something wrong there

    edit: according to john lu

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