NHL awards roundup, etc.

Pat Hickey files this NHL awards roundup from Las Vegas. A photo gallery from the awards.

Capitals goalie José Theodore expresses more pride in Masterton than the Hart and Vézina he won with Canadiens.

Here’s a look at how voting went for the awards and all-star team.

J.T.’s draft-week Habs notebook.

Mock draft: Who
is John McFarland?

Former Habs goaltending coach Rollie Melanson eager to work with Canucks’ Roberto Luongo.

Cap casualties: Big

Buf, Sopel and Eager traded.

Canadiens’ all-time draft list.


  1. Chorske says:

    LOL, maybe it’s that slacker smirk he wears so often. Drives me bonkers. How do we make you CARE, Carey? 😉

  2. Chorske says:

    I dunno, I didn’t see 5. as a Price vs Halak thing so much as a general strategy thing. That Price vs Halak question has now been settled for us, Praise Scarlett, and hopefully we can go back to raggin’ on smurfs and midgets and euros and Bettman.

  3. doogmac says:

    i wonder if someone from the montreal media did that, i would of if i were them

  4. punkster says:

    Not your best 5, Rob. Your preferences are showing.

    1. Just part of his charm (the jerk).

    2. His tight suits.

    3. Armstrong (younger and maybe tougher)

    4. Bad choice. Instead of “return to his old form” you should of had an actual example of something that would help him retun to his old form. Maybe step up his physical training, find a mentor to coach him, get married…whatever.

    5. This subject is so overblown it will soon become a bloated beached whale on the shores of Habs history. I mean really, more Halak versus Price stuff? Because that’s what this issue amounts to really. The fact is the difference between what Price will be offered now versus what he may have been offered before is nil. As for actually negotiating something he has no additional bargaining chips whether Halak is here or not. The idea that he has any greater value to us now that Halak is gone is just not true. Remember, there will be another goalie in the lineup, whether from Hamilton or from a trade. Price will still have to prove himself this year and he won’t be paid or rewarded in advance of any “potential” good numbers.


  5. Rob says:

    fair enough.  And for the record, i appreciate the in depth analysis of the issue that you have brought to this debate.  Any time i can learn something in the process of a discussion, i am appreciative.

  6. Chris says:

    Attacking J.T. personally is uncalled for, and I have refrained from doing so.  I normally find her articles witty and I generally agree with most of her thoughts regarding the direction of the team.

    I have pretty aggressively attacked this particular statement, however, as I feel it is beneath her:  it is crass to comment on other individual’s health issues, particularly mental health issues and/or physical deformities and her comments lacked anything approaching research or knowledge of the situation.

    Given the investment that the Montreal Canadiens made in Andrei Kostitsyn as the 10th overall pick in the 2003 NHL draft and the extensive battery of medical tests that he went through due to his epileptic condition, does anybody truly believe this theory?  We’re talking about a guy who was probably one of the most thoroughly medically examined draft pick in NHL history, as the nature of his seizures in his draft year was not completely known and concerned many teams, who otherwise felt he was a top-5 pick talent.

  7. andrewberkshire says:

    So saying JT is acting classless is uncalled for, but speculating about someone’s medical history when none of us know that person and WE ARE NOT DOCTORS is ok?

    The conversation is inappropriate in the first place, there’s no discussion to be had except for between Andrei Kostitsyn and his doctor.

  8. Rob says:

    you are right.  I, however, have a higher probability of developing cancer due to a leak at a nuclear power facility near my hometown than you probably do, if you have not been exposed to the same environment.  It doesnt’ mean that i will though. Doesn’t mean that you won’t.  What IS true, though, is that if i DO develop cancer, there is a chance that it has been contributed to by the environment i was raised in.

  9. Rob says:

    please read reply to chris below

  10. Rugger says:

    Agreed, and one of the patterns taht seems to be changing is the no negotiation during the season, Plecs said they have been talking since the first of the year if I recall yesterday’s discussions.

  11. Rob says:

    I do not believe J.T. ever claimed that Andre Kostitsyn was undeniably developmentally challenged, and I also interpreted her statement as merely raising the “possibility” that he “could” be developmentally challenged, and if he is in any manner and to any degree, that it could “potentially” be linked to one of the biggest nuclear disasters in the history of world occuring very close to where he was born.  I still maintain that there is nothing wrong with her, or anyone else, raising this hypothesis in terms of generating a possible discussion or analysis.  Developmental delays and disorders are a fact of life. It is not a condemnation of any person who has them.  They are simply somethign that must be diagnosed and treated. 

    Now….you have clearly researched the subject and determined that her hypothesis is lacking evidence.  I, on the other hand, am not convinced it is completely invalid.  We are now free to debate over whether one or either of us is, in fact, correct. 

    But the way J.T. has been called out and degraded this morning is (and again, this is my opinion) completely senseless.  And i stand firm in my belief that she has said, nor done, anything wrong.  If you disagree with her comments, so be it.  But attacking her personally is uncalled for.

    (And again, just for the record, i do not know J.T. any more than any other poster on this board)

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