Next up for Habs: red-hot Capitals

The Canadiens return to Brossard practice ice this morning at 11 am to begin preparations for Tuesday’s home game against the Washington Capitals. The Caps, making their first visit to Montreal since Game 6 of last season’s Eastern Conference quarterfinal, have won eight straight.

Pat Hickey will file news and audio from the practice later today.

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RIP, Rick Martin


  1. observer says:

    Like New York City people think, Toronto thinks they are the center of the universe as well.

  2. BoomBoom says:

    -Does anyone know if Darche is out for the season? Lots of speculation that he is out for good.

    -How about Sopel? any word yet on how long he will be out?

    -I am wondering why the Habs haven’t called up Dawes yet from the Bulldogs. He’s got way more offensive upside than Pyatt who in my eyes is not a NHL player. Put Dawes with Eller and AK, or with DD and Pouliot. This team struggles for goals, and in Dawes we’ll have a guy who’s hungry to score.

    -My last point is on Don Cherry. If he wants to comment on the MaxPac and Chara incident fine. But for Pete’s sake do it with class and not a cheap rant. First, remember Max Pac’s name (cheap and classless beginning) and second (this is what really ticked me off) he said Max Pac wouldn’t have a “Headache” today if Molson had the boards fixed at the Bell Centre. Cherry is vile and cheap. MaxPac has a broken neck and concussion and he’s trivalizing it as a headache. What a total sh*t! can’t believe my taxes pay for this turd. No respect for MaxPac. You are agree with no suspension but don’t treat the victim with such a lack of class. All those tears for the soldiers are crocodile tears and part of his act along with dressing like a total clown. Maclean (another waste of my tax dollars) is a total tool and Cherry’s b*tch! Anyone know who sponsors Coach’s Corner and who else is a sponsor of Cherry’s?

  3. G-Man says:

    Moores sponsors Moron’s Corner.

    Dawes is injured. Sopel day to day wearing a cast on his hand.

  4. DearyLeary says:

    If Markov can stay healthy, and we can retain his services (hopefully at a bit of a discount for 2 years due to injury concerns), Wisniewski becomes expendable.  A couple of big ‘ifs’, but that’s the way I would play it.  

    I like Mara and Sopel as well, simply because it adds a different dimension to our team.  Neither are really fighters, but they’re definitely bigger, and stronger, and that can provide some relief for the rest of the D core.

  5. Gorges_the_great says:

    It’s too bad that the same way there are 3-point games there aren’t 0-point games.

  6. HabinBurlington says:

    Toronto still has no goalie (Reimer is a flash in the pan), they still have no defence and they still have no centre for Kessel.  We won’t have to worry about them for a while yet.  What is important is that they don’t give Boston another lottery pick.

  7. Ian Cobb says:



    This weeks stats for where we place in the 30 team league, compared to last week.


    Goals against–172, We are in  8th place.   Last week we were in   8th place with 167.

    Total Points—- 83,  We are in  9th place.   Last week we were in 10th place with 79.

    Goals For——184,  We are in 23rd place.   Last week we were in 23rd place with 176.

  8. DearyLeary says:

    According to Gagnon Sopel was skating after the team today.  If he’s skating and testing things out I would venture a guess that he’s hoping to return to action sooner than later.

  9. Danno says:

    According to Francois Gagnon, via Twitter Cammy is off resting — while Sopel (hand) and Darche (groin) both practiced alone today.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  10. Ian Cobb says:

    Be nice to-day Jonson!

  11. HabinBurlington says:

    Noticed that the Bulldogs put Ryan Whites name on their Clear Day roster (this is something all AHL teams have to do in prepartion for Playoffs).  I hope there are no plans to send him back down, and that this is just showing how thin the numbers are down in Hamilton with all the callups we have had to do.  Dawes name is also listed for obvious reasons.  Trying to get info. on Dawes injury from the club.


  12. boneheadslanger33 says:

    It certainly was. Just look at his stats since he left Montreal and the fact that he was just traded for a conditional 7th Round Draft Pick. I’d say The Kovalev Rally was a bigger waste of time than reading a copy of all of observers so-called observations…

  13. DrewCareyPriceIsRight says:

    I don’t even see why the Kovalev rally would be mentioned in the same breath as something as meaningful for the state of hockey.

    Kovalev had his time and it has come and gone.  We need to focus on the future.

  14. DrewCareyPriceIsRight says:

    …or having whip cream on your nose and not knowing it?

    I can’t see how you can compare the 2.  A Kovalev rally for a washed up floater vs. taking a stance at the state of hockey and sending a message that we won’t watch this kind of hockey and just accept it without any meaningful action to change it.  It’s not only about Patches even if it starts because of him.

    BTW – just heard on team 990 that there is a rally at 6pm at bell tomorrow.

  15. Mattyleg says:

    Gill was going backwards, and Sim continued to skate forward without Gill limiting his movements.

    Sim was therefore able to control the way in which he hit the post.

    And plus, Sim generally tends to skate into things anyway. He’s like one of those windup cars that keeps going after they bump into things.

    Totally different play.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  16. HardHabits says:

    Jack Todd wrote an articulate article that I agree with. So tell me when do I wake up?

  17. 1010 says:

    Whatever I think about ‘the hit’ is irrelevant when I say that the Gill hit has nothing in common with the Chara hit except that both players made contact with the stanchion.

    Point is: it’s kinda hard to see the thing when you’re skating backwards. Therefore there’s nothing to compare.


    GO HABS…

  18. jimmy shaker says:

    Sure, he played great against ovechkin last year……so I’ll keep him until his contract expires but not another second after that!  37 and a 38 year old patrolling the blue line with an already aging Gill does not factor in well.  Halak was also a big factor in shutting down ovechkin as well!



  19. Everlasting1 says:

     Cherry’s comments are indicative of his loathesome disdain for the Habs – that much is clear. He needs the customized thick collars to support that thick swelled head of his.


     Elohim:”Let us make an Adam in our image and after our likeness.” – Genesis 1:26

    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

  20. Jimmy9Toes says:

        Sorry to keep bringing up the Max Pac hit, but do you think that because of the obvious conflict of interest from both Colon Campbell and Mike Murphy that Gregory Campbell could be one of the most saught after free agents if he ever hits the open market. I mean with him on your team, your team will surely get preferential treatment when it comes to suspensions or non suspensions.

  21. Malreg says:

    Renaud Lavoie on twitter reports from the GM meetings that from now on if a player exhibits any signs of a concussion must go to the locker room to be evaluated by a doctor, which will take 10-15 minutes.  The doctor will decide if the player can return or not.  Trainers are no longer allowed to evaluate players on the bench for concussion symptoms.

  22. dh says:

    Yeah, what’s up with that?

    You expect the nonsense from the idiot with the 4 foot fuzzy green tophat but some things are just out of the blue.

  23. jrshabs1 says:

     If the Habs would like to dress me for the next bruin game I have no problem dropping the gloves with Lucic. All the Habs have to is ask…..I’ll wear the sweater for free. I’m getting up there so I can’t wait forever, ready and primed now though. I can’t even stand to look at the hump backed goofball. If it’s not me somebody needs to step up…please!




    Go Habs Go!!

  24. solomio says:

    Like they’ve got Twitter accounts Jonson.!! You’re such a johnson!

  25. Former Jets Fan says:

    It seems that fans and players aren’t allowed to have an opinion on hockey violence unless they’ve won the Lady Byng.

  26. dh says:

    At least MacLean had Cherry take off the fuzzy green hat.  Who would listen to this guy seriously?

  27. CharlottetownHabbies says:

    Jeff Marek pulled that out last week on Twitter.  A little bit lame, a little bit out of context.

  28. Chris says:

    It is more difficult to argue that Chara’s act was deliberate than it is to argue the hypocrisy of much of the outrage of Habs fans over the Chara incident.

  29. habsonly says:

    I wonder what will be accomplished during the  3 day meeting in Florida. Will the NHL and the GMs work out a solution to the inconsistent dealings with head shots and goonery or will they just work on their golf swing and tans.

  30. Danno says:

    While it’s true Habs fans are up in arms the video doesn’t lie.

    Chara’s arms were off his stick and pushing Pacioretty into the stanchion.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  31. GrimJim says:

    Anybody else notice that the puck was in Gill’s skates when Gill hits Sim rather than 40 feet away when Chara hits Max?

  32. Chris says:

    I stated my opinion after it happened, and at this point everybody has an opinion one way or the other.  Everybody is sure their opinion is the only right one.

    That means there is little room for debate or conversation, so I’m pretty much spent on the topic.

  33. mrhabby says:

    this much i do know..the seamless glass will be replaced during the summer months in montreal along with 5-6 other rinks and the stanchions should be reviewed of course.

  34. thebigguy says:

    I’ve always been a fan of Dryden. I think one day he may make an excellent Prime Minister but part of me wishes he’d take over Bettman’s job as commissioner.

  35. Habnofear says:

    NADA and talk about turnbuckles….

  36. ZepFan2 says:

    Yeah, can you get on that asap for me!?

    Also, try and get some Libyan rebels twitter accounts. They need support as well.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  37. Danno says:



    A picture is worth a thousand words.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  38. Chris says:

    From McKenzie’s interview with Pacioretty:

    “Pacioretty said he doesn’t remember anything about the incident in the second period of Tuesday’s game. His only recollection of it was being loaded onto the stretcher on the ice and wondering what had happened.”

    His interpretation came from watching the same videos that all of us have watched.  So I would argue that his testimony on it would be construed as at least partially subjective. 

    I’m not saying he’s right or wrong.  I’m just questioning the way that Habs fans are debating the issue.

  39. ZepFan2 says:

    Didn’t you spin this nonsense the last game we played the ruins?

    Keep it up. It seems you’ve caught the, “boone reverse jinx”.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  40. Chris says:

    If you’re going post evidence, post the video or nothing at all.  You can take a snap shot of 75% of hits and see something that looks absolutely malicious.  Either you believe from the VIDEO evidence that the hit was malicious, or you don’t.  If you believe it was a deliberate, malicious assault on a fellow player, you trot out the picture you linked.  If you believe it was an unfortunate accident resulting from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you trot out the video footage of the other guys that have been drilled into stanchions around the league in the past couple of years.

    Either way, opinions are set in stone.  Just as I said in the post you responded to.

  41. Chris says:

    I sincerely hope not.  The fact that the vast majority of people have no clue that a turnbuckle has nothing to do with the padding over a stanchion is distressing.

  42. mrhabby says:

    No to dryden..i just think he is to much of a politician and not a very good business guy.he tried running the leafs and that did not work out.

    double bettmans salary from 7.5m to 15M and bring in roger godell…i know iam dreaming.

  43. Habnofear says:

    And after rooting for the Laff’s root for Chara,HA…..Then send best wishes  to Moammar Gaddafi ;(


  44. Chris says:

    Right.  Because the NFL doesn’t have it’s own issues revolving around player safety. 

    Tweeting during a pre-season game can earn you the same fine that trying to decapitate another player will draw.  And they rarely suspend players for vicious, illegal hits.

  45. fbkj says:

    well unfortunately the hit wasnt filmed with a 1000 fps rig, however to dismiss a clear pic taken from the hit because its out of context of the whole hit is a bit odd…

  46. Chris says:

    How so?  I’m not debating whether the hit was right or wrong here…that has been done to death.

    But that picture tells nothing.  You don’t know where the puck was from that picture, you don’t know whether that was the moment of contact or whether Chara was riding him out.  You don’t know if Chara came in with his arms high or if they came up as he was trying to dump the player into the bench.

    You don’t know what time-scale the incident occurred over, which is awfully important for judging whether it was a targetted and deliberate head shot or if it was incidental.

    When the video evidence is so clearly available, why not use it?  It puts the whole situation into context and allows the viewer to form their own opinion.  The context of the hit is what this whole discussion has centered around: if it was a hockey play, then one can easily see it as an unfortunate accident.  If it was not a hockey play, then it is up to the viewer to decide whether it was malicious or accidental. 

    I could show a picture that shows Marian Hossa smashing Bryan Berard in the face with his stick.  Leafs fans were doing just that after the incident.  Bryan Berard suffered a potentially career-ending eye injury on the play.  Hitting another player in the face with a stick is illegal.  Case closed, right? 

    Well, no…when placed in its proper context, the play becomes more grey.  Hossa was following through on a shot, which usually absolves the player of a high-sticking penalty.  But he is responsible for his stick and did cause a serious injury.

    The context is absolutely crucial.  Showing a picture when the video is available is an attempt by one party to frame the debate.

  47. mrhabby says:

    hmmm.. seems to me the NFL went through this last fall with spat of headshots and got it under control…fines of around 75k i remember seemed to get players attention. its not perfect but at least its a start.


    ps…at least godell does not diss sponsors like bettman has.

  48. Chris says:

    I am baffled at how people are spinning this as well.  So I guess we’re even on that front.  🙂

  49. Danno says:

    Okay. Watch this video from the 1:00 to 1:15 approx. mark. The evidence is conclusive.


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  50. Former Jets Fan says:

    Sure, when Bettman’s reign mercifully comes to an end, I know the one thought in my mind will be “Let’s hire another commissioner who has absolutely no connection to hockey.”

    Bettman at 7.2 million……possibly the only way to make Scott Gomez seem like a bargain.

  51. Chris says:

    I wouldn’t say the NFL got it under control.  Headshots still exist.  The “big hit” culture that is causing so much of the trouble in the NHL is just as entrenched in the NFL.

    But I do agree that Goodell has not been flippant with his sponsors like Bettman was with Air Canada.  To be fair, he hasn’t had to deal with a major league sponsor trying to score public relations points via a bluff, either.

  52. Habnofear says:

    Zep ,I don’t think stating the obvious can be considered a spin. The fact is the Habs are not equipped to survive a battle against the Gooins and if they did beat Boston  then have to face Broad-street….I don’t feel like sacrificing any more Habs to the fundamentally broken theory  that Lil speed wins over Big Thunder.

  53. mrhabby says:

    i like godell ..he is assertive not reactive like guess who.. he courts business and values sponsors does not diss at least in public who the NFL does business with.i like the personal code of conduct he came up with..gee how refreshing to bring a player in and read him the right act…. just a few thoughts.


  54. fbkj says:

    not spinning, taking video, photographric and witness testimony into account

    i realize you like to play devils advocate but your basically calling max pac a liar for the sake of being a cynic


  55. Chris says:

    I’ve stated that there are two camps:  those that believe that it was intentional, and those that believe it was an accident.

    I know plenty of people who watched that video dozens of times, many of them very experienced hockey players, who thought it was an unfortunate accident.

    I know plenty of people who watched that video dozens of times, many of them very experienced hockey players, who thought it was a malicious attack.

    Neither side can present proof, one way or the other.  I don’t know the answer.  Neither do you.  Neither does Max Pacioretty, and I’m guessing he’s the guy that wants to know the answer the most.

    Only one person on Earth might know the answer, and that is Zdeno Chara.  And he’s on record stating it was an accident.  So we either believe him, or we don’t.  The NHL believed him.  Many of the players around the league have spoken up that they believe it wasn’t intentional, that it was a hockey play gone wrong.  Other believe it was an accident born from a reckless play from Chara.  And there are others still who believe that it was deliberate.  So with no consensus amongst the guys that play the game, why MUST there be consensus amongst those who watch the game?

  56. G-Man says:

    Blah blah blah…. losers of what,  9 or 10 of the last 11 against the Habs. Seems like the monkey bruins keep slipping on their own banana peels.

  57. bwoar says:

    See the final score in the last game, that will be the series result in a MTL-BOS playoff round.

  58. G-Man says:

    Size does not necessarily win. Flyers won zip with “BIG” Lindros.

  59. Storm Man says:

    The NFL is in as much trouble as the NHL in headshots? Im not sure you have much insight in NFL football to be coming on here making that kind of statement. The one thing you are missing is the players in the NFL have respect for other players. In the NHL it is becoming a big joke and a lack of respect. The NFL is miles ahead of the NHL as far as headshots go.

  60. Storm Man says:

    let’s not forget what Chara did in the game in Boston, Funny how some come on here thinking they have so much insight on hockey but fail to see how this all played out. I find it very sad.

  61. OneTimer says:

    The meetings are in Florida? Let me guess, at Saturday’s Panthers-Islanders game? Man, they’ll do anything to artificially fill up the arenas of struggling franchises. 😉

  62. OneTimer says:

    Bettman makes 7.5M?! Wow.

  63. Ian Cobb says:

    Thanks Mitchell

  64. GrimJim says:

    The big problem I have with your statement is that the most important points of the incident are the ones that are NOT in doubt. It was an illegal play. It broke the rule on interference, so by definition it was outside the rules of the game from the start. And it resulted in catastrophic injury. An illegal play that results in catastrophic injury requires supplemental discipline if only to protect other players by trying to prevent incidents like this in the future.  We set rules in games and in society to try to protect the populace as a whole from being treated in a dangerous manner (and to ensure the playing field is level). In society if you break a rule and injure somebody, you get charged. If you do something reckless and injure somebody, you get charged. If you do a deliberate a act and injure somebody, you get charged. But the NHL seems to be saying, “go ahead break the rules and if someone gets hurt, sucks to be them.” That is fundamentally not right.

  65. Chris says:

    All of those are absolutely fair.  🙂

  66. fbkj says:

    fair enough, now lets throw good ol occam’s razor into the mix for lulz

    do they have a history, yep

    were the bruins down 4-0 in a game that was highly anticipated due to the circus that was the previous match where boston was thugging our team all night? yup

    do the bruins have a reputation of being able to control their emotions in these type of games, nope

    did the video look like it was done on purpose, debatable

    how about the still, yup

    did chara look back after the hit, nope

    did chara’s defense seem sound to anyone? debatable

    and this is without getting into the verdict that was handed down and the clear conflict of interests surrounding it in regards to campbell being in charge of discipline

  67. fbkj says:

    I am sorry but pax being hurt doesnt make him a non objective witness

    If i was stabbed, id be on the front line in regards to knowing what happened to me


  68. Chris says:

    I like citing a number so that people don’t have to take my word for it.  I could have just said the number, but then I would have to deal with the usual B.S. about made up numbers.

    As for the head-shot issue,the NFL had to institute a rule in March 2009 to protect defenceless receivers, with the primary concern being the number of concussions and serious injuries due to players targetting the head.  They had to institute another rule in mid-October this past season that any player, even first-time offenders, could face suspensions for head-shots.  I still think the NFL has a significant issue surrounding head-to-head contact and running backs/fullbacks, where the contact is often helmet on helmet.

    I am not disputing that concussions will always be part of the NFL, just as they will always be part of the NHL.  It is the unfortunate result of inertia.  Both leagues have done a lot to try to deal with their various issues, but it is often reactionary, usually the result of abuses by the players.

    Helmet-to-helmet blows have been a huge issue in the NFL, with the league constantly tweaking the rules.  The NFL is still dealing with a culture where a significant number of players refuse to report concussions because it is looked down upon in some circles.  Things are improving on that front, and the league should be lauded for its rule changes to protect the players.  The NHL has sadly not been as proactive at changing the rules to protect players, but deserve some credit as being the sport that was the early trend-setter in the diagnosis of concussions. 

    My original point was that the NFL has its own head-shot issues, and I remain comfortable with that stance, particularly given the large number of league communiques that have addressed the topic.

  69. shuttle-lemaire-lafleur says:

    Dawes is injured…haven’t heard what it is, or how serious it is as of yet.

  70. Storm Man says:

    I think the number you should look at is, What is the percentage of concussions in the NFL from helmet to helmet shots and what is it in the NHL from headshots. Im very clear when i tell you the headshots in the NHL are coming in a way the player shows no respect for the player he is about to hit that is the problem the NHL has right now that the NFL does not. Respect.

  71. Chris says:

    Agreed.  I do think that the NHL has a bigger problem with lack of respect amongst players, although I do think that the NFL has that problem on a smaller scale.   

    When you go for a big hit, whether it be in hockey, football or even a big tackle in soccer, it becomes a timing issue.  Time it right, and it is a great play.  Time it poorly, and somebody gets hurt really bad.

    The difference in the NFL is that the “big hit” culture is actually written into the rules:  you go for a big hit in an attempt to dislodge the ball.  I’ve listened to players describe how a shot from a helmet to the arm can make it go numb and force the player to drop the ball.  I’ve seen guys try to blow a guy up on a hit to disrupt the catch.  My personal pet peeve in the NFL is the number of guys who dive in head-first on a player who is already on the ground…that one is going to lead to a very serious injury at some point, and is completely unnecessary in many cases.  I’m not saying it is common, and the league is definitely cleaner than it was 15-20 years ago when I started watching.

    In the NHL, the players go for the big hit because it makes the highlight reels and might result in some intimidation factor.  The difference between the NHL and NFL is that the big hit is often not a good hockey play.  You should always be attempting to get the puck…blowing a guy up is great, but not necessarily as great if you end up out of the play as well.  Throw in the higher speeds that hockey players move at and the dangerous environment (boards, ice, metal posts) and the risk of injury due to those big hits moves from exciting to potentially reckless.

  72. shuttle-lemaire-lafleur says:

    Upper body…March 11th…day to day…that’s it that’s all…

  73. Storm Man says:

    I understand where you are coming from. I always wanted to light someone up when I played NCAA football, But let’s face it if a football player wants to brake another players neck or back it is very easy to do. The hit on Mac-Pac was something the bigfoot from Boston was looking to do for the past 2 game and got his shot. I lite-up some players with big hits in football and after the play was on one knee hoping he was not hurt and you could see the look of sorry on my face. Bigfoot did no such thing and had the balls a few days after” I did not know he was on the ice” Guess he can’t read names and numbers. Oh well what is done is done, I just want the NHL to put a stop to headshots before someone dies. I enjoyed the discussion we had on this matter.

  74. Chris says:

    Good points, and a good discussion.  The only caveat I would add is that NHL players have as much opportunity or more to seriously harm their opponents if they so chose.  That it happens so relatively rarely is a testament to how finely tuned they actually are.  In a sport where a few milliseconds or centimeters can spell the difference between a great play and a serious injury, I am pretty amazed that we can still talk about the rare occasions where a devastating injury occurs as an anomalous event.  That goes for both football and hockey.

  75. habstrinifan says:

    Godell(nfl) treats their players like Dawgs. No thanks to Godell.

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