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Habs fan Josh Hum did this playoff mash-up:




  1. tony d says:

    I prefer being the underdog, I hope nobody else picks us as the favourites.

  2. pmaraw says:

    nice video josh!

  3. Keith says:

    I’m with you tony d, being the underdog is much better then being expected to go on to the final. In my mind, the Habs are the underdog for the simple fact that Filthydelphia finished 7th and the Habs finished 8th.

  4. gatorhabs says:

    Excellent video.     I especially liked the scene with Cammalleri on the bench visualizing plays.  

    I look forward to a much longer version of this video in the not too distant future.  

  5. josh89 says:

    Thanks. A longer version of the video is 8 wins away :)

  6. sillywalk says:

    Someone tell Hickey that there were in fact penalties handed out at the end of game 6.



    I love that Plekanec got a roughing penalty after Crosby cross-checked him.

  7. salshabs says:

    Awesome Mash-up Josh.  Says it all…

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