Next stop Detroit in Habs’ fight for playoffs; prospect Bennett signs

After wins over the Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres on back-to-back nights, Canadiens coach Michel Therrien decided not to hold a practice Wednesday morning before the team boarded a flight to Detroit, where they will face the Red Wings Thursday night (7 p.m., TSN, RDS, TSN Radio 690).

Tuesday’s 2-0 win over the Buffalo Sabres at the Bell Centre moved the Canadiens into second place in the Atlantic Division with a 41-26-7 record, two points ahead of the Tampa Bay Lightning (39-24-9), who hold two games in hand.

After Tuesday’s game the Canadiens announced that Dale Weise would be out for 2-3 weeks with a hand injury, while Travis Moen is out for at least a week with a concussion. Both players were injured during Monday’s 2-1 shootout win in Boston.

While it looks like the Canadiens are headed to the playoffs – with the Lightning as the likely first-round opponent – coach Michel Therrien isn’t taking anything for granted.

“We’ve seen how quickly things can change,” Therrien told reporters after Tuesday’s game.

Just ask the Toronto Maple Leafs, who have lost their last six games – including a 5-3 decision to the St. Louis Blues Tuesday night – to drop put of a playoff position. 

After Thursday’s game, the Canadiens head to Florida, where they will face the Panthers Saturday night. The Canadiens will visit the Lightning next Tuesday before wrapping up a four-game road trip next Friday in Ottawa.

Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin announced on Wednesday afternoon that the club has signed defenceman Mac Bennett to a two-year, entry-level contract. In 31 games this season with the University of Michigan, Benett posted 2-12-14 totals as the team captain along with 10 penalty minutes and was plus-12. He was named to the All-Big Ten second team.

The 6-foot, 195-pounder from Narragansett, Rhode Island, was selected by the Canadiens in the third round (79th overall) at the 2009 NHL entry draft. 

(Photo by Allen McInnis/The Gazette)

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  1. the habinator says:

    Every time I hear Ryan McDonough name I cringe.

  2. frontenac1 says:

    New party next store amigos. Open bar.

    • Steven Snell says:

      I just think he’s the only real journalist, the only professional, working for that rag. He realizes the NHL is a much bigger place than Toronto. Ever notice the only thing any other person on that panel has to say about the Habs is, “it all comes down to Carey Price. It all comes down to Carey Price.” Yeah. Great bit of analysis there, PJ. Well put, Heals. Never thought about that before, Weekes. Funny Joke, Ron.

      • Bmon44 says:

        I think weekes does talk about and pump the tires of the habs occasionally, he loves galchenyuk and gallaghar as players (who wouldn’t?). He also quite often backs up PK when the panel launches their latest unwarranted/unfounded tirade against him.

    • ArmyFan says:

      Just the fact that it’s uncertain gives him credibility amongst that group.

    • Tyhudg says:

      Totally agreed about Friedman

      Personally I like Friedman and Weekes on the panel as well as Weekes and Craig Simpson for color guys, they are both fair. Glenn Healy is the absolute worst, I don’t even want to talk about it. Hrudey is ok, but he is up in the clouds all the time and never seems prepared for the games and that is offputting.Bob Cole is so anti-hab (and delusional) it is sickening, even though he has all these cute little stories about them from back from when there were only 6 teams in the league. Outside of Bob Cole I have no complaints personally for Play by play.

      PJ Stock is just not good at what he does. I love when Friedman gives him the business and treats him like a kid because PJ is always spitting some kind of nonsense. I wish I new French so I could criticize him on RDS too (which is where I watch Saturday habs games so I don’t have to listen to that idiot Healy, even though I don’t speak a lick of French haha).

      It is OK to talk bad about the habs, but they make inaccurate statements and are completely unprofessional about it. I remember either Healy or Hrudey giving the business to Eller one night on air about how bad he was, it was a complete joke and actually came across as more of a personal attack on Eller… I am sure many of you remember the tirade.

  3. Dodger says:

    I don’t believe Irving Grundman was either a hockey man OR Sam Pollock’s personal choice to replace him at the helm.

  4. 24 Cups says:

    Read it and weep. Outside of Beaulieu and maybe Pateryn, there isn’t anyone in Hamilton who looks like they can help out the Habs next year.

    • JUST ME says:

      Because most of the players in Hamilton are still from the Gauthier/Gainey era. Up to 8 guys from the Bergevin management will join the farm team next season.

    • Steven Snell says:

      Oh for sure, there is no immediate help on the way.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I wouldn’t put much stock in this. Players have surprised before. Nygren has been a top defenceman in the Swedish Elite league for two seasons now. Gallagher sure turned heads. Someone else may too! Not to mention that there are only so many spots for rookies.

      Bournival should get a permanent spot next season. Depending on what Bergevin decides to do with Gionta, that may open one spot. Briere may still be around, Bourque, Vanek, who knows! Even if they are gone, Bergevin will probably either trade for a roster player or sign a free agent or two that fit better with the holes the Habs have.

      I would agree, up front, it does not appear that anyone is ready to make the jump. The defence is full right now with Subban, Emelin, Gorges, Tinordi, Beaulieu, Drewiski and potentially Markov and Murray. Pateryn and Nygren should be ready next season. Would Crisp be able to make the jump?


    • Tyhudg says:

      They already have 3 likely mainstays returning, 4 if you count Tinordi, 5 if you count Bealieu. Consider Nygren and Pateryn are both improving leaps and bounds and will both likely compete for spots next year as well. Morgan Ellis has also not at all looked out of place in Hamilton, but is doubtful to make the habs(but who knows?) While we are at it we might as well throw a wildcard guy in the mix like Ellis or Bennett, which is unlikely but with how many young D the habs have ya never know! You need at least one or two veterans like weaver who can play or hang in the pressbox if required. That is a lot of bodies on D from inside the organization, a free agent signing is always possible too which only decreases any possible room for ‘help’ from Hamilton, even factoring in injuries.

      So even if the wildcard players don’t work out, yeah there probably aren’t any other guys from Hamilton that are likely to help out next year. I don’t see why it matters unless you consider the ‘Big 3’ busts, which I do not.

    • gmur says:

      Agree with the situation in Hamilton. What’s encouraging is the Habs are, to some extent, in rebuild mode. In a couple of seasons this will be Bergevin’s team. To have the success they are having this season shows promise down the road when draft picks are ready to integrate the lineup.

  5. Mattyleg says:

    Here’s something very funny for all my weather-worn friends out there:

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  6. CJ says:

    Not sure if it has been mentioned already, but Montreal signed Nick Sorkin to a PTO (Hamilton Bulldogs). A quick review of the scouting reports indicate that he is 6’3″, 195lbs and a good skater who drives the net. He is a natural centre, but is playing on the wing this season. He is a goal scorer and has put up 41 points in 41 games this season for the University of New Hampshire.

    At 22 years of age and given the fact that he signed a PTO, there is not much risk in this move. I do anticipate further moves and look forward to reviewing the additions in the coming days/weeks.

  7. 24 Cups says:

    Speaking of Detroit, they may well just have the next star player on their roster.

    Gustav Nyquist – 24, LW, drafted 121st in 2008, 5’11″/185. Montreal drafted goaltender, Jason Missiaen, who was cut after just three years without ever playing an NHL game.

    Nine points in his last 6 games, 42 points in his last 47. 3rd highest overall scorer in the NHL since Jan 20.

    His stats are 47/25/17/6PPG/5GWG.

  8. mfDx says:

    A hypothetical question:
    If you were the coach of the Montreal Canadiens and were facing the Bruins in a playoff series, would you consider starting Budaj in Boston and Price in Mtl?

    Sent from my CHphone

  9. Lafleurguy says:

    Question: Is 12 a case of beer or half-a-case?

  10. Lafleurguy says:

    Question: Was Matty 100% serious, or is there a bit of Timo in him?

  11. shiram says:

    On people complaining about the Weather.
    Long years ago I worked for Bell Sympatico, it was a job in between jobs, just to stay afloat if you will. I took phone calls and helped people with their internet.

    We had classes on how to interact with clients, and how to handle long silent pause, while say the client is waiting for his computer or modem to boot up.

    The 2 things they told us were surefire ways to get their attention were 1. to talk about hockey
    And 2. to talk about the weather.

    It’s just an easy subject that everyone can relate too.

  12. Vladdy Mondavi says:

    @Hobie re: Hydro bills

    I’ve recently received a letter from Hydro One apologizing for billing errors due to their new billing system, blah, blah, blah.

    Don’t know if this affects you, but it may be something to look into.

    Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  13. FormalWare says:

    SEVENTH in the Sportsnet Power Rankings?! Are our Habs really that fearsome?


    WWSD (What Would SubbieDoo?)

  14. Hstands4Hockey says:

    Food for thought:

    There’s no debating trading Ryan McDonagh was stupid for 100 valid reasons. But given that with their next 2 picks Habs draft Pacioretty and Subban – could it not have been worse? (This is how I sleep at night)

    Would anyone choose McDonagh over the 2nd or 3rd picks?

    Sidebar: McDonaugh was picked 12th, one spot ahead of Lars Eller.

    Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!

  15. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Voted Tinordi (of course). Anyone else like Weaver better than Gorges SO FAR?

    • CJ says:

      I thought Weaver was excellent (relative to the expectations of a 6th defenceman) on Monday night.

      I thought Tinordi was very steady last night. Not flashy, but he made a number of strong passes that allowed the team to transition quickly and counter, creating offensive chances.

      As previously stated, I have given up the Tinordi campaign. If Frankie is deemed the better player, so be it. I understand the value of trust, and clearly he has Therien’s confidence. So long as the team continues to win, I really don’t care who plays.

  16. Un Canadien errant says:

    It’s no wonder that Canadiens fans are concerned about the arms race happening in Buffalo right now. They’re going scorched earth right now, but they’ve been divesting themselves of assets since the 2012 season, dealing Paul Gaustad to the Predators for a first-round pick. In a couple of seasons they’ve amassed blue-chippers like Mikhail Grigorenko, Zemgus Girgensons, Rasmus Ristolainen and Nikita Zadorov. I’m told players in their pipeline like Jake McCabe, Joel Armia, Johan Larsson and JT Compher are quality prospects. I had man-crushes on Nick Baptiste, Justin Bailey, William Carrier and Hudson Fasching before last season’s draft, and the Sabres somehow drafted or traded for all of them.

    In the next two seasons, the Sabres have a bewildering number of picks or conditional picks in the first and second rounds, so they’ll add more prospects to their gushing pipeline.

    So yeah, I worry. Two big centres, two huge defencemen who can move and play, a panoply of players who’ll mature together and hit the bigs roughly at the same time.

    About the only thing that comforts me is that the Sabres have done this before in the early eighties, when Scotty Bowman left Montréal and took over in Buffalo, assuming the GM-Coach role. He set out to rebuild what had been a powerhouse team in the seventies, featuring the immortal French Connection line of Richard Martin, Gilbert Perreault and René Robert, All-Star defencemen Jerry Korab and Jim Schoenfeld, nifty scorer Danny Gare, superb defensive forwards Don Luce and Craig Ramsay, and the goaltendending duo of Robert Sauvé and Don Edwards, at the time arguably the best tandem in the league.

    Scotty Bowman is now seen as a semi-retired legendary coach who benignly opines on various shows about the state of the game, he’s almost cherubic in his manner and demeanor, but at the time he was thought of as a cold, acerbic tyrant who rode his teams hard and didn’t mind stepping on toes or bruising egos. He left Montréal with a chip on his shoulder, irked at having been bypassed for the GM role, which Sam Pollock had bestowed on his assistant Irving Grundman. While this is rightly seen as a monumental blunder, Mr. Grundman frittering away a lot of the depth and strength of the organization in disastrous trades, the alternative may not have been better, according to then-Vice President Jean Béliveau among others, who explained that after tough losses Mr. Bowman regularly had to be talked down from the ledge. If he had been in charge, they feared he’d ride half the team out of town in a huff.

    In any case, Scotty wheeled and dealed when he got to Buffalo amassed a bunch of picks for the 1982 and 1983 drafts. He picked up Phil Housley, Paul Cyr and Dave Andreychuck in the first round, plus two more players in the second round in ’82. The next year, he snapped up Tom Barrasso, Normand Lacombe and Adam Creighton, and another couple of players in the second round.

    As a teenager who was already nerding out on the draft, I was petrified. While the Canadiens were losing Hall of Famers through trades and retirement, the Sabres were picking up sure-fire All-Stars. The one that really stung was Normand Lacombe, for some reason I really wanted that guy on the Canadiens, a local Pierrefonds boy who’d gone the U.S. College route instead of the LHJMQ, which was unheard of. I knew there was no chance we’d get a shot at Pat Lafontaine from the Verdun Juniors or Sylvain Turgeon of the Hull Olympiques, those record scorers would be long gone by the time we picked, but maybe Normand Lacombe might last, or heck, maybe even defenceman Bobby Dollas, who had great seasons playing with Mario Lemieux on the Laval Voisins.

    But no, our now-nemesis Scotty Bowman snagged Mr. Lacombe tenth overall, and Mr. Dollas was also gone, to the Jets, so we picked Alfie Turcotte at 17, and I instantly hated the pick. It wasn’t just his stupid moonpie face staring back at me from the sports page of La Presse, or his 26-goal season as a Winterhawk, or the fact that he stood 5’9″ but wasn’t a Cournoyer-like speedster, but rather more of a playmaker, it was really just his stupid, stupid name. A wasted pick, I decided instantly, and this was confirmed when he showed up to camp doughy and out of shape, and he offered the feeble excuse that he thought he should ‘bulk up’ to play in the NHL.

    Of course, I was ecstatic that we got Claude Lemieux and Sergio Momesso in the second round, those two were always described in glowing terms for their offence and their toughness in the daily LHJMQ reports on CKAC. That season, all the focus was on the scoring race between Pat Lafontaine, Sylvain Turgeon and youngster Mario Lemieux, but Sergio and Claude were just a tier below in quality, I thought. Anyway, I hoped that the latter two would help withstand the onslaught of these new Sabres who were now loaded for bear and would rampage through the Adams Division.

    Turns out that while Tom Barrasso and Phil Housley were every bit as good as advertised, and Dave Andreychuck ended up having a terrific career, the Sabres themselves never made it out of the Adams Division in the playoffs for the next decade or so. They were talented, always thought to be a team on the brink of taking the next step and going deep in the playoffs, but it never panned out for this group, for whatever reason.

    So that’s the hope I’m clinging to, not that the Sabres are cursed or anything, just that maybe a team purposefully losing and stockpiling draft picks and hoping for it to turn out isn’t a guaranteed recipe for success as was shown a few decades ago in Buffalo. Now if only there was a more current example of this…

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

  17. Hstands4Hockey says:

    Here’s a hypothetical Q:

    With Weaver proving to be a valuable asset, and a RH shooting defenseman at that, does this make Josh Gorges expendable?

    Trading Gorges in the off-season would provide a return (likely in the 2nd-rounder range) and save 4mil in cap space. Habs could resign Weaver in the 2mil range for basically the same type of player but a much needed RHS defenseman. We’d still have Markov, Emelin, Tinordi, Bealieau and possibly Murray on the left. Extra cap space would provide room to resign PK and Markov with enough left over to make a legit offer to Vanek.

    Age and leadership obviously Gorges advantage, but Habs have so many Left-Shooting defenseman something has to give. Gorges biggest role is the PK, which has been even better without him. I’d hate to lose Markov, Emelin just got resigned and the ceiling is too high on Tinner or Bealieau.

    On second thought this isn’t that hypothetical.
    Anyway I’m bored at work – entertain me.
    Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!

    • Chris says:

      Mike Weaver turns 36 years old in May. He’s been a nice addition, but I’m not sure I would keep him over Gorges. The team needs another puck-moving defenceman, so I would rather go fishing for one of those.

      • shiram says:

        Couldn’t Emelin take on a more of a 2-way role?
        He’s been playing on the PP and had some nice moves recently.
        I’ve heard often he played the PP back in the KHL.

    • shiram says:

      Could be a scenario, but if they retain Weaver, I figure it would mean Murray leaves, and his physical/PK duty would go to Tinordi.


      Something like that

      • frontenac1 says:

        Tinordi is a big lad and is learning the physical side of the game but he does not yet have the presence or experience of Murray. Sign Murray one more year at $1.5 million. It’s a steal.

    • Luke says:

      I think the team is better with Gorges in the line-up than with weaver.
      I think, perhaps, that Weaver could be persuaded to fill the spot Boullion has this season.
      I’m not sure what to think about Murray for next year.

      (Just using them for #’s, not actual positions/pairings)

      PK – Markov
      Emelin – Gorges
      Tinordi – Weaver
      Beaulieu – Murray

    • Habfan17 says:

      I see Bergevin moving at least one of the current defencemen. Boullion will probably be gone and I think Murray too depending on how Drewiskie is coming along. Both Tinordi and Beaulieu should make the team, unless there really is an issue with Beaulieu’s attitude, then maybe we see him traded, perhaps in a deal involving Evander Kane.

      I think it will also depend on how Pateryn and Nygren progress. The Habs have a lot of right defencemen in the system. Besides Nygren and Pateryn, there is Dietz, Ellis and Didier, who seems to be a Ludwig clone.

      It will be interesting to see what happens this off season!


      • Hstands4Hockey says:

        I forgot Drewskie existed. For the record he’s pointless and – 4 in 10 games in Hamilton.

        Rule #76: No Excuses, Play Like a Champion!

        • Habfan17 says:

          Yeah, but he did miss a ton of time with his shoulder and he is younger and would be cheaper as the 7th defenceman. Thanks for the stats! Whatever happens, it is sure to stir the pot here on HIO


    • Steven Snell says:

      I would resign Weaver and let Frank and Dougie walk. Also, you could resign him for much less than $2, he only makes a little over $1 this year.

      I think he’s a real solid defenseman. Actually, if they don’t resign him before the summer, Nonis should pick him up for the Leafs as they only have 1 guy capable of defending on their blue line. But don’t tell him I said that.

    • habsr4ever says:

      I have no problem signing Weaver for a year or two. Can always use a verteran RIGHT handed Dman. But please stop with this Gorges bashing. He gives his ALL every game and is exactly what we need on the back end…..he has heart and grit. Can he hit more – YES. Is her over paid? Slightly – lets say $500 K. Our top FOUR are PK, Marky, Emelin, and Gorges. Bottom pairing will be Tinordi and hopefully Weaver next season. Drewiskie will be our number 7 with his $600 K cap hit. Beaulieu is NOT ready for prime time yet. I think he’ll be in Hamilton again next season. He makes too many mistakes defensively still. He has not had a GREAT season in Hamilton so why do people keep assuming he is ready to play in the NHL on a nightly basis. Nothing wrong with getting 25 minutes a night down there for another season. Bennett and Ellis and Nygren will give the Dogs a solid top 4. I wish we had more high end forwards in our system. We have a few with size now (Crisp and Mctrain) but skill wise – sheesh. Not much in Hamilton. Andreghetti seems ok but jury is still out for me on him. Leblanc is DONE with the organization. Dumonte simply a fourth liner. Da Rosa will be nice to see how he develops over here. Hopefully we have a top 6 coming. Very expensive to get those high end forwards via UFA’s. Huge bucks and HUGE term. Vanek wants 7 years? Sheesh. Oh well – season has been great and all things point to hopefully advancing one round any how.

  18. Mr_MacDougall says:

    Sorry folks.. I voted Tinordi.. Geez, am I a Jacques Martin, can’t trust a kid? He played well last night..

    ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • shiram says:

      I voted Bouillon, but I’m fine with having a rotation on D.
      Some of those guys can certainly use a night off once in a while before the playoffs.

      • johnnylarue says:

        Same. It hurt a little bit to vote “against” Cube, since the guy pretty much embodies integrity. But if I have to choose…

        • shiram says:

          Yup, and besides, he seems to play well after getting a few games off.
          Absolutely no disrespect to the Cube, who’s often asked to punch above his weight class.

  19. billylove says:

    I like facing the Bolts and not seeing Marty and Vinnie. Home ice would be nice but I think we can win this series either way. Then maybe a return trip to Goontown or should that trip come a little later? Can Carey Price win the Cup that many say is his destiny and can he do it in this golden year? The stuff of dreams. After beating the Bolts, it could get real interesting.

    • Vladdy Mondavi says:

      Agreed. That’s the lore and mystique of the playoffs. Anything can happen.

      Opinions are like kittens, I’m giving them away.

  20. Mattyleg says:

    Okay, this may not be the best day for this, but I just saw something on CBC about Spring coming in mid-April, with the sub-header “One Long, Miserable Canadian Winter.”

    Holy jumpin’ whatevers, what is wrong with people?!
    Are these headlines written by immigrants from Arizona?

    I haven’t seen anything ‘miserable’ about this winter!
    It’s been cold, it’s been less snowy than usual, and it may go on a bit longer than normal… but ‘miserable’??

    I really don’t get some people’s inability to live where they are. This is Canada, for god sakes, not Thailand or Jamaica. Get used to it. Cold winters, hot summers. Sometimes summers are less hot, sometimes winters are more cold, sometimes the opposite is true.

    Last year it was in the mid 20s on St. Patrick’s Day, and I find that more disturbing than some more snow.

    Cripes, it’s like we’re made of complaining here…

    *end rant*

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  21. AliHaba says:

    I’m starting an HIO petition. Please sign below if you agree with the following statement:—-Michel Therrien should be awarded the Jack Adams trophy as Coach of the Year.

  22. jimmy shaker says:

    Living here in Windsor……spitfires getting shelled…..goalie leaves ice, team and arena last night. Crazy. Vail still plugging away. McCarron and the knights are too much for the injury riddles spits.

    Anyhow, going to the JOE for tomorrow’s game. Wanting to know if anyone of you chaps here know if the habs fly to windsor and travel over the border by bus or do they fly into metro airport? As well, where would the team stay? Can we call the canadians PR and find out, or is that info not privy to us even though we contribute to their hefty salaries.

    shaker out!

  23. shiram says:

    I never got a cell phone cause they are just too expensive, I can’t rationalize the amount they cost, especially the smart phones.
    I work on a computer all day long, and have easy access to computer on my home theater PC at home.
    People that need to contact me email me, and it works out great.

    I cut the cable TV also, it was just so much money for only watching hockey, it’s been a pain trying to watch the games online, but it was just another cost I could not rationalize.

    I’d be very happy to be able to pay 150$ or so to get to watch game center, but they blackout the Habs.

    It’s one thing to complain about being able to heat your place in winter time, but internet, smart phones and tv packages are certainly luxuries.

    But we also seem to get screwed here in Canada on those things, small slow plans with very stringent limit on upload/download are the norms, and clearly all provider are in cahoots, providing the same forfeits for the same prices.

    As for Hydro, if it’s Hydro Quebec, I’ve heard of many people complaining about much higher cost this winter, it’s been a cold one for sure, but the cost mentionned don’t seem to corrolate.
    Maybe there’s something wrong on their end?

    I’m a frugal man and it serves me well, I.m not making enough not to be frugal !

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      I’m leaning towards watching sports on the PC through crappy non HD feeds and dropping one of the two smartphones for a regular “pay as you go” cell.

      • shiram says:

        They certainly are hard choices to make, we all get accustomed to such things so quickly!
        I was hoping the new TV deals would help with watching HD streams online, but it does not seem to be so.

        And you can pay for VPN services which allow you to watch regional games not blacked out on GCL, but I have to wonder how secure/safe reliable that’s got to be.

        There are plenty of those crappy feeds though, and they’ve been my bread and butter.

      • johnnylarue says:

        I’m a cheap-ass/tight-wad, and do just fine with my $35/mo unlimited talk/text plan with Chatr, and live streams for the games. You can still be treated to the occasional HD Habs game for free on CBC.

        Just cannot, will not, ever pay for the Hell that is cable TV.

        Edit: Also try contacting your cable company’s “customer retention” department. Tell them you’re thinking of switching if they can’t reduce the price of your “bundle” or whatever the hell they call it.

    • D Man says:

      Shiram, try I’m in the states without cable or satellite and for $l00 I get all games in all leagues including the Olympics, world championships world jrs etc. Both home and away broadcasts including RDS. It has worked great for me and you can also buy I wk or I month or 1 game. Hope you have a strong internet signal.

      You can’t be both a Habs and a Leafs fan

      • shiram says:

        I’ve looked into it, but as far as I know it’s basically paying for an illegal service, which I’m not too fond of.

        • Hobie Hansen says:

          There’s been a few other people on this site pushing I often wonder how this site gets away with it? I’m sure it could be cut off at anytime?

          Regarding the VPN, I’m behind a US IP at work and tried Gamecenter when it was cheap a couple years ago.

          There were several times when the Habs were playing a US team and the games were blacked out…

          • shiram says:

            I looked into it, but if you wanna sign up you have to be put on a waiting list, based on your facebook account or some other nonsense.

            It looked way too shady for me to send them money.

            Not sold on the VPN thing either, but they were the options to watching online.

          • D Man says:

            They put me on a waiting list and I waited about 1/2 hr. Nothing about Facebook required. I just signed up. I have being using the site since October and haven’t missed a game since. No blackouts. Just every single game I have wanted to watch. Did I mention no blackouts?

            You can’t be both a Habs and a Leafs fan

  24. Lafleurguy says:

    “Martin St. Louis continues to underwhelm in his new surroundings (zero goals in 11 games as a Ranger), but New York has been feasting on mediocre teams for a four-game winning streak.

    If the Flames were a playoff team, we might have seen a few critics build a Norris case for veteran defenceman Mark Giordano. Dude plays 25-plus minutes a night, has 12 goals and 31 assists and is a plus-11 for a minus-28 team.

    The Canadiens wanted the Bruins to extend their league-best winning streak to 12 games just so they could be the Bruins’ unlucky 13th opponent. And they were. Here’s hoping these two passionate and on-fire clubs meet in the playoffs.”

    From Sportsnet

    • AliHaba says:

      Did you see Friedman’s column recently where he mentioned both Giordano and T.J. Brodie but omitted PK in the Norris conversation.

      • Chris says:

        Giordano would definitely be a strong Norris candidate this season if he hadn’t missed ~ 20 games. Subban’s late season swoon has killed his own chances.

        The stat that jumps out is the “useless” +/-. Giordano’s +11 on Calgary is ridiculously impressive. He leads the Flames D in penalty killing ice time, so there can’t be any complaints there. Prorate his point totals over 72 games instead of 54 and he could be sitting at 16 goals and 57 points, which would leave him behind only Karlsson (20), Byfuglien (19) and Weber (18), while 57 points would leave him behind only Karlsson, tied with Duncan Keith.

        Giordano has been fantastic this season.

      • Lafleurguy says:

        @A, going to look for what’s on the Fried’s mind. Honestly, P.K. had some dry spells and some poor games mixed in with his superb performances. Even Ryan McDonagh has been better this year. P.K. will win again in the future.

      • CJ says:

        IMO, Friedman’s top five was very accurate. It shows that he is watching the game. To see Scott Cullen list Keith, Karlsson and Subban (in that order) was disgusting.

        • Chris says:

          Scott Cullen is a fantasy hockey guy, and his picks for awards always reflect that. He couldn’t care less about the defensive side of things, because that doesn’t score points in fantasy hockey.

  25. DipsyDoodler says:

    This be the verse.

    1. Hate to rain on the schadenfreude, and I am amused to see the Leafs and Sens out of the post-season, but having few Canadian teams in the playoffs makes Gary Bettman happy. And there aren’t too many better ethical rules of thumbs than “if it makes Uncle Gary happy, it’s likely bad.”

    2. Anyone who previously dissed Brian Gionta and didn’t mea culpa himself after the Bruins game on Monday, now’s your chance. Right here.

    3. Go Habs Go.

    Moving. Forward.

  26. secretdragonfly says:

    Sorry to Timo and gang but it looks like the reason for the Leafs plummeting in the standings has been identified (and apparently it has nothing to do with their defence).

  27. Habcouver says:

    Good morning,

    What’s this about MT wants a contract extension now?
    Is this coming from MT or just a rumor?

    We Are (Not) All Canucks.
    Proudly Canadian but passionately Canadien!

    • shiram says:

      If you were him, you would go to Bergevin, give him a piece of paper listing the record for the last 3 years, and then politely ask for an extension.
      On record he’s done great, I say he would be well warranted for asking an extension.

  28. jimmy shaker says:

    Who will get the habs in the first round and possibly beyond? Is everyone ready for hewy and simmer and healy and the rest of the studio 42 crew on CBC? I will give them one game, and then switch over to RDSHD if they suck. I don’t think TSN has a shot in getting the habs do they?

    shaker out!

    • B says:

      I always watch on RDS, that won’t change until some games next season where I won’t have the choice. There would be a message sent if Canada’s only playoff team gets higher viewership on RDS than any other network for those playoffs.

      –Go Habs Go!–

      • Steven Snell says:

        I would watch on RDS… if only I spoke french. Actually it’s sometimes nice not being able to understand what the commentators are saying. My opinion of the game isn’t shaped by someone else’s analysis.

        • B says:

          My French is terrible, but I don’t find it hard to follow a game in French. I quickly got used to it. I may miss a lot of the commentary, but as you said that may not always be a bad thing. I couldn’t stand listening to Cole butcher games anymore, if I had no other choice I would just turn down the sound and put on some music.

          –Go Habs Go!–

          • Steven Snell says:

            I pick up words and phrases that are often repeated: “on the blue line”, “the puck”, “power play”, “hit” and “stick”. Mostly the enjoyment comes from the emotional highs and lows of the commentary coinciding with the play.
            I gotta say, I love Bob Cole. The sound of his voice, his excitement adds value unlike any other play by play man. It’s my childhood. He definitely has lost his.. I dunno, eyesight? But I let that slide, he’s an antique.

  29. secretdragonfly says:

    Looks as though the boys will be playing a Detroit team sans Zetterberg, Datsyuk and Abdelkader, among others. That should be pretty good motivation for the two games coming up.

  30. B says:

    Pierre LeBrun:

    “Vanek is obviously loving his time in Montreal so far but I spoke with his agent Steve Bartlett earlier on Tuesday who said the plan has not deviated. They told the Sabres last summer that they’re going to July 1. They told the Islanders after he got traded that it’s going to July 1 and that remains the plan right now.

    Let’s see if a little playoff magic might change his mind.”

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • CH Marshall says:

      Man just having Vanes on the roster makes me realize how much of a difference a top 6 addition can make

    • Kooch7800 says:

      I think he will most def go to free agency but I still think the habs could put him a decent offer and if he does like Montreal they have the advantage of him playing there and getting to know the team

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Crazy part is he told his agent this and his agent told Buffalo this prior to the Islander trade. There was no way he was signing with Islanders yet Snow makes that trade then offers giant contract gets rejected and gets less trading Vanek than he did to acquire.

      Unbelievable, thankfully other teams in the league have GM’s like Snow.

    • Phil C says:

      Makes sense, he would be crazy not to see what’s out there. At least Montreal still has a slight advantage with the 8 year option.

    • JUST ME says:

      What is unfortnate and minimizes our chances is that his agent will remind him often that after playing for the Sabres and then for the Islanders anywhere else is paradise…

    • Mattyleg says:

      “But I spoke with his agent Steve Bartlett and he said that he fully intends to make as much money off Vanek’s back as he can. ‘I’m going to ride this cash cow to market and sell ‘er high,’ Steve screeched, cackling and rubbing his fingers together while licking his lips.”

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • Steven Snell says:

      He will go to free agency regardless of how well Montreal does in the playoffs. And it’ll be a spending frenzy. He’s arguably THE UFA to sign this summer and he knows it. Now maybe Bergevin opens the wallet and makes a legitimate go at retaining him post July 1… but I doubt it.

      Question: can a team still resign a player for 8 years after July 1?

  31. zephyr says:

    nice to see tinordi play so well last nite. i know it’s only buffalo but if he can keep it up then our defense has a major upgrade. frankly, i like weaver better than georges too. he’s a nice complement to murray.

    • B says:

      Nolan has “only Buffalo” playing top teams tight lately.

      Buffalo’s last 6 games vs teams in a playoff spot:
      Montreal 2 Buffalo 0
      Montreal 2 Buffalo 0
      Chicago 2 Buffalo 1
      Buffalo 3 Tampa 1
      Buffalo 4 San Jose 2
      Buffalo 5 Boston 4

      Montreal seems to have done well out of that group (and Tinordi played in both those shut outs).

      –Go Habs Go!–

  32. Un Canadien errant says:

    Is Jonah Hill going to make an appearance on TSN 690? There’s a picture of him on the landing page.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

  33. Hobie Hansen says:

    I usually keep my posts 100% hockey related. I have to make an exception this time, sorry if it pisses anyone off?

    Is anybody else ready to snap with the cost of their Hydro, phone/internet/tv among other things? My god! One company took the lead and started squeezing people for everything they could get away with and all the others out there saw how rich they could get and joined right in!

    I live in a Condo building with 600 units. 90% are seniors. I don’t even turn my damn heat on! My bill for two months is $400. My Rogers bill (TV, internet, 2 phones) $220. Are you f*&king kidding me?

    These companies screw people out of money, make up charges and fees and outrageous prices, and get away with it!

    Sorry guys, Go Habs Go! :-).

    • Cal says:

      Wow, Hobie. My hydro for the 2 coldest months was a shade over $225. My tv, internet and landline cost me about $120/monthly. No cell for this dinosaur as I find it crazy expensive.
      Then again, I might just be the cheapest miser I know.

    • DAVE. N says:

      You are not the only one who’s pissed off about it, and some scary stuff as well. We have it on good authority that Hydro ONE has scheduled an increase for “projected and anticipated” service needs for the Winter of 2015!
      And, for some down to earth stuff, there are some Seniors needing to cut back on basics AND essentials to cover oil, gas and Hydro..

      Serious issues : We’ve seen an increase just over 28% on average, and we are careful about costs, time saving etc.

      Save the planet. Compost a Leaf.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        Yup. My condo is hot without even turning on my electric heat. I don’t even use it. My bill has almost doubled since the start of the winter????

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          Theoretically your bill should be rebated when your meter gets manually checked… Theoretically. 😉 doubtful!

          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • bwoar says:

      I’ll be the guy to say it….

      You realize how privileged you are to have all that, right?

      I understand your point that these companies are criminally upping the ante but “TV, internet, 2 phones” and no trouble having a warm place to live makes the gouge-and-screw routine we put up with kinda trivial in the scheme of things.

      Not I don’t feel your pain – for sure I do. But whenever I feel like I’m paying too much for stuff, I think about how lucky I am to have the ability to pay, even having the choice to pay or to eat or be cold, and it puts the blues back right where they belong. Or I drop the stuff (like TV) that isn’t really crucial.

      • DAVE. N says:

        100% agree about having the privilege. 100% disagree about the gouge and screw seeming trivial in the scheme of things. Not my scheme. We don’t screw the system.

        Save the planet. Compost a Leaf.

      • Hobie Hansen says:

        I understand what you’re saying sir. I do consider myself lucky to live in Canada. That however, does not give some rich executives, shareholders or whatever the f*&k you call them the right to rob people!

        I’m not rich man. Between car payment, insurance, mortgage, bills, food, gas…there’s next to nothing left. All because we’re making someone else rich!!!!

        I’m very careful not to go into debt, it’s tough. However, I have friends and co-workers who are going further and further into debt just to cover the basics. These are people with decent paying jobs!

        • Mattyleg says:

          I agree, Hobie, but I have to say, (and I’m sorry if I insult friends of yours) that people, despite having good jobs, too often live beyond their means.

          I know people who complain endlessly about their bills, but still go to Cuba or Florida, and claim that it’s almost their right to do so because the winter is so long.

          I know people who won’t go for a pint with me because it’s too expensive, but are still paying off their 60″ Plasma HD SmartTV with their second maxed-out credit card.

          People don’t know how to live within their means, and it bothers me when they complain about their lack of self-restraint like it’s someone else’s problem.

          That being said, I’ve forked out over $300 for natural gas (heating/cooking) for the past two months, despite wearing sweaters and slippers at home, and I agree.

          Someone’s getting rich off our freezing backs.

          —Hope Springs Eternal—

          • Hobie Hansen says:

            It’s taken me to my late 30s to adjust to the types of things you’re talking about Matty. I have no debt, except a car payment, and don’t buy anything I can’t immediately pay for with debit/cash.

            That’s what makes me so mad. I work so hard to keep the finances in check. It would be nice to go for a pint more often or even a vacation! Expect I’m paying thousands upon thousands of dollars each year to Hydro and Cable companies.

          • BriPro says:

            Matty, you’re sending a mixed message. You agree, but complain about the gas bill and wearing sweaters.

            Life throws you surprises.
            My wife and I were coasting along fine, with our small company and paying my daughter’s University (You met her last year).

            Then, 5 years ago, along came our grandson, from my son who was still a kid.
            And the economy went into the sh*tter.

            The price of gas went up. Bell reajusted our package. And the Quebec Government, in all their wisdom, had the municipalities adjust their land evaluation process. We were assured locally that the cost/sq ft would go down, even though the evaluation went up. That worked for one year…. one year.

            Three years later, I’m paying 35% more in municipal taxes than I was three years ago.

            And for all of that, we get pot holes for services.

            I don’t think people chose to go to Cuba or Florida because they can afford it. They go because you only live once, and if you wait until you can afford it, you’ll never go.

            At least we get to watch our Habs for free on TV… well, it’s not free, and Bell is trying to gouge us into changing to Fibe, but that’s another story.

          • Luke says:

            I’m awful with my cash. I know it and try to be responsible. I think knowing it at least gives me a bit of leverage.

            I wish some sort of Credit and Money Management courses were mandatory during my stay in high school.
            But no… the mandatory classes were things I was quite well aware by that point I was either not interested in (Religion & Art) or sadly, quite awful at (French).

          • frontenac1 says:

            With all the natural resources and abundant energy in our wonderful country, we are getting it right up the dirt chute amigos. Greedy bast#rds.
            Vive La Revolucion! Saludos!

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            +100 Luke, if high school is to prepare you for life, personal finance and nutrition courses are essential to a healthy and low stress life.

            ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            @Matty I agree, if you are purchasing luxury items with credit you forfeit the right to complain about prices and should look in the mirror. Interest expense is the biggest waste of money, especially at 20% (I think a prime +5% should be max by law). In certain cases, such as purchasing a home, incurring an interest bearing loan is not a bad idea, but for a new pair of kicks it’s actually laughable.

            ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          An interesting bit of information… If you were to cancel cable and invest in the 5 areas listed below you could take advantage of the “customer raping.” Note, these are all dividend paying stocks. Investing in these areas slowly but steadily over a lifetime ($100 per month) would allow for a very comfortable retirement.

          1) 5 major Canadian Banks
          2) 5 major US tobacco companies
          3) 5 top oils sands energy corps
          4) 5 lowered leading pharmaceutical companies
          5) Big 3 Canadian tech companies.

          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

          • Lafleurguy says:

            No. 5 is a bitty scary in light of Blackberry, Nortel, Corel, maybe some others.

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            That is why you purchase dividend yielding stock, even at a low rate of appreciation and low rate of return as long as the company doesn’t go bankrupt in 10 years you’ll already have recouped 30-50% of your initial investment. Also, the top companies,are subscription bases companies and have a steady income stream.

            If I was to add a 6th category it would include food giants such as General Mills.

            For younger people that are looking for the “Apple Type Home Run” (went from $2 to $580 in just over a decade) I’d invest 1/8 of my portfolio into rechargeable battery (Telsa for ex) solar capturing tech, and electric engines (to a lesser extent compressed air engines). It just takes so much research and for every great story there are so many failures, to be reasonable protected you’d want 25-50 companies.

            ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

          • Lafleurguy says:

            Truly, this is a great post Mr. M.!

          • frontenac1 says:

            Good advice for your kids but we’re adults amigo. Got to have some fun ya know. “You only live once but if you play your cards right,once is enough”….Frank Sinatra.

        • bwoar says:

          I have a decent paying job, but we’ve chosen to have one parent at home with the kids. That choice alone makes any increase from the utilities, etc. a pain in the butt. There’s only so much tim efor me to take on extra clients after work, without impacting my family or my job. I feel you Hobie!!

        • mrhabby says:

 to live man. life is to way to short.

    • zephyr says:

      u live in pq? here in ont we have new ‘smart meters’ to screw us out of more cash. plus our idiot premier closed 8 coal-fired power plants to save us from global warming. even if agw were real (the earth has had no warming for 17 years) it wouldn’t affect the temp. one bit. add to that scores of expensive windmills all over the place & we have an energy policy gone berserk & it’s reflected in our skyrocketing hydro rates too. California has long been the poster child for fiscal mismanagement & it has a population about the size of Canada’s. ont.’s debt load is twice California’s! pq has an even higher debt load per person than ont.! (numbers just came out at the fraser inst..)
      too many take this crap lying down instead of voting the idiots out of office. meanwhile, our federal gov’t leads the g7 on the economy. u might begin to understand why torontonians hold their noses for rob ford. he’s the one guy who is cutting all the fat & stopping the gravy train in t.o.. for people in t.o. to do that, in all their liberal moral superiority, it had to have been really bad – & it was.
      i wonder if people actually evaluate the policies of political parties or if it’s more like cheering for ur fav hockey team – you know, u cheer for them because ur dad did or something.

      • Phil C says:

        The debt situation in Ontario is getting scary. Even more scary is how little people seem to care about it.

        • HabinBurlington says:

          Rob Ford has been an answer to prayer to the Ont. gov’t, a smokescreen for a complete mismanagement of the power sector.

          Ford is an idiot, but he is doing far less harm to the province than the present provincial gov’t, the scandal that was being exposed prior to Ford making headlines has completely dissappeared from the Press.

          FYI, I am now non-partisan, I despise all Politicians, all crooked, all evil, and all only care about re-election.

          • zephyr says:

            I like the saying that politicians are like diapers. they need to be changed often & for the same reason.
            last ont. prov election – only 40% of eligible voters bothered to vote.

          • HabinBurlington says:

            The voter turnout in this country is disgusting. While I am frustrated with all politicians, I always vote, my Dad who immigrated here after the War taught me that if you don’t vote you can’t complain. THat it was a great privilege and to always do so.

            I am outraged that people don’t vote and then complain….

          • Mr_MacDougall says:

            87% voter turnout in PEI for our last provincial election (which includes hospitalized and seniors in homes)

            Highest recorded turnout in Canadian History.

            I take it further, unless you are a member of a political party, focus group, or political cause you have little right to complain because you have chose indifference. Call your local,MLA and voice your concerns. Here on the Island they will answer their phone and speak with you… I hope it is the case,in other areas in the country.

            ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

        • mrhabby says:

          its out of peoples control and were all to busy living .

      • New says:

        That’s ok…Germany is building 10 new coal fired power plants. Europe is building a bunch of them. They’re such goofs. 🙂

        • Lafleurguy says:

          ’cause it’s cheap. 75% of coal-burning is done by the USA and China, and they will not be diminishing their usage

        • Mr_MacDougall says:

          It is because new coal fired plants have afterburners (similar to a gasification wood boiler, which is what I will be installing in my next home, in a rural setting) With properly functioning afterburners there is zero pollution. The process of gathering the coal is where there are issues.

          ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • Mr_MacDougall says:

      You’re missing the most obvious one.. Th price of operating a single automobile (based on 15,000 km per year) is $8-10,000 after tax dollars (1o-13,000 Gross Income)

      One has to realize that Smart Phones are a luxury and not a necessity, switching to a “flip-phone” and a pre-paid plan you can easily reduce your bill to $25 per phone taxes in, I have done this but my GF will not.

      As for Television/Cable.. Seek out the cheapest Internet provider you can (Or better yet, get Bell Fibe (which is by far the most superior service) and split it with another person) and purchase an “unlocked Apple TV 2nd generation”

      ~~ Plekanec at the Disco ~~

    • Phil C says:


      A few salaries from 2012 for your reading pleasure:

      THOMAS MITCHELL, Ontario Power Generation
      President & Chief Executive Officer

      LAURA FORMUSA, Hydro One, President & Chief Executive Officer

      Ontario Power Generation
      Chief Nuclear Officer

      Ontario Power Generation
      Executive Vice President, Nuclear Projects

      As well there are over 454 people making more than $146K at Hydro One. These are public servants, being paid by the tax payer.

  34. Psycho29 says:

    Hope you stay safe and warm there buddy. We are all thinking of you!

    Did I mention I’ll be golfing in Florida all next week and might see the Habs game? 😉

  35. B says:

    Repost of last night’s summary on Hab’s CHL prospects:
    Fucale stopped 16 of 17 shots. 4-1 Moosehead win
    (Halifax now leads Charlottetown 3 games to none)
    Reway with 2 assists, 7-2 ‘Piques win.
    (Gatineau now leads Cape Breton 3 games to none)
    Grégoire with a goal, Hudon 2 assists. 3-0 Drakkar win
    (Baie-Comeau now leads Shawinigan 3 games to none)
    Nevins with an assist, 5-2 Huskies
    (Rouyn-Noranda now leads Quebec 2 games to 1)
    Crisp with a goal and an assist, 6-4 Colts win
    (Barrie now leads Sudbury 3 games to none)
    McCarron with a goal, Vail pointless 10-2 Knights win
    (London now leads Windsor 3 games to none)

    –Go Habs Go!–

  36. stephen says:

    Hoping an astute RDS viewer can clear up a minor mystery for me…

    I missed a small portion of the telecast last night and when I returned to the TV, Pierre Houde was just concluding some remarks about ‘Jerry’, while sending him and family condolences.

    Couldn’t work out who/what he might be referring to, but would appreciate anyone who caught that.


  37. AA - #25 says:

    If the Habs can beat Detroit Thursday, Florida should be a little easier, there’s a possible 4-points there …

  38. DAVE. N says:

    I hope everyone in the Maritimes stays safe today. As much as we love hockey and to complain about the weather, what they have to look forward to is no joke.
    Agree with Timo on the move of the year, following as a close second is the Weaver pick up. I really think this guy is a good 5/6 defenseman.

    Save the planet. Compost a Leaf.

  39. bwoar says:

    Love the pic up there with Price.

    Maybe old news but, no fine for Lucic’s spear from behind? I guess the NHL approves of that play. It’s a hockey play with an unfortunate result for the player on the receiving end.

  40. Timo says:

    I am so effing tired of snow.

  41. Mattyleg says:

    Tampa Bay have some easy games ahead of them: Isles and Buffalo, then Detroit and the Habs, followed by the Flames.

    On the other hand, we see Detroit twice, along with TB.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  42. shiram says:

    Participation award is where it’s at.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Getting a participaction award from Hal and Joanne would truly be the icing on any cake!

    • Mattyleg says:

      For Xmas one year, I bought a massive trophy at the Sally Ann with an indeterminate athelete on the top of it, and put a ‘Participant’ plaque on it and gave it to a friend.

      It’s still in a place of prominence in his home.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  43. Timo says:

    Best You Might Also Like this season – Habs trade Diaz to Canucks.

  44. BriPro says:

    Bronze medal?

  45. Mattyleg says:

    Second is still very respectable.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

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