Newcomer Karl Alzner has high praise for Canadiens organization

Defenceman Karl Alzner, who signed a five-year, US$23.125-million free-agent contract with the Canadiens on July 1, had some high praise for the organization during a radio interview with Sportsnet’s 960 The Fan station on Wednesday.

“I didn’t really know what Montreal was like besides the area downtown by the Bell Centre,” Alzner, 28, said during the interview, adding that changed after visiting the city with his wife for a day before signing his new contract.

“Once I got to see it and realize how great everything was it was pretty much a no-brainer decision.”

Alzner called the Canadiens “probably the best organization in the league.”

“I haven’t personally played any games, but just from hearing everything and talking to the guys and the way the city supports the team,” Alzner said. “You have to put up with maybe not having as much privacy as you would in other cities. But in the end, to be treated the way that it sounds like they’re treated there — and I know from playing in that city — that’s pretty much everything that you want. It just made the most sense when we were talking about it … it was definitely our best opportunity.”


Alzner, a 6-foot-2, 214-pounder, is a defensive defenceman who posted 3-10-13 totals in 82 games last season with the Washington Capitals and was plus-23. He said that the day he arrived in Montreal to be courted by the Canadiens he spent that evening with his wife walking around the city. The next day they were given a tour of the team’s practice facility in Brossard, met some of the training staff, and a team official showed them the areas where some of the players live and gave them little a tour of the city.

Alzner also spoke with Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin for what he said seemed like a couple of hours.

“The nice thing was it was just an easy conversation,” Alzner said. “It wasn’t just question after question about hockey. It was just a conversation and that was something that I thought was pretty cool and I know my wife did as well.”

Alzner said there were some further conversations with the club about school options for his kids and then he spoke with Shea Weber about what it’s like to play in Montreal.

“We took off the next day,” Alzner told 960 The Fan while packing up his house in Washington. “It was a quick visit, but we got everything done that needed to be done.” 

When asked if he might be paired with Weber on the blue line, Alzner said: “I think it’s to be determined. I imagine it will change with the season. But when I talked to Claude Julien he said that there’s a good chance that we’ll kind of mix things up and I’ll get a chance to play with (Weber) as well as (Jeff Petry). Either way they slice it it’s going to be good. I think we have a lot of options to throw at teams from the back end. I don’t really have a preference. Obviously, everyone knows that Shea Weber is one of the best D in the league and if you get a chance to play with a guy like that it’s good for your career. That would be nice, but at the same time we got to figure out what combos work the best to play the best. So I’m open to whatever happens.”

 (Photo: Ross D. Franklin/The Associated Press)

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  1. Popsrink says:

    Kahl…….shoot the glass!

    who loves ya baby!

  2. Mavid says:

    I put some feelers there interest in a summit in Ottawa? I don’t want to get to far into it if there is only going to be 10 people..and if so how far do we want to go, game only with a get together..or full on meet and greet, with the charity raffle…with the money going to the Sens children charity (sweetens the pot for them) The Habs game is Oct 30th a Monday days off would need to be booked..please give me your feeling on this..thanks

    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  3. Dust says:

    I’m thinking about potential habs lineups. Does anyone have a good read on Holland? Is he going to be like a 3rd line centre or is he more of 4th line centre/healthy scratch?


    • Strummer says:

      He’s on a two-way contract – don’t expect much

      -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

      • New says:

        I’m putting this here with hope:

        “How about no one posts a new comment for a bit- let folks see and reply to Mavid’s post about an Ottawa Summit?”

        Plenty of room below.

    • joeybarrie says:

      Belongs to The Winnipeg Jets. Played in Europe. Ended his hockey career and went back to University. U of Victoria.
      Don’t see him in the NHL again.

      Oops. Thought you meant Patrick Holland. I dont know anything about Peter.

    • WindsorHab-10 says:

      I’ve been to Holland twice. Nice country.

    • Luke says:

      Nice place. Pleasant folk.
      Sorta Below sea level, so bring extra socks. Windmills and tulips, and a strong emotional tie to Canada and our military.

      And interestingly enough… the Country is the Netherlands, Holland is a region within it. Sort of like the Maritimes.

      • arcosenate says:

        Operation Market Garden.

      • Le Revenant says:

        Nicely done. And it’s a little bit pretentious that they want to be called something else now, like that guy in High School who expects you to call him Stanley-not-Stan at the reunion because he paid more for his suit than the rest of us did. Listen, Stumpy, we’re not going to push you into the girls’ changing room after gym class like we used to, you can relax, but there’s no way in hell I’m relearning your name, or anything about you. Our roles are set here, I don’t care how much you broadly imply what a big shot you are in Toronto.

        La Hollande was la Hollande when I was growing up, a great country fulled with willowy, amazing Hollandaises who’d bring me toys and tousle my hair when we flew KLM. Now it’s this whole Netherlands and ‘les Pays-Bas’, kind of unwieldy names that you have to teach yourself and memorize and don’t really make sense, because the people aren’t Netherlanders but rather Dutch, but they don’t live in Dutchland, apparently that’s a different thing entirely. It’s quite literally exhausting.

        But yeah, a great place to visit when you’re backpacking as a young adult, and you allow people to discover to their delight that you are Canadian.

    • on2ndthought says:

      You know when an organization wants to promote from within, but have to post the position anyway? Qualified applicants are shifted through and a couple brought in for interviews, but everybody, including the applicants, knows that the protege is going to get the job.

      That’s Hollands position wrt DLR. Now, it’s not a done deal. Holland’s resume (13th forward for half a decade) is impressive. If he has a great interview (training camp), and DLR has a poor one, the selection committee may be forced into an unpleasant and unexpected decision.

      Still, the expectations are DLR as 4th line center; Holland as 13th forward, or more likely waived to Laval.

      I’m assuming the 13th forward (and 14th, if we keep two) to be from among Hudon, Martinsen, Mitchell, Carr, DLR,even McCarron. Two of those six make the fourth line. Another (Hudon?, Carr?) could make the team by bumping Hemsky. Only McCarron does not need to clear waivers, so the numbers are against him.

      Lots of competition, and at least two NHL caliber or experienced players will be going through waivers from our forward pool. A similar situation exists on defence, where Jerabek is the one who could be sent down without waivers, but possesses a skill set rare on our team.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

      • 24 Cups says:

        Good post. I think it will be a step back if Montreal loses either Hudon or DLR to waivers. Guys like Holland, Martinsen and Morrow are basically here as depth insurance and to make sure that Laval wins games and fills the stands.

        Signing Streit makes no sense if the Habs feel Jerabek is half decent.

        Montreal isn’t a real Cup threat at this precise moment in time so it’s imperative that the kids get plenty of opportunity and icetime.

    • knob says:

      I think that he will be a depth player/AHL vet guy. Similar to a Bobby Farnham or Zac Redmond.

      in all thy sons command

    • New says:

      From my viewpoint we fans spend too much time thinking about lineups during the off season, probably in season too 🙂 I am not dissing your comment, just giving my view.

      Radulov is gone. He used the Habs as a springboard back to the NHL and he was a feel-good story. Suddenly though everyone is worried about his 18 goals. For me though Radulov replaced Weise and DSP’s combined 20 goals, or Gallagher’s drop of 9. The same Gallager who played RW for 53 games the year before and had 40 points (Radulov had 76 games and got 54). – Hey, did you notice that Gallagher as 1st line RW and a busted hand in a horrid team season actually was more productive than Radulov? No one seems to.

      Now I’m not saying that Gallagher or Weise or DSP is Radulov or that he is them. I am saying that a decent team will have fairly even offensive and defensive numbers year to year even while changing up a third of the players.

      Goals will find the way, so to speak. Just like good teams find a way back to the finals or semis.

      Radulov wasn’t a core player and although Markov was his time is ending for that role.

      Someone will slot into the RW first line. Pac will likely be the LW. Last year they put a third line center (no offense intended to him) into the first line. They will find someone this season. The kids will either make it, or the Hemsky’s and such will.

      Montreal doesn’t have a Crosby and that is the type of player we’re all looking for. You can’t get them. You need to finish low enough to lotto in on the draft in a year when there is one. Or pay outrageous for Patrice Bergeron.

      So the way I look at it you have a core of key players, and satellites surrounding them. It may well be the unheralded fringe player who scores two game winning goals in the finals but the guys who got you there were the core.

      Maybe Danault has that inner fire that makes a player great, perhaps McCarron finds his body and the fire. Maybe it is Scherbak. Maybe another waiver pickup. Perhaps Lehkonen has said “That is what the NHL is about – I know what I need to do now.”

      I don’t know but the Habs will be fine. A middle tier team. I want them to be better than that but that is up to the players and coaches.

      Every coach has his goto guys and those guys get the points. The Habs just need a couple more key players. Find a LD who loves to pinch on the PP and Markov’s points are forgotten. Play Gallagher healthy 82 games and Radulov is a distant memory. Drouin can do magic when he is motivated, is Montreal where he should always have been?

      Could it be that the Habs are actually stronger than last season, or the one before? Those collapses take a team effort just as much as a Cup run does.

      Subban, voted most popular by those voting on most popular, is gone. Radulov inherited his title and is gone.

      The Club survives.

  4. on2ndthought says:

    So, EOTP talks about Jerabek:

    My concern is MB only signed him to a one year deal, that he is UFA after this year; that he will be Radulov next year.

    “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

  5. Habfan17 says:

    On the Ottawa radio this morning, team1200, they are talking about the Penguins possibly moving Kessel. They did note his NMC/NTC, and his cap hit, $6.8 million.

    Since I am in the group that would like to keep Galchenyuk and at centre, If Pittsburgh would take Gallagher and McCarron, while retaining $1.2 million of salary, would you trade for Kessel? With Price Locked up and Weber, Kessel would be a “win in the next 3 years” type of player since he is 30.

    He was a point a game player in the play offs and he would add offence. Or. would you rather send a package including Patches, McCarron and Gallagher for Tavares?

    I think the Habs could use one more top 6 centre since I like Galchenyuk in the centre spot and a top 6 right wing. Having said that, at this point, maybe standing pat for now is best.

    If a team has a top 6 right wing that the Habs could get for Patches, since both Drouin and Lehkonen can fill the top 6 left wing spots, I would be okay with a trade. It does not address the centre spot, but it would balance out the wings, spread the offence, and having Galchenyuk as number one and Danualt as number two at centre may work.


    • on2ndthought says:

      5 years of Kessel (earning $6.8M) would be just what the doctor ordered for HIO, but not, perhaps, what the Habs need. He’d be a challenge to the Pollys.

      A scorer of his ilk does not come by everyday, to be sure. Also, one of those underrated and misunderstood athletes. Clutch playoff performer, and history(?) with Julien.

      Still, I’d hesitate, especially before giving up on McCarron, just before we see what kind of physically dominant forward he can be. That is an aspect we have missed in our lineups the past 24 years, more than scoring. I honestly don’t know if he’ll be a second, third, or fourth liner. As long as he can take a regular shift and be productive, I don’t care.

      So, it’s a pass on Kessel for me; even if he agreed to wave his NTC, even if we were only paying Davidson; unless PIT was retaining half that salary cap; and that is not going to happen.

      If we trade for Tavares, it will be at the deadline, and will cost us two first rounders, and a prospect that will hurt (Juulsen, Scherbak, Poehling). You get Tavares to play WITH Pacioretty. Instant cup favourite.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

      • Loop_G says:

        I think he would be as warmly loved and admired the same way in Montreal as he was in Toronto. He would be a great on ice addition but I would worry about how people would react to him and whether that would be a problem.

      • Le Revenant says:

        A player can’t have more than one team retain salary on his contract. The Maple Leafs already retain salary on his deal, so it’s pointless to talk about a trade for Phil in which Pittsburgh keeps some of the cap hit. He’s who he is, at the sticker price showing, no haggling.

    • Cal says:

      Pens have 0 reason to move Kessel. He’s helped get them their last 2 Cups and they’re gunning for a hat trick this season.
      They have $10 mil in cap space, as well. Those guys at Team 1200 must be hallucinating.

    • Strummer says:

      Kessel would be a significant piece to add.
      I think this would also take the pressure off trying to find an elite centre.
      With Kessel’s sniping ability a 2C would compliment him adequately as we saw in the 2016 playoffs

      -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

  6. habs001 says:

    Looks like on most sites the Habs are about 10th at winning the cup next year…Oilers are the highest Canadian team…Leafs about the same odds as Habs…

  7. Mavid says:


    º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

    Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

  8. pmaraw says:

    I feel like montreal gms have a ‘hand me down playbook’. Remember when they brought back breisbois?

  9. Lord Stanley of Surrey says:

    Neither Markov nor Malkin yet signed?

    What a tedious summer.

    FREE TIMO!!! …Michael (Timo) had his negative tongue-in-cheek shtick in HIO, but He never was profane and should never have been banned from HIO. If there is any discretion and fair-mindness within the powers that be behind the scenes of HIO, TIMO’s ban should be rescinded immediately. Thank you.

  10. kerrgte says:

    Mtl has $9 million left against the cap. (Check or, not $17 as some posters are saying

    There is no Radulov and no Markov.

    These are massive losses. Without Radulov as the only top tier power forward, the offensive potential has declined. (Only Radulov scored in the playoffs last season – how pathetic it is that the other forwards were pointless.) I think Drouin will be a flash-in–the-pan forward whose inconsistency didn’t ingratiate him with Tampa Bay, but he will be a fan favourite. My conclusion is that, without Radulov, the offense is weaker.

    Markov at least held his own during the season but wilted as the playoffs came closer. Maybe Jerubek can pick up some of Markov’s production, we’ll see. No Markov, no Emelin, but replaced with Alzner and Jerubek, maybe Mtl stays the same defensively.

    Overall, I think the team is weaker in 17-18 than 16-17.

    cheers to all in this ongoing soggy summer
    George K

    • on2ndthought says:

      Radulov2, Lehkonen2, Plek, Gally, Byron, Mitchell: all were forwards who scored goals in the playoffs last year. Galchenyuk with 3, Danault with 2, and Max with one; had assists but no goals.

      So, 8 of 11 goals, and 25 of 32 points, were scored by forwards.

      The $17M that others were mentioning is for next year, even with Price’s new contract. That number represents only 15 roster spots; 3 more will be arbitration eligible RFAs (Danault, Davidson, Morrow). I think the hope is that 4 or 5 of our prospects take roster positions going in to next year (Hudon, DLR, Carr(?), Jerabek, Lernout, Juulsen, McCarron, Scherbak) and that leaves cap space for a decent UFA.

      Radulov will be missed, no doubt; and is likely to perform very well with Benn and Seguin. His entertainment value would have complemented Drouin’s.

      I think Drouin will be lightning caught in a bottle; but time will tell.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

    • Mtl has $9 million left against the cap. Mtl has $9 million left against the cap. (Check or, not $17 as some posters are saying, not $17 as some posters are saying.

      If you read Krob1000 closely he means 9 million in space right now and then you add Plekanec, Mitchell, Hemsky and scraps next season to add to over 17 million.

      To call Drouin a “flash in the pan” is odd to me. At 22 years old the kid had as many points as Radulov and is 9 years younger. His upside is incredible and he’s not even developed into his full potential. Radulov? At 31 I don’t imagine he’s about to turn into a mega superstar, but Drouin could, and if he doesn’t who cares. His cap hit and offensive output is perfect.

      As I stated over and over, in 2016-17 the forwards had a poor season. Every forward on our top six is going to score more in an 82 game season (2017-18). The only stop drop will be injuries.

      Price, Weber, and Pacioretty is to us what Crosby, Malkin, and Kessel is to the Pens only our team is structured to our strengths in a different way.

      What we hope now is that Galchenyuk, and Drouin develop into offensive superstars. Considering their age, talent, draft positions, and cap hits we are looking at a formidable team in the future, maybe even this coming season, but to say we will be worse yikes, that’s a lot of gloom.

      Lehkonen and Gallagher, are they going to be worse? I doubt it. Plekanec? Jeez I hope not. Our defense? Who cares, Price is in goal.

      Claude Julien? Have you seen what he has done in Baston? He’s turned chicken poop into chicken salad there. Look at his Stanley Cup winning season, that alone is proof of what he can do.

      This is going to be a great season.

      Hockey Is Life, Me and My Boy
      Shane Oliver

      • Loop_G says:


      • cdhc says:

        Great post. I hope and think you are bang on.
        With Galchenyuk and Drouin, I believe we have a potential bonanza about to blossom on this club. Uber talented youth. If and I know it is still an if until the results either prove or disprove it, these two can realize their enormous potential, this team is in for a fun run. At their respective ages, with the ceiling they each have, I’m pretty excited about this team

        Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, this is Danny Gallivan along with Dick Irvin from the Forum in Montreal!

  11. Cal says:

    It appears that the wheeling and dealing of this “expect the unexpected” part of the summer is done. Bergevin offering Streit “depth” Dman money (if it’s true) is par for the “can’t have too many Dmen” course.
    As such, I expect Danault to be 1st line C, with Pleks #2 and Shaw #3 and a committee for #4. Hudon making it and sticking as #2 center with Pleks still around likely won’t happen. I hope they keep him at center in Laval until Pleks is moved- there’s plenty of cap space to move Pleks early and retain 50% of his salary.

    I expect Price to play .920 to .930 hockey, especially behind this shot blocking core of Dmen and the bottom 6 forwards.
    We should be treated to some excitement by Drouin, who has replaced Radulov in that category 1 year after Radulov replaced Subban in the excitement category.
    Lehkonen will find his second year to be tougher than his rookie season and I don’t think Byron will score 20; he’s a good bet for 15.
    There are a lot of question marks and the biggest question of all is “Are the Habs any closer to the Cup?”
    My short answer is no. Defensive hockey behind centers that don’t drive the offense makes it very tough to score goals in this league.
    Imo, the Habs have spun their wheels this off season, neither improving nor getting worse. The team is stuck in the mire of being good enough to make the playoffs, yet not good enough to compete for the Cup. This means yet another #20 or worse first round pick and around the goldfish bowl we go again, blinking with forgetfulness after the circuit has been completed.
    I hope to hell something “big” is brewing.

    • on2ndthought says:

      I don’t think Bergevin is either done or not done. He is Schrodinger’s GM. He certainly isn’t done talking to agents or other GMs.

      If Hudon clears waivers back to Laval, he is not the prospect we have been counting on, here at HIO. OTOH, there will be some good waiver wire pick ups from teams strong on D and with a deep pool of forwards. (pretty sure Sakic is waiting for players like Hudon)

      I feel we are closer to winning a cup than Ottawa, and Ottawa came within a hair’s breadth last year. We came undone by a great performance by a proud vet.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

  12. HNS says:

    Still missing guys to put the buiscuits in the basket.

  13. krob1000 says:

    As frustrating as it was to lose Rad….and as frustrating as some of the cap issues/contracts have been….the team is actually in pretty decent shape…would have liked to see Price contract be 2 million less and other things….

    However, when I look at the cap hits moving forward….team has 17 millon and likely more for next year with a few spots opening up….some of which will be filled by Hudon, DLR, Mccarron types…..we are actually in pretty good shape…and the more I look at next years cap I think I see why Mb does not want to give Marky two years….and if the Habs are smart Danault plays 3rd C to keep cost of him down….but Habs best players are singed through next year for most part and TONS of cap room….and plenty of guys who are actually overdue for the NHL …this Red Wing model will help moving forward…

    Yes, there are holes in the lineup…..BUT…..the future is not bleak….just look at who is signed for next year, factor in some solid farm depth guys coming up for bottom end roles…

    • BC (Because of the Cats) says:

      I agree about the Price contract and think, like you, that the rest of the contract situation is not bad. While it’s true that Bergevn has not managed to plug the gaping hole at centre and is unlikely to do so this summer, the cap space his moves have produced will create lots of possibilities moving forward. Also, we have several prospects on the cusp of breaking into the League, with others coming along behind them; this should mean economizing on the cost of bottom six and role players and having more cap space for big contracts. This next season could be a bit of a struggle, but after that, things should improve and could even become exciting.

      “We gotta lotta dep.”

      • krob1000 says:

        makes me wonder if there was a method to the madness and cap room has been an objective…..despite the IMo slight overpay on alzner and Price….the situation leaves Habs wide open to make big moves and take on a big money player or two….more and more it looks like something is brewing….

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      You and BC..two of my favourite posters..

      Krob, I have been watching you build your case for the importance of cap space all day. I couldn’t agree more…keep the powder dry for that day when the unexpected happens….

      24 cups and counting….

    • berc says:

      Decided to re-post from Streit thread, as that one seems dead:
      Jeez, this off-season is turning into a horror show.
      Drouin deal? Don’t like the trade or the contract $. Traded a rare commodity 1 year from making an impact for a still-unproven, less-rare commodity–other than the Francophone dimension. short-term Cap hit -4.5 for on balance less talent.
      Loss of Rads? Don’t like. Cap Hit +5.75 or +7 considering what it would have cost to keep him here. Huge loss of talent.
      Alzner? Like, but not term or $. Cap hit -0.5 for modest talent upgrade vs Emelin.
      Price? Don’t like term or $. No short-term cap hit, but substantial long-term implications.
      Galchenyuk? Expected, but hoped he would be traded for a good return. short-term cap hit -2.1
      Beaulieu? liked the move, but in retrospect think he should have been protected and re-signed. short-term cap-hit probably +2.8
      Loss of Emelin to Vegas? like. see Alzner for cap hit.
      Loss of Markov? Don’t like. Big loss of talent, cap hit +6.0
      Jerabek? Like. Big upside potential, albeit unproven in nhl, cap hit -0.9. may balance loss of beaulieu.
      Other defense signings? Indifferent. cap hit -2.7. modest addition of talent but paltry in comparison with loss of Markov.
      Hemsky? Don’t like. Cap hit -1M. Talent increment negligible (likely to contribute to as many goals against as goals for)
      Holland? Indifferent.
      Waked? Like
      Lindgren? Would like to have seen longer term.
      Hudon? Like.
      Draft? Like Poehling and Ikonen
      Overall management grade for off-season moves: C+
      Net short-term cap hit +4.0, but significant net loss of talent.
      Significantly worse on RW.
      No change at C.
      Significantly better on LW.
      No upgrade on RD.
      Significantly worse on LD.
      Overall, slightly worse O (but could be offset by good showing by Hudon), significantly worse D, possibly 10-20 points fewer in the standings without another significant move, unless the UFAs, call-ups, and last year’s slumpers surprise.

      • krob1000 says:

        Until that 9 million is used we aren’t sure but yes….not as ideal for this year as I had hoped….BUT…look ahead a year…..he is slow cooking all of the prospects and between that and the contracts on the books that are pretty decent, some of the others that appeared high no longer do…..there is a lot of room come next year and by next year we will finally see a few of MB prospects as full time NHlers…..

        He has basically purged past mistakes ….did he make new ones? not sure….time will tell but looking at next year this team could afford to throw Tavares 11 million and not miss a beat cap wise…..that may or may not be worth anything …the money has to be used effectively but next season we should finally see the benefits of the slow developing of prospects, the good contracts he has kept, essentially the team he has built….I am no polly…and it shocked me when I saw how clear the cap was for next year….

  14. 24 Cups says:

    Nashville doesn’t need a LD. If Markov wants to go elsewhere, his best bet is Colorado. He might even get a two year deal at say 4.5M.

    Or he could get real, acknowledge the fact that he’s signing a +35 contract at the age of 39 and take 5M from the Habs.

  15. B says:

    Rookies played 163 RS games for Montreal last season.

    –Go Habs Go!–

    • 24 Cups says:

      B – The EOTP list of prospects 25 and under has some kind of cut-off requirement which meant that Gallagher was not included on their list.

      • GrimJim says:

        Yeah, and i don’t mean this as snippy as it sounds in my head but it’s Gallagher’s 25th birthday. It’s the “Top 25 Under 25” list.

  16. habstrinifan says:

    If, and it is a big IF, Marc Begevin is really looking to sign Mark Streit, then it shows that Mr Bergevin looks at the future of the club with the personal apprehension of a tontine participant with a terminal disease.

    It is probably a panicky and face-saving response to the probability of losing Markov. From this perspective, it does feel as if Markov’s dilatory response to re-committing to the HABS blind-sided Mr Bergevin.

    But rather than accepting the de-facto challenge of retooling the HABS by allowing the player development arm of the organization to intravenously feed the body, Mr. Bergevin is forcing the mouth open and shoving food therein and yelling “swallow damn it..swallow!”

    It seems to be his GM style. Make do with second rate signings so that people see you as a player, like any other, during the many concocted ’player personnel supplement intervals’ that seem to dot the NHL calendar.

    It is time for Marc Bergevin to sit down with all his player development staff and his coaches (including the AHL coaches) and start charting strategies which allow for the full apprenticeship of his prospects and for setting as his priority the graduation of at least a couple of them to the major team.

    You will never learn how good a job your scouting and drafting and development is doing until you direct the coach to use the prospects they produce and give them the fullest testing.

    I submit that if this strategy had been in place before, the fates of players like Greg Pateyrn, Beauleu and Tinordi would have been accepted with more certainty.

    I say “nein danke” in my best Alemannic German.

    • Loop_G says:

      I think your first paragraph is pretty questionable. MB could be looking to sign Streit as a quick, cheap, stopgap until a better solution is found.

      • habstrinifan says:

        You made my point. Enuff stop-gaps..let us introduce the rookies.

        • Loop_G says:

          I would agree for our forwards to see what Hudon and DLR can do, but there are no rookies ready to come in and play the role that Streit or Markov would. I think they are 80% sure that Jerabec can, but are looking to ensure they are okay.

          • B says:

            Not 1 rookie D played a game for Pittsburgh last season.
            1 rookie D played 2 games for Nashville last season.
            4 rookie D played 20 games for Montreal last season.

            –Go Habs Go!–

          • Forum Dog says:

            Cameron Gaunce played 12 games as a 26 year old ‘rookie’ last year for Pittsburgh, although I guess the formal definition doesn’t count that.

          • Loop_G says:

            @B – who among those do you think is ready to fill Markov’s shoes though? The point was not that none can play but as I said none seem to be there for the powerplay unless Jerabek works out well

    • Coach K says:

      You’re 100% on the mark Trini.

      Bergevin will never know how effective his development system is or is not if he keeps bringing in these low rent has-beens who take up valuable development roster spots from the kids.

      Then again, maybe he just isn’t very good at his job.

      -Defence doesn’t win championships…it only stops you from losing them-

    • habcertain says:

      Unfortunately, we never had a coach that could groom the young’uns and move them along. Pateryn is a good example, he looked like a solid prospect, played well in his brief opportunities, but shunned aside for less worthy subs. Hopefully CJ will bring a new perspective, you have to be able to swallow the errors as they progress.

    • on2ndthought says:

      Streit should be exactly the incentive that Morrow or Jerabek need. It’s not “Oh, I have to beat out a Hab icon who’s earning $6M”; it’s “I just have to outplay Mark Streit to make the team, I should be able to do that”.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

  17. JohnBellyful says:

    From time to time, and again this thread, readers will be shown links to pieces written by other folks no different from HIO members. They’re amateurs with opinions about hockey, and the Canadiens in particular. (One site often referenced for its articles is Eyes on the Prize.)
    I wonder, do THOSE people tell THEIR readers, hey, you should read this post on HIO, it pretty much explains everything about what the Canadiens are doing in a nutshell, or it offers a shrewd analysis on what the team is doing wrong and what needs to be done to fix it?
    Is HIO just an outpost occupied by outcasts?

    • Don Birnam says:

      It took Front about 2 months to get banned over there.
      It took him 4 years to get banned here.
      If that answers your question.

      Viva Timo Libre!

      • JohnBellyful says:

        It proves we’re a tolerant bunch here, and nearly as often tolerable.
        It took just two months before Front got banned from Eyes on the Prize?
        Was it because his eyes started to wander? Did he get his Hands on the Prize? Did he — god forbid — question one of Berkshire’s conclusions?
        That’s it, that’s what he did? Okay, well then he deserved to be cast out.
        Cheeky bugger!

        • Rad says:

          Cheeky Bugger sounds like something that should be added to the menu at McDonalds.

        • Mavid says:

          Berkshire is a knob..I blocked him on Twitter after only a couple of days..

          º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º°¨¨¨°º¤ø ¸„ø¤GO HABS GOø¤º

          Weed Wacker – and Flamethrower Grandma Smurf

    • habcertain says:

      Outcasts with a few pretenders, this site just lacks the appearance of a polish, I assume it is meant to feed off the writing in the Gazette, the pros who get decimated here, for whatever reason.

  18. JohnBellyful says:

    A prospect that each of us dreads:
    Ole Marky signs on with the Preds.
    But is he aware
    Who’s in charge there
    And for him to cope he’ll need meds?

    Edit: I’m not talking about the “wedding crasher”. It’s the home invader in the White House.

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Perhaps our whole season depends,
      On whether he signs with the Sens,
      Or Leafs, Rags or Kings,
      Flames, Oilers or Wings,
      Hawks, Panthers, Stars, Bruins or Pens.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        I feel better now, knowing Markov’s options are limited — less than half the league — and that he’ll probably come crawling back to the team. Which, if indicative of a mobility issue, should lower his contract demands.

  19. AndyF says:

    I don’t care who this Mary Tyler Myers is. I want Andrei Markov!

  20. 3 points for a win says:

    Just looking at Cap Friendly website on the Canadiens and noticed something interesting.

    For 2017-2018 season the average salary:

    Forwards: $2.7M per player
    Defense: $3.3M per player
    Goalie: $3.78M per player

    Average for top 6 paying forwards: $4.76M per player
    Average for top 4 paying defense: $5.02M per player
    Carey Price: $6.5M (next year he is $10.5M)

    MY QUESTION IS? If MB feels that he has the “best” goalie in the league then why would he structure a team where the defense gets paid, on average, more than the forwards?

    Another observation: I think this will be a good year for Plekanec since this is his last year before he becomes a UFA. Traditionally, players in such a situation play their best hockey in order to sign another contract. After the contract is signed, well that is another story!

    • johnnylarue says:

      I’m not very good at math at all. Does the fact that there are more than twice as many forwards as defencemen on the team skew those averages at all, d’ya think?

      • 3 points for a win says:

        Yeah you are right. I am not the greatest at math.

        The point I wanted to make was that with having the “best” goalie in the world, why do the Habs look for so many defensive defense men? Does Price need that much protection?

        It is good to have a few defensive guys of course but they should be complemented with offensive defense men who have the ability to put points on the board.

        Paying Alzner all that money to be defensive, in my opinion, is mismanagement of the cap. Especially since Price’s cap goes up by $4M next year.

        And then paying Drouin for what he may accomplish not for what he has really done? Oh well time will tell. No one has a crystal ball to see what will happen.

        The way the team is structured right now, I feel the Habs next year will still not be much of a scoring team and will have to rely on Price and their defense to bail them out for most of the wins. It MAY get them into the playoffs but that far into it.

        It will be an interesting year for sure!

    • Loop_G says:

      That would be one theory, the other and equally defensible one would be to run with your strengths. A large part of that is also simple where your opportunities lie. If the team had an opportunity to have 2 more $7 million dollar fowards, they would have them. Also, Johnny Larue is also correct, there is no defensive equivalent of Martisson, McCarron etc playing on the 4th line. The 4th line D are in the press box

  21. Le Revenant says:

    News Item: Newcomer Karl Alzner has high praise for Canadiens organization

    So then it’s agreed. Karl Alzner shall not membershipize HIO.

    Liberate Alex Galchenyuk, CH’s Great Middle Hope! Occupy Claude Julien’s office!

  22. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Karl Alzner is one of those names you have to say in a Schwarzenegger accent…”Kah Ahznah”

  23. Habnormal says:

    Alzner should be delighted and have high praise for the Habs. They were the only team that was prepared to grossly overpay him. I’d say by about $1.5 million per season

    • Loop_G says:

      Lol, Alzner could have signed with any of about 10 teams for a comparable salary, though maybe at 4 years instead of 5. He signed here because his wife and he wanted to.

      • Don Birnam says:

        Yup. Agreed.
        We got a $10mill goalie.
        Marc stocking up with Western Boys on D.
        Makes $ence.

        Viva Timo Libre!

      • Strummer says:

        He’s a B.C. boy who had a display of some poor animal’s antlers on his wall when he appeared on Face Time on TSN July 1.

        A new hunting buddy for B.C. boys Price and Weber who probably convinced him to sign here.

        -Some folks really have trouble letting go of stuff, eh?-

        • Don Birnam says:

          As long as you you eat what you kill,nothing wrong with that amigo.
          Use to do it myself when I was a young man.
          I’m too old now for that kind of hunt.

  24. Habfan17 says:

    A pretty good article:

    Maybe things aren’t as bleak as some think.


    • on2ndthought says:

      Yeah, it seems Jerabek is the x-factor (j-factor?) in the Markov situation.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

  25. Habfan17 says:

    From Eklund:
    “The Canadiens are looking hard to improve their defensive end and have apparently been talking to the Winnipeg Jets about D-man Tyler Myers….Still looking into what could be heading Winnipeg’s way, but according to my sources these talks have “progressed far past the initial stage and about halfway into the details stage of talks where final touches are discussed…” “**Also hearing the Habs have talked to Mark Streit.”

    Why would the Habs be looking at another righty? I get he is big, but not overly physical. Who is he an upgrade over? Petry may not be great, but he is the best puck mover the Habs have now.

    Would they want Myers to play the 3rd pairing? If this is true, could it be something bigger? Naw, just another made up rumour by the great Eklund!


  26. RightNyder says:

    Shea Weber, career splits

    Pre all-star game:
    590 GP 128-232-360 +69 .61 Pts/G 23 GWG

    Post all-star game:
    251 GP 55-70-125 -1 .498 Pts/G 5 GWG

    With Montreal
    Pre all-star game
    50 GP 12-19-31 +18 .62 Pts/G 4 GWG 10 PPG 30 PIM

    Post all-star game
    28 GP 5-6-11 +1 .39 Pts/G 0 GWG 2 PPG 8 PIM

    65 GP 14-17-31 -8 .476 Pts/G 3 GWG 6 PPG

    With Montreal
    6 GP 1-2-3 +1 .5 Pts/G 1 GWG 1 PPG

    OK, now obviously Weber wasn’t a pud, I’m just amusing myself. But there’s a very clear decline in the numbers after the all-star game. I’d love to hear your theories for this.

    Plays a physical style and gets dinged up/tired? Games are tougher/closer down the stretch and in the playoffs? Teams focus on him more?

    Interestingly, his goal rate remains fairly constant, while his assist rate drops off. Trying to conserve energy, so carries the puck even less? Forwards tired? Always playing against other team’s top lines, so scoring even harder for his guys?

    Anyway, for whatever reason, Weber’s not as ubermanly down the stretch. I’d say that it would be more of a concern as he gets older, but it’s been so remarkably consistent, I don’t think that’s a factor for another few years yet.

    My biggest concern at this point? Surely pairing him with scoreless Alzner and/or 119-year-old Streit won’t help buck that trend.

    Anyone have a solution?

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      How about an “injury”? Coming up to Christmas, back for St Patrick’s Day?

      • RightNyder says:

        I thought that, too. Couple of week-long vacations here and there.

        Except it will be such a battle for a playoff spot, missing him for 20 games or so might sink our wagon, given the other pudlingtons he’s saddled with on D.

      • JohnBellyful says:

        Not injury, Dunby, a scratch.

        Bedridden players. Good riddance!
        (Oct. 5, 2016)

        Would the task of maintaining a roster at its regulated size be made more manageable if the team were “ravaged” by serial sickness over the course of a season?
        Rather than cut players why not cut players? You know, with the tip of a knife that’s been dipped in bacteria to cause diptheria.
        Now that you mention it, that might be going a bit too far, and if the National Hockey League ever got wind of the scheme, it could end up in the hands of the Department of Player Safety.
        Okay, so there’s no worries there but still, the use of knives might not be the best way to effeXXXinfect change, however cutting edge the revolutionary roster management program would unquestionably be.
        A more subtle approach is required, one that doesn’t invite media inquiries and other teams’ scrutiny.
        (Fans couldn’t care less as long as their team is winning.)
        Let’s see … what to do, what to do …
        Got it!
        No more healthy scratches — strictly unhealthy scratches, by a CHat no less, scratches that render players temporarily unfit for action for reasons of sickness – anywhere from two to three games at a time.
        Of course, the mainstays of the team would not be subjected to periodic, induced absences, only those in the lower ranks and bottom pairings whose tenure with the team is still in question.
        The whole idea is to lessen the burden on a coach in deciding who gets to stick with the team and who gets sent down.
        For the players it would be akin to a permanent tryout, with time off for fatigue, headaches and low-grade fever.
        Not that much different after a night on the town, really.
        It would take some experimentation the first season to ensure players moving in and out of the lineup don’t suffer any lasting ill-effects, such as permanent brain damage and amputation (permanent as well), which I’m sure you are as surprised to learn as I was can result from cat scratch fever.
        But change always comes with a risk.
        If the athletes are truly team players, they will consent to sacrificing their health OFF the ice as much as they do ON it.
        If the use of capitals didn’t cinch the argument, perhaps this will: What player wouldn’t want some time off now and then during eight grueling months, knowing there will always be a spot waiting for him in the lineup.
        What it comes down to is a form of sick leave: When the team wants a player to leave — for a week or so — it makes the player sick. Simple, really.
        It’s a far better deal than we fans will ever get when our team makes us ill.

        • Dunboyne Mike says:


          If it’s to be un chat: auditions? (morditions?) (claweditions?)

          • Dunboyne Mike says:

            Or a talon contest

          • JohnBellyful says:

            I’m thinkin’ it will take a special kind of cat to make the program work.
            You’d probably have to start with a Bombay and then try breeding with other kinds of cats — or animals — to come up with a Sickbay.

        • on2ndthought says:

          So, you’re talking about infecting them with Bartonella henselae bacteria…

          “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

  27. Ian Cobb says:

    Markov still talking to Preds. He would like to win a cup and it is not going to be in Mtl. for a few years!
    If he signs there, we move the Summit to Nashville Smashville.!

    • RightNyder says:

      Watch him sign for $1.5M in Nashville.

      Preds then trade Emelin, Fiala and Fabbro/Girard for Duchene.

      • Don Birnam says:

        That’s all he’s worth now.
        Markov, Streit.
        Pick one for the Euro content.
        Big deal.
        Glad Marc is stocking the Blueline with Western Boys.

        Viva Timo Libre!

      • slapshot777 says:

        If Markov signs for that in Nashville and he was putting it to MB for $6M then you have to lose respect for Markov.

        At least if your going to sign with someone else you sign for at least the same money. Not got $6M and be pissed you didn’t get it and sign somewhere else for $1.5M. How can you command respect doing something like that, especially after playing your entire career with Montreal and got a nice contract from the team when his career was in doubt after the knee surgeries.

        If anything the fans in Montreal have the right to boo Markov for being greedy towards the only team he has ever known.

        To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high.

      • toneez says:

        RN … funny you should say that because FWIW I read a few days ago that the Preds. acquired Emelin so that they could trade a top tier defenseman to Colorado for Duchesne , and here’s the kicker … PK would be the one sent to Colorado for him , obviously way out there , but is it really ???

        All Habs all the Time

    • Habfan17 says:

      They gouge even more! Did you see what they were charging for tickets during the play offs?


  28. RightNyder says:

    13-point man has high praise for organization paying him $23M.

    No way…

  29. Dunboyne Mike says:

    I’ve been suppressing this thought since the expansion draft, but the Streit rumours leave me with no choice.

    I just want to put this out there: yes, I am older than either Markov or Streit, BUT I have my own skates, don’t use an agent, and would be willing to accept HALF of the Streit figure.

    • on2ndthought says:

      That’s right about league minimum, Mike. Don’t sell yourself short.

      “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

    • Lafrich says:

      Awesome. What is your possession data like? Would you take free Molson Products for life?

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      Thanks guys.

      Some additional info: I enjoy hot-dogs and a good seat at the game. I feel my most valuable contribution to the team will be sharing my observations and tips for improvement.

    • Don Birnam says:

      I quit coaching 8yrs ago, but I still got it amigo.
      I will get you back in shape.
      Like Rocky.

      Viva Timo Libre!

    • Ton says:

      They have taken your edge away……….not fair. Your are my Timo. I would pay any figure to bring back Timo

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        You know, you have me thinking — by borrowing and displaying this avatar, and despite my good motives for doing so, do you think maybe the collateral damage in terms of pain for other posters might raise questions about the value of my strategy?

        There’s me, trying to do good, causing pain instead…. Sad.

    • RightNyder says:

      I’d take the league minimum to serve as a power-play specialist.

      Park my carcass at the side of the net and hope someone banks one in off me once in a blue moon.

      Guarantee we’d give up the most short-handed goals in the history of the league, but I also guarantee I wouldn’t go 50-plus games without a point like DD.

  30. marvin20 says:

    So in other words his wife really likes the city and she made him sign here. Because you know if she didn’t there is no way he would have signed or be this happy

  31. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I can’t see Markov playing anywhere else but Montreal. He’ll come to his senses and sign one year. Unless his buddies Subban & Emelin bring him to Nashville.

  32. on2ndthought says:

    First comment that really caught my eye (ear) was: (on ‘win now’) “Not signing Radulov was a hit… but they have their eyes on a couple of pieces (8:55)” No follow up question “what pieces, Karl?”

    Others: (on pressure) “I try to do more reaching out to fans… give 100%… I’m a Polly…”
    On his deal ” Everything and more, better deal than I ever thought I would get”

    “Please. This isn’t a bar fight. Have some class.” – Adrian Tepes

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