New sheriff in town


Brendan Shanahan doesn’t have to be the reincarnation of Bora Laskin.
Canadiens fans will be happy if he’s better than Colin Campbell.
And he doesn’t have a son playing for the Bruins. (Photo: Getty Images)

A feature story on the NHL’s new chief disciplinarian.

Fantasy Focus on Lars Eller

EotP on Danny Kristo

Fans weigh in with predictions at team web site

Draft pick love

THN has the Rangers finishing one spot ahead of the Habs

Team bonding suffers in the tech age. (Hey, who’s the guy in the b&w photo with Dick Duff and Yvan Cournoyer?)

• Bobby Ryan the highest-paid Canadien?’s fantasy re-draft

Bryzgalov talking Cup in Philly

No date for Crosby return but Horton is ready

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