New-pad smell delights goaltender Price

Canadiens goalie Carey Price with a new pad looming over what he’s now wearing. Both left Vaughn’s factory at precisely the same size, but the game has pounded down Price’s current model, which he’s worn only since the end of January.
John Kenney, Gazette

They’ve nearly reached the end of their two-month life, shrunken by battle, blackened by pucks, scarred by sticks, slashed by skates.

And yet, Carey Price’s goalie pads didn’t look too shabby yesterday – until they were propped up beside the factory-fresh, graphically redesigned pair he’ll begin to break in today and be wearing in games as early as this weekend.

Then they looked like hell.

"This is a little like Christmas," Price said in the Bell Centre dressing room after morning practice, a hulking, 20-year-old kid eagerly inspecting his new custom-made Vaughn Velocity pads pulled from a duffle bag by Jorg Achenbach, the company’s pro services rep. "It always seems like Christmas when I get new pads."

Here’s the full story from today’s Gazette, and a sidebar about the NHL’s discussions to shrink league goalies in a bid to increase scoring. You’ll also find a photo gallery here of Canadiens goalies through the decades, in what passed for padding during different eras.

Vaughn Custom Sports pro services rep Jorg Achenbach shows Carey Price his new equipment Monday in the Canadiens dressing room.
John Kenney, Gazette


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