Multimedia from the winning room


Audio from the coach, video of the players after 7-2 conquest of the Red Wings.
Needless to say, a happy room.

Randy Cunneyworth audio


  1. AceMagnum says:

    I don’t wanna get in trouble but…. Arpon Basu looks exactly like Peter Sellers in “The Party”…. I mean..come on.

    Birdie Num Num…

  2. montreal ace says:

    I really like the fact, Cole scored the final goal in the game, it just left no doubt that we full marks for our win. After the all star break, I am looking forward to the next 15 games, to see if Randy will be a difference maker with his coaching style. The Habs looked like a very good team tonight, different from the team that started the year off.

  3. dallyd31 says:

    1 regulation loss since the trade of Cammy. Coincidence ???

  4. Shane1313 says:

    AK making 3.25. I would take that time and time again. Such great value.

  5. Shane1313 says:

    This guy Cole, gives everything he has. It’s so nice to see that. Just been waiting for some things to turn around and for the guys to get some confidence. Tonight did that. And playing well against the Pens Friday. Keeping the Leafs crappy on Saturday. Good night for the boys

  6. Stooof says:

    sooo. just did a little math. Habs will need to pick up points at a pace of the top current teams. as in win like detroit has. They need 65 % of the remaining points available. A 20-9-4 record will get them 91 points. anything above that should get them to the dance. but on the other hand id love for htem to just miss it all and hit rock bottom to pick up nail or grigo… of course that wont happen.. dang!

  7. naweed235 says:

    so what happens when White comes back after the A.S. break?
    I guess these lines would make sense:

    MaxPac – DD – Cole
    Gomez – Pleks – Bourque
    Moen – Eller – AK46
    Blunden – White – Nokki/Darche

    Subby – Goerges
    Emelin – Kabs
    Diaz – Gill

  8. Timo says:

    I am in Phoenix so haven’t watched the game but… how is one supposed to interpret a win like that?

  9. Chuck says:

    By the way, who was the goofball on this site who kept claiming that Desharnais didn’t have the tools to play in the NHL?

    • bellcentre hotdog says:

      5 foot 7. 170 pounds. Never drafted. From the Q to the ECHL to Hamilton. He never gave up despite all the criticism.

      And now he’s our number 1 center. And full value. In a season filled with disappointments, DD’s emergence has been a great story this year.

      • VancouverHab says:

        If DD is our number 1 centre, then we quit RIGHT NOW and go for top draft picks.

        Habs fans are either at players’ feet or at their throats. DD is not and never will be a first line centre on any NHL team that wants to be taken seriously. You harm not help DD by trying to make a good 3rd-line NHL player seem like something he obviously isn’t.

    • ProHabs says:

      I think it was Berkshire. He was pumping Gomez’s tire about his Fenwick rating or something like that and dissing Desharnais.

  10. SmartDog says:

    I really like the contribution Bourque makes. He’s a big body, he hustles, he plays smart, scares guys, crashes the net AND converts one now and then.

    Gotta say too, Eric Cole is just what this team has need. He seems to understand and speak the game better than anyone we’ve had in our locker room. I agreee, put the C on this guy. Or at least an A. Gionta…. well, still a good winger. But if you are one of the few who follow my posts (hi Mom, Bro), you know I never thought he was the right leader for this team. Just not enough there (no pun intended). I like the way Cole threw praise around – and not randomly, he put it on the right people – and also didn’t take the bait from some of the reporters. Really articulate, really clear on the job, emphasizing execution – which is 90% of it.

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

    • bellcentre hotdog says:

      Erik Cole is consistently our top forward.

      He skates. He hits. He scores. And he leads by example with his terrific work ethic.

      By far Gauthier’s best move as GM.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Gauthier deserves credit for signing Cole as much as he has earned criticism for the timing of other moves he has made. I can’t think of any of other UFA signing this summer that has had such a tangible impact on a team. Imagine where this team would be without him.

  11. Sean Bonjovi says:

    You can stream a replay of tonight’s games in TSN’s video player. TSN, finally good for something! : )

    “Max Pacioretty could be our Phil Kessel”
    – Sean Bonjovi

  12. aj says:

    looked at TSN website, everything that they’ve been talking about moslty on the Habs is PK Subban. I completely agree with them that he should not be traded. But, isn’t it better that they leave the guy alone and let the Randy Ladouceur help him develop into a mature player? Honestly, I don’t see any sense at all putting him in a very tough spot.

    I like the fact he took accountability in this game right after he got a penalty in the 1st and was benched on the 2nd period. At least he went back to play on the 3rd. However, let’s cut some slack for this kid. I believe he’s going to grow as a better Defenseman under this current coaching staff.

    • montreal ace says:

      PK will learn to take a players number, and wait for his chance to retaliate. They focused the camera on him when he was liberated from his bench time, and he looked like a big kid who just got out of school. I think that he is very enthusiastic, and really has not had the time to develop the emotions, that lead to better decisions on the ice. I feel when he slows the game down, and starts to take advantage of weaknesses in other players games, we will have a very good Dman

      • aj says:

        What he brings to the game that makes it interesting at times is that he view it as fun, and not work. Obviously, he needs to distinguish the difference between playing for the minors and playing for the NHL. Not only do I believe he needs to slow down, he needs to be a team player. I’ve seen him do a one man/lone ranger player move on the 3rd period where he takes the puck and just goes straight to the opposing team’s area on his own. Honestly, he has to stop that and he has to know when to pass the puck and when to drive himself into the opponent’s area. From what I’m seeing right now, the coaching staff are trying to mold this guy into a better teamplayer. Once he gets to that level where his mindset in more team focused and not “PK Subban” fun hockey focused, we will see this guy flourish and should never be asking for him to be traded.

        Subban has a lot of potential, he just needs to grow up! In other words, he needs to “Wake the F*** Up!”

        Anyway, let’s leave this Subban issue and let the coaches figure him out. I’m happy for the big win. ‘Night boys…..

  13. English is not a Crime says:

    In spite of all the kerfuffle, the Habs have only lost one game outright in six tries since they traded Cammalleri for Bourque. 3-1-2 in that span including games with the Wings, Caps, Pens, Rangers, Leafs & Sens. Four strong clubs plus 2 division rivals.

  14. bel33 says:

    Of ALL the games I forgot to set the PVR for!!!! Geez-us!!!
    Came out my hockey game… headed up the the bar with the boys for some beers and nachos… and stopped dead when I saw the first TV set. 5-0 Habs at that point… I was confused.

    Looks like an awesome game.. I’ll have to read a lot of posts here and catch the highlights when I can.

  15. CHasman says:

    I think all the scouts in the house are saying “Who the hell is this David Deharnais guy?” Honestly, watching tonight’s game they would probably be drooling over Cole, Eller, Kostitsyn, Plekanic, Pacoretty, Blunden and Emelin. Just a great effort and they had many scoring chances in the third period to boot. Don’t boo me for saying this but Gomez looked good and Plekanic finally has line mates hustling with him. Just loved it.

    • citizenSanto says:

      “Gomez looked good”
      lol, careful CHasman. the 7-2 victory has put many a poster in a cantankerous mood tonight. That kinda talk will get you hated round here. 😉

      Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
      — Augustine of Hippo

    • colin_nowra says:

      Gomez used to score goals… Then he took an arrow to the knee

      😛 I like Gomez, his speed and his rushes to gain the O Zone especially, Although for a while nothing came out of the.

      When he was gone last year it was obvious no one else really could do the rushes he did, Except maybe PK.

  16. montreal ace says:

    It was nice to see hockey right to the end of the game. I have never been a wings fan, but they stayed classy to the end.

  17. Habfan4lfe says:

    It was a great game but I hope there is a suspension handed out for that knee on Cole. That was intentional to me.

  18. aj says:

    Just watched the whole game. I can only say this to our Montreal Canadiens: THIS IS HOW THEY SHOULD PLAY NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AND GAME AFTER GAME!!!

    Their offensive style of playing here is awesome! excellent Forchecking, excellent puck possession, excellent passing, all 4 lines and 4 blueliners are working offensively and defensively (except those 2 fluke goals they allowed), solid PK, PP, goaltending by the goalie AND it’s players.

    From what I just saw makes me boggled, Why did it took ssssssoooooo long for the Habs to finally figure it out that THIS is the style of playing they should be doing?

    Also, what I find interesting about RC is that most of the wins he got since taking the Head Coaching position (sadly, for this time only) is that most of the wins are on the 3+ goals average. Compare that to Jacques Martin, his defensive approach only produced the Canadiens wins with a 1 or 2 goal leads. I think if the Habs continue to persevere in this level of consistency, they will make the playoffs.

  19. Chuck says:

    Like we needed more proof, tonight was yet another reminder that on any given night the Habs can beat any other team.

    The problem is their consistency. Teams like the Red Wings have been so good for so long because they have team stability, from the management on down.

    Get a good core group of players, groom from within, and keep them together so that they know each other like the back of their own hand. Then, augment as necessary with role players who know their role and are willing to accept it, just like the perfect seasoning on a good steak.

    Montreal has that good core of players. Now the job for management is to provide the stability necessary to let them develop into a great TEAM.

  20. Laramy87 says:

    As per Louis Jean on twitter, Desharnies, Cole and Price all talked about Subbans benching and saying accountability is key.

    Constructive criticism PK. Take it to the bank and work on it, and i think he responded with a good 3rd periond (even though the game was over)

    What a way to head into the all-star break. Lets keep this momentum running againsit Sabres on Tuesday

  21. BLACK ICE says:

    Happy happy happy

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