Multimedia from Monday practice


The Canadiens held a spirited Monday morning practice in Brossard before boarding a flight to Anaheim.
The Max Pacioretty situation is up in the air … literally.

Max-Pac will be on the charter with his teammates when he learns the upshot of a midday phone conversation he had with chief NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan.

AUDIO from Jacques Martin’s press conference


  1. Lafrich says:

    On TSN.CA Kerry Fraser agrees that the whistle should have blown:

    • 44har48 says:

      I was upset our D stood around and didn’t clear the net/take a body, but yeah, I do think the whistle should have blown now after seeing it closer. I didn’t feel that way Saturday night and was pissed at our D…

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      Based on how quickly the refs usually blow the whistle, they have blown it awfully fast against Montreal a bunch of times, the whistle should have been blown for sure.

      However, in reality, they should count a couple seconds after they lose sight of the puck and not blow the whistle instantly.

  2. 44har48 says:

    I’m not sure about this one guys…he clearly (to me) kept his elbow in, as to not cause a dirty hit. I did think it was boarding because he ran at him, but didn’t leave his feet, or again throw the elbow.

    I could go either way on this one but my problem will be the inconsistency in punishment. Malone and Lucic are perpetual offenders thhat I do think intend to do harm and they are never punished. Couple that with Max getting his head rammed into a stanchion and the offender not getting anything, I think I am going to have a real problem with this ruling…

    I have always felt like it is rediculous to assume Refs or League leaders have it out for your team, regardless of the team or the sport, but man, the NHL does appear to be against the Habs.

  3. TommyB says:

    Some thoughts on today’s news……I think Hunter will be a decent coach at the NHL level, and I think his work with the younger players in Juniors over the years is going to pay off big time for him in the pros. He knows what makes the younger players tick…..Boudreau, really, what took McPhee so long?……I’m a little surprised that Muller got the call in Carolina, considering that no NHL team wanted to take a chance on him to start the season. Good luck Kirk, you deserve the opportunity, and I know you will adapt quickly enough……Jacques Martin…..aww #*&% it! …….With Hunter in Washington, how long will it be until we hear the trade “From Montreal to Washington, so and so, with a future prospect thrown in (Tinordi), for Alexander Semin, and a fifth round pick.” ???

  4. Aybara says:

    Pacioretty should be suspended. It fits under the leagues rules about lateral hits and blindside. That being said though, the league should also have suspended Lucic and Malone.

    Even though Patches deserves to get suspended, it’s gonna look really bad if they finally decide to take action when it is a Hab player committing the offense.

    • davelecave says:

      So if a player lines up a legal hit to the body, and then in the last split second the targeted player decides to duck and turn, putting his head at risk, that should be suspended?

      Might as well take hitting out of the game.

      • Aybara says:

        Under the new rules in the NHL a hit to the head warrants a suspension. Patches knew he had him in a vulnerable position and knew there was a possibility of severe injury on the play.

        I know for a fact that all of us would be up in arms if this same hit had occurred to a Hab. This would have been compounded if the player was injured, and in this case it was lucky that Letang wasn’t hurt.

        This is not to say I agree with the rules. I think players know the risks of the game, and hitting someone like this is a good play. This is even more the case when a player puts himself in a vulnerable position the way Letang did and made no effort to avoid Pacioretty.

        Despite that, the NHL says a hit to the head is a suspension, and this is a hit to the head.

    • Rudy says:

      I agree, but how they can do that and not use the same “excuse” for the Malone hit, wasn’t the excuse that Campoli ducked his head at the last second? I agree with a suspension, frustrated that it’s not consistent

    • TINMAN17 says:

      Letang, looked right at him coming, is that still considered the blindside? He knew he either 1) had to take a hit to make the play, 2) didn’t think he was going to get hit if he was shooting or 3) didn’t think Max would hit him at all. It is all very complicated and I’m sure one way or the other, Shanahan, will be vilified by someone or some faction, if you will. But I agree if he is suspended it will look bad for several reasons and we all know them.

      Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

      • Aybara says:

        I agree that there needs to be more responsibility placed on the player being hit. Especially with the new focus on head contact and the possibility for bad luck causing a shoulder to a head.

    • New says:

      He won’t be suspended because it was a clean hit that caused a broken nose. Everybody tells the truth, no suspension.

  5. The Dude says:

    Max is already being punished by being a 2011-12 Hab! Free Patches!!!

  6. kempie says:

    Just because I want to be on the record regarding the Pacioretty hit, here’s what I’m thinking:

    Max has no prior suspension history. That seems to work for Chara.
    The hit seems more like incidental contact with the head as opposed to clearly targeting the head Matt Cooke style. I’m not sure Max went out of his way too much to make the hit or even if he had much of a chance to bail out.

    The Ryan Malone hit on Campoli was much much worse. Malone was looking for trouble all game and, when he couldn’t find any, he made his own. Shanahan declared this an acceptable hockey play, not worthy of suspension.

    The recent Lucic 50 foot run at Miller was also declared an acceptable hockey play unworthy of suspension. (Although I guess Shanahan did declare “oopsie” after the fact).

    And of course the famous Chara on Pacioretty himself play that was ruled to be an acceptable hockey sequence resulting in no suspension. I think we can agree that this incident was much worse than Max on Letang.

    So, based on the above comparisons, nobody could reasonably find that Pacioretty should be suspended for a play that didn’t result in even a minor penalty at the time.

    However, there is the mitigating factor that Pacioretty was wearing a red jersey with a CH on the front. I believe that this will weigh heavily in the decision and that Pacioretty will, accordingly, be suspended for 3-4 games. I’ll be shocked if we see anything other than that.

    • thorandresson says:

      You can’t really use the Chara hit as comparison, I bet you that if Shanaban was in charge last year Chara gets a few games.

      However, with Lucic and Malone it was clear that those 2 were looking to seriously hurt opposing players. Whereas I do not think that was the case with Paccioretty, he even apologized on his next shift.

  7. Malreg says:

    wyshynski Greg Wyshynski
    According to @JoshRimerHockey of XM Home Ice, Pacioretty will be suspended for Letang hit.

    • JIMVINNY says:

      everybody is blowing Rimers tweet out of proportion. He wrote “4” as a replacement for “for”, in order to get under 140 characters. everyone saw “pacioretty”, “suspension”, and “4” in the same tweet and went crazy.

    • Chrisadiens says:

      False report. Wyshynski read the tweet wrong. Was supposed to read “IF, Patches suspended, we wont know until 7”

      Chrisadiens and HabFan10912, one of the few father son tandems on HIO.

  8. Neutral says:

    Unless there’s some wheeling and dealing done between now and april – you won’t have to worry about the habs in the playoffs
    they have some pretty good competition ahead of them and they’re gonna have to play a whole lot better than they’re playing right now to gain any ground – lets put it this way – the teams in front of them are gonna have to start slumping for the Habs to sneak in the playoffs….

  9. Habsolutely says:

    Bob McKenzie thinks Max Pac will get 2-3 games.

  10. ed lopaz says:

    I say Max should NOT be suspended.

    I am usually very upset with head hits, and I was thankful Letang got up from this one.

    But here are the relevant facts:

    1) Max is a 1st time “offender”

    2) No penalty was called on the play – not even 2 minutes for roughing – the refs saw it as a clean hit.

    3) Letang lowered his head to control the puck because Cole had just hooked his stick. Max had already committed to the hit and it was too late to change course.

    4) letang was not seriously injured on the play, and was back in the game only a few minutes later. (broken nose is not a very serious hockey injury by NHL standards)

    Letang’s “lowered head” corresponds exactly to Max’s shoulder.

    Max must be allowed to play the body in that situation.

    If Max simply tries to poke check letang, and he wiffs, letang has a clear path to the “A” shooting area on the ice – and a fantastic scoring chance.

    Max should be fined – amount I have no clue??

    I say no suspension.

    Habs hockey is “smart” hockey – we play 5 man defence, not just 2 – we move up the ice as a 5 man unit, we back check with 5.

    • TINMAN17 says:

      I don’t think he’s a first timer. Didn’t he board someone before and have to sit a game? Am I mistaken?
      Didn’t his visor actually damage his nose?

      Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

      • slychard says:

        Mistaken Masshole. Where you at? i lived in Worcester 5 years. Beautiful state by the way.

        Kiss my hAbSS!!!

        • TINMAN17 says:

          My B, sly. I could have sworn he sat for boarding before, maybe just a game misconduct.
          Worcester! Bro, you were off the map. Might as well be Springfield! Dedham, here, close enough to throw a baseball into the back end of Boston, literally. Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston is at the end of my street.
          It is really a nice state, tons of history, very liberal (sort of), plenty of colleges and universities. Why’d you leave? I left for a time while I was in the Army.

          Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

    • G-Man says:

      Relevant facts:
      1. IS the player receiving the hit wearing the CH? If so, no suspension.
      2. IS the player delivering the hit wearing the CH? If so, minimum 2 games.
      Either that or the Shanahan Wheel of Ineptitude gets spun.

    • habs-hampton says:

      on point #2, just because the refs are incompetant, doesn’t mean a player gets a free pass. That is not a factor.

      Time’s up, JM must go!

  11. TINMAN17 says:

    Just surfing the net and apparently this is the only site where the consensus is that Max should get no suspension. It appears every fan of every other team thinks Max is a Hanson Brother.
    So silly.
    B’s fans comparing him to Matt “career ender” Cooke, other Canadian teams’ fans are comparing him to Lucic, Cooke, the Wiz, and Chara.
    American fans, I’m one so take it easy in the comments section, seem to not be aware of what is legal, illegal and what the NHL’s actual rules are.
    For instance, on, someone, ok, it was an American, wrote “there was blood, so that equals a suspension.” , here’s another gem, ” he broke his nose, the nose is on the face, the face is on the head, it’s a head shot, it’s a suspension.” What does one make of all this?

    Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

    • shiram says:

      Who cares what others thing, Shanny will just roll a dice, and that will decide on the suspension…

      Randy for HC!

      • TINMAN17 says:

        I thought he flipped a coin, heads = suspension, tails = play on. I thought he rolled the die or dice, which ever the case may be, to determine the amount of games suspended or minutes he needs to explain no suspension, whichever the case may be.

        Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

    • habs-hampton says:

      Actually I think most posters here feel he should get something. I haven’t added it up, but I don’t think Habs fans are quite as bad as portrayed.

      I say 2 games, and it is the right number.

      Time’s up, JM must go!

      • TINMAN17 says:

        I’ve been reading a lot of the posts and I think mostly people would be cool with a suspension if they were handed out fairly, but , seeing how they are not, most on here think his transgression was lesser than others that got no suspension, ergo, no suspension is what I’m feeling on here.

        Born and Bred in Enemy Territory (Boston).

  12. Bripro says:

    So AM990 were just saying that the decision on Max won’t be announced until after Shanahan has spoken with Max after he lands in Anaheim.

  13. GrimJim says:

    Beaulieu, Bournival and Gallagher named to the Team Canada tryout squad
    (Apologies if it was discussed on a previous thread)

    • Brazhabs says:

      Saw that, and is is great. I feel as though with all else that has been going on today this story has sort of gotten lost, and it actually is very significant. All three have a legitimate chance at making the squad, but I feel Gallagher is a shoe in, Beaulieu may get the 5th or 6th D spot and Bournival’s recent injury may make it harder for him to keep up with the competition and cement a place on the roster. Also I was really hoping Ellis would have gotten an invite, though with so many talented Canadian Defensive prospects I suppose he got lost in the fold. There is still the off chance he can get an invite if he keeps up the style of play he has been playing the past few weeks.

    • slychard says:

      Was wondering bout Bournival since he was out for awhile. Good to hear he made it. Thx

      Kiss my hAbSS!!!

  14. So the Habs are last in the division on the one hand, but only 5 points out of 4th in the conference with their most expensive players giving practically nothing (Cammy, Gomer, Gionta, Markov) on the other…

    Am I feeling glass half full or glass half empty…

  15. naweed235 says:

    8 Games for Max Pacioretty…
    Is what we should expect given the following facts:
    1) He is not a Bruin
    2) He is a Montreal Canadien
    3) The player who got hit was a Pinguin

  16. The Dude says:

    Cammy smiling and being careful of what to say,lol

  17. habsnyc says:

    To get 95 points, montreal needs to play on a 102+ point pace for the remaining 70% of the season. Montreal has not been a top eight team in their conference at any point this season. The task is daunting for this lineup but acheivable should the more talented players return to the ice in the near term.

    Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

    • Bripro says:

      There’s enough parity in the league with games won and lost by a goal that they could still make the playoffs. Let’s assume your right and they need 95 points +/-.
      Therefore, they currently are missing 71 of them, therefore roughly 36 games, with 58 games to play. That’s 62%.
      So it’s not quite as dire as you’ve stated.
      If team A shows up, even without Markov, they’ve shown us that it’s possible.
      But if team B decides to show up, which means nobody, then they might as well play like nobodies for the rest of the year and run after that sought-after top draft pick that many here are pushing for.
      You know……the blow-em-up bloggers.

      • habsnyc says:

        there is too much parity in this league. there are great players in the league but no great teams. even the teams that barely spend are good enough to beat the better teams on any given night.

        sure montreal can put it together. i didn’t mean to imply it was dire. at any point in the next 20 games a six game winning streak and they are in it and a six game losing streak and they are in last place. in theory price could just play incredible for 10 games and the team makes the playoffs.

        Blue, blanc et rouge. Red and White for Canada. Blue for Smurfs.

      • Sharks9 says:

        Not even 36 when you take into account points for OT/shootout losses. Probably 32 or 33 wins in 58 games would get us 95 points.

        25 before 14

    • ludwig44 says:

      Not going to happen with The Count as coach – even when/if all key injured players come back. The horrible start was a premonition to the habs not making it in this year….

  18. slychard says:

    A little curious as to the coming response to the Max call will be from the bruins “commentariat” but I have no patience or the stomach to troll myself. Should any Habber be willing to troll the site once the decision is handed ( suspension or not ) I would be much oblige’d should they post a synopsis of the masshole’s hysteria. Thank you.

    PS: I said a ‘little’ curious, so make it brief.
    A thousand words should do.
    Thanks again.

    Kiss my hAbSS!!!

  19. boonie says:

    I’ve been reading HIO long enough to know not to get involved, but with all the coaching changes, this seemed like a big day for the NHL and it highlights one of my favorite (yep, I live in the ‘States) words — INCONSISTENCY. In this case, the vast difference in expectations between Hab management/ownership and us fans (we fans?)… Any who…

    Three teams fired coaches already, St. Louis, Carolina and Washington. In-season changes signal that the team’s performance is unsatisfactory relative to EXPECTATIONS. For the Blues and Caps, this meant playing .500 (more on this later) or better was unacceptable. Carolina is just a mess (albeit with a Cup-finalist coach, so there).

    Clearly, Messrs. Molson and Gauthier find our record acceptable. We know this because, they have not fired Jockey and haven’t made meaningful roster changes. I don’t include promoting Bulldogs to play de minimis minutes on the fourth line a signal. Limping out of the starting gate, was unacceptable and cost Pearn a cushy gig tap guys on the shoulder to let them know when to hit the ice.

    On the other hand, pre-season HIO posts were calling for a top-4 finish in the East and long playoff run. The conventional wisdom went something like this, “we were one goal away from beating the Cup winners, and Cole is a major upgrade over Pouliot, so all is good in Habland.”

    Ladies and gentlemen we are out of sync with our owners. We expect to win, where they expect to middle.

    Let’s look at the facts (’cause without ’em I’ll get tossed under the troll bus). In 1262 games, Martin’s record is 600-469-119-64, good for 1393 point and a .552 points percentage. Since the lock out (new rules, OTLs, cap era) he is 193-163-0-54 in 410 games. Good for 440 points and a .537 points percentage. Gauthier is worse. 738-289-341-79-29 686 points and .465 overall; and 410-171-179-31-29 for 402 points and a .490 points percentage.

    With OTL inflation the average team gets between 92 and 94 points now, redefining “.500” as .567. From the things that make you go hmmmm, it’s amazing how similar that is to the number of points is typically takes to make the playoffs (when 16 out of 30 are in…).

    So, expectations. We have a coach and GM combo well below the average in a post-lockout era and we are (A) disappointed; (B) surprised; (C) angry that changes are not forthcoming when we play sub “.500” hockey. Don’t be.

    Unless ownership changes their expectations, the chasm between our hopes and this team’s reality will be a big ol’ INCONSISTENCY.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Agree with A ,B ,C and the hole Alph…dammit and worse they is no good coach out there left

    • 24 Cups says:

      I’m not sure were you got the “top four finish and long playoff run” from in terms of HI/) expectations. Markov’s non start to the season pretty killed any notion of that happening.

      St Louis? They have been building for a long time with really below average results. Something had to give there in terms of structure and discipline.

      Washington? A few years ago, Boudreau was the new darling in town. The guy who did a great job in the AHL and could relate to the rising young stars on the team. Guess what? Stars rule in sports. Now is the time for Washington to win the Cup as all the pieces are in play. I guess the feeling was to make a change now so that there would be 55 games for a new guy to made core attitudinal alterations to the team’s mindset. Hunter can kick butt but he lacks any pro experience. We’ll see.

      Carolina – Rutherford covers his butt by firing Maurice, even though he must know that there is a talent void on the team. Maurice falls on his sword (again) to save the emperor.

      Columbus – I’m a little surprised that nothing has gone down yet as both GM and coach could walk the plank. Losing the two big new additions really hurt the team. It also helps to have a goalie.

      Anaheim – They love Caryle but this team is the NHL’s version of the Titanic. They may hit an iceberg before Santa loads his sleigh. On the other hand, a loss here on Wednesday by Montreal could put the Habs in freefall.

      • boonie says:

        The top 4 thing seem like the prevailing sentiment – and still could happen, not a specific quote.BTW – I agree with your comments regarding stl, ana, colombus, carolina and washington. It speaks to the mindset of the team’s owners. Stl and washington expect more, so make the change to kick some tail.
        Carolina needs a long term change and obviously liked muller. Maurice’s contract was up at year end and rutherford needs to build a team for the new coach.

        The blue jackets made their big changes and have low expectations for the balance of the season. Anaheim thinks they have a winner in Randy and talent, but something is just isn’t working.

    • LafleurFan says:

      I think Laviolette had replaced Maurice as coach when Justin Williams severely injured Saku’s eye and the Hurricane went on to be the 2006 Cup Winners. Don’t think Maurice has won anything substantial.

      “May you live in interesting times.”

  20. slychard says:

    I was miffed at Max making the zero list. It’s the attitude they put forth of partial reporting and non-gamer’ism they try to display that makes them take it to the extreme. Max’s hit was no where near as bad as they make it to be. I saw it. Simple case of body shifting during a play. But who am I to judge.

    Kiss my hAbSS!!!

    • Mattyleg says:

      You read Jack Todd??
      He only writes when there’s a bandwagon in town that he can hitch a ride on, because he can’t hold himself up.

      —Hope Springs Eternal—

  21. shiram says:

    Who knows what Shanahan will pull out of his magical suspension hat, or is it a wheel of misfortune.
    The guy set out to make it clear what was a suspension, and what is not, and with only pre-season and under 25 games per team, it’s still so confusing and completely nonsesical.

    Randy for HC!

  22. habstrinifan says:

    Two posts, which I have pasted below, well illustrate the conundrum for HABS fans.

    Given that our team over the last 3 regular seasons (and let’s not been fooled by the playoffs abnomaly) have performed at a mediocre or below level and given that we seem not to have one player who has roared to the elite status among their competitors.

    Are our players lousy(drafting-trades-acquisitions) or is our coaching group incompetent.

    Facts dont lie. This team IS NO LONGER even considered a serious contender. Why?

    There are franchises in ANY league which have become so middle-of-the pack that even their ‘cant miss’ stars lose their shine .. and they exist only to be an ‘opponent’. Are we on the path to becoming one of them.


    vic says:
    November 28, 2011 at 08:14 This team is finished.The scoring has been removed by the coach and his system of defence defence,Players no longer get in close to the net.they are trained to take a shot from way out and turn back.So many players being ruined .Suban no longer making rushes held back by the coaching.
    I dont think this team has a chance this year or any in future until a mangement change is done

    G-Man says:
    November 28, 2011 at 08:42 The scoring has been removed by inept shooting. Blaming the coach for scoring problems is like blaming squirrels for the trees: nonsense.

    • Hobie Hansen says:

      We’re simply a bit too small at the core and a player or two away from being a serious contender. Bottom line.

      If the Habs were to minus Gomez and spend that $7 mill on two $3.5 mill players, that would probably turn the ship in the right direction.

  23. Psycho29 says:

    Was reading Jack Todd’s column (don’t ask me why!), anyone know why Gregory Charles (the anthem singer) made his “Zeros” list?????

    • habs-hampton says:

      Max’s hit was bad (arguably), but to put him in the zero list with those other clowns is just wrong.
      Jack Todd should be on the zero list.

      Time’s up, JM must go!

      • Psycho29 says:

        I was at the game and it looked bad.

        I watched the replay in slow motion when I got home, and just before the hit, Cole kind of slowed Letang up enough to get him off balance and go lower.
        I seem to remember the same thing happen to Campoli just before Malone hit him. (Resulting in no suspension)

      • thorandresson says:

        We all know Todd is a clown himself.

        Max Pac’s hit was bad, but his intention was not to hurt Letang, it was just a bad play on his part. He even went to apologize on his next shift.

        • ffenliv says:

          That’s why I figured he’d get maybe 2 games. I wouldn’t call it ‘clean’ but it wasn’t malicious, either. Curiously, that’s the same opinion I had
          of the Chara hit on Max, though I figured he’d get a few more. I guess that’s a fan’s bias for you.

          The downside to all this is that it is a dangerous game for the league to play. In that situation, you HAVE to hit the guy. You can’t just let him have a clean lane to the net. However, the speed at which things happen there probably exceeds the ability of any player to really control too well. So in this situation Max goes for the hit, and ends up breaking a nose.

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