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“It’s never easy to not win a hockey-crazed market like Montreal,” Josh Gorges said. “The expectations are that much greater.
But the expectations of Canadiens fans are being readjusted with each loss.

AUDIO of Randy Cunneyworth


  1. Prairienewf says:

    AWESOME POSTS GUYS! Truly awesome. Nothing to add except “FAIL FOR NAIL”. Think Bruins a few years ago coming off a 50+ win season they tanked, sold Kessel and grabbed Seguin, etc, and look at them now. It’s tough on us true blue Mtl fans as Mtl isn B-town or hog town but its time to do this right once and for all. Get a bonified superstar to go with our ‘supporting staff’.

    FAIL FOR NAIL or Grig.

  2. habsmandes says:

    I think to want to trade Pleks is a huge error, he’s been good every year he’s been with us almost. He’s a sure value, he’s signed, and at a good cap rate, we don’t know what we are getting back form the draft even if it’s the 1st choice. I’ve seen way too many drafts when we had a good pick and got crap. Even AK should stay for another year, he said he’ll take less even. Give him the chance to prove himself, and if during the year he’s as saw toothed, when the time is right let him go. We don’t have a team to win next year and possibly not even the year after, but we’ve got a good core who will get better.
    Keep that good core. Offer Gill an assistant coach job, if you want to start him in the AHL fine. I think he feels his end approaching and would be wise to start his transition. Although I admire what Cunnyworth has tried to do with the boys, I think Robinson would be much better. He’s coached and played at every level in all circumstances. He’s played with some of the greatest players in the world, and coached a few, and he also has coached Gionta and Gomez before. He’s one of our glory boys. I don’t know why the team never gave him a chance, from what I had heard he was really interested in coaching in Montreal. I think once the season is done we should bring him in. i think we should talk to him right now about next year before anyone else has a chance.

    • Chris says:

      Larry Robinson has zero interest in being a head coach in any market at this point in his career due to health issues. He certainly isn’t going to come to Montreal for that role.

      Robinson, through his agent, expressed interest in an assistant coach position and/or a team ambassador. He was never interested in the head coaching position.

      As for talking to him right now, he is under contract until the summer with the New Jersey Devils. They would have to grant permission to talk to him, which they are unlikely to do mid-season. You can’t talk to another team’s personnel mid-season without permission or you get hit with tampering charges (typically fines, but as high as loss of draft picks).

    • RetroMikey says:

      Pleks is nothing more than a third line centre now, very overrated and after signing that big fat contract, he has not been the same player as in previous years, too fragile to play the big game in front of the net for a CMAn. Take the money and run as they say.
      Funny how we offer big fat contracts to players like Gio, Pleks, Gomer, etc…and their play has diminished.
      Cunneyworth stays with the club in my opinion, he is a good mentor and will make a fine coach, he’ll be better than a Robinson or Muller or GAetan Boucher everyone is harping on this site to be the next coach.
      Can’t say that for the rest of our team he has assembled.
      I’s start shopping everyone if I were PG, everyone!
      Even if Markov came back next season, do you all feel he will be that player he once was? I say no.
      Once Gionta comes back, I believe he should give up his “C” on our club and give it to Gorges, whose earned it on our club.
      And one last thought, what about those Maple Laffs, eh? No surprise on my end. A bunch of no namers who play hard every game and keep on hanging in there and just might make the playoffs while we are going to be bottom feeder cellar dwellers for a very long time. Shame on us where we could have been bigger years ago but chose the route of old firewagon hockey which is a thing of the past in today’s NHL.
      We should be ashamed with the team we have. The writing was on the wall seasons ago but many fans or even the media could not accept it and just hoped we would improve and do some damage in the playoffs.
      Tank I say! Tank!

      “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

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