Multimedia: Canadiens win 3-1


Randy Cunneyworth is expanding his French vocabulary.
After beating Winnipeg, the coach said he was “très content.”
Cunneyworth’s Saturday night media briefing began with “Je suis fier de Alex Emelin.”
Give him 500 wins behind the Canadiens’ bench and the coach will be functionally bilingual.

AUDIO of Randy Cunneyworth


  1. roady says:

    why am I racist if I say something anti-french…like we don’t need a coach who can speak french, because WE DON’T !! But if I were to picket with an anti-english sign…it’s all good….don’t forget your fleur des lis…bullshit !!…Now I’ll get barred from the website by the moderators…can’t win…Go Habs…but they won’t make the playoffs, said that all along….guess that makes me a bad fan too…stop acting like fools Montreal…wake the hell up

    take your drink to the end of the bar buddy…come on now, don’t be a fool…

  2. CF says:

    AK and Emelin were our best players on the ice.
    AK has to be re-signed, we cannot let a big, strong, fast, bull, who we developed leave this team. I feel the same, but not quite as strongly for Moen. It’s two guys who fit in the room, and who play the type of hockey that fans can be proud of.
    RC is doing what most intelligent hockey people would do, he’s playing to the strengths, and it’s using players like Emelin and Blunden more and more. He understands that size and strength pay dividends.
    The line of Gio, Pleks, and Cammy are just too small. Teams push them around. They can get some shots with their niftyness, but it’s usually from the outside. It doesn’t work.
    RC seems to understand that Gill is best used on the PK, and not big minutes 5-5 because he’s simply too slow.
    RC seems to also understand that Campoli and Kaberle (two of PG’s pick-ups are not quality D men in this league.) Kaberle can be useful on the PP, he can pass, but he’s just wayyyyy to soft 5-5, and Campoli is cut from the same cloth.

    But probably the most important attribute to RC is making many people realize just how poor of a coach Martin was.
    Benching Emelin for making mistakes, Playing Cole 15 minutes a game, his choices of shooters in penalty shots, his reluctance to use the speed after taking a lead, etc, etc, etc….
    Awesome to see confindence in players like Blunden. He plays his guts out, he’s big, strong, and what do you know, he scored last night by going to the net with energy. Martin would have had him nailed to the bench.
    It’s fun the watch the team again. I really like RC.
    Someone in Montreal should organize a small cheering section for him outside of the BC before the next game. Have CBC cover this.

  3. Seps says:

    Whether we make the playoffs or not and whether Cunneyworth gets resigned or not, there’s one thing we can all thank RC for, and that’s for bringing out the big first line centre we’ve been looking for, for so long. And who would’ve known we had it already on our team with Lars Eller. He has an unbelievable amount of potential that was smushed aside under the Count, but Cunneyworth has brought it out and it is fun to watch him play. Thank you RC.

  4. slapshot777 says:

    Hopefully now the Habs continue this streak against the Blues. With Elliot getting the shutout tonight for the Blues, who do you think gets the start against the Habs? Halak or Elliot

    • mb says:

      Halak is getting the start:
      engelheather Heather Engel
      As expected, but now confirmed. RT @lkorac10: Ken Hitchcock confirms that Halak will in fact start Tuesday at Montreal. #stlblues #habs

  5. RS says:

    I’m an anglo but I love the Habs in part because they are a French Canadian institution. Les Canadiens are not just another hockey team! Honestly, I can really sympathize with those who think that the coach should be able to speak french. Ideally they should have a bilingual coach.

    The practical reality however, it that they don’t right now and RC is a pretty good guy to take on the position. Monsieur Gauthier should step up and hold regular press conferences en francais. He should make himself a regular spokesperson for the media and let RC coach the team.

    I loved the fact that Blunden scored tonight with his folks (longtime Hab fans) in the building. Eller’s parents were thrilled the other night, now Blunden’s folks. Nice.

    • mb says:

      I totally agree with your post. I think PG should hold more than two press conferences a year, for a change, and have the role to communicate with the fan base (en français). RC, as a coach, should coach, period. Now if he wants to speak english, french, spanish, russian or japanese to his players, then let it be.
      And as a francophone, I can tell you that personaly, I appreciate the one french sentence RC says at the beginning of his pressers. I just think he’s showing interest and it looks like he’s handling the situation pretty well!

      • G-Man says:

        As a French Canadian, I appreciate the fact that RC, under very trying circumstances, is doing exactly that. As a fan, I am appreciating what he is doing with the double-shifting of certain players, giving they and the 4th line a much-needed boost. Tonight, he double-shifted DD and Pleks and occasionally Eller. Nokia was a healthy scratch tonight.

    • Tis Himself says:

      Winning is all that matters sport. You think the NY Yankees give a rat’s ass damn what lingo the manager speaks so long as he wins games?

  6. showey47 says:

    Iggy gets his 500th,congrats

  7. Tis Himself says:

    You know, if James Wolfe had not been a gentleman, this would have been solved long ago.

    • mb says:

      Wow, what a stupid comment.

      See, I think that rally was stupid. But it’s people like you that drive these people to protest.

      • Tis Himself says:

        Oh God, just give it up! One of the most important moments in your history celebrated it’s 250th anniversary three years ago and there was no mention of it whatsoever in fear of upsetting a certain group of people.

        • mb says:

          I’m not even going to argue with you, nor respond to you if you reply, because you are totally not worth it.

          But let me tell you this: You can claim to be a supporter of this team all you want, but if you can’t even show a little respect for its history and for the players who made it survive through a hundred years, then you are not a fan, regardless of where you are from and what language you speak.

          • Tis Himself says:

            Whoa, boy! There were many, many Anglos who helped make this team successful, many of whom like me were Catholic. Indeed, an Irish Catholic founded the damned franchise. Have you ever seen this team even win a Cup in your lifetime? I was there the last time they did in 1993.

    • RS says:

      With an attitude like that you should go cheer for the Leafs.

      • Tis Himself says:

        No, like Sherman’s “March to the Sea” there is something to be said about putting things behind you once and for all! After 9/11, wouldn’t it have been so much better if the US just nuked the bastards rather than drag this pathetic thing out?

        • G-Man says:

          I’m not particularly a fan of glowing in the dark. Considering the US did not retaliate against the country that 19 of the terrorists came from, I am gladder conventional means were used.

          • Tis Himself says:

            I was driving to work in lower Manhattan that morning when the plane hit the North Tower. I was telling the folks I worked with what I saw when the second hit the South Tower. A bunch of guys I played pickup with worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. And, I was across the street at 7 World Trade the first time they tried it. I would kill them all and go for a victory meal: a beer and a ham sandwich!

  8. slapshot777 says:

    Starting tonight with this protest. This should put an end to all this French bullsh!t. Everyone, especially in Montreal should be voicing their opinions on radio, tv, newspaper. By whatever means possible make it loud and make it clear that the language issue is dead. That the fans want a winning hockey team no matter how it is done. Whether it be with an English coach, a French coach, or whatever.

    From now on this team has to work like the other 29 teams and that is whenever there is a position opening in the organization you put the best person in that position no matter what language they speak, because in the end of the day a winning product is what everyone is looking for.

    Once a winning teams in place you will never hear from anyone bitching about petty stuff like language or why color shoes he was wearing or that he was chewing gum while talking.

    Winning promotes happy times and happy times makes it fun for everyone including the owner who makes money. You think those same protestors tonight care if Molson makes any money, hell they don’t care if we lot this team to another city. All these morons think about is that someone in this city should speak French. I’m surprised that they don’t want the tourists who visit the city to learn the language.

    • G-Man says:

      The protesters who were out there tonight are not hockey fans and couldn’t care less about the Canadiens. The bigger fuss people make about this, the bigger it will grow. I am in the FIMO™ Movement.
      For those who do not recognize the acronym, it means F@$% It Move On.

  9. vegas says:

    we need a tri-lingual coach. We have more Italians than french Canadiens on the team

  10. G-Man says:

    Nice, hardworking win tonight against a team with snipers that only need a few chances to win a game. The D, aside from a few burps, played great, Price was solid and the forwards didn’t let up.
    Glad posters here aren’t over-reacting regarding the paltry “protest”. 😉

  11. Propwash says:

    Even if the team doesn’t make the playoffs this year, I’d like to see Cunneyworth behind the bench again next season.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  12. habsfanforever7631 says:

    I really feal for Randy, seriously.
    Put your self in his spot.
    Your boss appolagised for hiering you!
    There is articals on how you can’t speek french!
    There’s also about 200 people protesting on why your boss hiered you.
    Pretty sad…

  13. habsfan1001 says:

    i haven’t missed a habs game in years but i agree they r not sitting back like JM wanted and now we r winning. Thank u RC

  14. Trisomy 21 says:

    Caught some highlights for the Bruins game, and they were at it again. Lucic hops off the bench to get into a scrum and Marchand submarines Salo’s knee. I bet they get off scott free.

  15. habsfanforever7631 says:

    A big differince in the players comments, before when JM was there they would say, (not in exact words) “we weren’t told to sit back, but we just did.” “The coach never tells us to sit back we just did.” yeah rite! “We didn’t play full 60 mins.” and that stuff.
    Now, there actually giving credit to the coaches, Max Pac said, and again not exact words,
    “It was easier to hold the lead because we had a lot of comunication with the coaches.” The last two games they have been saying how nice t is to not sit on there leads, and to forcheck.
    I see a big differince!
    Wonder what those Protesters thought after this win?

    Randy! Randy! Randy!
    Playoffs here we come!
    Go Habs Go!

  16. habsfan1001 says:

    Did anybody see the interview between RC and EF on CBC Randy almost seemed like he was alone trying to turn this around without the help from PG and Molson that’s why we have to stand for Randy

  17. Vid says:

    nice to see one of the 4th liner’s score a goal.

    Still I’ll wait until habs string together a good winning streak against good teams before getting any hopes up. Regardless I think should still trade one or two vets for picks/prospects before the trade deadline no matter how the team is doing at that point.

  18. habsfan0 says:

    I know it’s stretching things quite a bit,but it would be poetic justice if Cunneyworth duplicated Al MacNeil’s feat and led Habs to the Stanley Cup this year. Headline in french press next day would be: “Merde! Un instructeur anglophone mene les Canadiens au Coupe Stanley”

    • CanadienBoy says:

      AK play is best game, the man handle the puck like a center sure make Cammy look well bad , Cunny getting the best of is players and Cole smiling and cheering the young buck all the time

    • Just A Guy says:

      If I’m not mistaken they sent MacNeil down to the AHL after he won the cup. I do agree though, if Cunnyworth is able to turn this team around and get into the playoffs, it doesn’t have to be much, he will make the habs organization look like the complete hypocrites they are when it comes to putting the best product on the ice. This is all hypothetical though, and the sample size is small, but it does appear that the habs are having more fun out there and that bodes well for their enthusiasm to close out games.

  19. NCRhabsfan says:

    Lest we forget, NOW is the time to send Gomez to Hamilton, forever!!!

  20. ooder says:

    did we win in english or french tonight?
    The 2010-11 Stanley Cup was not won, but given

  21. JUST ME says:

    Neat game tonight. Not that we were facing a big team but any game is a challenge these days and the habs were up to it. Again many players got involved and very few passengers so it`s a good sign. AK can be such a bulldozer when he wants ! Diaz and Emelin also did good.
    It`s actually a nice change to see the Habs rocking the oponent instead of the opposite…
    Poor Marc-André Bergeron really had a tough night .Not because he is not a Hab anymore but in the D zone he is useless.
    About the french demonstration outside the Bell Center (as if it was worth to write about it ) what a brilliant comment cited on la presse web site from someone saying that he would rather see a bad french hockey team …Just show how stupid the whole thing is…The issue with the french language should be delt with mister Charest and culture minister St-Pierre.

    People have their priorities crooked..Shows why hockey is said to be a religion in MTL.

      • JUST ME says:

        Do not agree. Hockey has nothing to do with the french issue,culture,Harper ,Charest. It is a totally different debate and if it should be delt with it sure is not about an interim coach or an athlete for that matter.

      • Sean Bonjovi says:

        Violation of the same law that saved western canadians from starvation for a large part of the last century likely WOULD upset some people.

        “If ownership cared about Habs fans, or Habs wins the Habs would play home games in the last two weeks of December”
        – Sean Bonjovi

  22. slapshot777 says:

    @ prohabs

    Since your in front of the Bell Centre, do you see any fire trucks or ambulances?

  23. habsfan1001 says:

    R we Hab fans going to to allow idiots who are not even hockey dictate to us who coaches our team Give RC a chance I see a different team already. Give him a chance and let’s all get to gether and let Molson know

  24. Mike D says:

    Not sure how many of you watched the player clips above, but the players seemed to make an extra effort to show support to RC and his coaching methods. Good on the boys for doing that on a night like tonight given the nonsense in front of the Bell Centre, AND most importantly, for coming through on the ice tonight.

    I get the feeling the players aren’t just giving lip service here either. They genuinely seem happy about the style of play he’s implementing.

    – Honestly yours

  25. showey47 says:

    According to luc gelinas on twitter there are 4 firetrucks and 3 ambulances at the bell center

    LucGelinas Alerte d’incendie au Centre Bell. 4 camions de pompiers et 3 ambulances

  26. Ian Cobb says:

    I thought we had a team that could win our division at the start of this season. I did not know that we did not have a coach that could not put the right players together and had no confidence in the kids.

    I am now reassured that we still have a very good team and now we have a coach that will keep the chemistry together and growing. It will be very close, but we just might make it into the post season.

  27. krob1000 says:

    Since we are alwys loooking for a 4th line center…what about another Dane? Franz Nielsen…can kill penalties put u[p a few points and is very adept defensively..(he was a plus 13 on the Isles last year). I remember reading a Hoc key News where the players rated him one of the top 10 most underated in the league….his salary? 550 thousand. Franz Nielsen many said should ahve been on the Selke ballot last year….A guy like him could really lighten the load on the PK and defensively

  28. Muckbringer says:

    Je tiens les ventilateurs français serait-forme frigg nord est off et obtenir leur propre équipe

  29. price365 says:

    we have three lines playing good right now – the fourth line work hard and protect – but their production is only 2- goals – need a four line team if we make the playoffs – it’s ok to protect but a few bonus goals always help and that’s where they have to come from the 4th line.

  30. smiler2729 says:

    Boy, does Tampa Bay ever suck!
    Star players, golden boy coach (according to everyone here) and MUCHO SUCKAGE!!!

    Jack Edwards sucks chowdah chunks

  31. habsfan1001 says:

    Hab fans have to stand up for Randy. We cannot allow a bunch of idiots , who r not even hockey fans, ruin the best hockey in the last 2 years we have had. We have to to go the Bell Center 20,000 or more to send a message to Molson

  32. Danno says:

    Je suis tres fier de Randy Cunneyworth


    “Hey Richard, two minutes for looking so good!”

  33. krob1000 says:

    Anyone notice that for the first time since he has been here…Gill…walked 15-20 fett leaterally…and looked to actually pass that puck to Blunden instead of his usual around the boards? was nice to see Hal do that…
    AK was great as was Eller again….I hope people are starting to believe in Eller a little more
    Emelin is awesome…..might need someone tough back there to drop em for him every now and then though
    Gio brought a lot of energy…..nice to see him back …he looked really happy at the end there and you can tell the guys love having him around
    Pleks looked good again too ….
    Pacioretty had some jump again….still afraid to hit and get suspended but had more jump again
    DD…..just gets it done
    Cole….sick o fpraising this guy….he looks like he did when he played against us all the time….too bad he didn’t do that his whole career
    Price and the rest of the D……did enough

  34. CHasman says:

    The Eller line played another great game. Kostitsyn was a mean old bear out there and had another sparkling play that he failed to cash in on. Deharnais was superb, I wish Cammalleri was as committed as he is. Too many soft plays by Squid. He did have a great scoring chance that he created though so I’ll give him that. Cole, Patches, Emelin, Gorges, and Blunden all played really good games. Gionta played hard, my man Plecanec did not. Another softie by Price, but he made up for it. Still, he’s letting in too many cheapies. Solid third period tonight. Personally I don’t like the seven D but that’s only my opinion. So happy to have two wins in a row.

  35. Ian Cobb says:

    Hey bigots!
    How do you like the way Mr. Cunnyworth is speaking French, two points at a time!

  36. OldGrover says:

    Chances of making the playoffs are up to 21%! Not bad, since they were barely 10% two games ago. (Monte Carlo analysis – gotta love it)

    If Pleks, Cammi and Gionta can get rolling, this team might actually make it. And if they make it, well, anything can happen.

    • Muckbringer says:


    • Sean Bonjovi says:

      Does that Monte Carlo analysis factor Andrei Markov into the equation?

      “If ownership cared about Habs fans, or Habs wins the Habs would play home games in the last two weeks of December”
      – Sean Bonjovi

      • OldGrover says:

        No – it uses a formula to compare the winning percentages of the teams for each game into the future, gets a percentage for each possible outcome for that game, randomly picks one using those percentages. Once it has done that for every game left to play in the entire season, that’s one run for one season. It then repeats the runs a few million times, looks at all the results and uses those to calculate the chances of making the playoffs (and the chances of making any particular final position). It takes absolutely nothing into account except the winning percentages of the team as of this moment and the upcoming schedule.

  37. daveho29 says:

    Entertaining game, like games where the refs let the players play a fast paced physical game and not call every little thing.

    Edit:except for all the giveaways and offsides of course.

  38. --Habs-- says:

    Emelin is turning the corner! He’s showing signs of what was expected. Took a bit of time but hey he’s looking really good right now! I still think the Habs should have picked up Orr on waivers when TO sent him down. We may need his muscle if we turn this around. A little protection may make the smaller players play bigger.

  39. habsfan0 says:

    Too bad nobody on l’Antichambre has the courage to ask Tretiak: “If Bobby Clarke hadn’t deliberately broken Valeri Kharlamov’s ankle with a vicious two handed chop, would Canada still have won the series?”

  40. gatorhabs says:

    Je suis tres fier de Mr. Cunneyworth.

  41. aj says:

    I listened to Scotty Bowman’s interview w/ 990 last December and he did mentioned about a guy, who I forgot the name, did a Berlitz course for French. Maybe that’s RC is doing at the moment to speed up the language.

    • Muckbringer says:

      the sad thing is he could learn plenty of french by next year and they still wont care. i say this is why we need the nordiques

      • aj says:

        That’s true. I agree with you that the franphone ppl here really don’t give a damn if he would speak to them in french. Glendale is not wanting the Coyotes to stay come next season. So the Anglos who are managing that team would probably might do a Berlitz course in french if they do decide to go up to Quebec City.

  42. habaholic68NJ says:

    RC is starting to put a very positive and entertaining stamp on this team. Mr. Molson, fire Mr. Goat, hire a real GM and if RC can truly turn this team around and make noise in the post season, remove that silly interim title and let him learn to speak french over time. Winning is the key. When I moved away from MTL 25 years ago, no one complained when a guy named Bowman coached this team.

    *Listen to my instrumental tribute entitled “Habs at War” at

  43. RockinRey says:

    Nice to see him get another win. I hope he goes on to become fluent and maybe the flack will die down.

  44. ProHabs says:

    Cunneyworth is the man. Good for him. I wonder if Bertrand Raymond can even say 2 words in proper English.

  45. durocher says:

    Emelin is a beast — him and Gorges set the model for the backend, Cole, Max Power, DD, and Eller for the offense

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