Multimedia: Canadiens end season with win over Leafs


Randy Cunneyworth, in what was probably his last press conference as coach of the Montreal Canadiens, thanked his players for “professionalism and hard work.”
Singling out Josh Gorges and Erik Cole, Cunneyworth lauded “leadership that got us through some tough times.”

After the game, the Canadiens sent six players to the Hamilton Bulldogs: Blake Geoffrion, Louis Leblanc, Frédéric St. Denis , Robert Mayer , Gabriel Dumont and Aaron Palushaj

AUDIO Randy Cunneyworth


  1. dy4now says:

    Love Bill’s report card. Agree mostly with the A’s and B’s. I hope this doesn’t this mean the C’s and D’s all have to go?? I think there is a place on the CH for guys like Moen, Blunden, Staubs, even White. just having guys like Staubits in the lineup makes everyone a little tougher and lord knows we need that.

  2. H.Upmann says:

    I don’t know how anyone can defend JM here saying he was a superior coach. I couldn’t stand the brand if passive hockey we were playing under him, and the team clearly tuned him out. Gawd ppl!!! I for one am glad he’s gone. F””” the system

    • smiler2729 says:

      Teams reflect the personality of their coach and Cunneyworth’s bunch far outplayed JM’s moribund tight boring bunch.

      And who knew what influence that micromanaging twit Gauthier had over the on-ice decisions

      Jack Edwards is a clam, Bruins are pukes.
      Brian Burke is a whining blowhard, Laffs are turds.

    • DorvalTony says:

      I knew it would be a nightmare when he was hired and can’t believe he was fired so quickly. A smug arrogant wet blanket of a coach. Never won anywhere. 0 cups. And it will remain that way.

      Thanks for listening, Geoff Molson.

  3. Bill says:

    Warning: will be reposted at will

    Josh Gorges – B+ – As a teacher, I see all kinds of students. There are the lazy, brilliant ones, like an Alex Kovalev, who don’t need to do much to nail everything. You wish they’d try harder, but at the end of the day, they still ace everything and still get A’s. Then there’s the boring middle group. And then … then you have the pluggers. These are the guys who don’t have a lot of natural ability, but who push and work with everything they’ve got and reach levels they have no business attaining. You love these students as much as the geniuses, no doubt about it, and this is where a guy like Josh Gorges comes from. If it were about natural ability, Josh Gorges would be a career minor-leaguer. His skating, handling, shooting, and hockey sense are all, well, let’s say “not elite”. Okay, they’re marginal. But inside, this guy is a champ. He’s Rocky Balboa. He’s learned how to figure what the play is likely to be, and more often than not he gets himself into the middle of it. He knows every safe play there is and consistently makes it, ensuring the love of his coaches. He’d throw himself in front of a cannon to break up a scoring chance. He’s just your average super-hero without super-powers, basically: Batman without the gadgets. That’s why everybody loves him so much, and why a lot of people think he should be the next captain. He doesn’t have the goods to be an elite player in the NHL, but he’s pretty damn good, and when you consider that he’s done it all on pretty-much sheer will … it’s awfully impressive.

    Peter Budaj – B+ – Possibly deserves a higher grade, since his stats aren’t far behind Price’s, however he played against inferior competition, and so sporadically that he is difficult to evaluate. That said, he did a fine job in limited action, and there is no reason not to want him back again next year.

    Lars Eller – B+ – Like Subban, Eller played his second season with an expanded role and acquitted himself very well. With 16 goals and 28 points, Eller put up good numbers as compared to other 3rd-line centres. The question is, just how many of those other 3rd-line centres were only 22 and might as well have had had Moe and Curly for linemates? Eller took some bashing for “inconsistency” and lack of production this year: probably the most misplaced criticism any Hab had to take, and that is saying something! This is not a player who had consistent linemates or assignments. He didn’t get great minutes, nor much PP time. Eller’s 28 points as a sophomore match Jordan Staal’s second-year totals, and I see them as similar players. Eller has a bright future and I see him as the potential anchor of an excellent third line down the road … some people think that “3rd-line” is synonymous with “unimportant”, but that could not be further from the truth.

    Tomas Plekanec – B – There are a lot of reasons that Pleks did not achieve as much as he could have this year: he had a constantly changing rotation of underwhelming wingers, he was run ragged playing the most minutes of any forward on the team, he was used on both the PP and the PK, and he was invariably assigned to check the other teams’ best players, to name a few. In spite of that, he managed to score more goals than Desharnais and break the 50-point mark for the third year in a row. That said, Pleks has the ability to be a 70-point player, and no matter how tough things get, he needs to be a consistent offensive threat. Since signing his big contract, he’s been a very effective player, but has only averaged 55 points. Not good enough. Not for him. This is a guy who does everything he’s asked, but he needs to dig a little deeper and demand more from himself: it would be awesome if the Habs could throw him a bone and find him a decent set of wingers to make returning to the 70-point plateau a little easier. Then again, they could have done that this year (no doubt he could’ve hit 70 points with DD’s assignment) but they needed him to carry the fire as the second-line, all-situations guy. I don’t have a problem with that, but I believe Pleks is a top-20 player, and I want to see him prove it.

    Next installment: the C students!

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • habstrinifan says:

      Thanks Bill. Great read. It’s efforts like this which will make me coming back to HIO all year. I think the joint is open all year… cant remember now.

      Again great read.

    • DorvalTony says:

      Carey Price fans are a combination of Leafs fans (the more he loses the more they love him) and Bruins fans (we hate Halak – for *winning*). Bizarre bizarre behaviour. They externalize their angst by attacking Halak LOL!

      Thanks for listening, Geoff Molson.

  4. Natty-Dread says:

    Does anybody know where you can find how many picks montreal has in each round this year? I heard we had 7 in the 1st two rounds, meaning 6x2nd rounders….

    • Stormin says:

      Here is our next 2 years draft picks

      1st round pick – Montréal
      2nd round pick – Montréal
      2nd round pick – Montréal (from Nashville – Gill trade)
      3rd round pick – Montréal

      4th round pick – Montréal
      5th round pick – Calgary (from Columbus via Montréal – Cammalleri trade, Wisniewski trade)
      5th round pick – NY Islanders (from Montréal – Wisniewski trade)
      5th round pick – Anaheim (from Anaheim via Montréal – Mara trade, Lapierre trade)
      6th round pick – Montréal
      7th round pick – Phoenix (from Montréal – Nokelainen trade)

      1st round pick – Montréal
      2nd round pick – Montréal
      2nd round pick – Montréal (from Calgary – Cammalleri trade)
      2nd round pick – Montréal (from Nashville – Kostitsyn trade)
      3rd round pick – Montréal

      4th round pick – Montréal
      5th round pick – Montréal
      6th round pick – Montréal
      7th round pick – Montréal

  5. HabFanSince72 says:


    The Caps just overtook the Sens.

    Caps took the season series 3-1 against Boston.

    Sens took the series 3-1 against the Rangers.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  6. HabFanSince72 says:

    Beating the Leafs may be what gets them Yakupov or Galchenyuk.

    They would have picked 7th with a win.

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  7. HabFanSince72 says:

    Kings – Sharks in OT:

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

  8. Stev.R says:

    Well good thing we beat the Leafs. Can’t compete with professional tankers like the Oilers

  9. Bill says:

    Warning: will be reposted at will 🙂

    Erik Cole – A+ – He was The Man all season long for the Habs, consistently lighting the lamp after a slow start that must partially be blamed on Jacques Martin’s “research” that kept Cole off the PP. A big reason for Cole’s career-high goal total was precisely the fact that he was used on the PP, which for some reason has not always been the case. With this in mind, 30 goals again next year is a definite possibility. Tremendous leadership, effort, hustle, and skill: he was a bright spot in a dismal season.

    Max Pacioretty – A+ – A huge year for Pacioretty, whose break-out season last year was interrupted by Chara’s infamous attempted decapitation. For those of us who, after the hit, were simply praying that Max was alive, this kind of bounce-back season was impossible to foresee. With 33 goals and a surprising 32 assists, Max led the Habs in scoring with 65 points. He dished out hits and also led the team in shots: actually, he finished 10th in the NHL in shots. Factor in that he finished 4th in the NHL in even-strength goals – ahead of a LOT of pretty impressive names – and you can see that Pacioretty is the real deal, a legitimate NHL star just approaching his prime years.

    David Desharnais – A – Can a team that finished last in the NHL really have this good a first line? Yes. This speaks to their injuries and lack of depth. But Desharnais had a fantastic season and deserves props. You could preface this by saying that he should get credit for overcoming so much on his way to the NHL, but at this point, he has outgrown that. It no longer matters how he was underestimated before, because he proved this year that he’s a legitimate top-six NHL player, and he should be evaluated solely on that, and not his story. It’s a compliment, to him, as far as I’m concerned. So his grade – a notch below his wingers – is not a slight. He’s shown he’s a visionary playmaker with incredible hockey IQ and top-flight skills. At the same time, he over-achieved with a 16% shooting-percentage (unlikely to be replicated) and was carried to a degree by a pair of awesome power-forwards. Plekanec took the tougher assignments, and the lesser wingers, and played more and harder minutes. Even so, DD excelled in every task he was given, never gave less than everything possible, and – best of all – gave the fans a new local hero. He’s the obvious number-one centre next year, and he’s earned it: the hard way.

    PK Subban – A- – A lot of people have used the term “sophomore jinx” in discussing PK’s second season. This suggests that a lot of people look more closely at the stats columns than the games. I guess some fans were expecting him to expand on his points totals from last year, instead of scoring 2 fewer points to follow up his rookie campaign. But this doesn’t tell the whole story. This year, PK’s role was hugely expanded: he was on the top pairing all year, leading the team in minutes played by a wide margin. He went up against the best opposition players at even-strength, was on the first PP unit, and logged heavy penalty kill minutes. Defensively, the Subban of this year was not recognizable as the Subban of last year, as he became a superior (on his way to being dominant) defensive player. Going from being -8 on a playoff team to being +7 on a last-place squad is indicative of his turnaround, but even that doesn’t tell the whole story. Simply put, he was a force in his own end, and he did it without sacrificing his agitating, competitive style, while somehow toning down the rookie behaviour that sometimes got him in hot water in the past. Offensively, there wasn’t much of a slide: he actually piled up 5 more assists than last year. He slipped from 14 goals as a rookie to just 7 this year, and this directly reflects his shooting percentage, which dropped by 50%. I attribute some of this to his new role as the primary shooter on the PP: without the Wiz around to distract the opposition, goalies were able to key on PK and his fairly predictable (and frequently wild) one-timers. To reach the next level, Subban needs to work on his shot accuracy, but overall, his second season was much superior to his first, and I would say he must be mentioned in any serious conversation about the best defencemen (not just young defencemen) in the league.

    Carey Price – A- – I don’t think this grade reflects Price’s ability. Sometimes, though, you find yourself in a position where it is hard to excel, and this is what happened to Price this year. He’s like a star student surrounded by dumbasses in a class being taught by a substitute teacher: there’s only so much you can do. Price’s stats are well above what you would expect the goalie of a last-place team to have, and that he was able to remain statistically respectable this year with the heinous D-corps he had is a testament to his natural ability. At the same time, it did seem that sometimes his heart wasn’t in it. It was like he knew how bad his team was, and how hard it was going to be for them to compete, and it made him lose hope every now and then. Now, Price has never had what you would call a “good team” in front of him in the NHL, which doesn’t satisfy his critics, Halak worshippers all. True, Halak was able to carry a mediocre squad on an exciting run, but the Druce Juice only lasts so long, and so it was for Halak, who was brutal against the Flyers in his heroic post-season. At some point, you have to give up on asking for miraculous goaltending, and ice a good squad: this is how you give a goalie a chance. Someday, the Habs – who will certainly lock down The Natural long term – will do this for Price, and then the unwashed masses will see what the hockey professionals (who uniformly recognize him as an elite goalie) have always seen. And right about then, the Habs will seriously contend for the Cup. Until then, HIO will remain a bastion of goalie debate, and a fountain of onanistic pleasure for Halakatamites everywhere.

    Next Installment: the B students!

    Full Breezer 4 Life

    • matt jordan says:

      where’s JG?

      • Bill says:

        In the next installment, MJ!

        If it were “A for effort”, he’d be in the previous post, but to be an A student you need A-level skills.

        Full Breezer 4 Life

        • matt jordan says:

          Cool…. are there any members of the Canadiens management or coachin staff in these installments?

          If so i’m guessing they’d be in the later installments.

    • Shane1313 says:

      I like this!

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Reading H I/O I got the impression our season turned around when we picked up Staubitz.

      Is that not the case?

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Nice assessments. I think I would have had Josh Gorges in here though as an A grade player. But yeah, as an underrated player, it’s no surprise that his skills aren’t as tangible/obvious and hard to rate.

      I mean, just in this last game, he was good at poking pucks away that could have resulted in a goal for Toronto or resulted in a dangerous chance.

    • habstrinifan says:

      Shane1313 put it BEST Bill. I LIKE THIS….. the whole group.

    • DorvalTony says:

      Oh yes on Easter Sunday it’s important to trot out the myriad of lame excuses of a Kool-aid drinking Price fan: He walks on the water, none of it is His fault, He’s never done wrong, never let the team down with lethargic play, bad goals, soft goals immediately after the CH score a hard-fought goal, the free passes continue for He is Golden Boy and it’s always somebody else’s fault. The goalie of the future has yet to deliver, has gone one round in His career and just put to bed a three year playoff losing streak at home. The Price Kool Aid drinkers walk lockstep towards groupthink and monkey see, monkey do-land.

      I dare you Scarey Price, go one round.

      How dare Halak go two rounds making 40-50 saves a game to bail out his porous defence. Canadiens win again! I hate you Halak. Your fans are “Onanists” because you have shown up The Anointed One. We don’t want to win. We want Scarey Price to fail again so we can thank Halak for his remarkable feats by throwing mud pies at him like someone having a Terrible Two tantrum. Impressive.

      One round. Just go one round.

      No? Poo poo on Halak we hate you. And pee pee too. Pathetic.

      ///Thanks for listening, Geoff Molson.

  10. Stormin says:

    Check out these high lights of I hope the newest Canadiens from this years draft Alex Galchenyuk and Michael Matheson local Pointe Claire boy

  11. Rob says:

    Speaking of multimedia, here’s my video homage to the final game of this crappy, crappy season. Enjoy!

    The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  12. slapshot777 says:

    With the season now mercifully over, let’s focus on who will be the new GM followed by new coach and then assistants.

    Tuesday is the start of a new chapter in the Habs future with the Lottery pick, let’s hope it’s either a first, second, or third. Don’t want the team to move down after all the crap we had to go through to get to this point.

    Next year will be a better year with this team back in the playoffs where it belongs. We are not in a rebuild but rather a retool because we have pieces in place, we just have to fill in the blanks.

    I hear how we don’t have nothing coming up from the minors. I don’t know what the hell these people are looking at, especially CBC raving about how much talent the Leafs have in their minor league system.

    I guess they forget to see that come next season the Hamilton Bulldogs will be a completely different team. They will be a powerhouse in the AHL.

    Players like Tinordi , Beaulieu, Gallagher, Pateryn, Kristo, Bournival, plus this years top three pick.

    With players who we saw with the Habs this year. But will likely end up in the AHL will be I think anyways Diaz, Geoffrion, St. Denis, Palushaj, Leblanc, plus anybody that they may draft in this years draft or acquire in past or future trades like Patrick Holland.

    I guess if these players don’t count as anybody the Habs have coming up from the minors, then no we don’t have much in the minors.

    The new GM will settle in and look over what this team is lacking and looks at it strengths and weakness and will move out from there. There is some players here that put in the right situation with defined roles can still be better players then they were this year.

    Sometimes when a team has a bad year like the Habs have had many players look bad. After saying that this will be a tough job for the new GM to sort out, hopefully with the help of Larry Carriere the right decisions can be made.

    Next season, I am predicting a 100 point season and we will be in the top four in the conference.

    • Stormin says:

      I agree with you Hamilton will be much improved with the likes of all you mentioned except whoever we draft from junior this year can only play in the NHL or must be returned to Junior, can not play in AHL

      • Bill says:

        Can’t Europeans go to the AHL? Like Forsberg, for instance? I think it’s only North Americans who can’t play in the AHL until they’re 20. I could be wrong …

        Full Breezer 4 Life

  13. Mr. Biter says:

    Hey boys “Hasta La Vista” for the summer now that hockey ends for me tonight. Will pop in every so often( when new coach/GM hired Draft day and Free agency). Everyone have a good summer.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  14. The Juice says:

    The last 2 months of cheering against the Habs has shown me the light that the current draft lottery system is fatally flawed, why not give the team that just missed out on the playoffs the best chance at 1st overall? Teams would have no motivation to tank, or otherwise, give every non playoff team an equal chance at the 1st overall pick, now THAT would be must see TV!


    “To you from failing hands we throw the torch, be yours to hold it high!”

    • Mr. Biter says:

      Posted that 3 weeks ago. Give #17 the 1st pick, #18 the 2nd. Keeps everyone playing hard no tanking or hoping for losses and for what it costs to go to an NHL game you should expect full out play every night.

      Mr. Biter
      No Guts No Glory

    • ProHabs says:

      Agreed, I was getting so upset the other night against Carolina when the ref kepts giving the Habs powerplays near the end of the game.

  15. showey47 says:

    pleky’s 3 on 5 shorty was the first one for the habs in 29 years.Last one was carbo back in 1983.

  16. otter649 says:

    This aint Toronto Baby….

  17. Shane1313 says:

    Hey, I know RC did real well, considering…but I wonder if someone would approach him and ask if he would stay with us as an assistant. I mean, he hasn’t been a coach for that long. I know he could get a head coaching positions elsewhere, possibly. I think that would be good.

    • Bill says:

      New GM picks coach, and collaborates with the new coach on the assistants. These guys are all gone, except probably the goalie coach.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • Shane1313 says:

        I know Bill. I figure most will change, but it’s not impossible to keep Cunneyworth. Either way, props to him.

        • Bill says:

          I like the guy, and he’s proven everything he can in the AHL. He’ll get another shot at some point, and probably do well.

          Habs have to stop developing coaches for everyone else!

          Full Breezer 4 Life

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      Cunneyworth’s record with the Habs was 19-22-9. That would add up to 77 points for the regular season or second worse in the league.

      Under Martin the team was 12-13-7. That amounts to 79 points.

      So, two things: Cunney was not worse than Martin as some people have suggested.

      On the other hand he was pretty poor.

      I don’t see on what basis he would get another shot. I can’t really think of anything he did that was memorable – other than maybe act with a certain amount of grace.

      Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

      • Talik Sanis says:

        The potential flaw in your argument is that there is little evidence that Martin’s record early this year is indicative of the way in which the rest of the season would have played out. While in simple terms of wins and losses the two coaches may have had similar records, if we look at the statistics which underlie those games, a different story emerges.

        Under Cunnyworth, as a simple matter of statistics, our powerplay generated less shots and scoring chances than under Martin. As with the number of points with which the team projected to finish the season, they may have had a relatively similar power play percentage (which is not necessarily indicative of the true “strength” of a powerplay when factoring in strange slumps in “luck”), but with Martin, the team was much more successful at generating chances, indicating that it would likely have gotten better (their “luck” would have evened out) had Martin remained coach.

        Both goals for and goals against per game during the two coaching periods also favour Martin, again lending credence to the argument that, while the brute results were the same, Martin was a superior coach. He lost, but was more competitive with essentially the same team, and indications were that, given the team’s superior level of play, his “luck” would turn, and that they would win more under him than under Cunnyworth. Given a large enough sample size, essentially removing “luck,” you would end up with a more successful team under Martin.

        This argument, of course, becomes more complicated when you factor in injuries and trades, but even at the start of Cunnyworth’s tenure, before the Kostitsyn and Cammalleri deals, the goals for and against figures are in Martin’s favour.

        Now, all this does ignore one of my largest complaints regarding Martin. I despised some of his lineup choices, such as the much maligned decision to place Darche on the powerplay ahead of Cole. However, I feel that both coaches stand on equal footing in this regard. Cunnyworth’s overuse of the useless Blunden (forgive me Blunden lovers) was maddening while Palushaj sat on the fourth line next to Staubitz. Cunnyworth’s fascination with “blue-collar” hockey players in general was painful.

        • HabFanSince72 says:

          Fair enough.

          The problem with Martin, however, is that once it became clear we weren’t winning the cup, he had to go lest he mess up more of our youngsters.

          Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

          • Talik Sanis says:

            I’ll certainly agree that he played heavy favourites with certain individuals who conformed to his rigid system while breaking others who did not or could not do so. There are reasons to be glad that he’s gone, and his inflexibility, especially with respect to younger players, is among them.

        • Clay says:

          To be fair though…Martin had Cammy, Gionta, and A. Kostitsyn to help his stats. 3 of our top 6…These players all left to be replaced with AHL players (yes, I am including Bourque in that category). Cunny had a much poorer lineup than Martin.
          I know you touched on this, but I don’t think you give it enough import.
          ☞ Wow, that’s a nice lookin’ pair of Crocs!” Said no one ever.☜

      • Shane1313 says:

        I think it was his positive attitude. He *seemed to have good communication with the players too. You’re right though, he wasn’t overwhelming.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        72, I always enjoy your posts and mostly agree with you. Could I offer a very different take from yours on RC? The fact that he inherited a train-wreck in progress renders any assessment based on record as meaningless.

        I would therefore hold an agnostic view of RC’s worth as a coach: we simply cannot know it.

        Footnote: JM was not without attainments, but he seemed to base his system on a philosophy which I consider anathema to sport: playing not to lose. If you don’t play to win, you will never reach the ultimate prize. JM’s career is a perfect case in point.

        And it sucks for the spectator.

        Ok, do your worst!

  18. egold98 says:

    I really hope the Canadiens don’t botch their draft pick. It’s essential to our rebuild that we pick the right guy who’ll be brought up correctly and develop into that “franchise” player.

    The organizational need is 100% down the middle. I’m sure the team will take hard looks at centermen Mikhail Grigorenko, Alex Galchenyuk and Radek Faksa. We can finally add that big #1 center to our depth chart…

    Here’s hoping to a more joyful season next year, because this year was terribly painful to follow. I can’t believe Oilers fans went through this for years…

    • Bill says:

      Habs have three pretty good centres actually. Not their biggest need.

      Full Breezer 4 Life

      • ProHabs says:

        We have 3 pretty good centers if our goal is to continue being a mediocre team. We have a chance to grab a big impact center that we have been lacking for about 15-20 years. The management better not blow it.

      • Mr_MacDougall says:

        Not their “biggest” need? Pun?

        I think Center is the position that is most difficult to attain outside of the Draft. Wingers are definitely “easy” to add via UFA/trade. Also, centermen impact a game much more than a winger.

        Personally, I hope the Habs draft one of three players:

      • egold98 says:


        3 good centers? Are any of them elite?? Lars Eller is the only one you can say that has some size, otherwise we’re small down the middle.

        Picking between Grigorenko, Galchenyuk, and Faksa gives us a chance to add a blue chip prospect to our farm system and build for the future. How far can we really go with Desharnais and Plekanec? (no offense to them…) It’s always essential to continue building that depth in the pipeline so the team constantly remains competitive.

        If anyone truly tries to rationalize how good we are and how we’re on our way, then you’re looking at things with your Red White and Blue glasses. This team has 3 pieces moving forward: Price (goalie), Subban (puck-moving defenseman) and Pacioretty (power forward). We need a TON more pieces to one day be a competitor.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      I really hope they choose a forward. As for Centre or Winger, go for the best one. Yeah, sure it would be great to have a dominant centre, but if the scouting department believes a certain winger will be better, well, choose the better one.

      But yeah. So many high ranked D-men this year. Guess it wasn’t the ideal year to tank. Anyways, Habs have a chance to draft an impact player for the future. I hope they take advantage of it.

  19. habstrinifan says:

    E5…. RC AND RL… moves as coaching tandem to Edmonton.

    Good fit I think.

  20. habs001 says:

    Eller will be back better next year as he will hopefully prepare for 82 games as he seemed to run out of steam after 60 games…

  21. Bim says:

    Glad its over! Both them and me are now out of our misery. Things don’t look promising for the next few years. All I can say is wow…what a mess! See ya next year!

  22. Shane1313 says:

    Well that was a fun game to end the season.
    Carey Price, what a guy….cowboy hat.
    I love that man.

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