Multimedia: Audio, video after Canadiens’ Shootout loss


Did the Canadiens become too passive during the third period?
Jacques Martin said no.

“The plan is not to sit back at all,” Martin said. “The best defence is offence.

“They put some pressure, we made mistakes. We had a lot of youth on the back end and they took advantage of it.”

AUDIO of Jacques Martin


  1. timothy13 says:

    One golden rule should be followed for the Montreal Canadiens, if you are upset @ a loss then do everything in your power NOT to do it again. Win. Win. Win. The rule should be followed and tattooed on management and the players alike, follow it and discipline,grit and determination, skill, hard work ,all will be a winning combination to climb higher in the standings. Go Habs Go!1

  2. timothy13 says:

    Yes, the Habs deserved to win but they actually gave the game away. It was a combination of what is being said ‘they sat back’, but also the Habs took dumb penalties, the odd give away and bad clearing but Price really is a fault on the second SO goal. The book must be out on his lack of standing up between the pipes therefore go in fast and Carey is down. At least the Habs scored one point. Still the team needs discipline. If the D suffered more injuries then something smart has to be done from upstairs!!!!!

  3. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …just want to give My props to My fellow-BCer, Normand Harvey (aka Un Canadien errant)
    …I enjoy Your polite, level-headed, knowledgeable and unpretentious game reviews Normand
    …kinda rare in HIO …and consistently a ‘good read’

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  4. Chuck says:

    No video from Carey? Man, I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for his post-game rant!

  5. Say Ash says:

    What happened to the “About Last Night” post with the Carey f-bombs? Did I imagine that?

  6. WindsorHab-10 says:

    JM’s system: Play hard until you take a lead, stop offence, everyone plays defence, protect lead, lose game. I’ve had it with this crappy coaching technique. This team should have no more than 2 losses this year but thanks to the clueless fool behind the bench we gave the Sabres another gift. Time’s running out & JM must go now.
    Also, when is this Pleks experiment going to end on the PP? We suck with the man advantage because our coach is too stupid to change it.

    “Hate Bruins like a sickness”

  7. showey47 says:

    Guessing cole was benched for the rest of the OT after taking his penalty. Sure it was dumb and well deserved call but is there a better time to have cole on the ice with so much skating room out there? Considering he has probably been the habs most dangerous forward in the last couple of weeks or so. But hey, why put the best interests of the team ahead of your own eh JM? Considering cole might be one of the few reasons you still have a job.

  8. sampson12 says:

    Scott Gomez is not happy.. and it appears he’s blaming his lack of production on the lack of consistent linemates. Looks like he’s holding back tears.

  9. habsrpast says:

    I think when games are tied late in the 3rd period, habs play not to lose, instead of playing to win.
    they play defensively on home ice trying not to score, just to get the game to the SO, so Price can let in all the goals.
    only a moron coach like JM would think that way.
    pepper mentality.

  10. shootdapuck says:

    JM says offense is the best defense ?

    The man is delusional or a liar!

    The sheep theory is the only possible answer!

  11. Un Canadien errant says:

    A bitter loss in the Shootout for the Good Guys tonight, who unfortunately snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The fight in the boys was not enough to overcome the poor lineup they had to ice due to injuries, a situation which was aggravated by more dings and dents suffered in-game. With players like Mr. Palooshaj, Engqvist and Nokelainen being relied on, and players like Tomas Plekanec spending time in the dressing room with the team trainers, the Canadiens are down to having not quite 3 NHL-caliber forward lines.

    Another point to focus on is the defence corps, which is, incredibly, getting thinner still. The flu-ridden Hall Gill stayed home tonight, and the Antichambre crew now ruefully admitted that, as slow as he is, he would have come in handy and the game might have been won in the third instead of lost in the shootout.

    I’m on record as saying that Jaro Spacek should be benched in favour of Alexei Emelin, even at the cost of a few losses, and now I may have to face that reality. Mr. Spacek was crunched in the corner and effectively demolished, in flagrant disregard of our historic ruins preservation bylaws. Tonight Mr. Emelin dished out a few hits but was on the ice for the Sabres’ tying goal. He was lowlighted by the RDS boys, and much was made of his poor positioning, but I think these are things which can be corrected with lots of coaching and encouragement. With the way our defencemen are being run by the opposition, we need his skillset on the team.

    The game opened auspiciously, with a near breakaway by Erik Cole who drew a penalty. At the start of the play, I thought to myself how unfortunate that the Canadiens player didn’t have a stride or two closer to the blue line, since he might have won the loose puck, which the two Sabres defencemen seemed much better positioned to take control of, but then as it developed I saw Erik outhustle and outskate the Sabres. As he grabbed the puck, split the defence and swooped in on goal, Jordan Leopold gave him a hard slash to prevent the scoring chance.

    I wondered about that slash, and whether Mr. Leopold thought to himself: “Instead of just hooking him, I might as well slash him on the hands/wrists, it’s the same two-minute penalty anyway.” I wondered whether he took a cold, Machiavellian, Lucic-ian decision, knowing there was no Canadiens who could make his life difficult later on in the game to exact justice, something which the zebras and now apparently Mr. Shanahan are unable and/or unwilling to do.

    Also in the first period, we saw Paul Gaustad and Patrick Kaleta be very brave against the (whoever as long as Milan Lucic and Zdeno Chara are not on the ice) line. They were absolutely shameful in their comportment, and behaved like outright cowards. Paul Gaustad gave a simultaneous elbowing and knee-on-knee check in the back to Andreas Engqvist, which caused him to miss the rest of the game. Mr. Gaustad was whistled for three minor penalties, and demonstrated again that fighting in hockey is not about tough guys duking it out to police each other, but rather about bullies picking their spots. It’s rarely about a Lyle Odelein or Shayne Corson or Donald Dufresne or Rick Rypien who will play tough and aggressive, and damn the torpedoes, they’ll take on all comers if need be. In fact, it’s about Milan Lucic crashing into Ryan Miller and cross-checking Dominic Moore in the head, but running away from Georges Laraque and retreating behind the linesmen when Colton Orr biffs him a couple right in the kisser.

    Carey Price is slowly elevating his puck-handling skills to an art form. He must be a joy to play defence with. So many times he cleared the puck to the right corner, or made the initial pass to the right man, or outright cleared the zone himself during penalties, and these were not soft dribblers, but rather solid clears that made it all the way to the other goal line. My goaltending heroes Ken Dryden and Patrick Roy were spectacular goaltenders, and even more spectacular puckhandlers, with every sojourn out of the net a potential hair-raising adventure. It’s refreshing to look upon our current goaltender with confidence in this area.

    We saw Mathieu Darche have a shot to score unopposed against Mr. Enroth, and bullseye the puck right in his chest. In his next clear scoring opportunity, our very own ‘Manos de Piedra’, understandably decided to pass the puck to Petteri Nokelainen, a poor decision since he is also not a sniper, and because the puck sailed by him and no shot on net resulted. Mr. Darche seemed to be frustrated as the game wore on, he may be putting too much pressure on himself and gripping the stick too tight, trying to justify his powerplay time.

    I had to chuckle also at the sight of Scott Gomez bursting in on goal during the overtime 4-on-3 powerplay, beelining from the bench right to the blue paint, with the puck on his stick… only to veer off to the corner. I imagined the over/under for the resultant minor aneurysms among Canadiens fans might be around 5.

    The shootout also showed the Canadiens’ lack of depth, as our roster is short of pure scorers. Brian Gionta, our third shooter, would do in a pinch, but a more stacked team would not have had to send him out while he is still trying to work out of a slump.

    All in all an unfortunate result, since we could have come away with a 2 point gain on the Sabres, and instead fall a point behind.
    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

  12. Bill says:

    REALLY interesting between-the-lines stuff from Cole and Gomez. The reporter asks Cole if he was disappointed about not being in the shootout. Cole looks away, looks down, then “…………no.” Haha. He can’t stand Martin, I’ll bet you a dollar.

    As for Gomez, I actually started laughing the fifth or six time he casually referenced how many different lines he was on.

    I don’t think it’ll reach outright mutiny, but the vets don’t sound too supportive of The Count tonight.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  13. showey47 says:

    Did i just hear JM say something along the lines of “i feel the best defence is a good offence”?

  14. sampson12 says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that the habs picked David Fischer over Claude Giroux…

  15. theox_8 says:

    so i guess no lead is safe when you play “hang on hockey” so sick of trying to be a defensive team yet losing with the lead all the time, please hh enlighten me you seem to be one of the few who makes sense to me lately

  16. Corson27 says:

    Never had a chance to watch or listen to the game tonight but I knew the habs where up 2-0, so let me guess after that the count insisted they play kitty bar the door Hockey am I right?

  17. Bill says:

    Blaming Price, come on! The Habs went MIA in the third period and the two goals … try to follow the coverage, I dare you.

    Price’s GAA went down and his Sv% went up in this game and the team still lost … not a good sign.

    As for the shootout … yeah, he’s snakebit there, but it’s hard to blame a goalie in a shootout from my point of view.

    If you want to lay some blame, start with injuries: Cammalleri and Kostitsyn would have been helpful. So would Markov, Spacek, Gill, and even Campoli have been.

    If the injuries don’t cut it, blame Martin: his power-play units are a joke, and he couldn’t get his team organized in the third (recurring problem).

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  18. RS says:

    If only the Habs had a real coach like Guy Boucher, then they could start playing the trap from the opening faceoff.

  19. Mark C says:

    What is going on in Tampa, down 4-1 in the 3rd and they get out shot 14-5 against Winnipeg? Maybe Molson is just waiting for Boucher to get fired before canning JM and making the switch.

  20. slychard says:

    Who’s that sexy fresh-faced red head behind Cole? Grrrrrrrrrr!

    Kiss my hAbSS!!!

  21. scrowe21 says:

    Interesting videos.. Gomez is not happy, its really noticable. Cole seemed mad about not being put in the shootout, even though he said he wasn’t

    • HardHabits says:

      I like this new Mario Brothers Gomez. Maybe he’ll actually get a plumber’s goal one day. One thing for sure he’s only marginally an upgrade on Nogoalainen. If that.

  22. billylove says:

    There’s no home ice advantage for this squad, when do we go back on the road?

  23. habsrpast says:

    do you notice PK not as exciting as last year?
    because JM stiffles him from making end to end rushes.

    when will Geoff Molson realize that JM and PG need to go?

    we need to form a protest at the Bell center, and not stop until those 2 bums are fired!

  24. Ian Cobb says:

    Martin says his youth on the back end cost the game! What a dork!
    The kids were great any time he let them play.

    This man has serious mental health issues! Get rid of this bum!

  25. Mattyleg says:

    As I mentioned earlier, I don’t believe that sitting back on a lead is an option in hockey like it is in soccer. Things change too quickly.
    I don’t think that we sat back, it’s just that the Sabres came out really hard and we weren’t on our game.
    I think that anyone who really believes, like REALLY believes that JM says “don’t push it too hard, boys, just defend,” is chronically not-clued-in.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

    • HardHabits says:

      I disagree. They were playing the 1-2-2 in the 3rd with the score tied and then the 0-1-4. This is the 3rd game in a row they blow a lead and go to OT. Each of the tying goals was due to a mistake or a missed assignment. Mind you Vanek’s goal was a snipe but PK coughed the puck up and Emelin got turned inside out. WTF were those two on the ice together for??

      I loathe Martin’s game mostly because he makes it look like he gets the most out of his players whereas I see them not playing to their potential.

      • Mark C says:

        Whine about Emelin not playing, now whining about him playing with Montreal’s best defenseman. With Gill out, and Spacek hurt at the point, whom did you want Emelin playing with? Weber? Diaz? Gorges makes sense, but if Emelin can’t handle playing with PK Subban, who makes anyone he plays with look good, then it’s time to pack the bags for the KHL.

        There are many reasons to not like Martin, but you’re just making things up at this point.

        • CHimbote says:

          Emelin is not going to KHL , the 2e goal was not his mistake I think that it was more skill from bufalo’s player than his mistake. And who dont make mistakes? JM maybe, or Mark C ?

          Go Habs Go

    • punkster says:

      Matty, this is a discussion I’d like to have with you but not here, not on this site, not with the madness that prevails particularly after a loss. Blame must be laid at someones feet tonight, as usual, and that’s all people care about just now.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  26. Sal says:

    You could see the collapse coming. 2 goal lead worst lead in hockey. And, what’s with CP in shootouts lately? He used to be money in the bank, no?

    Sal from the Hammer

  27. The Dude says:

    Oh no you don’t J-Marty…”the best defense is offence” F-YOU!

  28. HardHabits says:

    The tendency as I see it is for the Habs play for the point late in the third, even when they have the lead.

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