Multimedia: Audio, video after 3-1 loss to New Jersey


Admitting his team has “little room for error”, Canadiens coach Randy Cunneyworth said there are “no easy nights – and tonight, no easy shifts.”
The Canadiens will practice on Monday as they attempt, Cunneyworth said, to “regroup, refresh and get ready for another tough game.”

AUDIO of Randy Cunneyworth

Yes, that is the one and only Patrick V. Hickey staring off into the middle distance as Josh Gorges speaks in the first video.


  1. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …I hope I will keep My comments from sounding as hysterical as many sound here …even though, unfortunately, I have been known to have My own ‘hysterical’ moments at times as well
    …first, this game merely shows Us that if We indeed did realize the mini-miracle of qualifying for this season’s post-season, We certainly would not get beyond a strong fore-checking team with a tight physical disciplined system …the Bruins, the Canucks, the Wings …or even the lower-echelons of the NHL as the Devils
    …We simply do not yet have the maturity, depth or break-away talent to ‘break’ from a suffocating team like New Jersey, let alone Boston, Detroit, or Vancouver in playoffs-mode
    …now is when Management should be looking-forward to the 2012/13 season …NOT this season’s play-offs
    …any trades to be made must be made with 2012/13 in mind …NOT this year’s playoffs
    …now is the time for ice-time to evaluate and provide heat-in-the-fire EXPERIENCE for Our current youth, and those with promise in the Bulldogs
    …losing or trading away Hal Gill was inevitable, …the return for Him was good work on behalf of Gauthier …but, the loss Gill’s ‘presence’ is a serious loss of dimension to the character and Team-spirit of Our Team
    …but, as said, this was inevitable …and, is an opportunity for another or others to fill His void in the room
    …I believe, one thing We can count-on, is that the core-group of the Players We will want to return for next season are going to continue to play Their hearts out …up to Their potential
    …and that is the key, up to Their ‘POTENTIAL’
    …Our Management hopefully understands that Our ‘potential’ has obvious limitations …Our current Players, as a group, only have what it takes to win a first-round series, at the MOST
    …if I was Gauthier, I wouldn’t be doing anything to stop the Boys from ‘winning’ games or from making the play-offs …but, all My trades and personnel decisions will be eagle-focused on the 2012/13 season, maximizing this summer’s draft (whether that is to be a Top-5, OR whether it is to be again a 15th to 20th selection)
    …on Cunneyworth, as far as I am concerned, I far more enjoy (with the exception of games like this evening’s against the Devils) the ‘entertainment-value’ and style of play of Our Team on the ice, than was the case under Jacques Martin …yet, I am completely perplexed WHY ??? Lars Eller and Andrei Kostitsyn especially are buried for great swaths of the game
    …Lars I know is part of Our future and NOW !!! is the time He should be learning the game through trial & error, ON THE ICE !
    …Andrei, is the question mark …known as an enigma …yet, when on His game is a skilled physical presence and force …Andrei is an embarrassing waste used on the fourth line …and, if His days are numbered la sainte-flanelle, then NOW !!! is the time to raise His trade-value to the teams that can use a tank and ‘bowling-ball on skates’ of a physical winger in the play-offs
    …burying and wasting Andrei K. by giving Him under 10 minutes TOI on the fourth line is both ‘stupid’ and irresponsible in My opinion
    …and, speaking of Andreis, if I was Gauthier, I would not allow Andrei Markov anywhere near a game until training-camp next season …after, the Habs being screwed-out of the first year of His three year contract by a complete misdiagnosis of the severity of His knee-injury, I would need complete psychiatric care if I allowed Him to play what’s left of a meaningless final to an already mis-spent season, and yet see Him blow His knee out again
    …if Andrei is ever going to play again, let Andrei make a 1000 % assured recovery over the summer …playing Him this season is nothing but ‘a stupid risk’
    …anyhow, to summarize, I far more enjoy My Team winning than losing
    …but, the circumstances of this season, the past almost 25 years of mediocrity, the nearness We are to being an excellent Team, yet will not be unless We strengthen at an elite-level certain positions (cough !, centre) …I still want to see My Team laying Their cajones on the ice up unto the final siren of the season
    …Yet !, I ALSO want to also see Our Gawd-damned Ownership & Management do what Our Gawd-damned Ownership & Management has FAILED to do since Sammy Pollock (R.I.P. !) …and THAT is, being able to see further than the end of Their noses

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  2. H.Upmann says:

    alright- will admit Kaberle isn’t all bad, in fact I think he’s better if paired with tougher D… but I think it’s PG’s admission that Markov may or may not last a year back with the Habs…… and I really hope that’s not the case. HOWEVER, we have Subban Gorges Diaz, and Tinordi and Beaulieu are next. So Kabs must be a stop-gap….. Would be great to have Larry Robinson coaching that group of D… my god, can you imagine that?

  3. Dr.Rex says:

    The best Kaberle has played for us is Games 1 and 2 last APril.

  4. temekuhabs says:

    Rutherford wasn’t no genius for signing him either

  5. temekuhabs says:

    Don’t blame PG for trying to help the PP, but man, didn’t he see how horrible Kaberle was for the Broons??

  6. H.Upmann says:

    @Gonk ahh man cut him some slack- not like he’s expected to pump out the next Solomon Gursky etc 😉

  7. manu07 says:

    Gomez, kabs, campoli, ak really really look terrible. PG should see who he can move (campoli and ak) as for kabs and Gomez. The should drop them to the dogs. I would rather 2 rookies get a shot over Gomez and kabs next season.

    • Habs Requiem says:

      You might want to see about adding Bourque to that list. He’s doing an admirable job of impersonating AK46 out there. So a 2nd trade for him this might not be a bad thing. -3 tonite and no SOG.

      “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

      – Adam Savage

  8. temekuhabs says:

    Hope ANYONE will take Kaberle off our hands, he’s brutal

    • Shane1313 says:

      Kaberle has something like 15 points in 26 games(not exact).
      He’s actually been fine. He’s not great, I don’t love him, but he doesn’t deserve all this hate.

  9. Dr.Rex says:

    Which team (if any) is most likely to bite on Kaberle.
    Hawks? Kings? Wings? Jets? Pens?

  10. temekuhabs says:

    As for Skillsy, he was a good Hab, genuinely liked playing here, good leader, glad we got some assets for him (ie) draft picks Don’t know about the Geoffrion thing will turn out. I would bet, after the pressure he feels of his “nom de plume ” he would wish his last name was something other.

  11. The Gonk says:

    Having watched the first clip, Hickey looks and shuffles like he’s 1/2 in the bag. No shame in that considering what a bad season this has been. I won’t read his column tomorrow though I am appreciative of his reporting. I saw what I saw and I don’t need anyone to describe this to me after the fact.

    • Da Hema says:

      Excessive drinking is no barrier to writing. It was said the renowned Canadian political philosopher C.B. McPherson was hammered by noon everyday — and he still managed to pump out a number of engaging and provocative books!

  12. temekuhabs says:

    We have to look at buying out Gomez, ( burying him in the AHL) like NY did with Redden, same with Kaberle. Campoli, Kostitsyn hopefully can be moved for more draft picks. Supposed to be a deep draft, build from there, we will suck for another year or two, but with more picks, things should be better

  13. Dr.Rex says:

    Hey hey Tomas Craperle
    Please for us just go away
    Tired of allthe giveaways
    Not even useful on the power play
    IF we could just get any draft pick
    you could then make another team sick
    Clearly there is nothing that makes you tick
    not even when RC winds up and gives you a kick

  14. Phil C says:

    I missed tonight’s game. I noticed Pleks, Bourque, and Darche were -3. Were they a line again?

  15. The Dude says:

    The Excuse bullspit is for losers….There is no Tired when it’s crunch time making the play-off’s . This team is a No Show for 19 years and counting and the only Hi-lite of the 19 years was Halak standing on his f’n head.CLEANHOUSE!

  16. H.Upmann says:

    good for Hal!! Hope to see him back in some capacity….. Now to think of it: did we really need to trade O’Byrne ? ah screw it, the past is gone

  17. temekuhabs says:

    Would have been nice to win today ( with them Laffs sucking) we could have been 4 points out. Dallas then Was then Fla, I don’t think we have a sniff. Pretty sad state, when I started watching back in the 70’s the only question was who the Canadiens were going to face in the Stanley Cup Final.. Now??? Fighting to get in the frigging playoffs!! Sad just sad

  18. Bripro says:

    Dave Stubbs posted that D Hal Gill wins his 1st game w/ #Predators, 3-2. Finishes night +2, 16:23 ice, 2 blocked shots.
    Just a little salt in the wound.

  19. Bill says:

    If you put Pleks with Cole and Pacioretty and told him, “Just create offence” I think he’d be able to do that pretty easily.

    As it stands, he gets whatever wingers are left and is told to shut down the other teams’ top lines: his terrible +/- reflects the fact that he’s been handed Mission: Impossible.

    Full Breezer 4 Life

  20. H.Upmann says:

    Agree re RC: team looks like they’re trying to put together good efforts although mostly overwhelmed by better teams… and RC is learning, something invaluable for any coach… Personally would like to see RC stay regardless of PG’s employment situation…… not that he’s going to starve anyway as he’s a vegan, what.

  21. Bripro says:

    They came out flat!
    Where’s the urgency?
    When Darche is playing top minutes on what’s supposed to be the second line, there’s a problem somewhere.

    • Shane1313 says:

      They did pick up as the game went on. No excuses, but NJ played s very strong and tough game. I understand the Darche thing, it’s gets to me too. But to be fair he’s playing those minutes because we’ve been winning like that and he even scored a bit during the streak. He’s honestly, with no offence, and ahl player, but he works so hard that he’s deserved what where he is. But moving forward hopefully they put some better guys with Pleky.

      I still don’t understand why people are so up and down. We lose…and people are losing it on here..

  22. temekuhabs says:

    I forgot to mention Cole, I’m sure he’s playing hurt, he NEVER takes a shift off

    • mb says:

      He was playing hurt. On RDS they said he went from the bench to the locker room three times (or maybe two?) during the game, but managed to finish the game. They showed him on the bench at one point, he looked like he couldn’t sit still.

  23. HabsFan82 says:

    They had 3-more shots than we did and they scored 2-more goals than us that was the difference. I guess we’re not all that bad. gotta say we still need a sniper or two and this team will be ok. maybe not good enough to win a cup but close.

  24. temekuhabs says:

    So, did Bourque play today at all?? I guess Hrudey was right, this guy only shows up at times, another guy collecting his paycheck and floating around, once they get their millions.. They don’t care, then there’s guys like White and Darche who make a tenth of that and constantly bust their asses

  25. mb says:

    RC’s comments after the game included that the players were “a little physically and mentally tired.”

    I know it’s just a post game interview and there’s nothing to say really, but I don’t recall hearing a coach admitting his players were tired (especially not mentally tired). Of course it’s an honest comment, but I really hope it wasn’t used as an excuse.

    That said, I wish it gives this team a lesson and that in future seasons they start playing their best at the beginning of the season, in every single game. Then they wouldn’t have to play their butts off in late february and thus they wouldn’t be so “physically and mentally tired”.

  26. AH says:

    Respectfully, in the Gorges video, Hickey looks like he’s had a few too many, fell on the bench, and is trying to figure out how to get up, LOL!

    Mind you though, covering these guys lately would drive someone to drink.

  27. The Gonk says:

    Nice moment for Gary Carter during the opening ceremonies. Haven’t watched ball in years but remember Mr. Carter’s play and exuberance when the Expos mattered.

  28. Dulljerk says:

    It isn’t that they don’t have heart, they just don’t have enough talent. Plain and simple. I love Price’s comment to CBC that “we are going to ride this thing right to the end”, well Mr. Price, I don’t think it will be a long ride. Get the golf clubs out boys and open that 40 pounder, cause you’re done.

    “Is the little dog going to yap, or is he going to bite?”

    • SmartDog says:

      You have to appreciate they’re playing without Markov and Gionta, two important contributors. Moen also is out and he helps make the 3rd line go. Given that it’s surprising they’ve done as well as they have, but NJ showed what a really strong team looks like.

      Still I give RC at lot of credit. The team has been playing above it’s level lately.

      Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

      • Dulljerk says:

        Unfortunately, SmartDog, Markov will probably never play again and I suspect if he does, it won’t be for long. Time to just forget about him and plan for the future. Gionta does play hard, what is his injury?

        “Is the little dog going to yap, or is he going to bite?”

        • Un Canadien errant says:

          Dulljerk, unless you are a doctor, your opinion on Andrei Markov is just a pessimist’s guess.

          Have you heard of a gentleman named Jan Hudec? He’s had some bad times…

          “…he tore ligaments in his right knee and needed repeated surgery. His body was so bashed up he had full reconstructive surgery on his knees four times, three times on his right and once on his left. What’s more, he had two further knee operations and also had severe back problems.”

          …and he’s had a good day on February 4:

          “In a great day for Canadian skiing, (Hudec) won a World Cup downhill for a surprising victory, while teammate Erik Guay finished third in piercing cold over an icy slope.”

          Not picking on you specifically Dulljerk, because there are a lot of braying asses and blowhards on this site who think that Andrei’s career is finished because Bobby Orr got butchered four decades ago. Just because you repeat it over and over won’t make it so.

          How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

          • Dulljerk says:

            Yes, well Andrei Markov isn’t a skier and I don’t think Jan Hudec had people trying to run him while he was skiiing. Ever heard of apples and oranges? This guy is done. He was supposed to start the season, hello? It’s late FEBRUARY! Talk about blowin hard.

            “Is the little dog going to yap, or is he going to bite?”

          • Un Canadien errant says:

            Interesting response. I point out that your opinion on Mr. Markov is just a guess, since you’re not a health care professional with access to his charts. I offer evidence of an athlete who had knee reconstruction multiple times, and despite a difficult rehabilitation came back to perform at the highest level.

            You reply 1) that the sports involved are different, 2) that there is no bodychecking in skiing, and 3), that he is a few months late returning from his initial projected date. These responses don’t address my initial point. At best you are guilty of moving the goalposts.

            Let’s agree that you are not in possession of the facts and that your opinion on the career prospects of Mr. Markov is a fan’s best guess.

            I think we should take heart from Mr. Hudec’s and James Wisniewski’s successful recovery from ACL reconstruction, for example. As far as the lack of contact on the slopes, that is a valid point, but it is also valid to point out that the stresses generated on a knee joint by flying down an icy course at 130 km/hr are at least as stressful as those produced by one of Andrei Kostitsyn’s leisurely skates back to the defensive zone. Finally, for your third point, I am very concerned and disappointed that he hasn’t come back healthy and strong at training camp, especially in light of Josh Gorges’ return without skipping a beat despite his operation coming a couple months later. I know Andrei’s was his second reconstruction, but I hoped that having essentially a full year to rehab was going to be to his advantage.

            How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?


  29. The Dude says:

    Blow this fake team up ….buy out Gomer and trade AK,Craperlay,Crapthebedoli,Weasle Webbber and soft as kitty’s Plec’s AND GET RICK NASH GODDAMIT!

  30. alfieturcotte says:

    Pleks needs AK46 and White.

    Forget Bourque, he is so weak on the puck, no vision, and absolutely no chemistry with Pleks.

    Darche is a great 4th liner/penalty killer. Stick him on the 4th line with Gomez and Bourque and LIMIT those minutes.

    We will never win with Gomez, Bourque, Darche and others playing key minutes.

  31. Hab it says:

    In today’s Cap world, you just can’t compete with 25 million bucks of pure crap either not playing or are ineffective. PG and BG have put together a below average team on the ice and a complete disaster financially off of it. A complete re-tool is needed with forward thinking people in place that at the very least know the value a player’s ability.

    Do whatever it takes to pry Nill out of Detroit and let him have the power to pick who he wants from top to bottom. Then Have Geoff sign the checques and stay out of the way.

  32. habs001 says:

    Please no more predictions of wins before the game..comebacks after periods and winning streaks…

  33. H.Upmann says:

    If this team is to take a new direction and turn this year into a positive, then k would think that a new GM is one if the pressing needs of this organization.

  34. rnbws.ncronwrcr says:

    ..seems Pat Hickey is
    ultimate trooper.

  35. habs001 says:

    plecks minus 17…no hab forward is even close to him…

  36. AH says:

    What, making them practice after that hard working effort in a must win game tonight??? RC, what a slave driver!

    Is there a pattern here?, they always seem to get days off after wins, then they come out and suck and lose, then they practice and then win, then a day off, then another poor effort and lose….rinse recycle, repeat!..LOL

  37. Corson27 says:

    Big game and RC still with this Darche nonsense, no wonder this team will miss the show because first J M and now RC are playing Darche like he is a 2nd liner.

  38. HabFanSince72 says:

    Is it just me or was the presence of Youppi at the pre-game memorial for Gary Carter somewhat incongruous (to put it kindly)?

    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

    • Max says:

      Lol….who uses incongruous? Been reading the dictionary?


      I thought the Youppi part was the most emotional part of the whole tribute. I actually got a bit misty eyed when I saw Youppi out there with the Expos hat on looking so sad and lost.

      It did a great job of conjuring up melancholy,nostalgia and loss.The loss of the Expos and a little piece of all of us who were fans,the loss of the past which is gone forever and the loss of Gary Carter.

      I thought it was very emotional and poignant having Youppi there and a difficult job well done on such a sad night.

    • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

      Always hated that bloody mascot, and at that moment tonight, at the end of the song (dumb choice for the song too) and the crowd started to applaud, and I’m thinking “That’s nice they’re going to give Gary a nice solemn ovation” and then the camera cuts to Youppi and he’s taking a bow, well I almost threw up!

      • Max says:

        How can anyone hate Youppi? He’s or it’s original.

        I agree with you on the poor song choice though.

        Youppi was taking the bow for Gary man….didn’t you see that. It was pretty nice.

        • DadidolizedDougHarvey says:

          Sorry…I’m with Bill Lee on this one ..all mascots should be banned, especially in hockey arenas in Montreal, where presumably the hockey fans don’t need an overstuffed shag carpet showing us how to react

  39. Un Canadien errant says:

    We can talk all we want about the Canadiens being close and how if we squeak into the playoffs anything is possible, but looking at our lineup for today’s game, even before puck drop we have to admit we just don’t have the horses. We have a decent to good first line in Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole. Our second line has a good centre in Tomas Plekanec, a lethargic left winger in René Bourque and a right winger who is normally at best a fourth-liner in Mathieu Darche. Our third line is composed of a centre who should in good conscience retire, having spent a calendar year without scoring, Ryan White, who is barely back from a conditioning stint in the AHL and is a better fit on a fourth line, and Andrei Kostitsyn. We barely have a fourth line, it’s a fourth line in name only, but doesn’t serve as such. Lars Eller has been relegated to centre it, and Aaron Palushaj, a constantly ineffective and unproductive AHL’er, has been called up to plug a hole. That’s it. We don’t even have enough bodies to have a twelfth forward, and Coach Cunneyworth will resort to double-shifting his most effective forwards on the fourth line, and may give the seventh defenceman a shift of two in that spot.

    Compare our situation with the Flyers’, who started the season with Sean Couturier as their fourth line’s centre, or the Bruins, who had Jordan Caron available to call up from the AHL when they started suffering from injuries. When Brian Gionta suffered his torn biceps, our already thin forwards roster became positively depleted, and our depth problem proven to be a glaring need. Calling up Louis Leblanc was rendered a necessity, and he has been a happy surprise everything considered, but he should be a workhorse in Hamilton instead of a leak-plugger in Montreal.

    We have reinforcements coming in a couple of years, but until then, the Canadiens will not be a legitimate contender. In this latest surge to the playoffs, the Canadiens have been doing it with smoke and mirrors. They have the ingredients for two decent lines and maybe a fourth, and with three rookie defencemen on the back end, and a second-year defenceman logging first-pair minutes. Carey Price is an excellent franchise goalie, but is expected to be miraculous every night, like Ken Dryden in ’71 or Patrick Roy in ’93.

    We saw tonight what happens when the bounces go the other team’s way. Each team had its moments of dominance, but the Canadiens had the bad luck of muffing some chances while the Devils benefited from some flukey goals.

    We’re seeing also how this charge to the playoffs is a little bit of a case of running to stand still. The other teams standing between us and the eighth spot are also desperate to make it, and they will scratch and claw to get there. The Devils, Senators and Leafs will battle to remain where they are or improve their lot. For every win there’ll be two teams ahead of us winning as well, and we’ll end up in a NASCAR photo-finish: close, in the frame, but definitely out.

    How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

    • twilighthours says:

      All true – except you make your own luck around the net. Montreal deserved nothing more, new jersey deserved nothing less.

      • Chuck says:

        The first deflection was a fine play by Parise. The deflection on the second goal was pure luck. The shooter didn’t intend to have it deflected, nor was there an attempt to deflect it.It happened to hit a body part on the way to the net. Sometimes, s**t just happens.

    • AH says:


    • The Gonk says:

      This post is correct. This game illustrates our lack of depth (meaning talent) against one of the better (but not elite) teams. There is no miraculous run to the playoffs let alone a miracle run in the playoffs. We are what we are.

    • croozer says:

      Great post!

      Good pieces but not a good team yet. No need for a wholesale rebuild.
      1. Decide of PG and Cunneyworth are in or out.
      For the record I think the Cole signing was brilliant and the Gill trade was a good deal as well.
      2. Put an end to the Gomez saga.
      3. Fish or cut bait with Markov.
      4. Make sure our young guns are signed, sealed and delivered.

    • shakey says:

      yes – absolutely true, which makes trades like the one to move gill and cammallleri all the more important for getting more bodies back than we give up.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        I agree shakey. Normally I think that the team that gets the most talented player wins the trade, but in our situation we really really need the organizational depth. If there were some hungry young studs in Hamilton, we’d have options with our unproductive highly paid players, or with our ‘inconsistent’ wingers. They’d feel the heat and might not take a shift or period or month off once in a while. So let’s trade our expiring contracts for assets, let’s shop our veterans to the contenders and pluck some youngsters off their rosters.

        How about it NHL? No fighting, just hockey?

        • Habs Requiem says:

          Great 1st post above…..just wanted to add. Not only are we shrt on depth up front…but “finishing talent”. Specifically players that can handle the puck with the business end of their stick and put it in the net on a regular basis and as well make proper passes to their team-mates to do likewise. Much too often we see opportunities flushed away because we have Johnny 2 Left Hands out there and he flubs a glorious opportunity once again by missing an open net or a wide open team-mate. It gets rather tiring. Our 4th line resembles something just made up of AHL spare parts on a good nite.
          I agreer with croozer’s post…..enough with the band-aids. Let’s finally cut the dead tissue away from the wound and make a fresh incision for change. WE need a new GM that comes in with a vision and some creativity. I’m tired of seeing the Habs announce a Blockbuster trade – “Today the Habs have agreed to send 4th Liner so and so + a 8th Round pick in 2019 to Pho in exhange for a 5th liner and a 6th round pick in 2017…..”…like wow…let me sit down before I faint. We need someone that can see the team’s weaknesses & strengths and find a way to beef up the one without taking too much away from the other while always keeping an eye on the future. He/she must have a thorough understanding of the salary cap so we don’t get poisoned by another Gomez deal. He/she must have a good working relationship with the coach he/she selects. AS this person will be the one responsible for properly managing their playing time. Lastly, they should have the autonomy to run the team without being cuckolded by Mr. Molson every step of the way.

          “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.

          – Adam Savage

  40. ponyboy says:

    Tough game but how about the Dogs!! Schultz and Boomer kicking some butt this weekend. I hope they get a chance to come up sometime this year. The future is bright folks!!!

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