Multimedia after Canadiens shootout loss to Florida

St. Denis

Randy Cunneyworth felt the Canadiens “worked awfully hard.”
Florida, fighting for its playoff life in the Southeast Division, played with enough desperation to tie the game in the third period.
The Canadiens dominated OT, but Wojtek Wolski – who had opened the scoring in the first period – bagged the only goal of the shootout.

The coach had kind words for Louis Leblanc, Frédéric St. Denis and Tomas Plekanec.

AUDIO: Randy Cunneyworth


  1. HNS says:

    Just watched the replay of Florida’s tying goal in the 3rd. Please trade Price while he’s still worth something. He’s no better than Theodore. I’m not sure if the PriceBots will realize this guy is a lemon next season. Ay Carumba……..

  2. Sportfan says:

    SO why aren’t we playing Geoffrion i agree with Boone wtf seriously did we trade for him so hed score one goal and then let him go so much for letting the young guys play well i know LeBlanc is getting it but why screw Blake over we are out of the playoff picture right…..

    • naweed235 says:

      who would you sit out in his favor? Only possible choice would be Palushaj but one can argue he is one of the young ones that need to develop… He’s also showed some good flashes lately…

  3. Timo says:

    So laffs are officially out too. Last game should be something

  4. naweed235 says:

    Excuse my repeating from the last thread that just got canned:

    Here’s the way I see it when I look at the assets this team used through out this season… The needs are quiet obvious when you assign the players to a position where they are meant to play in on a good team:

    1st liners: NONE

    2nd liners: Desharnais, Cole and Pacioretty (The lather are both borderline 1st liners with a season in which they both over achieved)

    3rd liners: Plekanec, Bourque, Leblanc and Gionta (You can argue for Eller here but honestly he has not shown enough for me to want him on this team. He is very inconsistent, often makes nervous and precipitated plays that result in unnecessary penalties and icings… Hell we were whining about AK46 being inconsistent…)

    4th liners: White, Moen, Blunden, Darche, Geofrion and Staubitz

    Forwards that have no business being in this league: Nokkelinen, Palushaj and Enquist (Gomez b/c of his ridiculous cap hit)

    1st D-pairing: Subban

    2nd D-pairing: Gorges and Markov (I know it’s too early to pass judgment on Markov’s return but logically he will not be his old self considering the 3 surgeries and the fact the he ain’t getting any younger)

    3rd D-paring: Emelin and MAYBE Diaz and St-Denis

    Defense men that have no business in the NHL: Kaberle, Campoli and Webber

    Goalies: We are fine with Price and Budaj

    Spots that absolutely need to be filled up this summer:
    – Atleast 2 first liners (Preferably a winger and a Center)
    – Even with plenty of players on our fourth line I would like to see a PK and face off specialist that has a mean streak
    – Big shut down defense man that can eat up big minutes on the 1st pairing with Subby

    . If we can somehow manage to sign Parise as a UFA and Trade Eller and our 1st rounder to Carolina for Eric Staal, we take care of the 1st line needs.

    . Signing Gaustad as a UFA would take care of that 4th line

    . Bryan Allen maybe for that shut down role?

    => Players that can be used as trade bate if anyone is willing to bite: Eller, Webber, Diaz, (Kaberle and Gomez … One can only hope) and Bourque

    • Timo says:

      Btw, Naweed, to answer your question from the previous threat, I think Cole has a good chance to repeat next year.

    • neumann103 says:

      Cole and Pacioretty are legitimate first line wingers.

      Plekanec is a legitmate first line player if he was used that way. He isn’t.

      Desharnais, Plekanec, Gionta are solid second line players.

      Eller is a strong third line and Leblanc a marginal third line player but both are young and have probable second line potential. Moen is a solid third line depth player.He has been asked to be more than that and those expectations really have not been fair.

      You are too kind to Bourque. Obviously he has had some good seasons in Calgary but based on what we have seen here…

      White, Blunden and Staubitz could actually be a really inspiring fourth line.

      Subban and Markov are legitimate top 2 D men. Markov on one leg and with one hand tied behind his back is still an NHL caliber player

      Gorges and Emelin are excellent second pairing types.

      St Denis has potential. Diaz is a reasonable third pairing guy who should get better.

      Kaberle and Webber are somewhat unfairly maligned. Kaberle is shickingly bad at times in basic 5 on 5 play in his own end, but really wouldn’t draw the emnity if he were not making $4.2M for the next two seasons. Webber is young and has upside. Both generate far more offense than Habs fans are willing to credit them.

      Campoli is really not good. He has the occasional game – there was one last week – where he actually looks like an NHL player, but then you see exactly why 29 other teams left him unsigned until September.

      Add a couple of top 6 forwards and a shut down defender and next season reverts to the #6-8 in the East type team that so enrages the “We must win the cup every year or the season is a failure and we might as well have never watched!!!!!” crowd.

      That gives time for them to wait out the year of AHL development for Beaulieu, Gallagher, Tinordi etc and 2012 1st Round Pick ________ to make the team in 2013 and begin the drive for 25.

      “Et le but!”

      • ProHabs says:

        Pleks, Gionta and Deshorny are all second liners but you can’t have them as our second line. Pleks and Dehorny are both centers and this line would bring a new meaning to Smurf ville.

      • naweed235 says:

        Notice how I said “On a good team”? It’s precisely this type of over evaluation of the player’s from the management that has us sitting all the way at the bottom…
        I’ll give you the Cole and Pacioretty one but the rest not so much…

    • LA Loyalist says:

      Well, I think your evaluation is about right, though I think Cole is a first liner on most any team the way he brings it consistently.

      Your solution however I don’t think is possible, as the guys you want to trade who will want? I’m afraid even with a great pick we have a long hill to climb. Of course if we had Gomez’ money we could get one decent F/A – though isn’t the summer looking thin this year?

      Anyway, top marks for analysis. My main difference is I would trade Price + + for a male #1 center. Goalies are a commodity these days, that’s what all the experts on HIO say 🙂 The only guys I would not trade: PK, Max, Cole and Emelin. Everyone else can pump gas.

      • naweed235 says:

        actually out of the guys I suggested the Habs go after (Parise, Gaustad, Allen and Staal) 3 are UFAs so not trade needed there… The only trade I suggested was Eller and our 1st round pick from this year for Eric Staal…
        Alternatively I would love to see Bobby Ryan in a habs uni… I would trade Eller + 1st round this year + Tinordi or Beaulieu for him if that’s what it takes… I know he is not a center but with a talented wingers like him and Parise, Plekanec will do just fine…

    • MontrealAtheist says:

      Get rid of Eller and Cole AND our 1st round pick? What have you been smoking today? Granted, Cole is not the youngest anymore but Eller is precisely the kind of player we need more of and a solid top 2 first round pick can be a great asset, too, going forward.

      I would even get rid of Price before even considering touching Eller or our 1st round pick, given that he has been average at best this season and little signs that he will turn into a Tim Tomas or a Halak anytime soon.

      What we don’t need is more old farts and spoiled millionaires past their prime who only play for their wallet and with no heart.

      • naweed235 says:

        I don’t know where you read trading Cole… maybe you are the one who should refer me to your dealer 🙂
        Also Eric Staal is not an old fart at 27… Actually he is about to hit his prime…
        Eller? Really? He shows up once every 10 – 15 games… I think the only reason people have some affinity for him around here is because we don’t want to admit that we got the short end of the stick on that Halak trade….
        However, I agree with you on that Price subject. If he can pitch us a legitimate 1st line super star then so be it… Goalies are commodities nowadays as you said.

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