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Markov out

Dave Stubbs on P.K. Subban

Stu Cowan on Torrey Mitchell

• Red Fisher on Guy Lafleur

Red’s notebook

Dryden lauds the Legend

François Gagnon on shootouts


  1. WarHero says:

    Well folks, that really sucks about Markov but is not really that surprising. What should PG do with the money? I’d sit back for a bit and see how things unfold. Were still in good shape, no need to spend just yet 🙂 What would you do?


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  2. New says:

    I think it is early to tell. No matter who makes them dumb plays change the course of games. PK isn’t the only one who makes dumb plays. If he learns to play within the team Martin’s gaze is going to fall elsewhere. Otherwise it will be a long winter of dealing with another distraction. The press loves PK and the feeling is mutual. He is good for a quick quote and 500 words.

    I didn’t see much sense in the SK comparison. Sitting didn’t ruin SK’s game. Sitting reflected his game (on pace for 16 points and minus 20 this season).

  3. New says:

    Thanks Steve. That excerpt really sums up what a team is about.

  4. J_P says:

    Good read.

    I think Ovechkins problem is that he’s too arrogant, and has become to absorbed in being a rock star rather than a hockey player.  Ovechkin articles are all about his brash attitude, and party lifestyle, where most Stamkos and Crosby articles you read are about their tireless work ethic, and dedication to improving no matter how much success they have already achieved.  Could just be biast canadian reporting, but you can’t ignore ovechkins stats and the fact that he’s actually on the decline.  Also, if you watch his games regularly, he’s not the same electrifying, Human-highlight-reel alexander ovechkin that we have all grown accustomed to.

  5. 24 Cups says:

    Thanks, Rob.  Us goldens have to stick together:-)  In fact, I’m just about to take my golden retriever (Faith) out for a nice, long walk.  You know what they say, going for a walk through the neighbourhood is a dog’s way of reading the morning paper and catching up on all the latest happenings.

  6. SmartDog says:

    Wow!  Best read of the morning.. (No offense to Boone and Stubbs!)

    The challenge with Piili is shutting down a whole TEAM.

  7. 24 Cups says:

    Ovechkin: A project in progress.  What a great read, especially the part describing how the Habs executed a perfect plan to shut him down last spring in their playoff series with Washington.

    I trust that Coach Martin is working on a similar strategy for Philadelphia for the 2011 playoffs.

  8. SmartDog says:

    Good article on PK.  No surprises there.  The kid is very coachable. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  And being sat for a game so they could bring up Webber since they just found out Marky is out long term PLUS giving PK a pause to think about his game is 100% smart leadership. PK is not so full of himself to think it’s all about him.

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