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Mike Boone and Kevin Mio discuss the Brazil vs. Korea DPR game today at 2:15 p.m. on the Goal Posts blog of the Montreal Gazette


  1. doug says:

    Best chance for excitement at World Cup: mass execution of North Korean squad after significant failure. Something like 14 games so far, six ‘draws’, and in 8 victories only one goal TOTAL for the losing cause, and that in today’s last game. Countries are only permitted one boring spectator sport each, and the US already has baseball. And when we get to the must win games, they have penalty kicks, which is far worse than hockey’s ‘skills competition’.
    With an average of far less than 1 goal per team per game, who can blame spectators for making it worse by blowing their brain’s out (with vuvuzelas).

  2. linp says:

    There are Habs fans from around the world and from different nations. World Cup is an international event. Every one is proud of the team from their native country. It is the atmosphere of the world cup that makes this event unique. 

    It is a heart feeling seeing those Japanese fans and Korean fans celebrating their team’s victory.

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