More from the kids

Because I know you cannot get enough of the cute drawings from the kids, we have put together another gallery of about 15 images. This time, the majority of the pictures are of Thursday night’s starting goaltender, Jaroslav Halak.


  1. habs63 says:

    Man, these kids are awesome artist.

  2. spectre says:

    Love it. I’m toiling away at a major in Fine Arts and I try still find time to do portraits of my favourite Habs. For kid their age, some these are pretty impressive. 

  3. Top Corner says:

    I used to really enjoy drawing hockey players….goalies were the HARDEST to draw….especially the glove…lol….this is a nice one…takes me back to ’90-’93…when i was drawing P. Roy. and Stephane Richer 😛

    Good job kidz

  4. SmartDog says:

    You call that *** art??? 

    If you want to read one of the funniest things on the web… it’s this guy rating kids drawings:


    Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  5. Richer-44 says:

    Yeah maddox has some pretty funny stuff.  I’ve been visiting his site for years.  His bit about Ben Stiller is quite funny.  Pretty much everything I’ve read on their made me laugh.  His hate mail section is great too.

  6. SmartDog says:

    Hey kids – awesome drawings!   Nicely done!

    (I’m just making a joke above.. )

    ————————————————————- Not signing or trading Pleks = yet another missed opportunity.

  7. soperman says:

    Halak is clearly taking over as the kids’ favourite goalie.

    “Pusie possessed a wickedly wild shot, so inaccurate that he could not hit the province of Quebec if he was standing inside the Montreal Forum.” Dick Beddoes

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