More draft picks

On Day 2, the Canadiens select Mark MacMillan, a forward from the BCHL and Morgan Ellis, a Dman who played for Cape Breton in the Q, in the fourth round (113 and 117 overall).

The fifth round (147 overall) brought an intriguing pick: Brendan Gallagher, a 5’9″ RW who scored 41 goals and had more than 110 PiM for Vancouver in the WHL, and  Gallagher, who’s not afraid to drop ’em, is the son of the team’s strength and conditioning coach.

The team’s final choice, 207th overall in the seventh round, was John Westin, who plays for the Modo Juniors in Sweden.

Those tempted to dismiss these kids as no-chancers might consider Andrei Markov, a sixth-round choice (162nd overall) by the Canadiens; Hal Gill, who was an eighth-round pick (207th overall) by the Bruins; Travis Moen, a fifth rounder (155th) for Calgary, Jaro Spacek, a fifth-round pick (117th) by Florida; Tom Pyatt, fourth round (107) by the Rangers, and Josh Gorges, who wasn’t drafted at all.

Oh, and in 2003 the Canadiens picked a pretty good goaltender in the ninth-round, 271st overall

AUDIO: Pierre Gauthier | Morgan
| St. Louis Blues president John Davidson talks about getting Jaro | Danny Biega of Pointe Claire (Louis Leblanc’s teammate at Harvard, drafted by Carolina)



  1. ManApart says:

    Are my comments not mostly based on truth?

  2. ManApart says:

    Halak proved to be the way better goalie and I’m betting Pleks does the same, even when ignoring the finanvial aspect of things.

  3. Bill J says:

    🙂 Cat – then we are closer in thinking then I thought 😛 lol

    BTW I was just bantering with you, I hope you can see by my replies to terry that I was not implying YOU where necessarily a hater.  I hope you got what I was trying to say.

    Keep flying fur-ball… 🙂

  4. G-Man says:

    Habs won’t spend money on a has been when Sanford is in Hamilton. He’ll be cheap, too.

  5. bostonantifan says:

    How many small projects do the Habs need?  


    “Do some research before you pull off another temper tantrum that’s been heard a million times before on this site.”


    As far as “temper tantrum”, wtf are you talking about?  If you’ll objectively reread my original post, you’ll notice that all I did was make a f’ing comment, no temper was involved.  Is that not allowed anymore?  Is it a temper tantrum when someone posts an opinion that differs from yours?  As far as research goes, I didn’t realize that personal opinions had to be backed up by documentation.  I also didn’t know that my postings had to meet with your approval.

    BTW, if my opinion (not temper tantrum) has (in your words) “…been heard a million times before on this site.”, maybe it has a little validity.  Ya think?

    I’m so sorry that you found my honest opinion about the Canadiens so upsetting.  Take a valium and get over it.

    Let me give you a little suggestion of my own:

    If you don’t like my postings, ignore them, but don’t tell me what I have to do in order for my posts to live up to your standards, because I don’t give a crap about your opinion either.


  6. The Cat says:

    It aint just about scoring goals, Gomez never was about scoring goals.

  7. The Cat says:

    I do not like Gainey for his treatment of the goaltenders, but I did say, more than once even, that I liked the Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri signings and that they were an improvement. And just because I dont care for Gainey doesnt mean I think everything hes done is a disaster.

  8. bostonantifan says:

    My comments weren’t a “gut reaction”.  I watched the Habs small forwards being pushed around all season by larger teams.  As far as one or two small players being small, that’s no big deal.  I think the problem is that Montreal has for far too long gone for small fast forwards to the exclusion of any talented forwards with size.  If you’d get your head out of the sand, you’ll realize that the small group of forwards was pushed around and extremely ineffective against the Flyers in the playoffs.  The team needs to add size. 

    As far as some people never being happy, that’s BS.  I’m ecstatic that the Habs drafted Tinordi.  He’s the type of player the Habs don’t usually go after, someone large enough to take care of themselves and their team mates.

    As for the guy’s amateur scoring stats, they’re irrelevant.  The minor leagues are filled with small former high scoring amateur players, who cares.  Once they get to Montreal, their scoring talent seems to disappear.  (I’m referring to draftees only, not FA’s or trades.)

    What’s really pathetic is your attacking me personally, you don’t even know me.  If you disagree, fine.  State your case, keep the rest of the crap to yourself.

  9. kempie says:

    …. sigh.

  10. Bill J says:

    Re: the Cat, please read the entire thread, remember start on page 2… and move backwards… to follow the thread.

    Cat & I where bantering on something else, and Cat offered it’s claws at me (see I am referring to funny exchange here, you still with me ? or are you so enraged – you can’t see you are very much over reacting here)

    You disrespect Carey every time you call someone who DOES like him a Pricebot, Sorry.  It’s a FACT.

    I only cited your “disdain for Price” keep in mind not for the team, because I honestly believe you want Price to fail so you can feel some personal self-worth, perhaps you are yourself feeling some anxiety right now as you are reading this thinking, “Hmmm maybe I pegged this guy wrong, and should read more before judging him ?” Probably not, but was worth the wish 😛 lol

    I do hope when it comes time to the season you will enjoy it because of your love for the Habs. 

    I do agree with you on GB leaving is a horrible decision.  That is another subject though, is it not ?

    Do you see how sometimes in a discussion one can address new topics, as I did in the “hate” post you are so clinging too, the point if you read it was ultimately, only in Montreal do we have a 3rd option to “hate the team they love”.

    And even you must admit you see this from certain Hab fans.

  11. terrygain says:


    Only in Montreal do we have fans who hate the team!

    BTW – I’m onto your fence dwelling (typical Cat behavior), How can you like Gomez but not like the guy who brought him to Montreal ?

    Sure Bill. You were referring to someone else while addressing him.  And I don’t hate Carey. i just don’t like him enough to pretend that he’s a better goaltender than Halak, as do you and the other Pricebots. I hope he plays better next  year. I’ve simply pointed out the truth that if he doesn’t he will be booed out of town.  Your reaction to that statement – accusing someone who was a Hab fan before you were born of hating the team – indicates a certain anxiety on your part about Carey. I may have more confidence in Carey than you do. 


  12. Bill J says:

    When the topic in the discussion was goalies, I’m not sure how the mention of goal scoring comes up…

    Last I checked Boston does not have 7 spots in the playoff standings.


  13. Bill J says:

    and terry thinks I’m the one who is negative towards other posters ?


  14. Bill J says:

    You can’t read can you ?

    I SAID :

    Although salary excluded, I would definitely prefer keeping both

    Keep up, because if you read the entire post I clearly say I am in the Pleks camp as to the topic if you scroll up a bit more being Gomez Vs. Plekanec.


  15. GrimJim says:

    Then they didn’t make the conference finals did they…

  16. Bill J says:

    DUH – that was my point

    Did you hear the Jumbo jet flying over your head ?



  17. Bill J says:

    terry you seem to have problems READING. Try again

    1) In no way did I call the Cat a Hater.  I was referring to those who DO hate. IE you with Price as exhibit A.

    2) we had jokingly been bantering.

    3) The analogy to Hate BTW – was to the fact that NO other team has hater fans, they are either fans or they are not.  Even the loony Leaf fans love their team!

    4) get over yourself.

  18. terrygain says:

    You seem to have a problem disagreeing with people without calling them haters. Just because someone has a different opinion than you doesn’t mean they hate the team. They come here and offer criticism and make suggestions because they love the team, just like you. Is that too hard for you to comprehend? Try to find a way of expressing yourself without calling other people haters.

  19. Exit716 says:

    I hate to watch the same teams fail over and over again every year like
    the Islanders, Thrashers etc.

    And you’ve enjoyed watching the futility since 1994?

    Add the Habs to that list.


  20. RC-51 says:

    Wonder what he thinks of Martin St Louis?

  21. Exit716 says:

    Savard is from Orleans, which is a middle class suburb.

  22. avatar_58 says:

    What a ridiculous thing to argue, given both are here for good until their contracts expire.

  23. porkdog324 says:

    We should draft our players form the NBA or the NFL!  I think that is the ticket.

  24. Jbird says:

    Patrick Kane.  Give it a rest.  

  25. porkdog324 says:

    We should draft our players form the NBA or the NFL!  I think that is the ticket.

  26. avatar_58 says:

    !!!!!!!!!!! EXCELLENT NEWS!

  27. JIMVINNY says:

    One of the guys from the fan 960 in Calgary did a study, and came up with some interesting numbers; from draft years 2003-2007, 45% of the guys that now have regular NHL jobs were drafted in the first round, the other 55% were the later rounds.

  28. ZepFan2 says:

    “Why don’t you not make crap up dude.”

    Freudian slip?!


    Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.”
    – Sam Pollock

  29. andrewberkshire says:

    Prove it.

  30. ZepFan2 says:

    Yeah, those two 7 game series had nothing to do with them losing steam, just their size.


    Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.”
    – Sam Pollock

  31. ZepFan2 says:


    Aren’t you an ABC fan?


    Fans are great, but the quickest way to start losing is to listen to them.”
    – Sam Pollock

  32. NightRyder says:

    I think you should pick a goalie every year, just like in the NFL you should pick a QB every year.

    Of course, it would help if you had more than five picks…

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