Momesso, Dollas round out Team 990 crew

Legends Classic Game

Former Canadien Sergio Momesso and well-traveled NHLer Bobby Dollas will provide colour and analysis on the Team 990’s hockey broadcasts this season.

Momesso – looking chillingly Luca Brasi-like in that photo – is a carryover from the CJAD team.

The Team 990 announcement:

A native Montrealer, Sergio Momesso was drafted 27th overall in the 1983 NHL entry draft by the Montreal Canadiens. He went on to win a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1986, one of the highlights of an NHL career that spanned 13 seasons. Momesso also worked under former Habs General Manager Bob Gainey for two seasons in player development for the team, and served as an assistant coach with the Hamilton Bulldogs.

“I’m thrilled to be on board THE TEAM 990’s coverage of the Canadiens,” said Momesso. “Becoming a part of the Habs’ radio team has brought me full circle from the days I laced up my skates with the team – it’s truly something special for me.”

Bobby Dollas, who also hails from Montreal, was a first round draft pick of the Winnipeg Jets in 1983. His 16-season NHL career included stops in Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa. Dollas has also represented Canada internationally, winning a gold medal at the 1985 IIHF World Junior Championships.

“As a proud Montrealer, I can’t wait to be on the frontlines of THE TEAM 990’s coverage of the Habs,” said Dollas. “With the addition of Erik Cole, the stability in goal with Carey Price, the emergence of PK Subban and the healthy return of Andrei Markov, fans have an incredible season to look forward to.”


  1. jabber39 says:

    Bottom line…anyone is better than Rick Moffat…this change is long overdue…Momesso carried Moffat’s horrendous flow…just listen to an ALS game now…its torture…can’t wait to hear what the new habs game experience sounds like…atleast im patient enough to give it a shot…

    Knowing is Half the Battle…

  2. Chester says:

    I don’t get it. I’m not a big radio man, but I have never heard of John Bartlett, or Bobby Dollas… Who is making these decisions? It just smells so much of Toronto…so sad.

  3. RetroMikey says:

    I still believe that Denis Casavant would have been a great play by play person on the radio for the Habs whether in English or French.

    “We will win the Cup one day only with ? in the nets “

  4. HabsFanMTL says:

    well first of all, trying to find the team990 at 3 pm is difficult, every time i put my dial there i’m thinking is this chom? he plays his intro songs till the end after every dammed commercial. And who likes Randy Teeman? have u heard this guy when he is working with tony? or with anyone else for that matter? he doesn’t have a mind of his own! he agrees and repeats everything tony is saying. I’d rather have simon silekus or however u spell it, or even campbell or any of the other young guys who replace when theres a sickness. they are far better than teeman . I was happy when they get rid of P.J. Stock, but then they replaced him with Teeman i’m not sure management knows how to find Talent

    • cuzzie says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth referring to Tieman, just throws out cliches. I always wondered if he watches any sports cause his knowledge is of someone who just finished reading the gazoo.

      Stay Thirsty My Friends!

    • awesomerino says:

      CHOM wishes it played music half as good as the stuff Melnick plays. Melnick’s show is easily the best radio show in Canada, irrespective of genre. For those people who long for an ESPN clone, listen to ESPN. Melnick is the last of a dying breed.

  5. ryan_45 says:

    I duuno guys. You listen to other sports stations like the Fan, sporting news radio, and Espn radio and they professional. The team 990 sounds like they hire people who are 40, act like they’re 15. If you listen to their analysis, it’s very generic and not very insightful. Especially with guys like Sean Starr in the morning who it seems just reads off” I think #18 is the best qb in the league, I think 46 needs a wakeup pill”. Thanks for the note Starr. Btw Its KosTITsyn not KoTstitsyn. I remember once Price asked him to name 3 players on the Cavs and he couldn’t. He also said “LBJ is the best point guard in the NBA”

    Even their promos and ads sound like they cater to 12 year olds, everythings a joke.

    Listen to sporting news radio for a week and you’ll tune out the team.

  6. Graceland says:

    Elliot Price is NOT a Habs fan, even though his TV commercial distracts you from this fact. Half the voices at 990 are NOT Habs fans. Funny how this has never been addressed.

  7. otter649 says:

    Team990 is applying to move down the dial from 990 to an open spot at AM 690….

  8. 24stanleycups says:

    It’s now going to take 3 people to replace Rick & Sergio! Big mistake bringing in Bartlett. Wonder how long before he makes reference to Toronto’s teams(leafs & marlies)
    Get enough of that TSN!

    • jabber39 says:

      Dude are you freakin for real? Rick Moffat? What planet are you from! We had the worst play by play guy in the league last year!! THE WORST!! The goal horn came on before he called every freakin time!!! CMON!! Don’t write crap if you’re not going to think about what your saying!

      Knowing is Half the Battle…

      • 24stanleycups says:

        It’s not dude, jabber! Are you sexist, only guys can write comments????
        Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Rick is a class act and makes wonderful contributions to the community. He is knowledgeable and has a passion for both the Als and Habs.

  9. havok says:

    I am actually shocked that Momesso is in there and that Dollas is over Nilan!
    Momesso seemed so disorganized on CJAD, like he couldn’t formulate a thought concisely and fast enough to keep up with the game..
    What about Murray, who used to be on CJAD? He was better no?
    I am so glad that CKAC/98.5 is an option LOL..

    • pg says:

      Murray Wilson? Really? I think he’s about the worst I’ve ever heard. A monotone nasal voice complemented by a complete lack of descriptive skills. I remember driving home once, listening to the game, when something exciting must have happened. I don’t know what it was that happened, since Wilson kept repeating “Oh, look at that… look at that!”

      I can’t see it Murray, you’re on a radio broadcast. You need to use big-people words.

      I was surprised that Momesso was actually quite good at describing the issues at hand, along with good insight into the team. I didn’t know that he was in player development as well as Hamilton assistant coach, but it makes sense.


  10. ryan_45 says:

    Not surprised. The team990 is amateur radio. Aside from Melnick they have no one worth listening to. For a sports radio station they know very little about sports outside the Habs.

    Momesso is painful to listen to but not as bad as the most annoying guy in all of radio ( Tony Marinaro with Elliot price a close 2nd).

    Listen to it on ckac. Best radio play by play by far. Even if you don’t understand French they’re worth listening to just for the intensity and fluidity.

    • KevinT says:

      I actually like Team 990 and think they’ve made leaps forward in quality over the years. The Impact and Alouettes have been covered very well this year, not to mention the U.S. Open Tennis this past weekend. Marinaro does a great job IMO but I do tend to agree about C. Elliot. I enjoy Randy Tieman very much as well. As for the more staff, some do a great job and there are others I can’t stand…that’s why I’m always glad when all the summer vacations are over with!
      Overall, I think Montreal is far better off with the Team 990 than without.

      As for Momesso, I, too, am a bit disappointed in the selection.

    • Habstar says:

      Realy you prefer Melnik in the afternoon you must like Bob Dylan and Schwatz smoke meat and listening to Lauren Reuben consulting Melnik regarding his investments and assets. What is that new commercial running on the Team 990 that melnik says the F**K OFF word. I’m sure that Melnik is happy with fans just like you who enjoy listening to Bob Dylan and banjo tunes. I’ll stick with Tony Marinaro who keeps us multi-cultural montrealers well informed about the habs and yes about every other sporting event that is meaningful.

  11. mdp2011 says:

    Any news on who is doing the play by play for the team990?

    • awesomerino says:

      Yeah, it’s a guy named John Bartlett, who’d most recently been calling Toronto Marlies’ games. It’s a terrible choice, considering the Team 990’s had Elliot Price all his time. Similarly, it’s a terrible call hiring two barely comprehensible neanderthals in Momesso (horrible for CJAD) and Dollas to do color when Chris Nilan is available.

      But then, the Team 990 is a CTV holding. So I guess this is a Toronto decision. That should be comforting to Montrealers.

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