Michel Therrien: Habs ‘left everything on the ice’ in 2-1 win over Bruins (Video)

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The Canadiens held on to beat the Boston Bruins 2-1 at the Bell Centre Thursday night and vaulted ahead of their arch-rivals to the top of the Atlantic Division standings.

It was the Canadiens’ third game in four nights this week. They won all of them and have now earned 17 of 18 possible points in their last nine games.

The Canadiens managed only three shots on goal in the first period, but came to life in the second, out-shooting the Bruins 17-7 and scoring two goals.  Tomas Plekanec scored from a difficult angle on Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask.  Max Pacioretty gave the Canadiens a 2-1 lead with his 11th goal.

The Bruins took advantage of the fact that the Canadiens played the night before and had played six games in nine days, Therrien said.

“They came out really strong.  You’ve got to give the Bruins a lot of credit for that but we adjusted really well.”

“I think we played with desperation in the second period,” Therrien added.  “We knew the importance of tonight’s game. And a lot of credit goes to my players. I think they left it all on the ice and they emptied the tank tonight.”

Carey Price was sharp once again in net, making 32 saves.

“Tonight was a really tough game,” Price said.

“That’s not an easy team to play against.”

Bruins defenceman Johnny Boychuk was injured during the first period when he was checked into the boards by Max Pacioretty. Boychuk was put on a stretcher and wheeled off the ice on a gurney. He was taken to hospital for observation, but later released and travelled back to Boston with the team.

Pacioretty received a boarding penalty on the play.

“I had no intentions of even really hitting someone. I was making a play. I felt like I was battling in the corner,” said Pacioretty, who hadn’t seen the replay after the game.

“I heard their coach tell the ref that he understood there was no intention there and he understood that it was just a two minute (penalty).

“I feel terrible,” Pacioretty added. “I’ve been in that situation before. As you could tell in my game right after that it definitely rattled me a lot. And I wish him nothing but the best.”

You can listen to more of what Pacioretty had to say here:

As well as here:

You can hear what P.K. Subban had to say here:

And you can watch what Price had to say here:

(Video:Brenda Branswell)


  1. Propwash says:

    Accurate depiction of me on skates…



  2. Sportfan says:

    Patches won’t get suspended for the hit will he?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  3. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Pacioretty, very classy. Bruins however can kiss my assy.

  4. And notice Max’s comments about the incident with Boychuk:

    “I feel terrible…I’ve been in that situation before. As you could tell in my game right after that it definitely rattled me a lot. And I wish him nothing but the best.”

    Contrast that with a certain other player from the B’s who almost killed him back in March of 2011:

    “As the puck went by, obviously I was riding him out and it was very unfortunate that at the same time when I pushed him a little bit, he kind of leaned and jumped a little bit and just hit the glass extension.”

    Stay classy, Bruins.

    Defense wins championships

  5. I’m not sure we’re as good as the standings indicate right now, but we’re also not as bad as our record after that loss to the Sens almost 10 games ago.

    I think we’re somewhere in between, but the view from up here is pretty sweet. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. =)

    Defense wins championships

    • ianism says:

      i think we are. they way the habs are playing, they’re one of the 3-4 best teams in the east. but there are several excellent teams out west which we won’t get to play much so it is hard to measure. given the extreme imbalance we are seeing this season, a crossover format like in the CFL would be a good idea. isn’t going to happen though, especially since it’ll even out eventually

    • 4loorplay says:

      I believe you are right to a point. Emlin factor and the fact that Murry have both quietly have helped montreal by keeping opponents at bay with thumps. last 10 games we peaked somewhat as a group. Next 10 may see a 500 team 10-13 points

      Nirvana is earned…

  6. rogieshan says:

    Bournival had the most jump on the team tonight.

    • Marc10 says:

      Most nights he’s right up there with Gally. He’s a good one. You wish every rookie had those wheels or that drive.

      What a win!

    • Took a couple of hard hits and kept on going, too. No quit=positive results.

      Defense wins championships

    • naweed235 says:

      Which is exactly why he needs to be playing with Eller and Gally. there is no doubt in my mind that they would have a lot of success together. I have a hard time believing that the coaching staff doesn’t see this. Bourni and Gallagher have a lot in common and that’s exactly what’s missing on the Eller line

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