Mental preparation for our Leafs fans

Come on, you know you’re out there. David Henderson, president of, sends this along through Gazette sports editor Stu Cowan. It’s recorded by Joe Bowen, the voice of the Toronto Maple Leafs, to help fans of our rival down the 401 calm themselves as they gear for their ninth win of the season – whenever that comes.


  1. RH says:

    Wow! I actually lost interest about 5 seconds into it and kept trying to fast forward to a good part until I suddenly found myself at the end of it.

  2. Robert L says:

    This is priceless – it ought to be made into a permanent link!

    Joe Bowen – thank you!

  3. 24 Cups says:

    Stress? You want to know about stress?! How about being a lifelong Habs fan who has to live just outside Toronto and listen to their constant whining about their lamentable situation and lack of Stanley Cup success. Doug Gilmour, Gretzky, and the lost Cup of 1993? Oh please, we wiped out LA and would have done the same to the Lousy Leafs. Patrick Roy put on the greatest display of goaltending in the history of hockey that spring. Want to know what I do to relieve stress? I sit down, open a bottle of red shiraz, and read about the glorious 24 Cups we have won. Leafs haven’t won a Cup in 40 years and would need to win one every three years for another 40 just to catch us. Ahhh, I think I’ll refill my glass:-)

  4. moeman says:


    ~ have a powerful day ~

  5. Axeman says:

    This is both pathetic and hilarious at the same time. Only in Toronto you say? THANK GOD! At the same time, you (almost) can’t help but feel sorry for those poor schmoes they call Leaf fans … Years of trying to buy a Cup didn’t work … trading away prospects and draft picks for over-the-hill has beens … a management team that has its head so far up its butt it can only see light by opening its mouth ….

    Man am I ever proud to be a Montreal Canadiens fan!!!!!

  6. Chuck says:

    That’s the best leaf-related thing I think I’ve ever heard!

    “Vote Saku for All-Star… or little Timmy gets it!!!”

  7. Lee_D says:

    This was actually really funny. They should do a French Habs version 😀

  8. Sulemaan says:

    This on top of the 4-3 shoot-out win is the cherry on the sundae.

  9. mysterycog says:

    Awesome!!!! Nothing like the warm feeling of shadenfreude to get you through a cold Montreal night..Their misery sustains me

  10. HNS says:

    Now that was funny…

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