Mediocre Star Game

Uh, are you for serious NHL?

Not only is the All-Star Weekend typically a snorefest, now you get even more ridiculous with your ballot selections? Did you generate this list while playing NHL 09? There are more than several players who should not have made it and there are too many players that have been overlooked. Instead of production, you went with name value.

An All-Star Game should be about the best players right now. Instead, you have turned it into a They’re Generally An All-Star So Why Not This Year Too Game – and that sucks.

It sucks for the fans who feel cheated.

And it completely sucks for the players who ARE cheated.


Most NHL players will never make it to an All-Star game. Most guys will never be big stars in the league. They won’t get the big contracts or the big endorsement deals. But sometimes, an average player has a helluva year and that should be recognized.

Hard work is supposed to bring results, especially in hockey.

Here’s a couple suggestions to make the ballot a bit more legitimate.


Put in: Carey Price – He should definitely be on the ballot. Pick a statistical category and he’s near the top.

Worth a second look: Sergei Bobrovsky

Take out: Marc-Andre Fleury
When your back-up is out-playing you… Fleury is proof that All-Star Weekend is a name game and not based on merit. He’s had outstanding years and been a playoff hero but this year he’s atrocious: 3.23 GAA, 0.860 SP, and only 2 wins.

Beach duty: Antti Niemi



Put in: Alex Semin
21 points in 16 games? 12 goals? He’s a skilled, offensive player who’s fun to watch and on top of it he’s having a good start to the season.

Worth a second look: Tomas Plekanec

Take out: Ilya Kovalchuck
He’s one of the greatest goal-scorers in the game. Just not this year.

Beach duty: Phil Kessel


Put in: Lubomir Visnovsky
Anaheim had a shaky start to the season and it looked like the loss of Scott Neidermeyer exposed a weak defensive corps. Visnovsky has 15 points through 18 games, is +4 and has been averaging 25:16 of ice-time per game.

Worth a second look: Kris Letang

Take out: Mark Streit
Uh, really? The guy hasn’t skated one shift during the regular season and he’s on the ballot?

Beach duty: Dion Phaneuf


All the players I’ve said shouldn’t be on the All-Star Game ballot this year are good players. They’ve made it in the past and will probably merit it again in the future. But not this year.

This season, let somebody who deserves it play.

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