Martin seeks balance

PRE-GAME AUDIO: Brian Gionta | Maxim Lapierre

Coach Jacques Martin said he hopes to have three balanced lines against the Vancouver Canucks tonight and he’s right when he says his first three lines have produced almost the same number of goals.

But it should be noted that of the eight goals produced  by the trio of Andrei Kostitsyn, Scott Gomez and Maxim Lapierre, only one was produced with Gomez at centre.

The other lines are Benoit Pouliot-Jeff Halpern-Mathieu Darche (10 goals) and Michael Cammalleri-Tomas Plekanec-Brian Gionta (10 goals).

Carey Price gets the start in net, his 14th in 15 games



  1. Bugs says:

    Ohh, that’s why he’s “better”, I see. Because he’s bigger and younger.

    Actual production is incidental, I get it.

    By that token, Eller is better than Crosby of course. Gotcha.

    Thanks, mate.

    Despicably despondent, my remains will say:

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central: http://habsbros.blogsp

  2. mike g says:

    Anyone else notice how AK is back to normal…

    Slowly, without anyone noticing or making a fuss about it, he’s not scoring anymore.

    I’m feeling like my bet is pretty safe…


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  3. Bugs says:

    Umm, because he takes the time to do them?

    Despicably despondent, my remains will say:

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central: http://habsbros.blogsp

  4. Antho says:

    Wouldn’t be a bad idea to try Eller between AK and Pouliot

  5. gauver says:

    It’s possible that the Habs could get out from under Scott Gomez’s contract by trading him for nothing to a team that needs to add salary to meet the minimum standard under the CBA; this would most likely happen in the off-season.  More likely, the Habs will need to do something like what the Blackhawks did with Huet or the Rangers did with Redden.  If this were to happen, and we therefore had the cap space to pursue a number one centre, I wonder what could be achieved?

    If Pittsburgh does not do well in the post-season and the lack of good wingers is again cited as a key reason why, they may entertain trading one of their centres.  Of the three, I would give anything for Crosby.  Because I assume that Penguins management feel the same way, I cannot imagine that Crosby would be available.  That leaves Malkin and Staal.  Because Malkin is the more valuable of the two he is also the more expensive and the most likely to be offered.  What could we offer Pittsburgh in exchange for Malkin and would it be worth it us?

    I would offer Andrei Kostitsyn and either Gionta or Cammalleri for Malkin.  I would prefer to keep Cammalleri.  I would also agree to take a chump from the Pens if they needed to dump salary and made it a condition of the deal.

    They would get two quality wingers which would address their primary need while still having two excellent centres in Crosby and Staal.

    We would finally have a large man with skill as a number one centre with Plekanec as an excellent number two.  We would have to shop for two top-six forwards to play with them meaning we would likely have to sign free agents.  Having Malkin and Pleks as centres might make it easier to attract top talent to Montreal.  If the Habs still have to pay Gomez while he plays in Hamilton, they can afford it; one or two good Stanley Cup runs will more than offset this additional expense.

    If you were the Pens GM, would you make that trade?

    If you were the Habs GM, would you make that trade?

  6. TripleX says:

    Surprised not one team took a chance on Boyd at a cap friendly salary.

    So what does PG do now?  Does he send Boyd down?  Someone has to pick him up at half salary, and PG only saves 300,000 on the cap.


    ‘Cogito ergo doleo’

  7. blu3chip says:

    Halak was an RFA, we were only trading his right, and anyone could have sent him an offer sheet which we probably can’t match (while keeping Price). Do you really think that a team will give up a legit NHL-ready top 6 forward to get Halak’s right? They could have easily sent him an offer sheet and give us the draft pick compensation (1st & 3rd round picks).

    As for getting a centre vs a winger, you always get/draft the best available player, not by position.

  8. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I nominate Gomez to be a healthy scratch all week.

    He’s been a huge pain in the asssss.

  9. Mark C says:

    For years Habs fans have cried for a center with size and offensive ability, now that the team has one, he should have been a winger?

    I’ve never played in the NHL or been a coach or GM, but can’t centers be moved to the wing? It’s been done before right?

    btw, Eller has played a lot of wing in the past, moving Eller to the wing shouldn’t be an issue.

  10. davelecave says:

    I think it sends the message “If you sign with us and suck the bag, posting the worst +/- on the team and looking like a kid in peewee out there, you will be placed on waivers”.  I believe that is a fair assessment. 

  11. jimmy shaker says:

    Auldy should’ve gotten the start tonight and let price have the cubs on thursday!  BOOM goes JM’s decisions, AGAIN!!!


  12. matraque says:

    Then you sweeten the pot…


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  13. HabFanSince72 says:

    If gauthier would have simply targetted a winger, like Oshie or Backes or Perron,


    … the Blues would have said “no thanks”.


  14. Mark C says:

    Well, Boyd cleared, this move saves Montreal $3,495 in bankable cap space per day (or $531,183 for the rest of the season). This extra space could come in handy at the deadline.

  15. Max_a_million says:

    Yes although I think he is still working hard. 

    It worries me to break up a really good line (pleks, cammy, AK) to try and make two good ones, hopefully it works soon. 

  16. CBrady12 says:

    Please explain how getting rid of gomez solves out problems? Because we will have cap space? to sign who? trade? there have been NO trades so far this year…so we get rid of Gomez and Eller isnt an NHLer and all of our problems are solved? This has to be one of the stupidest comments ive ever read

  17. ed lopaz says:

    I want to make 1 simple point.

    Assuming gauthier HAD to trade 1 of the goalies


    Assuming that goalie HAD to be Halak


    Eller looks like he will be a fine player one day – but he’s a CENTER for petes sake.

    With Gomez and plekanec already signed, where was Eller supposed to play?

    On the 3rd line? On the 4th line?

    It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE whatsoever.

    If gauthier would have simply targetted a winger, like Oshie or Backes or Perron,

    and traded Halak 1 for 1 for any of these 3,

    the Habs would be way better off – especially since Price is playing exceptionally well, and the

    biggest problem on the team is filling that last top 6 position.

    We all knew going in that Pouliot and AK would be question marks to fill that spot.

    This is a huge mistake that the GM has made.

    I love my country, that does not mean I support the present government.
    I love the Habs, that does not mean I support the present Habs management.

  18. matraque says:

    If Eller wasn’t part of the Halak trade… Where would he play?  Hamilton or Montreal?


    Canadien en 5!
    Never go Full Retard

  19. longtimehabsfan says:

    Why does he keep tinkering with the lines? This is Carbo revisited.

  20. mike g says:

    Play O’byrne?

    You want us to play 14 minutes of shorthanded hockey, because of OB’s 7 over-the-glass penalties?



    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

     I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  21. JD_ says:

    * Among the Summit highlights was sittin’ down low in an otherwise empty, and uncharacteristically serene Bell Centre, watchin’ Soobs and Price effin’ around on the ice after what appeared to be an optional skate. Price was puck handlin’ with his paddle and showin’ off a pretty decent slapper, then he started lobbin’ pucks over tryin’ to nail a stretchin’ PK, followin’ which they both started shinnyin’ while on their knees. PK’s pad-stackin’ earned a golf clap. Followin’ this, they both came into the stands, went all a capella on some Everly Brothers hit, got into a fistfight with some kid in a stinkin’ Flyers cap, and kissed babies. Nah, that last sentence isn’t true, although it would have been really cool.

    * Looks like Beliveau pushes his weight around in the alumni room. Seems when he walks in, anyone sittin’ in his chair has to immediately vacate it. I kid you not. As Chorske got me thinkin’, I suspect Jean also just has to whack the jukebox to get it goin’. Ééééééééé…

    * Gomer was hustlin’ on Saturday night. Sittin’ in the corner of the Bell Centre, it’s hard to miss his impressive speed, agility, and upper-body inertia borne of solid conditionin’. You can see how consistently the opposition’s D and initial backcheckers struggle to keep him from penetratin’ their zone. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Gionta, the way he carries himself on and off the ice, but if you were witness to his reaction after getting’ the Habs back to within one with only an expresso’s worth of time remainin’, a reaction reminiscent of Crosby after his OT marker on an outsmarted Ryan Miller durin’ the Olympics, it becomes somewhat apparent from whence the line’s lack of finish, albeit not lack of effort, is emanatin’. In his prime, John LeClair clearin’ space would make that line lethal.

    * And I agree with the notion Marky hasn’t been particularly impressive since his return. Havin’ said that, it’s clear he wanted to get back on the ice as soon as the doctors cleared him and not necessarily when he had his game legs back. Be it hunger, his contract, or a combination of the two, it doesn’t matter; he wanted in. He looked like a near-drownin’ victim durin’ those critical moments after Price was pulled for the extra attacker. Although Mr. Beanov’s conditionin’ is clearly suboptimal and he was Runnin’ On Empty at the end of every period, one has to assume he’ll find his legs over the course of the season.

    * I also agree with JF’s notion, and have been thinkin’ about the same thing since Gionta was named captain, that Cammy seems inordinately frustrated. Cammy strikes me as a really solid guy, with a tremendous level of respect for social institutions and tradition, but with a decent temper bubblin’ beneath the surface. Just ask Gorges and Lapierre about the latter. You’ll recall how he seemed to be openly campaignin’ for the captain’s job this summer, always available, always sayin’ the right thing and, after all that, the captaincy goes to someone else equally deservin’, but fortunate enough to have a stronger player rapport in the dressin’ room. I could be way off base on this one, but can’t help but think the idea has some merit.

    * In response to the idea of a coach’s challenge durin’ games, the concept recently discussed in light of Colton Orr’s “goal” against Florida, Mopey Loafs GM Brian Burkie said the followin, “Talking about a coaching challenge in response to one goal is like killing a house fly with a bazooka.” No mention of the fact that Burkie’s analogy is tantamount to dustin’ the credenza with a thermonuclear weapon. Burkie sux.

    * As does Phaneuf.

  22. samTHEman says:

    Lol you’re sooo right. Everything in that post that you just said is dead on right.

  23. Timo says:

    Hammer, Spach, Gorges and Markov will be hurting a lot after tonight.

  24. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Another fine example of why JM is clueless behind the bench. Why is O’Byrne not playing? Poor guy plays a game and is under a lot of pressure to play mistake free and the minute he makes that mistake he’s doomed to the press box. JM is an idiot sitting a guy like O’Byrne & going with his useless tools of Spacek/Hamrlik. Give me O’Byrne/Picard any time.

    As long as he’s behind the bench, we are doomed.

  25. TripleX says:

    I actually think it will be a close game.  If the veterans on the Habs can’t get it up for this Vancouver squad on a 6 game winning streak and is an unquestioned elite team?  Well yeah, it will be a LONG season.



    ‘Cogito ergo doleo’

  26. HardHabits says:

    Did you ever stop to wonder why SF09 has his prospects report updated weekly now as a feature article on HIO?

  27. SeriousFan09 says:

    JD, you never fail to amuse.

    Reports are the Coach’s Challenge has been shelved for now at the GM Meeting.

    Also Shelved:

    - Mandatory tests to see if officials are in fact, legally blind.

    - Brian Burke’s “Takebacks” idea on trades.

    - Sunbelt teams no longer have to order off the kid’s menu when the lunch order goes out.

    - Conditional agreements on trades can be written in invisible ink.

    - Players who take delay of game penalties have to wear dunce caps in the box.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  28. kempie says:

    He’s already had a full year in the AHL, so he should be ready for a good long look.

  29. HabFanSince72 says:

    When I was much younger I used to get mad at Microsoft every time one of their software products would cause me grief, which was often.

    I realized immediately that this was irrational, however. I didn’t go on to some chat site and claim that Bill Gates was an idiot and if I was CEO of Microsoft then Word wouldn’t crash all the time.


  30. HardHabits says:

    YOUR analysis is usually clouded by political factors. Relax Bugs. Leblanc will be there with Eller in a few years.

  31. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yes, Hockey’s Future and Habs Prospects hate the French.



    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  32. cautiousoptimist says:

    Gauthier’s moves make sense to me more often than not, but unless
    Boyd was just a complete jerk in the locker room or blatantly
    disrespectful Sergei-style, I just don’t see the logic behind signing a
    guy as a free agent and then putting him on waivers 13 games into the
    season.  What message does that send to potential free agents in the
    future?  “Sign with us, and you could end up pretty much anywhere by
    early November.”

    Plus the kid tore up the WHL, tore up the AHL, and posted solid bottom-six numbers last year (11 goals, +6) — you gotta think he’s worth a longer glance than he got here.  We’ll be really lucky if no one picks him up.

    1. – not a hockey site, but still kinda neat
    2. Mike Boone: “With Gainey at my side, I’d walk into any dark alley in the world.”
  33. Bugs says:

    Oh, David, omg, you gonna let this guy Yahoo talk like that about ya? What? You heard it all your life, huh?

    Come up here, boy. Come up here and shut this guy up cuz he’s a striaght-shooter and he’ll glady eat crow.

    But I’ll be there too, Yahoo…


    Despicably despondent, my remains will say:

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central: http://habsbros.blogsp

  34. rocketsglare says:

    It’s possible that the Blues stood firm in not wanting to part with any of their young wingers and

    instead offered Eller and Shultz knowing that PG was determined to move Halak regardless of the

    return. PG simply put himself at a disadvantage and the Blues knew it and profited.

    Just my opinion of what may have gone down.


    Go Habs Go!

  35. HardHabits says:

    David Desharnais
    Born Sep 14 1986 — Quebec, PQ 
    Height 5.06 — Weight 177 — Shoots L

    Lars Eller
    Born May 8 1989 — Rodovre, Denmark
    Height 6.00 — Weight 198 — Shoots L

    3 years younger and 6 inches taller.

  36. SeriousFan09 says:

    Bugs, I’m pulling for small guys like Brendan Gallagher and Gabriel Dumont to make the NHL. I Love Gionta but a lot of small players do not make it because they do not have what is considered exceptional strength for their size. Josh Gorges has an inch and 5 years on PK, but who’s the stronger player. Theo Fleury was tiny, but he was a bull for his size, so was Bouillon before he was let go from MTL.

    David Desharnais was too easily moved in the pre-season by just about anyone and he simply doesn’t have a physical strength that would allow him to get by in the NHL. It’s all well and good to dominate the ECHL and AHL but so can Corey Locke. Some people plateau because while he has the tools talent-wise, I have never seen the indication that he is strong enough to take the modern NHL game. He’s done fine in limited call-ups but he doesn’t have a top gear of skating like Gionta does or the physical power to not get steamrolled by big players every time.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  37. mike g says:

    Agree about Cammy…

    Some people say he’s the greatest guy after a win or when he scores a goal, but when the times get rough he’s not a great guy to be around.

    Kinda seems like the kid who we all played hockey with, had to score a goal or he’d go home pissed no matter the result of the game.


    “These head movies make my eyes rain” -Simple Jack

    I got AK at under 64.5 pts, with Triple X and Tom Nickle.

  38. Mark C says:

    And McKeen’s Hockey, which ranks Eller as the 26th best prospect in the league, DD isn’t ranked in the top 120.

  39. Hobie Hansen says:

    I’d like to say there’s no sense in crying over spilt milk but I’m just as guilty as anyone else. I’ve got a few players from the Blues in my hockey pool so I’ve checked out a bunch of their games.

    It really pisses me off that we didn’t get one of those gritty St. Louis forwards back in the Halak trade. Backes is off to a strange start like Gionta but there would have been no way to predict that prior to the season. Backes usually scores, hits and will drop the gloves, man he would have looked good in our top six. Oh well.

  40. Bugs says:

    Yes, those oh-so-reliable prospects list that NEVER take any external political factors into account and focus strictly on the talent never displayed in the NHL.

    Yes, take their word for it over what you have seen with your own eyes. That’s your right.

    But I assure you, what word YOU take, will not affect MY analysis in the slightest.

    Despicably despondent, my remains will say:

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central: http://habsbros.blogsp

  41. Storm Man says:

    How so? Please stop trying to post topics you have no clue about. You are saying Apple is going to pass Exxon as the most valuable company in the US? Sorry JR this is the real world you are talking about. I would ask you to take a look at that portfolio you have in front of you…. Snap sorry you don’t have one. Apple is fourth at 211 billion and Exxon is number 1 at 316 billion and lets not forget Wal-Mart. It was a insighful take on things but so very wrong.

  42. Habs Proud says:

    You’ve raised a very valid point, Eller very well could be in Hamilton, perhaps PG is really trying to prove that it was a decent trade by Eller staying with the big team, I guess you can also look at it that granted he is with the Habs but he is playing on the 4th line, is there anyone else in Hamilton that would be doing anything more if they were in Ellers spot, probably not.

  43. Josh says:

    Someone please let Martin know that both Pouliot and Eller are in fact on the roster and can be placed in the 6th and final spot open on the top 6.

  44. Habscat says:

    The Pens would not want Gionta. So, if the deal was Malkin for Leblanc, AK46 (UFA at the end of the year = pit wouldnt want him), Cammy and prospects, the logical choice is to say that you want the best player in the trade so yes. But, the Pens would want more, and i am not sure if I would give more, and if I would want the next 5-6 years paying him $8-10 million a year, especially when his next contract comes up. So, no, realistically they would want too much.


  45. Bugs says:

    Never said anything about Price. You have me confused with someone else. Please check properly.

    And I have a life. Pointing confused folks in the right direction is what I do.

    Despicably despondent, my remains will say:

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central: http://habsbros.blogsp

  46. Everlasting1 says:

    That’s Pietrangelo. Understandable mistake.


    “We don’t see things as they are, but as we are.” – Anais Nin

    Don’t pollute the water.

  47. fbkj says:

    oh the ipad is a frigging monstrosity of tech, i can handle a gimped os on my phone but not on a tablet

    being said, there are some usefull apps, its just unfortunate that for every good one you have 1000 horrible ones

    also, ever wonder what a pic of chewbacca breastfeeding macauley culkin in outer space looks like?

    what this adds to the debate, not sure either

  48. GrimJim says:

    Take a closer look: Cammy 0G 2A in last five games, AKost 0G 0A in last 5 games; Pleks 0G 1A in last three games (2G,2A in last 5), Gomez 0G 0A in last five; Gionta 1G, 1A in last 5. The pilot light has gone out for our whole top 6…

    “What would you be if you were attached to another object by an incline-plan wrapped helically around an axis?”

  49. HardHabits says:

    I think I’ll take Hockey’s Future’s word over you and your make believe world.

    Or maybe Habs Prospects who have him at #1 now that PK is no longer a prospect.

    But these sites deal with reality whereas you prefer fiction.

  50. SeriousFan09 says:

    I just find a lot of the tech being thrown around is rather useless or unimpressive like the unending number of apps that are out there. I have never understood this interest in having a 500$ phone that has 150 features, 140 of which are gimmicks. The only impressive feature on my sister’s iPhone is the GPS app and you can get that on pretty much all Smartphones now.

    I like holding a book in my hand so screw the iPad, I think the telephone made the telegraph irrelevant hence why I don’t text, I find the video/photo feature on the 2-inch screen of my Creative Labs player a laugh and while I do spend a lot of time on here, I can live without the internet and never found much use for it on my phone.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  51. Max_a_million says:

    Patches was up with the Habs last year.  It doesn’t seem so much different.

  52. Bugs says:

    Ohhh, so Desharanais dominating every level he’s ever played in means nothing for example? And having played less games than Eller in the NHL while registering MORE pts neither, I suppose?

    Small, small, small, that’s all that matters. That’s why St.Louie sucks, Gionta sucks, and Theoren sucked. That’s how that works. ACTUAL production? That doesn’t mean anything. Eller is doing JACK-ALL but he’s “better”, I see.

    And rankings serve to point that out right up to the point where they don’t. Got it.

    Well, that’s all cleared up.

    Spuriously furious, I swear as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  53. SeriousFan09 says:

    He was effective with Gomez, he just wasn’t burying his chances like he was with Pleks, who he has a much more natural chemistry with and a longer relationship. He’s not floating through entire games.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  54. rocketsglare says:

    This is going to be a difficult week for the Habs, with games against Vancouver, Boston, Carolina,  and

    Philadelphia. Where it not for the lack of scoring I would say that the Habs could come out no worse than

    2-2. But, now with so much line juggling in order to squeeze out any kind of scoring by this team,  that I

    can see this team going 1-3 or worst, 0-4.

    Price and the D will keep the Habs in most of these games, but without better 5 on 5 play and the PP con-

    tributing, where is the scoring going to come from? I would say that your are going to need an average of

    3-4 goals just to be in these games and hope that they are enough to win.

    My assessment is purely based on out team’s current scoring woes and the level of opponents the team will

    be facing, nothing more. I like any other fan hope for a sweep, but at this point, going 2-2 would be a huge

    boost to this team’s moral. What do you guys think of this team’s chances this week?


    Go Habs Go!

  55. marlboro says:

    Price shutts em out tonight! payback for last year…! We win 2-0

  56. Bugs says:

    I WILL give him a chance. I WANT him to be good so we can see some RETURN on the trade. So far, there has not only been ZERO return, but also NO indication that he’s a “cut above” the prospects we ALREADY have to the point where we should expect to “break out” any second.

    I refuse to put my head in the sand, Aybie. I refuse. So far, Eller has been useless. And I dare say with utmost confidence that surely Desharnais woulda popped more than ONE pt in 13 games with us but that statement is completely gratuitous, I admit.

    But when folks start selling the “what a great trade; let’s put him on the 1st line” garbage, Aybie, I snap.

    Only natural.

    Spuriously furious, I swear as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  57. SeriousFan09 says:

    A room fan at full power can move Desharnais around, let alone dealing with NHL defencemen, the guy is literally too weak to play in the NHL. Weber has yet to prove he can hang around in the NHL either.

    When a prospect is ranked Bugs, they are ranked in terms of long-term, best possible potential. Hence why Alex Pietreangelo was ranked the #1 prospect at Hockey’s Future last season despite other prospects like PK Subban doing great in the AHL compared to Pietreangelo who was in juniors.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  58. fbkj says:

    sorry robert but the app store is hands down the biggest game changer that apple brought to the table, yes winmo and bb you could sideload apps, but when the app store came out, every mobile player came up with a similar system

    even the most hardenned anti apple pundits will give apple credit here

  59. Bugs says:

    He’s not the Habs best prospect after PK.

    Not from what we’ve seen with our own eyes.

    Just for starters, White, Desharnais, and Webber, from what we’ve seen with our own eyes, are a CLEAR mile ahead of him. Even the Pac-Man wasn’t as useless up here as Eller is now. I’m not making anything up over here. So sell your “best prospect after PK” salad to the tourists, ok? Cuz I ain’t buyin.

    As for relying on your ability to SEE THE FUTURE to justify the trade, oohhhhh, ok then. In that case, he’s grrrreat. The best in the world. How’s that?

    …gna-gna-gna-haven’t a clue about anything-gna-gna-gna…let it out, mate. Let it aaaall out.

    Spuriously furious, I swear as

    L.Bugs Potter, esq. Minority Owner of the Habbalicious Bubble-Gum Emporium, Proprietor of the Flanneltop Pop Shop, and Beaming Tenant in Mama’s Basement, i.e., Habsbros Central:

  60. 24 Cups says:

    co – As I mentioned at the time, you have to wonder why two other teams passed on this guy during a period of four months. 

    Maybe the Habs gambled that he would clear waivers so that he could get some playing time in Hamilton instead of sitting in the press box.  (It also saves some cap space.)  That’s a gamble they can’t take with Picard or O’Byrne.

    Who knows, maybe it’s a harbinger of things to come during the next few days. 

  61. fbkj says:

    goalies dont fetch those kind of returns

    especially with what little leverage we had

    it was entirely possible that we could have lost halak with no compensation

  62. SeriousFan09 says:

    Creative Labs developed similar tech to iPod around the same time, it wasn’t a unique development. IPhone is another style of Smartphone and that’s not a unique product either. ITunes would be impressive, if you could actually get any song off of it, which for a long time you couldn’t and tends to be as invasive as RealPlayer used to be. App Store? Again, I’m pretty sure other SmartPhones use apps and selling people a pile of useless crap for cash to stick on their phones to say they’ve got this App doesn’t impress me.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  63. Mark C says:

    Tampa could have had Jeff Skinner instead of a broken down Connolly. What a joke of a management team they are! Just in love with those kids from the WHL! Yzerman and his loser scouts spending too much time scouting kids from BC!!1! Can you imagine where this team could be if they drafted Skinner and his 5 goals and 12 points in the NHL! That midget Bredan Gallagher is lighting Connolly up in the WHL!  

  64. SeriousFan09 says:

    Ever hear of Xerox? They developed the technology that actually put Apple on the map back in the old days, it wasn’t Jobs at all, they just got Xerox’s tech because they never bothered to patent it because they were too damn stupid to know where computer tech was going in top offices. Bill Gates ripped them off, but Apple didn’t exactly pull the GUI and mouse out of the ether, it was borrowed tech.



    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  65. light_n_tasty says:

    A young player who was already an established roster player and top-6 forward.  From the Blues: Oshie or Perron.

  66. Aybara says:

    I thought we had a starting goalie.. I guess you are talking about relative gains and in that case yea St.Louis won the trade because their gains were higher. The fact is though that historically teams trading a goalie have received lower relative gains than the team receiving the goalie, that’s just life.

    The good thing about this trade is that despite Eller’s slow progress there is a distinct possibility of future success with him which will greatly increase Montreal’s relative gain from the trade.

    We still may come out below St.Louis, but we will have made our team better in absolute terms, which was the whole point of the trade..

  67. fbkj says:

    its not THAT cut and dry

    xerox is the one thats credited with the mouse and the GUI, they just didnt know what to do with it…

  68. HardHabits says:

    I guess you never heard of Ilya Bryzgalov, the Ducks and the Coyotes.

    Maybe you can put things into perspective and show me a better goalie trade.

    Also show me how keeping Price was a bad thing.

    Please also prove how the Habs could’ve handled being 1 million over the cap with Halak and not Price.

    Explain to me how the Habs would’ve gotten a prospect closer to being NHL ready with next year’s draft had Halak taken an offer sheet.

  69. SLONCOLD says:

    ipod, iphone … no innovation there…. app store, itunes, no innovation there iether… wow

    very good marketing to go with it as well though. but i’ll tell you from a tech perspective very innovative.

  70. light_n_tasty says:

    I have to disagree with you about Apple’s innovation.  Do you currently use a graphical user interface?  Then thank Apple.  Do you currently use a mouse?  Then thank Apple.  Apple has always been a game-changer on both the PC and personal electronic sides.  They consistently spend the most money on research and development of any of the major hardware or software companies.  Not to mention that Bill Gates got his start working for Apple, and completely ripped of their OS when he started the Microsoft OS.

  71. SeriousFan09 says:

    Yzerman seriously gambled when he took Connolly with his hip issues and suspect hand especially since the kid refused to get a full medical screening before the draft than taking Gagne and still having Lecavalier on the books, Yzerman has some very shaky foundations for his plan in TB.


    - I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  72. HardHabits says:

    Why not? People use the Halak trade in arguments against management.

    Beisdes, I was making an analogy. The Halak part could be replaced with Boucher or Yzerman. The point is that many posters, those who lament the trade and invariably use it to prove that management needs to be changed, actually see things from an indoctrinated POV if not with an almost religious fervour.

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