Martin cracks the whip


Coach Jacques Martin ran a tough Sunday practice.

But his team still didn’t score any goals.

And Pierre Obendrauf‘s shot of a dejected Canadiens’ bench, during Saturday’s shutout loss, speaks volumes.

Hardest practice since training camp

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Arpon Basu analyzes the slump

In defence of Jacques Martin


  1. cbriere says:

    Listened today to Mitch Melnick and Pierre Mcguire and also read Arpon Basu’s article on the Canadiens scoring chances being down by over 30%.
    I agree with what was said about Jacques Martin and what Pierre said about Halek’s play masking a lot last year.
    In my humble opinion, the Habs best players are not only tired but also tired of having to play this way.
    If the Canadiens don’t improve dramatically in the next game or two, you have to believe there are some deeper problems on the team.
    If so, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a change whereby Martin is fired and Kirk Muller steps in.
    You have to believe that with Muller’s pedigree as a player and the respect the players seem to have for him as an assistant, they’d love to play for him.
    He’s a coach that comes with the reputation of winning by taking care of his own end while also being able to score almost 1000 points in the NHL over his career.
    Plus, does Geoff Molson really want to lose another potentially very good young coach to another NHL team?
    Just a few thoughts…..

    Christopher Briere

  2. FastCentennial says:

    The habs practice should only be shooting on the net and HITTING the net not shooting at the glass or boards every time you hit the glass the player should have to do some kinda hard work out they should work on going to the net driving their self right in the goalies face and taking 35-40 shots the next game non of this dump and chase trying to win those battles in the corner when its like 5’8″ player vs 6’3″ player aint gonna happen. Also i haven’t been to pleased with the Wiz’s last couple games in his own end (defensive coverage) he has been coughing up the puck every time.

    Habsnation is still standing.

  3. thehabs21 says:


  4. thehabs21 says:


    • HardHabits says:


    • Habfan4lfe says:

      JM is a genius. Wheww, the other problem you forgot to mention was the fans who know nothing, never coached a hockey team, much less played at a competitive level or even played hockey for that matter but hey they know everything! Then they are spewwing on to others things that are clearly are well beyond their knowledge or experience. But thanks for the humourous post. Great to love watching the game but there is a lot more to it then you clearly know.

  5. habsfan72 says:

    why did the canadiens fire Guy carbo? hes better than JM. guy won cups and played in the game wit sum of the greatest superstars I SAY WE BRING BACK CARBO

  6. Desi says:

    Our problems are pretty easily explained. BG and the Goat brought in the wrong vet forwards during their house-cleaning. When Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri play well (as during last year’s playoffs), we’re competitive. When they don’t, we’re toast. Unfortunately, none of them are playing well — in large part due to their small frames.

    BG gambled on these little guys and lost. But you’ve gotta wonder why he went that route after hiring a coach like Martin anyway.

    Without three forwards who can at least imitate top-3 forwards from time to time, no team is going to win many games. We’ve gotten good production from our young guys at times this year (Max-Pac, Eller, DD) — but now that those guys aren’t netting goals, nobody is. The veteran forwards on this team should be ashamed, and none more so than Gomez. If I had a loonie for every time he avoided going near the net, or every time he passed rather than shot, or every time he wheeled across the blueline with speed only to pull up short so as not to have to carry the puck into an area where he might get hit, I’d be able to buy out his contract myself.

    The saddest thing is, by the time this mess is sorted out and we get the right mix of veteran and young players (particularly at forward), Carey Price will be wearing some other team’s uniform. And who will blame him? Not me.

    • t1tan5 says:

      “When Gomez, Gionta and Cammalleri play well (as during last year’s playoffs), we’re competitive. When they don’t, we’re toast.”

      You can replace Gomez, Gionta, and Cammy with x, y, and z and apply that statement to any team in the NHL. If your three top paid forwards under-perform, it’s difficult for ANY team to play well.

  7. HardHabits says:

    The whip was cracked Saturday night, by the Bell Centre crowd and it’s going to get harder next game.

    I do not blame the players. The teams troubles stem for the following reasons:

    1) top 6 forwards are too small
    2) JM does not employ a system suited for the players he has
    3) the over playing of Price
    4) injuries are a result of the system as the players are not built to play the system
    5) too many penalties caused by the result of the Habs being a team with too many small players, unable to compete and grind it out inevitably getting penalized for slashes, hooks, holds, etc.
    6) no real elite players and the best players who potentially could be elite are unable to achieve the next level because of all the reasons mentioned above
    7) Habs always blow their load on this season, never thinking about building a championship team, always content with skating a team who can make the play-offs

    The Cup goes to one of the teams that finishes in the top 5 teams over-all in the league. The rest are just there to make a few extra bucks for their owners and that’s all the Habs are. A cash cow. Not a contender. It’s the same old same old and Montreal fans are duped every year.

    The next tanking window is 2015. But I doubt it’ll happen because the Habs brain trust would rather get a few play-off home games every year rather than win a championship.

    • HardHabits says:

      Please give me more thumbs down. I would worry if the bulk of you agreed with me. Problem is you people can’t handle the truth. Habs fans. What a joke!!!

      • TripleX says:

        Sadly you are correct on all points HH. I still have faint hopes that Geoff Molson is a bigger fan than a businessman. Going all out for the Cup is a bad business decision in the short term and hard to get by the stakeholders. The current management team has been handsomely rewarded for doing the safe things. Build a team to gain a playoff spot year after year for the home playoff games which are pure profit to the bottom line.

        Like you said every team from sixth to twenty-five are just treading in the waters of mediocrity. Top five and you have a legitimate shot at the Cup and bottom five you have a legitimate shot at a franchise player.
        Are the Leafs the future of this once great franchise? 1993 and counting.

    • habsfan72 says:

      i agree with ur hardhabits the hhabs are a good team but they need big tough guys like laraque and i found that they use gomez to much wen he does nothign put on david dahairnais hes plays well with white and puliot they do better than gomez and gointa and moen line . JM doesnt give ice time to the right players

    • Habfan4lfe says:

      That’s an acceptable view the way I see it however you will find most hab fans can’t swallow the big picture.

  8. Timo says:

    Oooh… cracking the whip. These guys must be really ascawed now. Mean Mr Martin made us skate for an houah. Meanie meanie Mr. Martin. But hey, the have definitely now learned their lesson (eyeroll)

  9. careyprice31 says:

    good they deserved this tough practice mabey the will score now


  10. Habsfan4 says:

    A the end of a game, it’s the players who play the game. The coach coaches. At this level, the game is played on the rink. You’ll hear the players say this time and time again. They need to play better. Unfortunately in the Habs case they don’t have the players. Fast yes. Tough nosed, ability to cycle and take control of the puck in the corners and along the boards in the defensive zone or in the offensive zone = no. One stat we don’t see is how many times the Habs lose the puck in a battle with the other team. Has Gomer ever won just once? Placky, almost never. Hear in lies the issue. Down the middle we don’t stack up with other NHL teams. Who are the big guys who are the diggers? Moen, yes. Max is out. Who else? No one. Who is the guy that stands in front of the net and sacrifices himself for the good of the team?
    Creates the battle in front of the net? Uses his body to screen the goalie? Max is out = no one! In the NHL games are won and lost based on the players ability to win these battles down low. The Habs lose 80% of these battles. This equates to a losing season and at playoff time, no way. Last year the stars, the moons and the universe were in just the right positions. This year, a first round loss. Next year, the same, unless changes are made on the ice.

  11. Rusty says:

    This is exactly what a team which has lost its scoring touch at the end of the season needs – a bagskate. Like this will make the players suddenly realize; “oh yeah, now we know how to score. Thanks, JM, this was what we needed. The rest will be easy against Atlanta on Tuesday.” Unfortunately, a club which once had the best coaches in the business now had a coach who can’t communicate (Carbo) and has one without emotions and clues (JM). But they both handle Le Langue Superieur to perfection.

    Rusty Stubb

    • wall2bay says:

      Couldn’t have said it better myself! The 7-0 loss to the B’s is all on the coach and shows what this team is lacking…….heart and emotion!!! A team can reflect the personality of the coach……and JM might be a smart guy but he’s soft and lack the “fight” in his eyes. He’s focused on his system which is important but not the end all.

      It takes Gainey, a guy who no longer is running the team to defend PK by telling everybody to shut up! This should’ve been JM’s job.

      Julien basically calls the Habs a weasel dirty team that uses cheap tricks and JM is still talking about execution…..WTF??? U take that crap?

      “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

    • habsfan0 says:

      If Jacques Martin wasn’t fluent in French, would he still be coaching the Habs today? Which,of course,is a moot point because, if JM didn’t speak la langue du Moliere,he wouldn’t have been hired in the first place.
      Anybody who thinks that a unilingual anglophone (Kirk Muller) will someday soon coach les Canadiens de Montreal…well..let’s just say that I’ll have whatever it is you’re drinking.

    • Bugs says:

      A) it’s LA langue supérieurE
      B) neither spoke it “to perfection”; very few French folks do
      C) stupid double-talk you’d be hard pressed to modify if Jacques Lemaire was coach; oh, and I don’t know if you noticed, but Alain Vigneault has the best team in the League
      D) the coach who “couldn’t communicate” finished 1st in the Conf.
      E) the coach “without emotion” got us further than we’ve been in 17 years
      Conclusion: disagree all across the board; let the coach do his dang job and we’ll see what’s what when the last hand is played.

      Chillin like MacMillan, potty-boy says he’s L. B. Potter, esq.

  12. wall2bay says:

    But who cracks the “whip” on JM??? The guy brings nothing intangible to the table to fire the troops and get them to rally around him.

    We need Muller to take control…….the guy will not only get in the face of players that need getting into but will defend his team when need be! PK has no business playing on the #2 PP unit, AK46 needs to be a top 6 fwd, Moen on the top line…..c’mon now???

    “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

    • RGM says:

      Unless you’re at practice every day and in the Habs’ locker room you’re really not in a position to make judgments as to what he brings to the table, tangible or otherwise, to find new ways to motivate them.

      Carey Price is All Hart!
      Go Habs Go!

      • Lafrich says:

        Exactly. No one here has a clue as to what goes on behind closed doors. Ever see a couple that looked perfectly happy and then get divorced? How about the opposite – constantly fighting, but really very happy? Me too. I am neither a lover or hater of JM, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the fault lies on the players – and not JM.

      • wall2bay says:

        Then we might as well shut down the comments section of this blog because basically everybody gives their 2 cents as to how this team should or shouldn’t be run.

        JM is what he is. I know Torterella is on the other end of the spectrum but can you imagine him trying to politically correct when it came to the Chara incident? For crying out loud, he barely showed any emotions when it came to that hit. Instead it was the same crap that you would expect from him. “Take that hit outta the game…unacceptable….league should look at it”

        The Bruins gooned it up the game before and than almost take the head off of one of our players……..drop a friggin F bomb and show your team some emotion!

        You guys are either dreaming or think JM is a bipolar freak if he’s something different at practice or in the locker room…..he is what we see out there. Period!

        “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

      • habsfan0 says:

        I’m not at practice every day,nor am I in the Habs locker room. All I know is what I see on the ice during games…and recently,that hasn’t looked all that good.

  13. RGM says:

    Because I wasn’t there…
    Stubbs’ article makes mention that the goalies were exempt from the wind sprints and hard-skating exercises – what did they do while their mates were having their fun? Just the usual drills, or a comfy seat on the bench thinking “Thank goodness I’m not out there”? I would think it would be a little awkward for them by about, oh minute 10 or so.

    Carey Price is All Hart!
    Go Habs Go!

  14. Chuck says:


    Anyone think that the Habs will get through the first period of Saturday night’s game against New Jersey without scoring a goal?

  15. novahab says:

    JM what a laugh he bag skates a team that not passing way to go. The big teams bag skate becuase it pushes them to go into corners and make hits. JM you have a small skilled team that needs to pass the puck better and faster than the big teams. All this does is plays right into the hands of the bigger teams. For two years I have pointed out this team can’t pass well enough to win. Oh boy Gomez , Cammy and Ginota are ready now as they skate hard into the corners and not get the puck. Only thing this team should have done on Sunday is 64 minutes of passing. passing , passing passing, and more passing.Guys like Lucy are big, slower and dumb skating guys like Pleks and Gionta and the rest at him is just plain Stupid. JM would talke a Civic to run a 18 wheeler of the road now a real coach would say I take the civic and avoid it.

    • Lafrich says:

      Possibly the dumbest post I have ever read…and not just on H/I/O..

    • HardHabits says:

      I totally agree. I am laughing so hard at the people who thumb downed this. Wake up people. The Habs are not a Stanley Cup contending team!!!! And it’s not the players fault. This system with the personnel is only a team that can possibly make the play-offs at 8th.

      Yes the Habs played some great games against good teams this season. The problem is the season is 82 games. It is a season that takes it’s toll on players. By the time the play-offs happen a small team like the Habs is too injured and tired to take it to the next level in the play-offs, a place where the competition and grind only get more severe.

      It’s unreal just how naive you people are.

  16. G-Man says:

    Where the hell has this “only emotional coaches that yap at refs win Cups” nonsense come from?

    2011 is the Year of the Hab (can I still say that?)

    • The Cat says:

      Hitchcock, Tortorella, Carlisle, Quenneville etc

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • G-Man says:

        So, when Carbo was doing just that, he was attacked on this board for yapping. Ruff hasn’t won the Cup, either, but you’d swear that’s the only way for a coach to behave.

        2011 is the Year of the Hab (can I still say that?)

        • The Cat says:

          All things in good moderation of course. JM has to show a burst of emotion, but waiting for that is like waiting for Charlie brown to kick the football. You know itd do both a world of good but it aint gonna happen.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • wall2bay says:

            Couldn’t agree with you more…….Carbo whined more than anything but JM needs to (not everyday but) at some moment show some emotion.

            A train could run through the Bell Centre and JM would have the same neutral reaction and jus scribble on his little pad.

            “I kind of feel sorry for players who never got a chance to be a Montreal Canadien” – Cammalleri

          • habsfan0 says:

            Why does JM keep scribbling on a notepad? Hasn’t he heard of an ipad?

    • joshua94k says:

      Toe Blake and Scotty Bowman were always keen to show their displeasure at the officiating. Scotty would always send videotapes to the NHL office to prove his point.

      “It’s too much for one guy to shoulder. For us, we’re going to do it as a group. It’s about sharing that responsibility win or lose.” – Mike Cammalleri

    • HardHabits says:

      That’s your problem G-Man. You only see one side of the argument. You look at a point a person makes and immediately push that view to it’s most extreme position.

      Take the defense system thing. I was clamoring for more work on offense and you go out and say the defensive system is where we got us saying only the Oilers of the 80’s can play all out offense. Where did I say play all out offense? Well. What happened? The Habs get shut out 3 game in a row. There’s your defense only system for you.

      About passion and emotion. A little would do good. Not the Mario Tremblay version which is unsustainable over a long period of time, but every once in a while it would be nice to see if JM had a pulse.

      I still maintain that this is team which has players better suited for high octane hockey. Games with 9 goals score not 3. It would also be more fun to watch. The so called system has only made the Habs one of the worst teams in offense who are amongst the leaders in penalties taken and who are also amongst the leaders in man-games missed due to injuries. Sure. Blame the refs and the boards.

  17. redgorf says:

    When you have offensive players like PKor Lars AK and others and make them play defensive you’r never going to win. I am sure these offensive players would like to be traded so they can use thier best assets and get the recognition that they want and need.When you have every player playing defense ,who’s going to score ?….Price!

  18. Shiloh says:

    If we’re going to just squeak into the playoffs every year (or not) then we’re not moving in the right direction. With the salary hit of Gomez making this team unmanageable, maybe it’s time to scale back and build for a time when he’s out of here.

    • Ian Cobb says:

      We have done that and Martin does not have the patience to play and stick with the young. He just moves them out if they do not conform to his defensive style.

      • HabFanSince72 says:

        This is not quite true is it?

        O’Byrne was moved out because he was 8th in line among d-man.

        SK74 was moved out because of his lousy attitude generally.

        Lapierre was moved out because he sucked.

        Latendresse was moved out because he also sucked.

        • The Cat says:

          Lapierre and Latendresse did not suck. To me the heros of the last playoff run were Halak, Cammalleri, Moore and Lapierre. I dont have any stats but lats has to have one of the best shooting percentages in the NHL, hes got Great hands but nobody could get it past their heads that he wasnt a sniper but more of a physical forward meant to dish out hurt on opposing D-men, take bumps in front of the net( a job for a well seasoned veteran) and that he got a free ride cause he was french.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • SeriousFan09 says:

            Nobody could get past the fact that Latendresse was slow and lazy. Heartless player if there ever was one and immature, cried victim in the media, when his own terrible play sent him out of MTL.

            – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

          • The Cat says:

            Serious, Im not going to say he was perfect and without fault, I also think the lack of quality centremen plagued most of the young wingers that left unceremoniously (SK, Dags, Lats, Higgins, Ryder to name a few).

            [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • smiler2729 says:

            Lapierre did suck… so did Guidoune.

            Yappy Lappy wore out his welcome here and already wore out his welcome in Anaheim within 3 months and only got dealt to Vancouver cuz his old junior coach Vigneault thinks he can rein in his stupidity.

            Guidoune’s the new Phil Esposito, fat and lazy except Espo’s era let him get away with that. Not today so add always injured to Gui’s CV.

            *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

    • Bob_Sacamano says:

      For a time when he´s out of here? It´s really scary that some think he might be here next season. He has to go this summer and I´d be shocked if PG doesn´t agree. There are three options:
      a) trade him (if someone is dumb enough to take him)
      b) send him to the AHL
      c) buy him out

      There´s no option d).

  19. slamtherimtim says:

    At this point of the year the team should be able to motivate itself , the coach is only putting more distance between him and the team by treating them like children, they really need to turn things around fast , because it looks like we may end up playing the Flyers in the first round and with no confidence it will be 4 straight again ,

    • The Cat says:

      I disagree, you got to show em whos boss…The NY Islanders one year were mailing it in near the end of the year since they were out of the playoffs and nothing to work for, and Ted Nolan bag skated them until they showed up for games. It worked, the Isles played like pros til the end of the year, their fear of another bag skate motivating them to the task.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  20. smiler2729 says:

    Jacques Martin… the much maligned coach.

    Lots of pros and cons with the guy but most of the pros are taken for granted and the cons are as visible as a zit on prom night.

    I like that the Habs finally went and hired an experienced NHL coach but I don’t like JM’s lack of emotion and total lack of outward personality behind the bench.

    I like what he’s done with an injury ravaged team but I don’t like that he feels his system is the ONLY way to play with the personnel he has. He might be selling his players short by keeping a rein on them.

    Bottom line is nobody knows what he does within the room and how he feels about situations so we can’t really say squat.

    Like my mother-in-law (from Kentucky) says: “these are the same pants that you got mad in that you can get glad in”.

    *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

    • CanadienBoy says:

      Where is the captain and the leaders

      • smiler2729 says:

        Good question, that’s why this heartless slump is on the players, specifically its leaders (Gionta, Gomez, Cammalleri, Plekanec, Gill, Hamrlik)

        *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

    • The Cat says:

      Poor JM, apparently his system doesnt hold players back so hes said. But funny enough, both Ottawa and Florida improved right after he left.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

      • smiler2729 says:

        Ottawa has gone to sh*t since he left. Yeah they made the Final riding the last of his players -BUT- they’ve crapped since then. JM’d have won a Cup if he had a goalie (Patrick Lalime, geez). He didn’t trade away Havlat and Hossa or choose Wade Redden over Zdeno Chara at UFA time.

        As for Florida, they’ve always sucked.

        As I remember, the Habs won the STANLEY CUP right after Jacques Demers replaced Pat Burns, does that Burnsie was a bad coach???

        *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

        • The Cat says:

          Lalime wasnt the problem his GAA was lights out for 2 playoffs, the sens couldnt score. JM teams become zombies. the teams improved the year after, Im not talking years down the road.

          [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • smiler2729 says:

            Stats can lie, Lalime, in Game 7 vs. Toronto, let two, TWO, of the softest easiest-to-stop goals in that just deflated his team. He killed ’em!

            On the other side, Grant Fuhr, not great stats but made the BIG SAVE when needed and his teams fed off that.

            *Perfectly content as a HABS I/O member for 3 years 16 weeks… now forced here, grrrrrrr.

          • The Cat says:

            Well then I guess thats why people said Price sucked last year when hed lose 2-1. I remember those Ottawa games, they were zombies in the playofffs. Toronto cracked JMs system and JM never adjusted. The sens looked lost and pitiful. The goalie has a 1.39 and 1.82 gaa in 2 playoffs and gets the blame, thats insane.

            [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

          • Beaco says:

            Thanks For pointing out Lalime’s Playoff Stats with those Ottawa Teams. The Lalime playoff failure is one of THE big hockey myths IMHO.

    • OneTimer says:

      Solid. Nice post, smiler.

  21. matrags says:

    Longwinded attempts to rationalize a coaching system that promotes mediocrity. I have never seen a team so unsure of what it should do , a system that insists that an arm must be a leg , an eye an ear , a scorer a checker , a checker a scorer , where there are no set line combinations , a constant state of flux and uncertainty of place that leaves the team bewildered looking and devoid of the passion needed to win games. In this system thee are no scorers just checkers , it frowns on creativity, and is satistisfied with playing it safe and getting bye. And it will get bye just barely,but it will never win anything.

  22. Nahlsy says:

    Magic number should be 3.5 Any combo of Hab wins and Cane losses totaling 3.5 (.5 being OTLs) would put the Habs in.

    Habs have 5 of their last 6 games against non-playoff teams with Atl, Car, NJ, Chi, Ott, Tor while the Canes have two non-playoff teams left with Was, Mtl, NYI, Det, Buf, Atl, Tby remaining.

  23. SeriousFan09 says:

    The Rocket hasn’t played in fifty years. Since then, only Mike Bossy and Mario Lemieux have compiled better GPG averages in the NHL playoffs.

    Your trivia for the day.

    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  24. The Cat says:

    Itll be interesting to see how Buffalo does in these playoffs (should they make it) Theyve progressed consistently month after month.

    [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  25. Lawrencetown Liquor Pigs says:

    How many bag skates do 22 professionals need to realize they’re not trying? I don’t know man, I don’t know man, I don’t know, I don’t know…..

    “Sorry for being obnoxious, props for being generous,
    y’all down, we booze hounds,
    take two drinks and pass.”

  26. observer says:

    Molson can now clearly see last year’s 8 home playoff gates, this year will become 2 home gates AT BEST or maybe even ZERO home gates in these playoffs. Goodbye and good riddance Gauthier and his assistant Gainey!

    As at Tuesday March 29 7pm

    3 Boston 75 42 23 10 94 – Max 108
    4 Pittsburgh 76 45 23 8 98 – Max 110
    5 Tampa Bay 75 40 24 11 91 – Max 105
    6 Montreal 76 40 29 7 87 – Max 99
    7 NY Rangers 76 41 30 5 87 – Max 99
    8 Buffalo 75 38 28 9 85 – Max 99

    9 Carolina 75 35 30 10 80 – Max 94
    10 Toronto 76 34 32 10 78 – Max 90

    Tue March 29, 2011
    Buffalo at Toronto 7pm
    Philadelphia at Pittsburgh
    Carolina at Washington
    Atlanta at Montreal 7:30pm
    Chicago at Boston
    Ottawa at Tampa Bay

    Wed March 30, 2011
    NY Rangers at Buffalo 7pm
    Montreal at Carolina

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