Markov’s October pain is hockey’s gain

Habs forward Travis Moen with Montrealer David Nerman, whose cut-resistant hockey socks are gaining a foothold in the NHL and beyond.
Phil Carpenter, Gazette

You might recognize Montreal native David Nerman as Albert, the long-time manservant angel in the Philadelphia Cream Cheese spots. But Canadiens forward Travis Moen knows him as the man who might have saved him a crippling injury.

The Habs are among a growing list of NHL clubs and minor- and beer-league teams wearing the Tuff-n-Lite cut-resistant hockey sock recently introduced by Nerman, who starred in the first two seasons of Lance et Compte in the mid-1980s (photo of him with a familiar hockey trophy below).

Nerman, once coached in Outremont baseball by current Habs GM Pierre Gauthier, was spurred into action when he saw defenceman Andrei Markov seriously hurt Oct. 1, a left foot tendon slashed in a collision with netminder Carey Price. Habs equipment manager Pierre Gervais has bought a supply of Nerman’s socks, the majority of the team now wearing them, and says that Markov wouldn’t have missed a game if he’d been wearing them.

Feature story on that here, along with this morning’s Gazette preview of tonight’s Habs-Leafs matchup and a Stubbs column on yesterday’s return to practice of Michael Cammalleri.

Montreal actor David Nerman as Quebec Nationals’ Steve Bradshaw in 1986 at the Quebec Colisée during shooting of the téléroman Lance et Compte.


  1. wmarcello says:

    I’m surprised it has taken this long for something like this to be adopted. It’s nice to see though! I wonder if Pleks can get a turtleneck made out the same material? 🙂

  2. letsgetit25 says:

    Thank you Dave! Much catchier title this time around anyway

    Although the former did draw quite a bit of attention.

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