Markov looking for three-year, $18-million deal: report

According to TSN’s Bob McKenzie, Canadiens free-agent defenceman Andrei Markov is looking for a three-year, $18-million contract.

“Last I heard, and it is a fluid situation subject to change, Andrei Markov was asking Montreal for a three-year deal worth $6 million per year,” McKenzie tweeted on Monday.

Markov, who has earned $48.3 million during his NHL career, according to, is coming off a three-year, $17.25-million deal that expired following the 2013-14 season with an annual cap hit of $5.75 million.

In 81 regular-season games this past season, the 35-year-old Markov posted 7-36-43 totals and was plus-12 while averaging 25:14 of ice time per game. In 17 playoff games, he had 1-9-10 totals and was minus-4 while averaging 25:59 of ice time.

The Canadiens selected Markov in the fifth round (162nd overall) of the 1998 NHL entry draft.

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(Photo by John Mahoney/The Gazette)


    • Habfan10912 says:

      Good morning 24. I still have mixed feeling about Vanek but unlike the author I don’t feel sorry for him.

      One side of me want to lay some of the blame for the poor playoff performance on a coach that juggled his linemates and limited his ice time.

      The other part of me says this is who he is. He has a history of disappearing and seemingly loathing through games. We saw it with Buffalo, and we saw it even more frequently on the Island. If you do it in an Eastern Conference Final that sets off anybody’s alarm.

      Somebody will give Vanek a ridiculous contract that will be on the short list of next CBA’s compliance buy out list.

    • Phil C says:

      I will be surprised if he doesn’t get paid despite his playoffs.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        By whom, Phil? Not us, right?

        Also, are we especially horse-shy of the sporadic scorer in Montreal? (Think of any number of former players, last 20 years). Or is it something most teams experience?

        • krob1000 says:

          I think if he palys with DD-Patches or they moce Chucky to center with a combo like that he would score 40 goals and 75 points and so would Patches. If he plays with Pleks he will be disinterested…he is alot like Kovalev in that regard. I think he knows that if he does resign he will be expected to work much harder…that may or may not appeal to him. I would like him back but if not I would roll the dice perhaps on Hemsky. Especially for the regular season it is really good to ahve one of those super skill guys because they will capitalize a lot during the season…Hemsky adn Vanek are also RH and Habs need another good RH shot forward.

        • Phil C says:

          Probably not the Habs. But there are many teams desperate for scoring that will overpay. It is the nature of free agency.

  1. Habfan17 says:

    Teams move on from older players all the time. They survive and many thrive as one or two of the remaining players, now given the role, step in and raise their game!

    I appreciate and am aware of what Markov brings. I also know what I saw on the ice this season and too many times, unlike the Markov of old, smarts aside, players blew by him and he lost battles he would have easily one, earlier in his career.

    I think Markov at 2 years and $4.5 to $5 million is a good idea, not any longer or for more money. Mc Donough is a rising star and recently signed a long term deal at $4.7million a season. Markov is a declining player, so 2 years at $4.7 million is fair. He says he wants to remain a Hab, does he want to win a cup? If Bergevin resigns him and Gionta and gives them the kind of money Markov is asking, do you think they will be able to contend? Will resigning them hold back other players that would otherwise break out and shine?

    There are other “cost’s” to these decisions. Not to mention that resigning Markov would likely mean having to trade at least one other defenceman!

    The defence had a tough time against the Bruins and Rangers and the only reason the Habs beat the Bruins was the overall team play and Price. They lost to the Rangers as the Rangers had speed the bruins didn’t and it nullified the Habs forwards bailing out the defence. Coming back with Markov, Gorges and Emelin on the left, or having Emelin play out of position on the right will not help the team.

    Beaulieu can play the right side if need be, but the Habs have 2 players that just may be ready in Nygren, now 24, and Pateryn, 23.
    They are like overage rookies. They are right handed and bring characteristics and skills lacking this season.

    Maybe they both make the team this season and Beaulieu and Tinordi go back to Hamilton, then having Markov, Emelin and Gorges makes a lot of sense to help bring them along. Then the Habs could sign a free agent left defenceman for depth and resign Weaver.

    I hope Markov and the team can come to a 2 year deal, but if not, they will find a way to move on, and make the play offs!


    • Maritime Ronn says:

      hi 17

      I believe the McDonagh situation was quite different than what Markov is going into.

      When McDonagh signed his 6 year/$28.2M deal, he was coming off his Entry Level contract and he still had 3 years left of RFA status.

      Most likely both parties agreed to go long – McDonagh for guaranteed money in case of injury and better money early in the contract vs. tough RFA negotiations (see Subban), and the Rangers got a longer term bargain.

      When the present McDonagh deal is over, he will be 30 years old and a UFA.

      • Habfan17 says:

        hey MR,

        Thanks for the reply! Yes, the situations are different, RFA vs UFA, but the value to team and age difference I think are still valid. In McDonough’s case, he could have insisted on a short term, 2 or 3 years, knowing he would get more money later. You make a good point about injuries and taking the guaranteed money. The fact is he still left money on the table by working something fair to both parties. Markov in my mind is trying to put all the risk on the Habs and get a potential l” going away present ” contract. If he really wants to retire a Hab, he needs to lower his demands in both term an dollars, in my opinion.

        In Pk’s cse, I think that was the right decision on both parts. There was obviously some question marks on the teams part, and now PK will get more money than he would have signed for two years ago. It isn’t as bad money wise for the Habs as PK would have made $2 million more per season over the last contract and he would have become a UFA sooner. Now the Habs are sure of what Subban is and can move forward with a lot more comfort. If they had signed him to 6 years at $5 million per and then he turned out to be the “problem” some tried to make him out to be, we would all be complaining now about Bergevin making a mistake and why didn’t he give him a bridge contract.


    • Chris says:

      If you want to sign a guy to Ryan McDonagh money, you better develop an RFA that can play as a top-2 defenceman. And when you do it, like Montreal did with Subban, you better try to get him locked up when you can.

      Comparing an RFA contract to a UFA contract is simply pointless.

      • Habfan17 says:

        I disagree, McDonough could have chosen to take a short deal and he didn’t. The fact that he is young and a key player is comparable to Markov being a key player, although he is older and his abilities are diminishing. To say it is pointless shows how much you don’t understand about the comparisons I made.


  2. rhino514 says:

    Not sure that just because a guy is a veteran, he will help “accelerate” younger players development when paired with them.
    With Markov, this is usually a given because he seems like a good guy, and much is made of the fact Komisarek, superficially, appeared to be a decent Dman when paired with him.
    But look at Emelin; he was seen as a potential solid top 4 Dman, maybe even higher. Emelin is competent, but as a top 4 right now he is very borderline. His game hasn´t evolved much overall since being paired with Markov, and the added bonus that they are both Russian supposedly would have speeded up his progression. Sure, he had the awful injury, but was still inconsistent recently in the playoffs, more than a year after the incident.
    Emelin, even though he is not playing on his natural side, still seems to be in need of sheltering by Markov, and anyway Beaulieu or Tinordi also play left side and wouldn´t be a good fit with Markov.
    The main argument for keeping Markov at this point is that we are thin at D and his minutes, particaularly in crucial situations, cannot be replaced by quasi-rookies. Of course if Markov loses another half-step next season, that argument also becomes murkier. The argument that he is a valuable mentor im my mind has less substance.

    • Habfan17 says:

      Very nice points Rhino!

      I think we tend to over value some players and under value others. We already know that Subban could take some of the PK minutes.
      The Habs should be holding the evaluation camp soon. That may help them make some decisions depending on who shines and who does not. Mac Bennett is another who may surprise us. We did not get much information on him, but he brings a similar skill set as Beaulieu.


  3. Dunboyne Mike says:

    Good morning from GMT to HIO. Thanks again for all the nice messages yesterday.

    @Uke, scamorza, any other Shawn Thornton cheerleaders!

    Yeah, I get his qualities. Best 4th line in hockey, helped Boston make the playoffs all 7 years he was there, won a Cup (his second).

    Might almost give him half a pass for the Orpik sucker punch — prior to that he had a clean record. (And Orpik is no angel).

    But: 37

    And: the water bottle. Not as bad as a two-handed chop to the ankle. But is it not symbolic, does it not tell you all anyone needs to know about his attitude to competitive sport, to his fellow players, to the viewing public? He was not at all apologetic after, indicating that what we saw was the real Thornton (similar to Lucic after his Ryan Miller hit).

    I just couldn’t stomach him in a Habs jersey.

    Also, someone posted yesterday that the Bruins were furious over the water bottle incident (any links? I couldn’t find one). If true, it would suggest that not even the Bruins organisation wants a player like that. Let’s not offer contracts to trash discarded by Boston.

    (Don Awrey was a great defenseman, and a great shot-blocker when few others were doing it).

    So Uke and scam! Maybe don’t bring any blank Habs jerseys down to the print-shop just yet!

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      ‘Morning Ireland

      A few comments from Bruins President Cam Neely and Coach Julien.
      They have to be careful with their words as other players on the team are listening and want to know if the organization will have their backs in the future….

      For these Bruins guys to go public back then with non-support of a player under contract means something…hence, the non-renewal of contract.

      Neely: “The water-bottle incident is something that as an organization you don’t like to see happen, to be quite honest with you,” he said.

      Julien: ” “As a coach, you always want to support your players, but there’s certain things you can’t support. I don’t think I can support Shawn on those actions,” he told the media.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:


        Claude just climbed up a bit in my estimation — he is notably less circumspect than Neely.
        Thanks very much for digging that out and posting, MR.

        Uke? Scam? Over to you!

  4. CH Marshall says:

    Markov, his agent, MB, and Molson all know one thing: no Markov means harder time making playoffs.

    • Habfan17 says:

      If as a team, the Habs improve 1% and they add a couple of pieces that fill holes, then I don’t think it will be harder at all.

      Some subtle changes too will help. The Habs have a few players that are very effective on the penalty kill, they all need to be used on it so when one is unavailable, the other just slips in and takes their place. Relying too much on 1 or 2 players is not good!

      Up front, Pleks is solid on the pk. Patches, Bournival, Weise, and Eller are also very good on the penalty kill due to their speed and threat of scoring a short handed goal. Pleks doesn’t have that speed that they do. If they were all used on a regular basis, they would all be fresher by the time the playoffs role around and they would all be solid on the P.K.

      On defence, adding PK in on a regular shift on the PK and developing a strong second unit power play would also balance things out and take the lion’s share of the work away from 1 or 2 players.


      • Chris says:

        PK cannot add any more ice time…he is already at 25 minutes per game.

        Sorry, but your logic on this is assailable…if you goal is to play the kids then you have to live with the idea that you stand a very good chance of being on the outside of the playoffs next April.

        • Habfan17 says:

          I don’t believe that to be true and PK can play on the PK. If the coaches put together a second PP unit and reduce his 5 on 5 by a couple of minutes. Better ice time distribution.


  5. Sportfan says:

    What does this say about Spezza?

    Are the Canadian Markets on that list that bad, or is it that he cannot handle the pressure?

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Garbo says:

      I read it as Spezza is not interested in playing for any of the four worst teams in the west.

    • ClutchNGrab says:

      Why would any player with one year left in his contract would want to play for Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver (new coach, new gm) or Winnipeg? Especially when you factor in that he probably wants to have a chance at winning the stanley cup on that last year.

      That’s probably the reason why he wants out of Ottawa.

    • The_Truth says:

      I wouldn’t want to play there either. Maybe Vancouver would be ok, but the other places?

      If I had a list of 10 teams I could choose not to go to, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg would certainly be on it. Along with Florida, Phoenix, Columbus, Buffalo, Carolina, New Jersey and Washington.

    • Habfan17 says:

      That is exactly what it says. I am in Ottawa and that is what was said. He wants out of Ottawa because he is tired of being blamed when the Sens do not do well. He also has a chronic bad back. Not worth having and could never take the pressure of being a Hab!


    • Old Bald Bird says:

      I guess he likes the limelight and pressure because he’s willing to go to 2 of the 6 available Canadian teams, and both, particularly Montreal, are big market, high profile teams. 🙂

      • Habfan17 says:

        Not according to what is making the rounds in Ottawa! He is tired of being blamed when the Sens don’t do well. How would that work in Montreal? He may have Toronto and Montreal on his list, but he would be eaten alive and if he doesn’t like bad press in Ottawa, well, Montreal and Toronto are much worse!!


  6. Bim says:

    Just reading Markov’s asking price and I have to say it’s remarkably high. Given a guy his age and how tired he looked in the playoffs and not great frankly, I think we can say goodbye to him. A contract offer of more in the neighborhood of $1 mil per is realistic. He no longer can play the minutes he did in the playoffs and be effective, particularly with Tinordi and Beaulieu being a lot younger. Thankyou for your service Andrei. Perhaps someday you will make a good coach.

    • fastfreddy says:

      @Bim, Totally agree with you on Markov, 6mil/yr is too much for him. Gotta develop the youth.

      CH = Les Glorieux!!!

      • The_Truth says:

        This developing the youth thing is really not understood. Why can’t you keep your top 2 guy (at times #1 during the year) and develop the youth at the same time?

        Getting rid of your established vets that are a major part of the team, so you can put an unproven rookie in the same situations with the same responsibilities to “develop” him, is a 1 way ticket to a top 10 pick.

        • Habfan17 says:

          You can do both, however, teams also have to understand that overpaying for an aging player whos salary stays on the books no matter what, since he is over 35, is not good for the team.

          In this case too, the Habs have experience. Maybe not a number 2 defenceman today, but Bergevin has options. Overpaying Markov should not be one of them. If Markov is sincere in his desire to end his career as a Hab, let him take a one, or two year contract. The way Selanne and Lidstrom did.

          I am not sure anyone is suggesting getting rid of all the established players. Just the ones that do not fit the team needs anymore and the ones that are asking too for much money.


    • Sportfan says:

      I think he thinks he’s younger

      Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

    • Garbo says:

      Negotiation 101 – start high. There’s nowhere to go but down from your starting offer.

    • The_Truth says:

      What Markov is asking is Market value. The guy had 43 points and was a +12, playing in all situations and 24 mins per game, last season. Subban had 53 points and was a -4.

      Looks like a legit top 2 guy to me. If you think 1 million per year is realistic, then you are severely misjudging things.

      • Habfan17 says:

        No but $4.5 million is! You trot out Subban’s numbers, now try McDonough! he recently signed a long term deal at $4.7/ year.
        His numbers are almost identical to Markov, except for the play offs where he far exceeded Markov. He has age on his side and will most likely get better with experience. Markov is getting slower and at 35 is no where near where Lidstrom was at that age. Take away Price and Markov’s numbers may not look so good.

        If Markov really wants to be a Hab, he should take a year deal at $4.5 million, then if he is still playing well, do like Selanne and Lidstrom did and take 1 year deals. These “going away” present deals have to stop. He has been paid well and treated fairly by the Habs. They need to make changes to become a legit contender and that takes money. I like Markov and appreciate what he brings, but don’t want him at 3 years, $6 million per.


  7. Ton says:

    Did Weise signed for two years at 1 mill per?
    Great signing if he did!

  8. twilighthours says:

    I just spent an hour watching 2014 Bruins-Habs playoff highlights. Here’s what stood out:

    Price and Subban are incredible.

    Desharnais and Gallagher are awesome.

    • habs_54321 says:

      you missed thornton and lucic are a$$’s

    • The_Truth says:

      Check out the Ranger series and you could see things differently.

      Price was bombarded and injured in game one. Subban looked average and was highly outplayed by McDonagh and DD and Gally worked hard, but were overmatched by the physicality of the Rangers.

      Not trying to be a downer, as I really like those 4 guys and they are a big part of the team. Just playing devil’s advocate.

  9. Un Canadien errant says:

    Interesting article in the Hamilton Spectator about how bad the Bulldogs must have been to miss the playoffs even with Dustin Tokarski in nets, judging by his performance with the Habs. It illustrates some of the growing frustration with the team the Canadiens have been providing the good people of Hamilton.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • habs_54321 says:

      hamilton has been atrocious i dont like too advocate for things unless they are very important but we NEED too change the coaching staff in hamilton asap or all this drafting will be for nothing, prospects are going there too die

    • JUST ME says:

      They had a decent first half but everything went down the drain when 2014 arrived.

      Hopefully with all the new players joining the team over the summer, a breath of fresh air and a new era will put things on track. They have been playing with mostly Gainey/Gauthier draft choices still…

      This actually is probably THE key piece of the puzzle in Bergevin`s plan for the organization. As much a we have been spoiled by the Habs, the big picture of the organization in itself is not all fine and dandy yet.

    • rhino514 says:

      Good point.
      Nothing in terms of forwards coming out of Hamilton in recent memory, except for Gallagher, who was just making a pit stop there. The team really struggles to score goals.
      The much vaunted Beaulieu and especially Tinordi, don´t seem to have played well on a consistent level there either. Nygren and the other Swede jumped ship. Then there is Leblanc.

      Of course, it could all be on the players, but you have to question what Lefebre has done with pretty decent, if not great, talent. We are talking about a D of Beaulieu, Tinordi, Ellis, Dietz, Pateryn much of the time, which should have been dominant, coupled by a heck of a goalie during this last season.

  10. Un Canadien errant says:

    Sports fans by and large love the concept of the draft. It equalizes fortunes in the long term, with weaker teams having a better chance at the best players at the start of a new season. Weak sisters can in the course of a few years turn into powerhouses. Every fan can one day cheer on a champion. The draft is the promise of a better tomorrow.

    Athletes and the unions that represent them have tolerated, maybe even accepted the draft as a necessary evil. For a league to be healthy and to ensure franchises don’t fold, it was felt in the recent past that perennial losers needed propping up by way of the draft. So a player being told where he will live and for who he will work for the next decade or so has become something we don’t blink at. The draftees themselves have been inculcated in this system, they proudly don the cap and jersey of the team that chose them. They immediately gush over how lucky they feel to be drafted by a great (team/organization/city) that has such a tremendous (reputation/tradition/future). In the NFL, the kids go so far as to ritually hug league commissioner Roger Goodell, the guy who locked out their brethren, and will do so again as soon as he’s legally capable.

    So good Canadian kids, having grown up rooting for their hometown team, and having been browbeaten by Don Cherry on countless Saturday nights about loyalty and sacrifice and commitment to the team, surrender totally to this system, gulp freely of the Kool-Aid proffered, and dutifully submit to the whims of their new employers as to where they’ll play next.

    European teens, growing up in a different system, with club teams and transfers and other such esoterica, and often having no loyalty to an NHL team beyond maybe liking one on which their favourite player plays, sometimes don’t buckle under that easily. They often choose to remain in Europe, and play for their current club team, instead of obsequiously flying over to report for duty. When the Sedin brothers were drafted by the Canucks, they caused a minor storm when they announced that they would remain in Sweden for another season since they felt that was better for their development. Brian Burke chased after the news and supported his new draftees, but it felt hollow to the average fan, the Canucks hadn’t made this decision, these inscrutable, ungrateful Euros did.

    And I don’t want to make this a question of nationality, it’s really a question of options. European players have options, and they often choose to use them. Given the choice between the AHL or the KHL or SHL, many European players feel perfectly fine choosing to remain in Europe, close to home, getting the star treatment and being paid well, rather than riding buses in third-tier American cities and Toronto, getting paid a relative pittance.

    Whenever an athlete is given a choice, he shouldn’t be faulted for exercising this power to choose, but fans of the teams that are left holding the bag can’t help being bitter. The USFL, which competed briefly with the NFL in the 80’s, caused a lot of anguish, stealing away future prodigies like Hershel Walker and Marcus Dupree before they were eligible for the NFL draft. The fans of the Bills saw their ‘Class of ’84’ QB Jim Kelly bolt to Houston, dominate the league, and make unflattering comparisons between Houston and Buffalo. And their respective women.

    John Elway used Major League Baseball and a minor-league contract with the New York Yankees to force a trade out of Baltimore to Denver, not wanting to play for drunken buffoon Jim Irsay’s Colts and having his career and his health consequently imperiled.

    Justin Schultz was a second-round draft choice of Anaheim Ducks, and continued his development at the University of Wisconsin where he blossomed. Sensing a changing tide, and wanting to play closer to his Kelowna home, he used a technicality in the CBA to opt out of signing with the Ducks and become a free agent, eventually landing, inexplicably, in Edmonton, when he could have chosen Vancouver.

    All this is preamble to examine Magnus Nygren’s statements in the Swedish press that he wants to play in North America next season, but in the NHL only, not the AHL. If the Canadiens can’t find room for him, he wants to be traded to another team that will play him at the NHL level. He goes so far as to say that the Canadiens have already told him that they “won’t stand in the way of his getting traded”, if they can get fair value in return.

    Now the last statement isn’t very controversial, it’s rather sensible, but we denote a hint of naiveté in the way he couches it, if it’s not just something being lost in translation. As I said, Europeans usually deal with transfers rather than trades, I don’t know if Mr. Nygren understands how complex trade negotiations can be, how trades are actually conducted, and what fair value can mean to two or multiple parties.

    But he’s being very logical. He experienced life in the AHL, and found he didn’t like the game, the physicality and goonery, he didn’t like the system taught by his coaches, and didn’t like the city of Hamilton, being taken aback by the squalor and the criminality. So he used his options, and went back to Sweden to a higher-paying gig, in a safer, more familiar environment, and in in his homeland instead of abroad. He now wants to return to North America, but in the big leagues, not the minors. He’ll opt to remain in Sweden otherwise, but won’t mind if it means he doesn’t play for the Canadiens; in fact he’d gladly go anywhere if traded.

    The thing is, his statements weaken the Canadiens bargaining position with other teams, and make it harder for Marc Bergevin to extract that fair value out of another team. They also kind of paint the Canadiens management into a corner. What if Magnus Nygren does win a job on the team, by a slim margin? Does he operate under a cloud in the eyes of his teammates, as the guy who extorted a roster spot while they all played it straight, went to the AHL and earned their job the old-fashioned way?

    This is disappointing for me, in that I saw Magnus Nygren as a dark horse to make the team out of training camp. He brings a lot to the table that we are short of. He’s a right-handed, puck-moving defenceman, who can play the powerplay and has a rocket for a shot. He scratches a lot of our itches.

    He would be an NHL rookie, but a mature one, in that he’s 24 years old, and has played against grown men in the Swedish league for years. As Raphaël Diaz and Alexei Emelin won an NHL job with us without going through the Bulldogs, so could he. He was on Sweden’s World Championship team this year. He won the SHL equivalent of the Norris Trophy the previous season.

    Building a team is never easy, and you have to contend with a number of different personalities, they can’t all be Bob Gaineys or Jonathan Toewses, Dudley Do-Rights whose only utterance to the coach are “Sir, yes Sir!” Some of them will have quirks, inflated self-esteem, a bit of the superstar in them. Some will be Johnny Manziels and have all three, and much, much more, and will take their fans on a wild ride.

    Montreal GM Marc Bergevin has a bit of a flashy personality, but he in his words and deeds prizes character and teamwork, preaches the ‘team concept’ tirelessly. It will be interesting to see if he can get past these statements and envision his team including the Swedish prospect. Does he see the player as unmanageable, unrealistic, a prima donna, one who’ll upset the team chemistry? Or does he see a player who can be very useful to us, plugs a lot of holes, has a lot of upside, and will be hammered into shape by his strong coaching staff and veteran group?

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

  11. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    Hope the Habs draft Lemieux…they need a pr##%ck.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      I hope they don’t, because we don’t.

      And no Shawn Thornton neither.

      About Zenon Konopka though, I can be convinced, if I read enough posts about how good he is on faceoffs.

  12. Smile #3 on the day, the Hockey news reports that Alexei Yashin will receive his last paycheck from the Islanders next season. 2.2 mil, nice work Yash! You are the smartest man on earth!!

    Shane Oliver
    A Little fun during the Intermission
    Brandon Predators End Season Video

  13. HabinBurlington says:

    An interesting idea the NFL will be doing with their helmets as soon as next season. It won’t prevent concussions, but more information should be helpful, would hope NHL and NHLPA is watching this closely.

  14. HabinBurlington says:

    Well for those looking to read more about Stats and how they are being used in hockey, here is a link to a Hockey Analytics Conference this summer in Alberta. Courtesy of your friends from Leafland.

  15. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Congrats to the USA well played game against Ghana!

    Any chance we look into Thornton? Yes I said that. The guy is an absolute douche but maybe we need an arrogant guy like him? Any chance?

    • scamorza says:

      As much as he is a douche and as much as I don’t like him and even though there may be others Like him have no problem in pursuing for the right terms ($ and years). If we were able to sign Don “the strangler ” Awrey ( he won cups for both the Bruins and habs), I have no issue in doing the same here if it makes sense

      come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  16. MikeHabs says:

    Here is a review of how the Habs CHL prospects did this past year:

    Also, Markov taking only a 250K raise is a discount from what he could be getting on the market. I am not a fan of 3 years, I would prefer 2 but 6M is really nothing considering how low of the raise he wants is.

  17. Mr. Biter says:

    I remember posting day after the Habs/Bruins series was over that Thornton would not be offered a contract. Bruin management was livid about the water bottle incident.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  18. Not trying to upset anyone here, but I just read two posts that actually made me giggle out loud.

    1. Pleks and Gorges for Evander Kane
    2. We get a second round pick for Budaj

    I was having a great day, but those two posts were down right fall off my chair laughing. Again don’t be upset, but it was really funny stuff. Thank you. 🙂

    Shane Oliver
    A Little fun during the Intermission
    Brandon Predators End Season Video

    • JUST ME says:

      Well , you know the game. Every year it`s the same at this time of the year and it will only get crazier every day since now that the playoffs are done we will see those and hear about rumors from not only the Habs but also all over the NHL! Isn`t that nice !

      Usually we have three months of that madness but this year with the Habs deep playoff run we barely had a month ! Thank god !

  19. punkster says:

    Got to love this place in the off season. Hell, madness is in season any time of the year around here.

    Take a look at the past hockey polls
    On the right, click the link, then just scroll.
    You’ll see in a minute
    How posters will spin it
    When their viewpoints go down a black hole.

    Most recently an FA named Clarkson
    Voted 44% as the loved one.
    And early in April
    It really got hateful,
    26% thought Subban was all done.

    All to say, in my weakly built limerick
    I’m not an experienced hockey critic
    I see unicorns up there,
    And rainbows in the air,
    But was never a part of the 58% of weirdos back in November who thought the Habs wouldn’t make the playoffs this season, I mean wtf were you people thinking…jeesh!

    Release the Subbang!!!

  20. Chris says:

    Since people continue to use players like McDonagh as comparables, I though I would just draw attention to one of the salary arbitration rules:

    The salary and performance of a comparable player that was signed to an unrestricted free agency contract is not admissable.

    Why? Because those players’ contracts are always inflated over by the fact that they are unrestricted.

    It is therefore somewhat pointless to use RFA’s as a comparable point for discussions about Markov’s worth. If you want to pay guys RFA-type money, then you need to sign them when they are RFA’s.

    Markov was paid $5.75 million this past season, and he operated at a top-25 NHL defenceman level (if not higher). I can’t see him taking a pay cut when the salary cap is at an all-time high…$6 million is his market value, and he’s historically signed at below market value throughout his career.

    As Steve points out, the Habs have the money due to the loss of Vanek and the likely pay cut to Gionta. What they don’t have is a player ready to step up and eat the kind of minutes Markov gives them right now. They can cut those minutes down, but they certainly can’t replace them. The market is very weak this summer, and quite a few teams will be active.

    I expect that Colorado will be looking for defencemen, as could be Columbus, Anaheim, Toronto, Detroit, Pittsburgh (who are rumoured to be courting Boyle if they lose Niskanen), and possibly Edmonton.

    If I’m Bergevin, I’m talking to Edmonton about a package involving one of Emelin or Gorges and Plekanec for one of the young guns they might be willing to part with. Plekanec would fit in well there, and Emelin or Gorges might be a good fit as well. Gorges, in particular, would have value to help mentor in the wave of young defencemen they’ve got coming over the next 2-4 years.

    We need scoring, they need leadership and defensive play. If he is adverse to both Gorges and Plekanec, then perhaps Gorges and Eller. I would prefer the former, personally, but good arguments can be made either way.

    • frontenac1 says:

      Agree Chris. Markov is the hardest decision that Marc has to make this off season imo. He is The Smartest guy on the ice but also has lost a step or two. How do you price that? I got a feeling (and that’s all it is) that Marc and the boys will make the right call. It’s a tough one though.

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      As much as I think Tomas would interest the Oilers, he has a modified NTC, which probably nixes Edmonton as a destination.

      Same goes for all the Evander Kane scenarios guys, no veteran with a NTC can be shipped over there. Anaheim, Dallas, Tampa, yes. Frozen wastelands out West, no.

  21. jimmy shaker says:

    Holy this has been going all day on here……..what are you waiting for MB? Sign him for the love of all things good and holy already.

    Shaker out!

  22. CJ says:

    Lavoie (TVA sports) is reporting that Weise is close to signing an extension. Notes the details could be finalized tomorrow.

    Now, that’s what I’m talking about….

    • frontenac1 says:

      That’s great news CJ. Weise is my kinda guy..Love guys that actually give a sh#t. We need more of that and less Vanek. Saludos!

      • CJ says:

        You bet. I’m hoping White has a place in the organization’s future. These are the kind of guys you go to battle with. The kind of guys who would break through a wall to score a goal, or take a punch or block a shot. I agree Front, these are our kind of guys.

        • Le Jadester says:

          Weise became one of my favorites during our run.
          Too bad Whitey didn’t get a sniff ? I hope he stays, but I think it’s unlikely ?

          Habs, OLE !

  23. habs11s says:

    apparently Weise has signed a 2 year, 2 mil contract


    “How would you like a job where when you made a mistake, a big red light goes on and 18,000 people boo?” -Jacques Plante

  24. DipsyDoodler says:

    Why sign Therrien to 4 years?

    We could have offered him one year at $1M. You don’t like it you can go back to rds.

    Here’s why it’s a good idea to be generous.

    So we can sign other coaches in the future.

    We want to have that good reputation.

    Moving. Forward.

    • twilighthours says:

      Therrien definitely did his part to line Geoff Molson’s pockets this spring. If they decide to can MT part-way through the deal, it will still be just fine all around.

  25. The Capitalist Pig says:

    I heard Glen Sather lobbed in a call to the Habs trying to trade Rick Nash for PK Subban. He was surprised to find out that Bob Gainey is no longer the GM of the team!

  26. Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

    I’m not sure why some folks are getting their knickers in a knot; we will be signing Markov, but NOT for 3yrs/$18-million.

    It’s called negotiation. Markov’s agent comes in with an unrealistically high number, knowing that the Habs will counter low. They’ll meet somewhere in between. Markov’s agent also starts high knowing that if talks fall through and Markov hits the open market that he’s not undervaluing his client. It would be tough to ask for 6-million/year as a free agent if you were previously trying to negotiate 4-million with the Habs.

  27. boonie says:

    Big news week. We extend MT, trade LL and open negotiations with AM.

    The MT stuff is really about the amount of severance he gets when (not likely if) he’s fired before the end of his term. It’s Molson’s money and it doesn’t impact our cap, so I don’t really care.

    I just wonder why GMs keep signing coaches to long renewals. I mean would MT really have balked with a two year deal? After leaving Montreal in 2003, he didn’t get another gig until 2005. After leaving the Pens, he didn’t get coach until he arrived here for the beginning of the 2012 season.

    MT has 2 years on this go ‘round with the Habs. Only >>four<< current head coaches have served 6 years with the same team. Babcock (2005), Julien (2007), Quenneville (2008) and McLellan (2008). Their winning percentages are: .654, .637, .655, and .654. All but McLellan have won Cups. McLellan got a strong endorsement from him GM this season, showing his position was tenuous. MT has a .627 in the past two seasons.

    LL – meh. I never saw him as anything we needed. MB got what he could. Give LL a new chance.

    The Markov situation is really about our past run. I’ll explain. I believe a team will pay him $18-ish for 3 years. He fills a need somewhere, even at that price. Although not here.

    The interesting part is could we have moved him for a first rounder or something other meaningful asset at the trade deadline? If so, we could have retained Collberg and a second and turned Marky into longer-term value. Those moves may have caused us to trade other players at the deadline – say, Gionta. We would have stocked the cupboard.

    Instead, we enjoyed a spot in the ECF and a win over the Bs.

    A little earlier, some folks here mused about Chicago and LA. They may change parts of the team in the next little while, but their core (Toews, Kane, Kopitar, Doughty, …) are young fixtures. The talent, chemistry and consistency allow them to stay near the top.

    Certainly, our core includes young talent. Price and Subban are all-world. Gallagher and Patches are a notch below that.

    But, how much did Markov, Gionta (and others unlikely to return or play at the same level) impact our playoff run?

    It’s hard to justify resigning Markov and Gionta at or near what the top of the market will pay. On the other hand, it’s going to be tough to replace their minutes and contribution with equal talent, determination and character.

    Yeah, it’s been a fun week.

  28. 24 Cups says:

    Certain teams always spend up to the cap on a yearly basis. Montréal is one of those teams.

    The Hab aren’t re-signing Vanek so they have extra cap space even if they sign a $5M UFA winger to replace Vanek.

    Therefore, they have room to re-sign Markov. Make it so, Number One.

    24 Cups

  29. Captain aHab says:

    People keep asking what we’ll do with our PP with Markov gone? He wasn’t exactly a world beater in that role as the season advanced and the playoffs came about. Again, if that’s a reason to give him 3@$6M, I need to see better reasons.

    Prepare to be boarded!!

    • ACGM says:

      Markov didn’t make our PP that good we’d miss him. we were 19th in the league bring in the young “D” save a lot of money and we’ll do just as good that’s what’s wrong with the Habs they don’t take chances to find out. we’re not winning a cup anytime soon now is the time to find out what our young Guys can do on the back end and up front…

  30. Captain aHab says:

    Here’s another way to look at it:

    We all know that Markov will fade over the last 25 games or so.

    So would you rather have that or give Beaulieu 20-25 games early in the year to get acclimated (where he won’t get benched if he makes a mistake just like Markov wasn’t getting benched when he was pooped and made mistakes) with the hopes that he will then be fully tuned by the time the end of the year comes around?

    Beaulieu was playing pretty well for a guy thrown in there with little prep time in season. I have a lot of confidence he would find his game given significant playing time. I’m tired of the constant focus on the vets. Having some is good but when guys like Markov ask for the moon….time to go. And bring Gionta with you before MB decides to sign him.

    Prepare to be boarded!!

    • JUST ME says:

      Basically what you are saying is that it will take 25 games for Beaulieu to get at the level it took years for Markov to get to ?

      Experience cannot be bought and Beaulieu although promised to a great offensive future with the Habs still has work to do to be fully aware when to go and when to stay. Anyway i think we will see both guys as starters this season Beaulieu and Markov and believe me the kid will need the veteran badly.

      • Captain aHab says:

        Like most of the good dmen, Beaulieu had trouble when he was forced to play with some stiffs like Bouillon. When he was paired with someone half decent, he played very well, despite the pressure of the playoffs. Even if, at the end of the year, he’s not quite at the level of Markov early in the year, by the time the playoffs roll in, he certainly won’t be worse than the gassed version of Markov we saw. That’s the version that couldn’t win board battles, couldn’t pinch and stopped producing on the PP.

        If they can bring Markov back for 2 years at 2nd pairing minutes and dollars, I have no issue. But this insanity of 3 years at $6M? No thanks.

        Prepare to be boarded!!

        • JUST ME says:

          You make real good points . Markov played an average of 25 minutes per game either in the regular or playoffs seaon . I wish they would cut that down by at least 5 to 7 minutes a game because at his age he will benefit from a lighter schedule.

          I do not agree though about Beaulieu wich i have been following since his days in the Q. I am a big fan and we got away with a real steal by getting him. He needs time ,years before he will be NHL mature and ready, years that Markov would be precious as a mentor.

          Difficult to compare both on the ice though but i think that Beaulieu would bring the energy his youth provides while Markov will compensate with his wisdom.

        • Loop_Garoo says:

          It’s an interesting point, but look how great Komisarek looked when paired with Markov. It is true that playing with the weaker D showed us some of NB’s weaknesses, but just as true that when he plays with a good experienced D, some are covered up.

  31. Butterface says:

    This is why we should have traded Markov at the deadline.

    Now he is making us pay a ridiculous amount and we got nothing in return.

    11mil 2 years or we let him walk.

    Gionta better not ask for much either.

    For those idiots who want Gorges gone let me be the first to say he will be your captain very soon.

    Therrien deserved to be resigned, but thought the length was a bit long. 2-3 years would have been fine.

    We don’t need Thornton. He is a douche.

    I don’t want to write stuff on here in the summer but I hear too much crap.

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…..

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      You have no idea what teams were offering for Markov. From what was paid for the guys traded, it probably was poor. Since the Habs ended up one injury away from making the finals, they made the right move holding on to Markov.

      • scamorza says:

        That is the beauty of it right everyone has an opinion; we should pay this person so much, we should get this free agent and of course now everyone saying we should have traded Markov when we had the chance BUT NONE OF US know what was or is being offered on the other end and which free agents even frigging want to come to MTL! (Not only considering $ but related tax issues / weather issues/ family issues etc ) And that is why we are all arm chair wanna be GM’s who for all of our bluster and knowledge really have no clue -otherwise we wouldn’t be doing our day jobs … Kinda like some of the guys in the garage league who play still thinking they might be discovered by a scout in the stands:-)

        come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

      • CJ says:

        I think it’s fair to say we have no idea what teams were offering for Markov. I don’t know that we can deduce that the offer was poor. If Markov was never really in play, it would essentially be a redundant exercise as he would not have been shopped.

        Additionally, with all due respect, we were not an injury away from the Finals. If that’s true, and the team folded shop at the first sign of adversity, then I’d suggest that any player with a letter sewn onto their jersey needs to be traded or released. IMO, I watched a team hit the wall after an emotional high following game five. We weren’t able to match the ranger’s intensity in game six and, up and down the lineup, were second to the puck.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Gotta agree with DDO. 1 injury away from the finals and if Weiss and Emelin were playing in the last game things could have turned out different.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

    • Grimmly says:

      So much anger, wow, you need to take a breath.

      Markov helped us get to where we got in the playoffs, without him we don’t make the conference final.

      Calling people idiots because they don’t like Gorges is like calling someone an idiot for complain that we did not trade Markov at the deadline.

  32. Un Canadien errant says:

    So in that commercial with P.K. Subban where he’s working out, he’s not push-pressing three plates there is he? I mean, that’s what it looks like, but it can’t be, right? That would be 315 pounds, or 140 kg. No way, right?

    It must be some of those fake plates they have now, that look like a plate but weigh 5 or 10 kg instead of 20. We have them at our gym, for people who want to get into Olympic lifting or power lifting, and want to do the basic lifts, but can’t handle a plate on each side yet. I notice a lot of very nice young ladies doing full cleans with those, that’s progress. Before, they were all being told to wear fluorescent leotards, and do cardio and work on ‘toning’, which is bunk.

    Anyway, I don’t recognize the weight they’re using, nothing looks more like a plate than a different plate, unless they’re Hammer Strength I guess. But if P.K. is push-pressing three plates, maybe I’m deluding myself when I think I could still be the steady-eddie who plays on his left and keeps the opposition honest. It looks like he might be in a different league than I am.

    I hate to contribute to a multinational’s mercantile efforts, but if you haven’t seen the video here is a link below.

    My sources are unreliable, but their info is fascinating.–Woody Paige

    • DDO_Habs_Fan says:

      315 is right. Not surprised he can do it but it’s a dangerous exercise. Pure power move if done right. If not…ouch.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Arnold highly recommends push-presses, so I do them, and now my training partner is into them too, after being very dubious. He still thought isolation was a thing.

    • Habfan17 says:

      I saw the training videos he recorded last season I believe. Maybe the season before. He sure does lift a ton of weight! He was lifting and carrying these special weights. The guy is a monster as McGuire would say. Not sure if he is lifting the 315 lbs. But he is very strong and has a super thick core!


    • JUST ME says:

      I saw the same training video habfan17 saw and was more than impressed. This guy is muscles and muscles only and works like a horse.

    • twilighthours says:

      Hey HEY! I do plenty of “toning” work because trying to lift really heavy weights hurts me. And I occasionally wear bright-coloured leotards.

    • twilighthours says:

      To me, they look like those rubberized weights that you’ll see in the Cultfit… er…. Crossfit gyms. Not the 35lb jobbies that a beast like you would be used to.

      Still, we all know P.K. is strong as all get-out.

      • Un Canadien errant says:

        Ahem… 45 lbs, but keep toning and Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

        That’s what I’m thinking too, about the rubberized plates that are the same size as a 45 pounder, but are 5 or 10 kg. If P.K. was push pressing three plates a side, he’d have destroyed Brad Marchand, just torn him limb from limb. He’s still strong as an ox though, there’s no doubt about that.

  33. C-Sword says:

    I’d like to see Evander Kane in a Habs jersey, I don’t mind him scoring less than 30 goals in the regular season, as long as he doesn’t float and stay out of the dirty area during the playoffs. Who cares that he has a ”bad” behaviour off the ice? Didn’t people say the same thing about Carter and Richards? Take a look at the Kings, they didn’t even have a 39 goal scorer in the regular season, did that prevent them from becoming champions? I’m a believer of Kane, just like I was of Bourque’s and Eller’s.

    I’d go after Dominic Moore too, I don’t think he would mind coming back to MTL.

  34. Arnou Ruelle says:

    If I were to think of a best ‘plan B’ for Markov and the Habs, the likely asking price for 2 years is at $13 to $14 million.

    Say, how many of you would welcome an unlikely scenario like this: Shawn Thornton coming to Montreal.

  35. habs001 says:

    Markov,Subban,Emelin and Gorges could have a combined 22/m+ salary…That is insane in a salary cap league..3 of those D will get you about 12 goals combined…

  36. piper says:

    Subban – Gorges
    Niskanen – Emelin
    Weaver – Beaulieu

  37. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    From the Habs perspective, I don’t understand signing a D-man to 6 mill per year if he can’t play top two minutes with PK. Makes no sense. I know he will get what he wants on the open market but just because someone wants to pay that doesn’t mean the Habs should. Trade Pleks and get a D-man to play those top minutes with PK OR give Emelin a chance to play on the left.

  38. Timo says:

    Does anyone know how much Michael Therrien is making?

  39. Arnou Ruelle says:

    I like to repost what I said back on May 31st:

    This is the current UFA market according to

    Based on the number of available defencemen, this is what I found:

    Matt Niskanen – 10 goals, 36 assists, 46 points – $2.5 million this season with PIT (problem is, he shoots right, not left like Marky)

    Andrej Meszároš – 7 goals, 15 assists, 22 points – $5.5 million this season with both PHI and BOS.

    Other than that, the market is not as deep as last year. There are two possible ways to fix this if Markov decides not come back. It would either make a trade, or, look for top prospects in like Beaulieu or Tinordi.

    Since Markov’s asking price may not be in favour for the Habs, expect him to test free agency and most likely be one of the hot commodities to fill up roster spots in 29 other NHL teams come July 1st.

    My suspect for his possible list of landing spots may be Detroit or Boston.

  40. third generation haber says:

    Time for Markov to demonstrate just how badly he wants to stick with this team. 3 years at 6mil for a 35+ player is bad business.

    Let him walk and let the kids develop with quality ice-time.

    * Also, we need a 2nd round pick this year! Trade Budaj!!!

    j.p. murray

  41. WVHabsfan says:

    I love Marky as much as any Habs fan but he is asking too much at this stage in his career money/term wise. The only thing I can think of is that he is starting high to negotiate at a lower amount/ term.

  42. Timo says:

    If Markov walks think of all the money Bergevin can throw at Bouillon and Gionta.

    • Slackman says:

      Im beginning to worry about your Bouillon infatuation. He seems to show up in 90% (roughly) of your posts. Man-crush perhaps? A budding obsession? Is it the eyebrows? The muscles? Maybe try thinking about something else for a little while. A jigsaw puzzle might be just the right distraction for you! (Just keep it under 100 pieces and you’re golden)

      “A Gypsy mutant industrial vacuum cleaner dances about a mysterious night time camp fire. Festoons. Dozens of imported castanets, clutched by the horrible suction of its heavy duty hose, waving with marginal erotic abandon in the midnight autumn air.”

      • D Mex says:

        ” Small things amuse small minds “
        |>- Bouillon is a man of relatively small stature
        ||> As for omiT’s mind, well, you get the picture …

        ALWAYS Habs –
        D Mex

  43. Trollhunter says:

    Target Niskanen and/or Greene instead of Markov. With beaulieu and Tinordi ready to make the jump on the left side focus on the right handed D men. Niskanen is gifted offensively and Greene is a beast.

    S G

  44. coutNY says:

    Long time nemisis Thornton not returning B’s next year…

    hum stealing the words of col. Jessup in a few good men on Thorntons departing words…

    “You f@&#n’ people. You have no idea how to defend a Hockey team. All you did was weaken the team today, Chiarelli.”

    I think thats how remembered it.. ;-D

  45. Trollhunter says:

    Nice knowing you Andre… Best of luck wherever you land.

    S G

  46. Arnou Ruelle says:

    It has been alluded by Bob Mckenzie on twitter that Andrei Markov would stick to his plan with his agent on a 3-year/6 million a yr contract. –

    This is what I said on June 2 and I won’t change my mind on it:

    …if [Markov] and his agent demands a 3-4 year lease on his services, Marc Bergevin and his management will most likely waive their hands goodbye and thank him for his contribution for the CH brand.

    Let’s see what will happen on how MB and mgmt. will fix this up. If there’s nothing to mend this, its bye bye Markov.

    In other news,

    Here’s something interesting which I said last year that this may happen:

    New report also suggests Pierre Alexandre Parenteau is rumoured to be Habs’ RW to get (or before) come July 1st.

    • Slackman says:

      Perhaps a package trade is in the works for Parenteau and Statsny?
      Pleks + Dman + Prospect(s)? Unrealistic, I know, But who knows?!

      “A Gypsy mutant industrial vacuum cleaner dances about a mysterious night time camp fire. Festoons. Dozens of imported castanets, clutched by the horrible suction of its heavy duty hose, waving with marginal erotic abandon in the midnight autumn air.”

      • Arnou Ruelle says:

        If that’s the case, there’s going to be an issue at the 4th line. Daniel Brière is slated to be center next season. If Stasny comes along with Parenteau, well it may not work in favor again for the $4 million/year guy.

  47. howiemorenz7 says:

    Bye Bye Markie.

    Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.

  48. silverfox says:

    Don’t like signing an ageing declining asset for more than 2 years. Markov has impressed this season but obviously ran out of gas and looked painfully slow at the end. It would only work with reduced minutes. Unless he is top 2 D over full term he is not worth this kind of money. Admittedly he won’t be replaced easily but MB could use the money saved to sign a rental as trade deadline looms. This will also free up money to sign Subban and possibly Weaver. I’d also shop Plekanec and Tokarski with a prospect to get back a top 6 winger and a veteran crease clearing defense man if possible.

  49. CHicoHab says:

    If game 6 was tonite and if game 7 was Wednesday that means the season could have finished June.18!! Wow. Is Bettman and his cronies content with this? Does anyone here know why they don’t start the season like first weekend after Labour day let’s say?? Would mean season ends in mid May roughly.

    • WAR72 says:

      If habs were playing we would be loving it, watching so late in june.
      Who cares how long the season is? If you love hockey you should appreciate it. And why is bettman so bad? Cronies? Its called making money.

  50. johnnylarue says:

    I’ve watched all of about 10 minutes of the World Cup so far, culminating in that fine display of sportsmanship between Muller and Pepe.

    So let me put this out there to the people who actually care: are the embarrassing histrionics tolerated just to spice up an otherwise unrelentingly stultifying game? Is the play acting just meant to be part of the fun?

    • CJ says:

      10 minutes more then me…..

    • HabinBurlington says:

      If you don’t watch soccer and only watch the highlight of a player foul, well then you are indeed not going to enjoy it. No doubt theatrics are taking far too large a role in the game, but the game itself is beautiful and can be great to watch. But you have to like the game, I’m guessing you don’t like or usually watch the game. Therefore the theatrics become even worse to watch.

      It is too bad that the organizing bodies of the sport couldn’t work to rid itself of this stuff, but they are also one of the most corrupt organized bodies out there.

      • Dunboyne Mike says:

        Burly, you’re so right when you say it’s too bad. I hope the NHL suits are paying a little attention, getting a glimpse of a potential hockey future if they don’t act.

      • Chuck Kept Calm and Carey'd On ® says:

        But they CAN’T be corrupt! They’re running commercials saying that they’re not cool with ‘match manipulation”! So… everything’s got to be on the level… right? Right?

    • Dunboyne Mike says:

      If you’ve only seen 10 minutes you will have likely missed what some Irish commentators* have described as the most exciting thing so far: the innovation of refs spray-painting the line for free kicks.

      When you’re not used to it, it is, well, pretty exciting. In the context of a football match.

      I refer ye to the link I posted below to Michael Enright’s 4 minute essay on FIFA, football and the World Cup.

      (*Ok, the beauty and fashion reporter on a radio chat show).

    • Un Canadien errant says:

      Post o’ the day.

  51. CJ says:

    @ Chris. Thank you for extending the courtesy of a reply regarding my comments on Markov below. Your opinion carries weight and I always enjoy discussing and, on occasion, debating issues with you.

    I will keep it real short. When the chips were down, and when it mattered most, I thought Markov faded. Maybe this was the result of him running out of gas, having been overtaxed during the regular season. Maybe it was the result of playing alongside Emelin, who struggled mightily. Fact is, I don’t have the answer. Further, he was not without company. Gionta, Markov, Vanek, Pleks – our veterans – all failed us when it mattered most.

    Perhaps my beef is that was the lasting impression from the 2013-2014 season. A tired group, unable to muster more then 18 shots against the Rangers when our backs were to the wall.

    Again, just my two cents…. CJ

    • Habfan17 says:

      Those are all very valid points. Markov wants to be paid like a 1/2 defenceman and this season proved he can’t handle the minutes anymore. Time to move on. His first request does not show me that he wants to remain a Hab!


    • kalevine says:

      it isn’t just what you say CJ, which is absolutely true, but that they have generally failed to do step it up in the playoffs for as long as they have been Habs.

  52. Maritime Ronn says:

    HIO – We are going to find out what GMMB and staff are all about over the next 20-25 days.

    Do they ever have stuff on their plate!
    So many different dominos to fall that will dictate next moves…

    Just a feeling, yet these guys seem to do the unexpected and perhaps we should expect the unexpected…such as trades of players we never thought would have ever been in play (Max-51-Plex….perhaps even a Tinordi or Beaulieu in a package)

    Max, you may ask? ( with outright astonishment?)
    How could he?

    Has Max ever looked happy being a Hab?
    Do we know how and what he is in the Room?
    Is he really a team guy, or just a selfish stat-me and ’51’ guy?

    No one really knows except the ‘insiders’ in Management/Coaching and the guys in the room.

    What about if Markov is a ‘no-sign’?
    Would a Max-Gorges-Tokarski combo bring back a Top 2-3 Dman and something else significant?

    Just speculation here, but GMMB will not be held hostage, and isn’t afraid to move ( Eric Cole)

    Remember what GMMB always said:
    ” I believe you have players that get you in the playoffs, and you have players that get you through the playoffs.”

    Another item:
    GMMB knows that a player like Desharnais as a #1 C will not get the Habs, “.. through the playoffs.”

    Again, just a feeling, yet there is no way the Habs will stand still and complete next year with the same Top 3-6.

    • shiram says:

      I find it funny that this line gets repeated all the time : ” I believe you have players that get you in the playoffs, and you have players that get you through the playoffs.”

      Could it be that you need both types of players, the first to get the lazy regular season guys into the playoffs, and the second group to do good in the playoffs.
      In that sense, Bourque could be a playoffs guy, he had a bad regular season, but got better in the playoffs.
      But he can only show his worth if the regular season player do their jobs..

    • CJ says:

      Great post Ronn. Therein lies the issue. Markov, whether he is resigned or not, is but one of a multiple number of files currently open on Bergevin’s home PC.

      I like DD, but he is NOT a first line centre. One of either he or Pleks needs to be shopped as part of a package in hopes of adding a top 6 winger. We need to solidify our third line, while continuing to carry Briere, who is a season too rich for my liking. I have no clue where or how he fits into the future. I didn’t like him bouncing White as the fourth line centre. If you can not make the top 9, then he has no place on this team. Lastly, our defence continues to be a work in progress.

      Of course, the good news is the progress we have shown. We are a long way removed from where we were, but, IMO, remain a long way from where we are headed. The future is bright, it’s just a matter of how far in the distance that SUN is shining.

      • Maritime Ronn says:


        Briere is a dud and wastes precious Cap Space.
        If politics were not involved, he would be bought out or traded.

        A Buyout would mean $1.33M Cap Hit for 2 years instead of the outlandish $4M Cap Hit this year – for an aging 10 minute 4th liner with diminishing skills.

        Wasted Cap Spending is for losers.

        • Habfan17 says:

          I like the idea of buying him out! I would rather they move Bournival to centre and give him more ice time than play Briere. Of course that would also mean another centre was gone!


        • Un Canadien errant says:

          I’m trying to make lemonade here, but since we have Daniel Brière, and we’re kind of stuck with him, I think he might become more valuable if we do end up trading Tomas Plekanec. We’d have David, Alex and Lars as our 1, 2, 3 centres, Ryan as the #4. Daniel could be the emergency centre when injuries strike, or to take draws since he’s a rightie and the Top 3 are all lefties.

          So it’d be wing duty for him, some spot duty at centre, and hope that he has a better regular season next year, and that he’s not squeezed out by numbers with Tomas gone.

    • BriPro says:

      Ron, I would venture to guess, given Max’s acceptance of a “friendly” (if that’s possible when we’re talking multi-millions) cap hit, that he’s happy here.
      I know…. he never gets up when he’s interviewed (or rarely), and his demeanour is mostly un-inspiring. He doesn’t smile much.
      But as you said, how do we know?

      Given Tokarski’s performance during these playoffs, and the fact that Max was one goal short of 40 (a season which only had 3 players reach that plateau), just those two in a package should offer a monster return.

      I doubt Max is going anywhere. And I think Markov will be signed. The UFA pool is just too shallow.

      I also believe, given the Wild’s recent comments, that Vanek might just regret not accepting the Islanders’ offer, and will end up back in a Habs uniform, hopefully at a baker’s discount. It wouldn’t be money, it would be term.

  53. BJ says:

    Weise two years at 1M per season.

  54. Timo says:

    I think Shawn Thornton, garbage that he is, should be picked up by the Sens to further solidify their bottom dwellers position.

  55. adamkennelly says:

    I’ve always liked Umberger – he would look great as a Gionta replacement – no?

    • Timo says:

      who wouldn’t?

    • BriPro says:

      For one, he’s a LW.
      And it’s a known fact that CBJ is not happy with his declining productivity.
      Given that they’ve been public about it, I would venture to guess that they’ll have to send a draft selection if any team is to pick him up.

      There have been rumours that Kekalainen is seeking to buy him out.

  56. ACGM says:

    No matter what changes we make if you look at the Kings and the Blackhawks the best we’re gonna be is a playoff team for some years to come. They don’t have to move a lot of pieces every year like us and the replacement pieces they bring in always improve the team i.e. Kings picking up Gaborik wins cup…The sign of good management.

  57. Habilis says:

    My .02 on the Markov situation:

    I have no problem with the amount of money Markov wants, but the term is too much. 12 mil over 2 years would be perfect, IMO.

    If I were Bergevin, I’d put it to Markov like this: Either you get your desired salary over 2 years or you give the team a break and sign for less if you want the third year. Something like 14mil over 3 years.

    He (Markov) has to understand that signing an over 35 player to big money is a risk to begin with. That risk goes up exponentially with every extra year.

    I love Markov and I honestly don’t think we can replace him internally (unless Beaulieu makes a quantum leap) or through free agency. But he’s still an over 35 player with a history of knee issues.

  58. Habfan17 says:

    I have been hearing that Minnesota may not be open to signing Vanek. On the team 1200 this morning, they were saying that word is the Wild management is very happy with the progress of their forwards and that the way Vanek played in the play offs has them considering not offering him a contract.

    I wonder if his comments about not being happy playing the opposite wing when he first came to Montreal and his subsequent comments about being moved from the top line may have also hurt his chances to go “home” to Minnesota!


  59. BriPro says:

    Update in the NHL, via RDS.

    As discussed, Spezza has turned down a potential trade to Calgary, who offered Hudler, Baklund, Wideman as well as a 2nd and 3rd round pick. Vancouver, Edmonton and Winnipeg are also on his xnay list.

    Also previously mentioned, Thornton is no longer a Bruin.

    R.J.Umberger has asked the Jackets to trade him. He might be bringing his 3-year, $4.5MM/per to market.

    Rumour has it that Colorado is shopping P.A. Parenteau’s 2-year, $4MM/per contract as well.

    The NY Post is announcing that Brad Richards’ contract will be the 2nd buyout of the Rangers. The $6.67 cap relief will give them $24MM in cap space for the next round.

    Oiler’s GM, Craig MacTavish is looking to add 4 or 5 players to his roster, hoping to add prior to July 1. He’ll probably look through trades, since he’s not impressed with the UFAs that will be available.

    Columbus have extended the contracts of assistant coach Craig Hartsburgh, goaltender coach Ian Clark and trainer Chris Clark.

    Ross Mahoney has been promote to the Caps’ assistant GM position, under new GM Brian MacLellan.

    • Chris says:

      Umberger wanting out might be good for Columbus, who are interested in Kesler. Kesler and Umberger do not like each other, so that would be one hurdle cleared.

      But if the price continues to be Johansen, Columbus will walk away.

      • BriPro says:

        I think they’ve secured a few who won’t be going anywhere including Johansen, Foligno, Dubinsky and Wisniewski (even with his monster cap hit).

  60. knob says:

    In my opinion, Tinordi, Emelin and Gorges all fill the 2nd/3rd LHD. If Montreal signs Markov and Beaulieu becomes the 2nd LHD we would only be left with the 3rd LHD slot and a depth spot. One of Tinordi, Emelin and Gorges should be traded for a RHD to compliment Subban and either Weaver or one of the young RHD (Nygren/the other guy whose name escapes me)

  61. UKRAINIANhab says:

    Agree re: Pepe’s reputation guys! Still Muller needs to grow up a bit. Ghana and Germany will go through!

    • Chris says:

      Muller tried to sell the call…it happens all the time. Pepe does it too.

      If anybody needs to grow up, it is Pepe, who has a reputation for being absolutely moronic. I have not idea what (or if!) he was thinking on that gesture. None whatsoever, and I thought Muller was silly for the way he flopped.

  62. The Jackal says:

    Looks like the Kings are the new starley cup champians

    Hockey sine stercore tauri.

  63. montreal ace says:

    Molson loves Gorges, one of the first players signed when he took over the team, when Gorges was out, funny PK’s game went down

  64. mrhabby says:

    if I had my choice to dump a dman it would be Gorges for sure in some kind of package deal . A player who works hard , throws his body around and gets pulverized by other teams all the time he is a weak link in my books. He brings no offensive upside what so ever. His cap hit is not bad relatively speaking. Keep Markov and hope the young guys make the team..Tiny and NB for sure.
    I can see MB making some trades this summer or dead line moves like last year.

    • Loop_Garoo says:

      A great many very valuable defensemen bring no offensive upside. That is a comment on the type of player he is, but not his value. I have no issue with Gorges, maybe overpaid, but not by a lot, and seems to be really tight with his team mates. There is a great value in the cohesion of a team.

    • scamorza says:

      I like Gorges for the role player that he is , he has hardly any offensive upside but that is ok; a good third pairing and on PK. Markov, I would be alright with for 2 years or a 3rd with an option but $6 M is way too expensive, ok in the 3 to 4 range max. And on TSN they say that Thornton won’t be back next year. As much as I hate the guy I wouldn’t mind him on the team and he is an upgrade on Parros

      come to Dorion suits where you get no….”hassoles” _ Yvon Lambert

  65. Timo says:

    Another aspect to consider… without Murray Habs D back to looking rather soft in reg season games against goon squads like the Bruins, leafs, and now Rangers. In playoffs, different kind of toughness is required, but for reg season, Habs really need to replace Murray and Parros.

    I don’t see Therrien changing his ways and putting his confidence in Tinordi.

  66. montreal ace says:

    I don’t think you ever replace a player, with one that has exactly the same game and skills, so if Markov goes, I’m wondering if he can be replaced, by a combination of rookies. I say this as with so many styles of play in the NHL today, teams need a roster of players, with skills that might add up to superstar status, when played in the right situation.

  67. beckett_ian1979 says:

    Trade Geroges???? According to 24CH hes the only voice in the locker room, not to mention hes a shot blocker and one of the best..Its not all about scoreing folks.. I once seen somone say trade Thomas Plecaneks… Dumbest thing I ever heard..Hes a stud on the PK.. Anyway.. I like MArkov but three years is to 6 mill for two years..


    • bwoar says:

      It’s all about scoring when you lose by not scoring enough goals. It’d be really, really dumb to think otherwise.

      • Loop_Garoo says:

        it’s only “all about scoring” if you are looking at the team as a whole, and not individual players. There will always be players on every team whose offensive contribution is minimal but nonetheless have an important role to fill. You cannot logically say that the team is weak offensively because Gorges does not score.

        • bwoar says:

          Good, because I never said, nor implied it. I commented that if we’re gonna re-sign Markov, we really could and should move Gorges.

          I also think he’s the most easily replaced. Lots of people here wanna give Markov a boatload of money, fine, but at least find a way to IMPROVE the D. Once we’ve jettisoned the deadwood, the least useful guy is Gorges. I get that the young guys can’t replace Andrei Markov. But that’s a guy they have a shot at beating out.

    • kalevine says:

      Pacs looked pretty good on the PK too. Yes Pleks is good but his abilities on the PK should not be a reason to keep him

  68. habs_54321 says:

    @krob I like your idea of replacing Markov with Boyle and would make sense from a LD RD standpoint, I also like the idea of pairing subban with another right shot in pp situations it would allow better looks for point shots simular too shattenkirk/pietra in St Louis or Markov souray for a more close too home example,

  69. knob says:

    How about a compromise: MB signs Markov and trades Gorges. This would allow for a young player to come in and get regular ice time and the Habs updgrade on Gorges and it only costs them 2.1 mil

  70. Hobie says:

    I’ve thought Markov was going to sign for three years all along. Habs want to give him two, he wants three, the Habs will end up bending and giving him three. No surprise.

    The real improvement next year will be the end of our sixth defenceman woes. Diaz is long gone, Bouillon is gone and Murray won’t be back either.

    So that most likely means we’ll have Beaulieu in the lineup over the three above mentioned players. That should be a bolster to the defence.

    The Habs will live by the old adage that says you can never have too many defencemen. It appears Tinordi will be the odd man out and be the seventh. There’s quite often injures though so we’ll see what happens. I think Tinordi will surprise at training camp and really put the Habs into a pickle.

  71. dr. schmutzdeker says:

    Pateryn has to be getting close. (despite having virtually no opportunity to prove himself capable of /demonstrate that he’s close to cracking the lineup).

  72. habs001 says:

    Some posters are saying that some of the Habs D prospects are not that good ..I hope they are wrong because right now this is where the Habs have to build from..Their goaltending and D can make them a solid cup contender…Right now the habs current forward roster(established veterans and youth that we hope become stars) along with their AHL roster and junior/college prospects is not any better than the majority of other teams ..

    • JUST ME says:

      We have very promissing prospects on defense, it`s just that they are not ready for prime time yet ! Man! people want kids to be mature like that and are ready for final judgement after a few games..That is why they belong in Hamilton, it`s not a demotion, it`s time to play a lot ,learn and dominate…le sigh…

      • Habfan17 says:

        This is very true with younger players, some exceptions apply like PK. However, the Habs have what you may call overage rookies. Nygren is 24, Pateryn is 23 and Bennett, who we don’t get enough updates on, is also 23. Some players actually are hurt by playing at a lower level and thrive when playing at a higher level. There are no two situations exactly alike. Cody Ceci is a good case in point.

        At some point, players need to make the jump and if they feel they are ready, may decide to move on if they feel they won’t get a chance where they are. Ask yourself, how many years would you be willing to stay with a team and “prepare” for the NHL?

  73. Haberoooo13 says:

    Another item to ponder, Habs are much more loaded in left-handed D signed (Gorges, Emelin, Tinordi, Beaulieu) than in right-handed D signed Pernell Karl).
    Yes I know Emelin plays right, but probably would be better on left.

    Lafleur coming out rather gingerly…

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