Many reasons for Habs’ glittering success

Habs coach Guy Carbonneau has had lots to smile about this season.
John Kenney, Gazette

So how, exactly, to explain this year’s remarkable Canadiens, who have overachieved tremendously and now sit atop the Eastern Conference heading into tonight’s Bell Centre game against the Ottawa Senators?

Is it chemistry in the dressing room? A mostly healthy team all season long? A few bounces that have gone their way?

“I think it’s everything,” says Canadiens head coach Guy Carbonneau, who himself has matured nicely behind the bench in his sophomore year. “The fact we stayed healthy all year is a big plus for our club. I won’t apologize for that. If people don’t like that we’re healthy, that’s too bad.

"We’ve worked hard at it. We’ve given (players) days off, we’ve played four lines and six defencemen, we’ve changed players sometimes when they were playing good, but nobody’s complained. Nobody’s come into my office and said, ‘I don’t play enough, I need to play more, we need to play three lines.’ "

Dave Stubbs crunches a few numbers today and finds some revealing, even surprising figures that have added up to a memorable season, the Canadiens on the brink of clinching a playoff berth with plenty of people to share the credit.

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