Management shakeup

The Canadiens are making changes to their administrative structure.

Ray Lalonde, vice president of sales & marketing and architect of the team’s centennial hoopla, is out.

The Canadiens will appoint a Chief Operating Officer whose responsibilities will include marketing. Read on:

The announcement:

Geoff Molson, Chairman of the Board of
Directors and Team Owner announced today a restructuring at the
management level which will lead to the creation of a new position of
Chief Operating Officer.

This reorganization is an
integral part of the transition process that will ultimately see Geoff
Molson assume the presidency of the Montreal Canadiens and evenko on
July 1, 2011. Mr. Pierre Boivin will remain team president until June
30, 2011.
The recruiting process to fill the new position of Chief
Operating Officer has begun. This appointment will result in a new
structure within the Marketing and Sales Department. Ray Lalonde, Vice
President and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer will be leaving his
duties effective today, and Geoff Molson will be taking over his
responsibilities on an interim basis. Ray Lalonde will remain with the
organization as an advisor to Mr. Molson until February 25.

have decided to reevaluate the responsibilities within our management
team and, as a result, create a new position of Chief Operating Officer,
for that person to assist me in my new role. Since joining the Montreal
Canadiens back in 2001, Ray has played a key role in the development of
the organization and the growth of our fan base and their renewed
passion for the team. He was an important contributor to the success of
our Centennial celebrations and his outstanding achievement made us all
very proud. We are very grateful to him for his work until now and we
are pleased to be able to benefit from his expertise as an advisor,”
indicated Mr. Geoff Molson.

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