Entire Trois-Rivières school is behind Habs


A remarkable show of support for the Canadiens by the students (and staff) of Sainte-Madeleine-et-Sacré-Coeur school in Trois-Rivières. A lip-synched rendition of Le but by Loco Locass. Seeing is believing…


  1. Rob says:

    That actually brought me to tears. Amazing! Another example of why it is perfectly acceptable to say “we” and “our” in relationship to the Habs!!

    The Montreal Canadiens: sporting the best AND worst fans since 1909!

  2. 24 Cups says:

    This is a good schedule for the Habs (and their old defensemen) as long as the series doesn’t go to a 7th game.

    SERIES C #3 vs. #6

    Thursday, April 14 at Boston, 7:00 p.m.
    Saturday, April 16 at Boston, 7:00 p.m.
    Monday, April 18 at Montreal, 7:30 p.m.
    Thursday, April 21 at Montreal, 7:00 p.m.
    *Saturday, April 23 at Boston, 7:00 p.m.
    *Tuesday, April 26 at Montreal, TBD
    *Wednesday, April 27 at Boston, TBD

  3. 100HABS says:

    That school initiative was just too cute. My daughter would love to participate in something like that.

    On another note, Dallas needed to win while playing against an eliminated team and lost. How does this happen? You figure the urgency, the desperation… you’d think the players would be focused and willing give their all.

  4. gmd says:

    Yay no Saturday afternoon game or Sunday game for the Habs.

  5. ProHabs says:

    The Carolina Hurricanes and Dallas Stars should be ashamed of themselves. We get frustrated with our team at times, but these are 2 teams with definitely very little heart.

    • observer says:

      Shows maybe one thing, both teams thought they had no shot winning 4 series in playoffs so why bother work for weeks more at vastly reduced pay in the upcoming playoffs? Chicago was also badly outhustled and outplayed by Detroit today. As were Rangers the other night vs. Atlanta.

      Even NJ they had made an unbelievable run to put themselves right into contention and then promptly lost 2 games to Ottawa to just about eliminate them when those 2 wins would have put them into 8th place right then.

      This is not old time hockey when players needed to win extra playoff money and even so still had summer jobs. These millionaires don’t like to play for less while their owners increase costs of tickets. And they don’t get paid more if a series goes 7 instead of 4.

      • HaloHabsFan says:

        Are you kidding me? What Chicago game did you watch today? They lost, but they definitely showed they wanted it out there. The Stars on the other hand were a complete flop in their game and don’t deserve to be there. I bet the Nucks aren’t too thrilled about playing the Hawks in the first round.


  6. Mr.Habs71sv says:

    It looks like a blue jacket jersey but I bet it is a local team using their colors and a logo styled after the Jackets one, at least it was not a Los Angeles Lakers jersey. It’s hockey! All good.

  7. observer says:

    Playoff schedule to be released at 10pm tonight on NHL Network.

  8. HABSsince92 says:

    Well the Canucks are probably pissed………gonna have to play Chicago in the 1st round. Their president’s trophy season is in real danger of being a waste unless Luongo can exorcise his Blackhawk demons.

    The Scott Gomez line………..where wingers go to die.

  9. I hope the team sees this video.

  10. Ouch Dallas, ouch!

    4-3 Minny.

  11. Castor says:

    Let’s think about this; The Habs were not out of playoff contention at all this year. They never dropped to 9th. With all of the injuries and craziness. It’s amazing. GO HABS!

  12. Trisomy 21 says:

    As if you need another reason to avoid being a leafs fan…


  13. DrA says:

    Holy Habs, Booney!

  14. Marc10 says:

    Best fans in the League. It’s not even close…

    Carey, Carey, Carey, Oi, Oi, Oi!!!

  15. observer says:

    How are players paid in the playoffs? Is there a bonus from the league for each series won? For each series played in? If so how much? Do teams still pay each player at the same rate their contract equals per game?

    • t1tan5 says:

      Players aren’t paid salary during the playoffs. Performance bonuses based on how far they go in the playoffs are really a case by case thing.

      • observer says:

        Are you saying that a $7 million dollar player now will earn the same as a $500,000 player on his team? In other words working for much less per game for several weeks(half to taxes as well) when he might even think his team has no shot at going all the way and he could already be on vacation?

        • Trisomy 21 says:

          If that is something of concern to a hockey player, then they probably aren’t a very successful athlete and don’t deserve to be in the NHL.

      • observer says:

        Thanks, by sounds of that owners clean up if a series goes 7 games and players for those 3 extra games each series get zero of it? And unless you win the Cup and really only a few teams in these playoffs really have a chance, these players are forced to work for much less than they usually get paid? Does not seem right to me? But I clearly see why when these type of mediocre teams can make the playoffs just by beating some team playing out the schedule – they don’t show as much effort or life as the other team who really is playing for nothing. IE – Carolina yest, Minn showed up flying Dallas did not, NYR vs Atl, even Det today badly outplayed Chicago.

        Sounds like playoffs are really for owners and fans – mainly?

  16. Bouleau noir says:

    La Fièvre du Pringtemps is on in Trois-Rivières….. Wow!
    Great kids, fabulous lyrics and maybe, just maybe, a Miracle of Love for Pacioretty from Sainte-Madeleine et Sacré-Coeur … come on Big Boy, Get up and Skate !

  17. WestHab says:

    that would be one tough school yard for a beefan.

  18. Off-side says:

    About Boston…

    They won 46 games, we won 44. That’s even in my books. We can psych ourselves out thinking like they play better than us, they’re bigger than us, etc.. We also won 4 out of the reg. season games.


    I applaud the school video, how AMAZING was that!!!!! Show it to the team for motivation or play it on the big screen at our home games!

  19. HABS_FAN_NS says:

    That’s Awesome. No one does it like Habs fans do it

  20. t1tan5 says:

    Watching Rory McIlroy play today is actually hurting me. You have to really feel for the kid. +7 (and he just hit a water hazard) today.

  21. observer says:

    Pittsburgh would have won their division and the #2 seed and with 2 more wins than Philly, had the rules not been changed during this season.

    7 playoff series are now set. Only Vancouver vs. Dallas or Vancouver vs. Chicago remains to be decided.

  22. habstrinifan says:

    An amazing video and tribute from Sainte-Madeleine-et-Sacré-Coeur school in Trois-Rivières.

    What a hold this team has on the heartstrings of its fan?

    Any coach or GM or management person awaiting an interview for a job with this team should be asked to watch this video and understand the responsibility he/she has to be diligent in maintaining the standards that the fans like these in the video deserve.

    Awesome video and well put together by the staff and kids.

  23. DearyLeary says:

    Awesome. You aren’t going to see anything like that anywhere else in the league.

  24. Former Jets Fan says:

    A tween in 2011 with a “Frankie Say Relax” shirt. Very impressive.

    • The Cat says:

      Love the avatar, Dale Hawerchuk is the best player Ive ever seen live.

      [Disclaimer]: I’m a hockey fan. I care about the habs, but probably not as much as you.

  25. Psycho29 says:

    With possibly the Hawks missing the playoffs after winning the Stanley Cup last season…here are the most recent teams to do the same:
    Since expansion, champions have failed to make the playoffs four times, including the first post-expansion year (1967-68) when the Toronto Maple Leafs once again failed to find the post-season.

    The next season, the Montreal Canadiens did the same thing, missing the playoffs due to tie-breakers and the Red Wings throwing the final regular season game.

    The other two champions to miss the next season’s playoffs were the New Jersey Devils (1995 Stanley Cup Champions) and the Carolina Hurricanes (2006).

    • observer says:

      But this was different. This was totally inept management’s fault – before and after – yes including Bowman and his child. Byfuglien should never have been among the 11 or 12 players they let go, neither the Stanley Cup winning goalie who will help San Jose finally get over the hump.

      In the meantime Dallas must win that game in 105 minutes or less or Chicago sneaks in like Rangers did.

  26. habsfan2442 says:

    I wonder if the fans in boston will try to do one of these now..
    Just like the Super Bowl Shuffle with da bears vs the patriots..
    NA…. LOL


  27. Goderichab says:

    Hey, absolutely fantastique!!
    What ever happened to “Les Canadiens sont la”
    Guess I am telling my age?//
    Great to see the legend continues and a great team
    will always have great fans!!
    Go get’em Habs and shut Mr (?) Cherry for for a long time!!

  28. HabFanSince72 says:

    Hawks lose. Will Dallas pull a Carolina?

    If I am a nuck fan I’m pulling for Dallas.

    Although with Big Buff gone I’m sure the nucks feel a lot better about playing Chicago.

  29. tigress says:

    Has anyone sent this to the Canadiens de Montréal? This is phenomenal!!

  30. Harani says:

    That was really too cute! Good job guys!!!!

  31. filincal says:

    Who let the kid with the bluejackets jersey in?

  32. adam76 says:

    That is epic, great job!

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