Locke reassigned to AHL Bulldogs

It was the NHL debut that wasn’t. The Canadiens today reassigned forward Corey Locke to the Hamilton Bulldogs of the American Hockey League, two days after his equipment en route to New York from Hamilton via Toronto failed to arrive in time for the Habs-Rangers game. Locke didn’t dress for the game, and returns to the minors without yet having skated his first NHL shift.


  1. mjames says:

    He got to the arena at 5:30 . Not too much time to stop by Models to pick up a pair of skates.


  2. mjames says:

    read the above post by J_in_PA. Do not be too quick to discount some of these players. In order to make an informed decision on his capabilities it might be prudent to see how he performs in the NHL. Remember St Louis, Brier.


  3. mjames says:




    Yeah Baby shake your money maker……WOOF, WOOF, WOOOOOFFF


    I see that other NHL teams have CheerLeaders. We need Habs CheerLeaders lkie the one on your Pic there. WOW…..

  6. RH says:

    I was hoping he wouldn’t get sent down. That’s too bad. I would’ve really loved to see what kind of game he could bring to the big show.

  7. Bouleau noir says:

    I share your points about Samsonov.

    I had predictated before the UFA market had opened that Gainey would go for Shanahan first and Samsonov as a second option.

    My anthousiasme was reserved only because his sensasional plays of lore was no longer apparent during the few time I had watched the Oilers in the playoffs,… and even thought his points contribution were not all that bad (.68) it had me worried.

    Samsonov’s distinctive strenght while in Boston were no longer avalaible with the Oilers and the CH.
    His supreme hability to zig zag the offensive zone in full control of the puck giving his team extended puck possession time and numerous scoring opportunitys were now missing in action,… losing the puck or getting it easily pocked away was now routine leaving him to play a north-south type of game of which he never quite had the speed to do well…. specially now that he gotten a little slower still.

  8. The Teacher says:

    Because the salary would count against our cap. every penny matters.

  9. hockeydevil says:

    Poor guy. Hopefully he gets another chance.
    Talk hockey at hockeydevils

  10. TommyB says:

    OK, I stand reprimanded! LOL…no I did not think it was a post about Ryder, but I am guilty of not reading carefully all the way through. If you mean it is “criminal” that whoever was responsible for getting him and his gear to NY on time, then I totally see that the same way as you.

    Sometimes when I scan through post after post in catch-up mode, the mind’s eye only sees bits and pieces and may not tell the brain’s comprehensive department all the facts…and they say the legs are the first to go, HAH!

    I know I can depend on you to point me in the corrective direction. I’ll be more aware, at least with your posts, in the future. Thanks for the wake-up call.

  11. linp says:

    I also feel bad for the kid. It is the dream for a hockey player coming true on one day and broken on the next day that really hurts. It is really unfortunate but it happened. Professional hockey has no room to be sentimental. It is all about business and winning. If I buy a ticket to see a game, I want to see our team winning now.

  12. krob1000 says:

    The part where I say it reflects poorly on somenone and we don’t know who is whoever was responsible for getting him and his eqpuipment to New York. I get the feeling TommyB you thought this was about Ryder and didn’t bother reading it LOL.

  13. krob1000 says:

    In the opening line i said not for the team or the organization but for the kid. I know why he was called up.

  14. RetroMikey says:

    I feel very sad Corey Locke never got to don the Habs uniform in New York. I’ve seen this kid play in Hamilton, and if it were not for our captain Saku Koivu on the team, Corey would definitely be in a Habs uniform this year. I wish Corey good luck and never give up your hope in making the NHL!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  15. Jay_in_PA says:

    Every time I see something about Locke’s size being a deciding factor, I think of Martin St. Louis. I just picture him and Yann Danis being traded away for a bucket of pucks and making it big somewhere else.

  16. TommyB says:

    Absolutely Criminal????…….

    krob, with all due respect, you’ve gone a little overboard on this one. When you bring up a player from the minors to fill a jersey due to a temporary situation (illness, injury), if that situation disappears because the roster is back to where it was, then the call-up goes back. You write intelligently enough about hockey that you should know this. It wasn’t about bringing up Locke to see what he has, or to shake up a stagnant lineup…it was about filling a seat on the bench due to an illness. All part of the package. Not fair? All’s fair in love and war, but hockey is different.

    Most posters, myself included, do feel for the kid. If Locke has the tools required, then he will get another chance at some point. But criminal????….easy there krob.

  17. krob1000 says:

    Criminal…….absolutely criminal. We can sit on here and say oh well tough break but this is beyond terrible. Not for the team or the organization (although it does reflect poorly on someone we just don’t know who) but for a kid and his dream. This kid is the Hamilton Bulldog’s all time leading scorer. That does not necessarily make him a great propect but it does mean that he has paid his dues and is clinging on to a dream. The same dream that milions of us give up on at an early age. He is still working hard and riding busses in hopes of one day making it to the show. He finally gets his break as the stars allign after several years in the minors (Koivu sick, Grabs hurt, Begin, Smoinski, O’ Byrne out and Streit moving back).

    If the kid never makes it he will not go into the books as an NHL player. One game and the guy can brag for the rest of his life that he made it. Remember Moonlight Graham from the Field of Dreams movie……never gets an official at bat but gets an rbi sac fly….this kid may not even get that. Koivu is my favourite player and I actually hoped he was sick enough to miss one more just so the kid could be official. An even more relevant analogy is that of Rudy (that and Rocky are the only movie’s I’ll admit to getting choked up during). Nobody believed Rudy was on the Notre Dame team because he never got to play. I feel like Locke has paid his dues and should be considered to be at the top of the heap if we need another fill in.

    This may mean nothing to many but I still have dreams occasionally where I am playing in the damn NHL (I had one a couple years back that seemed so real …except the Canadiens home rink was the Kingston Memorial Centre (Kingston Frontenacs home rink) in my dream). I had hundreds of those dreams as a kid ( I couldn’t even skate until I was 13 but I still dreamt I could). I can’t imagine how much it would mean to guys who work their whole lives to get there ( and their families, girlfriends, relatives, friends, coaches, ex teammates, etc ). To have it possibly destroyed by a luggage losing incident would be enough to drive me to temporary insanity.

    Corey Locke ….I feel for you…..and I hope you get a chance…..just one chance.

  18. fuhgawz says:

    ouch — easy on the russkies ….. we have a couple of greats — not to mention i think 2 of the most dynamic players in the NHL today are Russian — Alexander the Great and how about the That guy in Atlanta .. Kolvochuck (spell check??) ….. both AWESOME to watch


    if your not a Canadiens fan how can you say you like hockey?

  19. idle says:

    your still missing the point. No one is saying that his career will be defined or shortened by a Pearson baggage handler. It’s not the point at all. Whether he is good enough to make the NHL long term or not and whether there are better players who will get the next chance or not is not what it is about.

    We are simply talking about a kid who worked his whole life (we can only assume) to try and make it to the NHL, gets the call (even if only for 1 day) and has it fall through on a technicality. If he is not good enough to play in this league and never gets another chance and 30 years later you ask him if he would have like to play that one game even if it was just an emergency situation I’m quite sure he ain’t goona say “well really I did not fit into the teams plans and I was not a good enough skater to justify making the leauge…maybe if I had better genes…” Probably he would just say “hell ya I wish I had at least played 1 game in the NHL”

  20. Infanteer says:

    You have to feel for the kid. I for one hope he eventually gets his chance to play in the big show.

  21. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Locke and Koivu are probably the same size. Too bad he couldn’t wear Saku’s gear…?

  22. Naila Jinnah says:

    Well then. At least he got to party it up for New Year’s Eve!

  23. earl says:

    sh_tty luck, or a situation brought about as decisions to not work on skating, or a failure to get stronger, or maybe bad luck as the result of genes.

    Locke’s short/nonexistent career won’t have been defined or shortened by a Pearson baggage handler, it’s been decided by other things long ago.

  24. TradeRyder says:

    True. It would be great for him to come back up just to see if he can have the sort of impact others have. But what you say is true – unless we get a rash of injuries, he’s very low on the depth chart.

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  25. idle says:

    Yes, but why look at it from a team perspective in this case. I am sure to the team whether he played 5 min or not at all meant nothing to them as you suggested but to Cory? This is his first NHL game we are talking about. Meaning he has never played in the NHL before. Wouldn’t it probably be his dream for years to play in the NHL? It usually is for players who make it that far. Any idea how hard you have to work to even get drafted by a team? I think most of us on this particular thread are just thinking about it from Corey’s perspective and empathizing with his shitty luck.

  26. idle says:

    For that price I think the Habs should grab him again. Not only would it be funny as hell if he started scoring this time around but if he still didn’t I would love to see what kind of trade Gainey could come up with a second time :

    Just consider it a challenge Bob

  27. idle says:

    You don’t consider 24 hours at Pearson a good honeymoon?

    You could have walked around the Industrial sector…

  28. earl says:

    From the Department of Reality:

    1) Corey Locke is not in Montreal’s plans, whether he rides the pine, misses his plane, loses his baggage, or receives 5 mins of ice time on the fourth line in NY, it really doesn’t matter. Corey was called up to provide insurance while a short term (one game) medical condition to Koivu played itself out. the fact that he didn’t practice with the team guaranteed he wasn’t going to be playing in any meaningful way.

    2) Even if Corey had the time , which he didn’t, professional athletes spend a great deal of time customizing and working their equipment and a pro athlete doesn’t just go down to Canadian Tire and throw together a hockey ensemble. This isn’t shinny.

    Tough break for Corey personally but this is an insignificant development for the team.

  29. idle says:

    I’m surprised that the Habs are playing a Sat afternoon game and no national network has picked it up. From what I can see the other Canadian teams are all playing evening games…

  30. idle says:

    I agree it would be unlikely that he would not get another chance, but in this league nothing is certain.

  31. Plek-Andrew says:

    anybody interested in tickets for saturday’s game? 100$ (total) for 4 tickets in the family zone. email me at thechamp40@hotmail.com if interested. Will arrange to meet you at Bell Centre. Cash only. 2 adult tickets 2 children 16 and under tickets.

  32. HabsProf says:

    Samsonov’s failure last season certainly frosted my cookies as well. When I say it saddens me, it is not so much for Sergei as it is for hockey fans in general (and in particular for the fans of any team that has paid him). Early in his career, he was a pleasure to watch. I miss that. I was looking forward to watching it help Montreal rather than burn Montreal.

    Now, as I said, I am just plain shocked and mystified at his decline. What makes an athlete like Samsonov deteriorate so suddenly? I don’t think he just made a conscious decision to take his money and run: most athletes have too much pride and competitive spirit for that. Something seems to have just wilted his drive. I suspect that Sergei is as puzzled as are we.

  33. HabsProf says:

    If I understood correctly, because of flight delays and traffic, he didn’t even get to the Garden until the start of the second period. Almost no chance to do something like you suggest, even if it is otherwise as easy as you suggest.

    To me the real question is why we didn’t have a call up sooner – Saku may have played on Friday, but he was questionable then. Why not do a precautionary callup?

  34. kevin m says:

    I’ll tell you what; if I got my chance to play in THE SHOW I would have sprung a grand or two or three and bought all new equipment then broke it in in a hurry for the game that evening.

    I know that equipment is personal but you mean to tell me that no one could have found a sporting goods store in New York City that wouldn’t have bent over backwards to make a $3000.00 sale to the Montreal Canadiens complete with autographs?

  35. 24 Cups says:

    Last year, Montreal was dying for a goal scorer. The door was wide open for Samsonov and he chose not to go through it. This year Chicago has a great group of kids and Samsonov could have ridden on their coat tails but he chose not to do so. There is a new door open Sergei – you can walk through it and go back to Russia and play hockey with other quitters like Yashin. Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

    The Original 24 Cups

    P>S> I try to stay positive on this site (as most of you realize) but when you pick the Samsonov scab I digress. I apologize in advance.

  36. TradeRyder says:

    He’ll play “in the land of Putin” before he’ll ever play in the land of Pout-ine!

    Too late to trade Ryder now….shoulda listened!

  37. rogus says:

    That is unreal. I remember how pumped I was when we signed him, imagining him and Kovy playing together…and then the disappointment. Gainey made the best of it though.

  38. HabsProf says:

    Sergei Samsonov cleared waivers Monday and was promptly placed on recall waivers today. Any team can now claim him for half of his salary. If memory serves, he is supposed to earn $3.25 this year. Since they only pay half of his salary and since roughly half the season is gone, any team can claim him for a little more than $800K for the rest of the year, with no obligation for next season.

    This is a test of how far Samsonov’s star has fallen – if he can’t get picked up for that cost, then he will probably never play in this league again without a lengthy and successful stint back in Russia. Personally, given the fact that he has now failed to perform in two very different cities, and that his play has been declining for several seasons now, I think Sergei is going to have to find a roster spot back in the land of Putin.

    I continued to be stunned, mystified, and saddened by his decline. When at his best, Samsonov was a pleasure to watch.

  39. paul b says:

    carb.will raise the banner (: (soon) TIMO.have to agree with you .If I make 30k a year and save money to go watch these pros play and it cost me 1k to get a hotel and ticket then I do get discoraged to watch my team sit back and not earn their pay .I dont care if they lose ,but put a effort in it and I am happy..

  40. kkent says:

    Awesome picture!!!..LOL

  41. HNS says:

    He must have been booked on US Air…

  42. kkent says:

    Finally nice to see the Habs on CBC this past week…I’m sick and tied of watching Toronto(thank god for RDS!!)……Us habs fans think our team has problems…take a look at the leafs…..they suck!!!..I hope CBC is true to their word when they said the leafs won’t always be the primary game on Saturday nights….Please stop showing the leafs…PLEASE!!!..does anyone hear me??????

  43. downeast hab says:

    If management had fate in calling him up now, then they will call him up again, to read the posts,you would think its the end of the world. He will surely get his chance, and I hope he does good because if not then some of the sames posts will want him sent down on a nonstop flight.Show patience.

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