Liveblog: Olympic Games, semifinal: Canada 1, U.S. 0

Canada is going to the gold-medal game at the Sochi Olympics.

Canadiens goaltender Carey Price made 31 saves to shut out Team USA 1-0 in Friday’s semifinals as Team Canada advanced to Sunday’s gold-medal game against Sweden. Jamie Benn scored the goal for Canada in the second period. Canada had 37 shots on goal during the game.

Sweden beat Finland 2-1 in Friday’s other semifinal game.

Sunday’s gold-medal game will start at 7 a.m. ET.

HI/O’s Mike Boone was blogging live along with other Postmedia News writers during the Canada-U.S. game. You can read the live blog by clicking here. Boone will be blogging live again during Sunday’s gold-medal game and you can get the link on HI/O early Sunday morning.

Team Canada coach Mike Babcock didn’t make any changes to his lineup for Friday’s semifinal game, meaning Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban was a healthy scratch again. Other than Matt Duchene replacing the injured John Tavares, the lineup remained the same as it was for Canada’s quarter-final victory over Latvia.

Here’s how the lineup looked for Team Canada against the U.S.:

Chris Kunitz – Sidney Crosby – Patrice Bergeron
Jamie Benn – Ryan Getzlaf – Corey Perry
Patrick Marleau – Jonathan Toews – Jeff Carter
Patrick Sharp – Matt Duchene – Rick Nash / Martin St. Louis

Duncan Keith – Shea Weber
Marc-Edouard Vlasic – Drew Doughty
Jay Bouwmeester – Alex Pietrangelo
Dan Hamhuis

Carey Price – Roberto Luongo

John Tavares (injured) – P.K. Subban – Mike Smith

(Photo by Jean Levac/Postmedia News)

Carey Price has been golden for Canada, by Mike Boone

Canada vs. U.S. live blog with Mike Boone, Postmedia News

Complete Olympic hockey coverage, Postmedia News


  1. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    With no intention to diss Quick, I’d like to have US put in Miller for the last half of the 3rd… or now.

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  2. jols says:

    This is getting embarrassing.

  3. HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

    Perhaps it was inevitable that Finland would win today, given that today could be the last day of civilization according the Viking Calendar.

  4. ABHabsfanisCanadianbuthatesdrinkingCanadian says:

    Impromtu poll:
    Are you going to watch tomorrow’s game
    A. at home, PJ’s on the couch, mix your own drinks
    B. Down to the pub, take advantage of the law-bending
    C. PVR, which is cheating in my view
    I haven’t decided yet between A or B myself. Pub would be fun for sure but will likely throw a wrench into the rest of the day!

    “man, I love winnin’; you know, it’s like better than losin’?”-
    Ebby Calvin “Nuke” Laloosh

  5. jols says:

    What happened to USA offensive juggernaut many on here were raving about 3 days ago?

  6. Chris says:

    I’m a little sad that Saku Koivu isn’t there to share this with Selanne. Koivu, Selanne, Timonen, Salo and Jokinen have been mainstays with the Finnish national team for a long time now, so it would have been nice for them all to go out together.

  7. Mondou6 says:

    Good for Finland, they deserved the bronze medal.

    This US team is just awful.

  8. HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

    Finnish Flash with an exclamation point on his career!

  9. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    C’mon Max, break the _______ !

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  10. HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

    Some prominent former players have added their names to the lawsuit against NHL.

    Bernie Nicholls, Bob Bourne, Scott Parker and Bruce Bell.

  11. L Elle is Canadian, eh? says:

    Holy smokes! 3-0.

    Yesterday’s game zapped the energy outta this team, eh?

  12. habs-fan-84 is Canadian says:

    Just checking in from Aruba. (flying back home in a few hours after an awesome week). So glad to hear the team is playing well and Price is #1!

    How’s Timo doing with all of Team Canada’s success lol j/k.

    Will be home to see the gold medal game, looking forward to catching up with you all.

  13. Mondou6 says:

    Nice play, Kane. Good game.

  14. Thomas Le Fan says:

    End of second. Sorry to say, Team USA is toast. They won’t be scoring three on Rask today. McDonaugh made a huge mistake on the second Finn goal. Good thing it wasn’t Duncan Keith, eh?

    Hockey isn’t everything … it’s the only thing … except for beer and guitars!

    • Mondou6 says:

      I know, the first was a soft goal by Quick, then a meltdown for the second.

      I don’t think it would matter, this team could play for 1000 minutes and not score another goal.

      100 minutes of medal game play, 0 goals, and almost no scoring chances.


  15. jols says:

    Russian’s continue to rack up medals today. Huge improvement from 4 years ago. Too bad Putin but all his eggs in one basket when he said all that matters is a men’s hockey gold and everything else is basically irrelevant. They should still be proud regardless of what Putin thinks.

  16. HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

    So Zetterberg had to have back surgery, hopefully this guy can eventually come back.

  17. Sportfan says:

    Was at the Bulldogs game last night, was an ok game until they had 4 goals scored against them unanswered. Bealieu, Tinordi and Tarnasky were the three players I noticed a lot. Christian Thomas had his moments as well as Leblanc all in all Bealieu and Tinordi will look great on the Habs blue line for years!

    Sports and Entertainment in the link click and enjoy, clicking is fun!

  18. Mondou6 says:

    This US team sucks!

  19. RockinRey says:

    Very dull game indeed!!!

    You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

  20. JUST ME says:

    Wow ! Finland is really deserving of the successes it gets with all the injured players on it`s roster. They play with heart and with Teemu !

    And we thought we had the weak division !

  21. piter says:

    You know, I’ve noticed how hard it has been for all the different sports broadcasters(take your pick, CBC, TSN, Sportsnet) to say Price is Canada’s best. They’ll say how Quick played lights-out, and the only goal to go in on him was a perfect shot/pass, one he had no chance on. But on the other hand, Price was good because of his flawless defensemen. Sure, we do have pretty good defensemen, but they were far from flawless. Quite a few times our defense couldn’t clear the zone, or win a puck battle in the corner. It just seems they have trouble saying “Carey Price is the best goalie in Canada” Must be their blue coloured glasses. Go Canada Go

    • CH Marshall says:

      At least we know without a doubt how good the Pricer is now

    • ont fan says:

      Have to say, its been pretty hard to convince a lot of Habs fans too, for the last few years !

    • JF says:

      If you listen to the video clips on TSN about yesterday’s game, you’ll see that all the commentators praise Price. They say he was outstanding, that this was the biggest test of his career so far, and that he aced it.

    • L Elle is Canadian, eh? says:

      Actually, if you watch the TSN videos, they are gushing over Price, and their commentators that are ex-goalies, almost always have.

      What is interesting is how the players from the West are amazed by Price. Coming in, they probably didn’t know how awesome he was, because of the lack of playoff success, which is a team failure, but we always blame the goalie, right?

      Kudos to Team Canada’s management and coaching staff for believing in Price, and helping him to further his reputation.

      I believe the secret is out, and everyone now knows what most have known re Price, regardless of tomorrow’s outcome.

  22. HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

    What does Finland need to do to get the respect they deserve? Many people here dissed Finland as just a scrappy team. They nearly beat Canada, and perhaps with Rask in net yesterday they beat Sweden. But clearly one of the best teams in this tournament, Again.

  23. DDO_Habs_Fan says:

    @Mattyleg: Sorry for the late reply to your differing opinion on my view that Markov is not a number 2 D-man anymore and JayBo is.

    A number 2 D-man, for me, is a D-man that can play excellent defense for 25 min/ game on a nightly basis. The minutes go up to 30 min/game in the playoffs. Andrei Markov clearly has the skills and smarts but not the physical strength anymore to play these minutes consistently. You could tell just by watching his one-on-one battles. He used to have the 2nd best poke check/positioning behind Lidstrom. Now he is a step behind and can not use it as much. As for your scoring argument: Markov is sixth in scoring right behind the number one offensive center who is on pace for a 47 point season. Big deal. I am talking about who do the Habs put out there with Subban to eat major minutes as a top pairing. They have nobody.

    • Mark C says:

      Your thinking of a number 2 simply just doesn’t not jive with reality. 25 minutes a night in the regular season jumping to 30 in the playoffs? Most number one defenseman don’t get these minutes! There are only 12 D this year averaging 25 or more, in last years playoffs only 1 D averaged 30+. You maybe want to reevaluate your standards.

  24. B says:

    Pacioretty is currently 5th in the NHL in goals per game.

    –Go Habs Go!–

  25. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    Is Max giving Kane advice on penalty shots?

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  26. Timo says:

    Max Pacioretty moment indeed. Now, can he still score a hat-trick though?

  27. L Elle is Canadian, eh? says:

    Kane again? Might as well use Max. 😉

  28. DoopsyDiddler says:

    One of the problems for Dan Bylsma was that he couldn’t send out an agitator to turn the tide. In the NHL you send out a Colton Orr or a John Scott and instruct him to start something.

    That’s a useful tool in a coach’s arsenal. Unfortunately the IOC have taken it away from us. When Bylsma looked at his bench all he saw were skillful puck movers. How will they get you back in a close game?

  29. jols says:

    @Chris – your knowledge of sports is astounding, I bet you have little use for ‘google’ or ‘wikipedia’.

    • Chris says:

      Hah! More use for Google and Wikipedia than most people. 🙂

      I just have a very good memory for things that I’ve read, particularly sports. In grad school, a couple of my friends made a spoof Google site for sports trivia…the “I’m feeling lucky!” button was a link to my e-mail account.

      Sadly, my know-it-all behaviour has chafed for far longer than I’ve been on this website. 🙂

      • jols says:

        It is impressive how you are not only familiar with many different sports but also the individuals that play them. You must have a great memory. You should get into the business. Many professional sport’s broadcasters make a very nice living talking about sports and know next to nothing about them.

  30. Strummer says:

    Ryan “Whoops” Suter was -2 in 11 seconds.
    $100 million man

    “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

  31. Mondou6 says:

    Well, this game is over.

    • Timo says:

      I see what you’re doing there. Shutout for Rask, perhaps?

      • Mondou6 says:

        Haha…No, I’m actually serious. The US looks completely flat. They look like they want to just go home now.

        Rask is virtually unbeatable. The US missed 2 penalty shots, and a breakaway. Oh and we haven’t scored a goal in 4+ periods now.

        I don’t really see any scenario where we score 3 goals on Rask in 30 minutes.

  32. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    I am so happy for Selanne!

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

    • Strummer says:

      Me too!!
      He deserves a medal in his swan song.
      Class act.

      “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

      • frontenac1 says:

        Me too. Good for you Teemu!

      • HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

        I saw where Hrudey was discussing Selanne in the same breath as Kurri and said that perhaps Selanne had a better career. While Kurri’s stats are unbelievable, I think I would give Selanne the nod as the overall better player. No disrespect to Kurri, but just how great Selanne has been. As classy a player there is.

        • Chris says:

          Tough call. Kurri’s offensive numbers were greatly inflated by playing in the 1980’s, but what people sadly forget about Kurri is that he was an outstanding defensive forward, right up there with guys like Guy Carbonneau, Rick Meagher, Brent Sutter and the like.

          Kurri was the defensive player on the Gretzky line, covering up for Gretzky’s general weakness in the defensive zone. As good as Selanne has been, he was not a terribly good defensive player.

  33. HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

    Larry Brooks with his take on the big game yesterday.

    • Chris says:

      Honestly, I’ve been surprised at how many games involving the U.S. and Canada have featured American or Canadian refs. I suspect that was one of the NHL’s conditions for allowing NHL player participation, but it creates a horrible conflict of interest potential.

  34. Timo says:

    I love that Bolshoy dome… the way they can display country flags and scores on the roof. That’s pretty cool.

    • jols says:

      It is cool. I made that same comment yesterday. Amazing they can do that yet have such terrible ice quality inside.

      • Chris says:

        To be fair, they have been playing 3 hockey games per day for a couple of weeks, and the warm weather in Sochi (daily highs have been around 15 degrees for the past week) and frequent traffic in and out of the building probably isn’t helping.

        But the crappy ice at these Olympics has been a bit of a surprise.

    • Mondou6 says:

      Yeah, it’s a cool idea having the display on the outside. It’s one of those “Why didn’t anyone think of that before” type ideas.

      One thing that bugs me about this winter Olympics is having it in a warm weather location. They really need to stop doing that.

  35. Timo says:

    So Canada has one more medal assured in hockey. Any other sports left where Canada has a chance or that will be pretty much it?

  36. Timo says:

    Max would have scored if it were DD setting him up on that breakaway.

  37. Timo says:

    icecats82 – overreact much? I was simply wondering how people in US were digesting the loss given that if situation was reversed it’d be a day of mourning here. What an ignorant question to ask. My deepest apologies (to help you, my last sentence drips with sarcasm)

    • scavanau says:

      Yes it made the news in my neighborhood. Remember, the US is not typically covered in snow from head to foot. Hockey interest/coverage varies here.

      We are interested. We do care. We hate the Leafs and Bruins just like everyone else. Maybe we hate the Bruins more, their ignorant fans are more prevalent here and just as stupid as Leafs fans.

      Your post last night did come off as being a bit arrogant. Just like texting and email, emotion is difficult to determine.

    • Mondou6 says:

      Hockey isn’t a popular sport here, at all. Honestly, most people don’t care. It’s sort of a front runner mentality, where if we win the gold, people will momentarily pay attention. Like World Cup soccer.

      As an example, I went to the biggest local sports bar to watch the US-Czech game at Noon. The game was on all the TVs, with the sound on, but there was only 1 table in the entire place who were actively watching the game. 1 US hockey jersey in the entire place. All the other tables were not paying any attention to it.

      The only exception would have been if the US was playing Russia in the gold medal game, then more people would pay attention, but just because of the “1980” angle, and Putin, etc etc.

    • Mark C says:

      Thought that was a good post. Sure beats you posting the same five “jokes” ten times a day.

  38. Mondou6 says:

    Oshie scores on 95% of his penalty shots, so of course Kane is picked to take that one.

    • jols says:

      Ya, I was wondering about that too. Kane is good at shootouts but Oshie pretty much proved he was king against the Russians. Weird decision by Bylsma.

      • HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

        Perhaps the old, use that to get Kane going. Not dissimilar to when MT will use DD on the powerplay with empty net to get that line some confidence as happened in a recent Habs game. Appears many coaches use tools like this to get their players going.

        • jols says:

          True, but it is the last game of the tournament. Just play to win it.

          • HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

            Yah who knows. I believe Kane has a pretty good track record on Penalty shots as well, but given the TJ Oshie show earlier in the tournament, would have seemed sensible to pick Oshie.

          • Maritime Ronn says:

            In shoot outs Kane was 6 for 12 two years ago.
            Last year he was 6 for 11.
            This year he’s 1 for 11

    • Habanero78 says:

      The rule is they had to pick from the guys on the ice. Was Oshie on the ice at the time?

  39. Mondou6 says:

    Wow, this is crazy. That’s a penalty shot situation. Dumb rule.

  40. Timo says:

    Komarov is such a Finnish name. Just like Victor An is Russian.

    • Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

      It took a while for me to realize Douglas Murray was Swedish.

      Waiting excitedly for GOLD

      • Timo says:

        Russia bought a lot of gold medals from abroad these olympics. Victor An and Vic Wild come to mind first and foremost.

        • HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

          Thankfully Canada never relies on immigrants to win medals……. Jan Hudec comes to mind immediately. But I am guessing that is lost on you.

          • Timo says:

            I am so lucky to have to you show me the light, Burlington. To think what my life could have been if you didn’t set me straight every now and then.

          • HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

            So what is your point TImo? You make a remark which to me sounded like it was begrudging Russia for having an athlete who moved there. We have many athletes like that.

            Perhaps on a go forward basis, I will just ignore your posts, as I must be reading them incorrectly.

            Have a good day.

          • the twilight hours of a Canadian winter says:

            Ignore, Burly! Nothing good comes from Timo’s posts.

          • Chris says:

            Incredibly poor example.

            Vic Wild was 24 years old and had been competing with the United States team for years. He was angry with the US snowboard officials for a lack of support and was looking at quitting the sport. A Russian coach convinced him that he could perhaps ride for Russia instead. Ultimately, his lack of World Championships or Olympic medals made the transition impossible unless he married a Russian. He and his Russian girlfriend decided to get married, and both won medals in these Olympics.

            In Victor Ahn’s case, he competed for South Korea until 2011. Included in that run were 5 overall World Championships (2003 – 2007). He was pushed off the South Korean team because they felt younger skaters should be given a push, feeling that An’s best years were behind him. In stepped Russia with an offer to skate for them.

            Jan Hudec, on the other hand, was born in the Czech Republic but his parents defected to West Germany while he was still an infant. He an his family settled in Canada by age 5, and all of Hudec’s development occurred in Canada.

            Equating Jan Hudec’s situation to that of Victor Ahn, for example, is a bit insulting to Hudec, who is a very patriotic Canadian. I have no problem with the decisions of Ahn or Wild…people should be free to move around. But let’s not equate the circumstances of athletes who are making decisions based on what’s good for their career with people who grew up in the country they are representing.

            There are better examples on the Canadian team. For example, Lascelles Brown has competed internationally with Jamaica (1999-2005), Canada (2006 – 2010), Monaco (2010 – 2012) and Canada again (2012 – 2014). Along the way, he picked up a silver medal (in 2006) and a bronze medal (in 2010).

          • HabinBurlington is Canadian says:

            @chris, sorry for poor example. My only point was that there are competitors for Canada who were not born in Canada. That simple, that is all. I knew the story very well of Hudec by the way. Its a wonderful story.

          • Chris says:

            Apologies if it came across harsh…I just wouldn’t want to compare Hudec’s story with those of Ahn, Brown, and Wild, who I find to be a little more mercenary in their sporting allegiances.

  41. Mavid is a Canadian fan and thinks they should free PK says:

    uh oh..guess that will be it for Max..

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  42. Mondou6 says:

    Max will be on the bench the rest of this game.

  43. jols says:

    Wow, how did Finland not score there?

  44. Habcouver BLEEDS MAPLE SYRUP says:

    Much more relaxed watching the Bronze match compared to yesterday.

    Go Wolverine!

    Waiting excitedly for GOLD

  45. SmartDog says:

    Quick Question:
    How good are the Swedes?

    Listen to the Smart Dog. He knows his poop!

  46. L Elle is Canadian, eh? says:

    Go USA! Go Max!

    • Strummer says:

      He was hardly channelling Cherry. His comments made sense and weren’t based on prejudices or events from 40 years ago.

      “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

    • DoopsyDiddler says:

      ” “I look at the Finnish team and they’re missing key players. They don’t have any of their big stars and now [Rask] is hurt and that Russian team is stacked with great players and to come out and have that performance they had in the quarterfinals. It was an absolutely heartless performance.”

      Rask played (very well) against Russia. How is the fact that he missed the next game relevant?

  47. Mavid is a Canadian fan and thinks they should free PK says:

    the US and Fin players arriving on bicycles?

    Weed Wacker Grandma Smurf

  48. gerrybell says:

    just to play devils advocate here: if we lose the gold medal game to sweden tomorrow every non-habs fan [and they do exist] will go back to calling carey price a bum.

    stephane waite has undoubtedly made price a better goalie. considering most nights he is under siege due to our poor defense. to clarify, our D is a more offensively orientated bunch than a defensive group. let’s be honest, the minute you make diaz, buollion and murray key members, you have clearly lost focus.


    • Dust says:

      I don’t think that is true at all. If Canada loses a close game tomorrow i doubt anyone will call CP a bum. The only way that happens is if he stinks the joint out… I can’t see that happening

    • jols says:

      Of course they will. If they don’t win tomorrow everyone will get criticized. Crosby, Price, Toews, Kunitz, Babcock, Yzerman etc., will all be scrutinized if we lose tomorrow. It’s Canada. It is what we do. There might have to be another Summit if we lose. lol

      • Timo says:

        Crosby should get criticized no matter what… he has what, one point?

        • jols says:

          Points or no points he was the best player on the ice in the USA/Canada game. He set up guys all game long but no one could finish. He was first on the fore check all night and won every board battle. There is so much more to the game of hockey than what appears on the score sheet.

    • ont fan says:

      Negative people can’t help themselves and will come out of the woodwork to say ” I told you so,remember!’ It’s in their DNA. Hard to be around them tho. Gets old.

  49. RockinRey says:

    Great to see Pricey have a big game. Steady if not spectacular when he needed to be.

    I think Canada has the ability to play pretty much any style they want. I hope they chip and chase to break through the trap style that will invariably be used by Sweden. I would like to see them come out and impose their style. Freeflowing, puck possession. Why must we worry about how other countries play. Take it to them!

    The other alternative is to trap each other and wait for a mistake it your sole purpose is to win the gold and not worry about how aesthetically pleasing it might be to watch.

    You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

  50. Mark C says:

    Nice Rogers video about McCarron.

    • RockinRey says:

      Thanks for posting that on McCarron

      You are entitled to your opinion even if you are wrong.

  51. zephyr says:

    well I’m very happy to see the refs didn’t influence the outcome of the came other than a couple of dumb calls. the Olympic guys must’ve told bettman to shove off. good. I was worried when I saw all the nhl officials for the game.
    happy to see price do so well. he was a rock yesterday against his 1st tough competition. couple of nice stops on max too. still think Canada is stupid not to have subban in there. a couple buddies of mine who are leafs fans think so too. I was worried that price might have lost his mojo after stinking up the last playoffs but he hasn’t. hopefully, he has a good game against the swedes & then he’ll have unshakeable confidence.
    we have a really good core of young talent (incl dd) on the habs. I think we should keep markov unless someone grossly overpays for him. we do have 3 great young prospects in Hamilton on d & it looks like all 3 will make it. soon.
    gio & briere can’t get shipped fast enough for me but I doubt there will be any takers. I wouldn’t trade anyone else if I was mb – esp not any young guys like eller. our team history of trades has been poor. this was reinforced every time I saw McDonough on the ice & it stung. gomez should have to do 1000 hrs of community service work in montreal as penance. part of this should be as a washroom attendant in the bell ctr.. gainey gets a pass because of all those Stanley cups he won as a player.

  52. smiler2729 says:

    Living outside the GTA, I have to put up with a lot of what I call “Montreal envy” from neighbours, co-workers and beer league teammates.

    For years, all’s I’ve heard from them is how much of an overrated sieve Carey Price, I wonder what they think now (I’m in Florida for 10 days). It must kill them to be rooting for him to get them the only thing close to a championship they know around here (’67!!!)

    THAT was a statement for him, perfect on the big stage. This should shut them up now but then again they’re ignorant obnoxious Leaf fans so who knows, again “Montreal envy”

    Jack Edwards is a clam.
    Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
    The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • Dust says:

      I too live in the GTA and after a game my buddy (a leaf fan) sent me a text saying
      “This will be the only time you hear me saying this, Price is f____ amazing”
      Its all fun though. He’ll never hear me say Kessel is one of the best goal scorers in the game

      • smiler2729 says:

        Kessel, like his sister in her big game, was invisible…

        Jack Edwards is a clam.
        Gary Bettman is a bobblehead.
        The “CH” in CHOKE stands for Toronto Maple Leafs.

        • Dust says:

          i thought kessel was the most dangerous player for the USA. His speed was evident, he took the Canadian D to the outside and cut in for great scoring chances a couple of times. Luckily Canada had Price in net. And he is awesome

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Some of the leaf fans I know here were routing for the US over Canada because of Phil and JVR over Price, which I found hard to believe. I hear about Price being overrated from these same fans all the time. Well, score a big one for Carey Price, eh? I love Max Pac too but in this instance it is Go Canada Go! Must add that Subban should be playing as well. People can check the fenwick thingy out if they are still undecided on that..oh and google the Norris Trophy winner from last year. This last bit is not directed at you smiler just open ice venting….

      24 cups and counting….

  53. dunanyqc says:

    you have to feel sorry for the losing womens team.As it turned out it was the US team.
    Unlike the men who can seek revenge next week in the NHL (Ovetchkin or even PK) or the NHL playoffs which come around every year, the women have to stew for a full 4 years.some of the older players may not be around for the next go-around.They are so evenly matched…it had to hurt

  54. Ian Cobb says:

    WHEN IS THE BRONZE game ???

  55. Just so we’re all clear.

    Glen Healey- It’s Luongo’s job to lose because he won gold in 2010.

    TSN- It’s Luongo’s job to lose because he played in 2010

    Sportsnet- 1. Bernier 2. Reimer 3. Holtby

    From people who manage the team and watched Carey Price destroy teams all season long- 1. Price

    And then the rest of us who saw how Carey was playing this season and believed in him from the day he was drafted.

    1. Carey Carey Carey
    2. Luongo
    3. Smith

    We listened to the game in the Red Beast on the way tot he arena, then there was a TV with the game on as our team prepared to hit the ice. and then live updates through out the game.

    We lost our opening game to the host team, so we have decided to play a little harder this morning 🙂

    “We Will Win Gold One Day, Only with Carey Price in Nets”

    So many people missing form this thread, and we’re all better for it! 😆

    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
    Custom Sports Figures
    Summit Member

    • Maritime Ronn says:


      One aspect of Carey’s play yesterday was how cool he was. There was zero panic in his play.
      He also showed outstanding positioning.

      I don’t know how much Stephane Waite has to do with anything Carey this year, yet Price is a ‘different’ goalie this year both mentally and physically.

      Remember last year when he would slide east-west on his pads and end up sometimes 8-10 feet outside his goal posts?
      Can’t remember seeing that this year.
      He is also more ‘stand-up and instinct’ something that Waite has always been forceful about concerning his past goaltenders coached.

    • Strummer says:

      TSN and Healey were correct. It was Luongo’s job to lose.

      And he lost it.

      “It’s just an opinion- I could be wrong”

    • Dust says:

      Im one of Prices biggest fans. I too thought Luongo was gonna get the starts because he won in 2010. Its not like Luongo is a crap goalie. It was reasonable logic to think that luongo would have got the starts

    • Marc10 B All About Gold Baby! says:

      Price has been laser precise in his movements this year. His rebound control was always something special, and for a big guy he could really move… But now that he’s square to the shooter on nearly every chance, you need a perfect shot to beat him. And with that ridiculous 6 pack of D in front of him… Good luck.

      Rask and Quick may be more spectacular and Lundqvist and Miller get a lot of credit for their stellar play, but does anyone make world class goaltending look as easy as Carey Price?

      Looking forward to some Swedish meatballs. I think I’ll dismantle some IKEA furniture just to get in the mood (taking it apart is easier than putting it together…) Go Carey Go!

  56. 24 Cups says:

    This is a photo of a wash room stall at a Sochi restaurant.

  57. CJ says:

    Good morning folks! The sun is up in Ottawa and it’s a beautiful day. One might go so as far as saying it has a golden glow….

    So, here is my breakdown of the Gatineau Baie Comeau game last night;

    Arrived just after 7:00. Lots of parking and tickets were easily accessible. Paid $39 for two adults and one child (we left our youngest at home). Our seats were 7 rows up from the Olympiques blue line. I didn’t get five feet into the arena before I bumped into a high school friend. That’s the Ottawa valley, one big town. After walking around looking for popcorn for the little guy, I saw Marc Beckstead’s mother, another friend of mine. Marc is a fourth liner for the Olympiques (#22) and grew up in the small town my folks reside within. I was able to get the inside update, which I’ll share in a moment.

    We went down to the glass during warmup in the B-C end. Gregoire has good size. I’d say his 6 foot listing is accurate, but he looks very solid. He is strong on his skates and scrappy. Hudon looked bigger then he had last time I watched him play. I’d say 5’11”, and also thicker, more solid then last year. The Robert geurtin arena is great for getting close to players and I took advantage of holding up my little guy, with his habs hat, so he could wave at Hudon. He exchanged a smile, which my guy thought was pretty cool. I offer this extended review of the warmup, because there is almost nothing to share regarding either prospect from the game. Of the two, Gregoire was more consistent. Hudon didn’t play for long stretches, including at least 10 minutes in the second. BC got off to a bad start, looking flat and uninterested. Hudon had flashes and was robbed of a goal, but failed to leave a lasting impression. Even as I write this review, I’m struggling to remember a sequence during which either player stood out. Hopefully they meet up in the playoffs so I can go back and reassess their play.

    Reway is very gifted. He was the most talented player on the ice, by a large margin. His five points stand out, but he made several plays, all with the puck that were jaw dropping. Honestly he could of had another two points. Hudon prevented him from scoring an EN goal at the end of the game, while he also set up #32 with a gift that only a great toe save prevented from going in. Based on what I saw, he is more a passer then shooter, however he has a tremendous shot. NHL calibre. Reway had two turnovers, one of which he got tangled up with a linesman which ended up resulting in a short handed goal against. He is played all over the ice, on wing, at centre and on the point. Overall I left very impressed with his hockey IQ.

    The first impression of Reway tonight, was the same first impression I got when I saw him live for the first time…he is small! He isn’t just short, but he is tiny. He lined up for a face off no further then 20ft from me. I’d say he might be 5’9″, but he looked to weight about 150lbs. His skates look to be size 7. He will need to add some serious muscle going forward. The size issue did not deter him from going anywhere on the ice and he played a fearless game. He is often injure however, and I can’t imagine it’s an easy grind to play a full season.

    Back to my conversation with Marc’s mom Lisa. I turned the conversation to Reway, who she said was a great kid. Very polite and welcoming. Marc spoke very highly of him. Said he is a very hard worker and has earned the trust of the coaching staff. This is Marc’s first season in Gatineau, so I will get more info down the road.

    Lastly, people always ask for a comparison. I hate to give one, as it often sets unfair expectations, however Reway reminds me of Corey Locke. I watched him a lot with the 67’s and they are very similar in both size and style of play. Reway needs to stay healthy and add bulk, but he could develop into a professional player down the road.

    • Habs1962 says:

      Thanks for the updates. Good to see these guys live.
      Go Canada Go !!

      • CJ says:

        Absolutely. Truthfully, it’s the only way to properly assess a player. Streaming games online is alright, but nothing compares to sitting inside the rink.

        • Chris says:

          Agreed. The one thing you can really do live is watch how a guy plays off the puck. Some guys are just amazingly active, while others have no work ethic whatsoever. And you miss a lot when you try to watch on TV.

    • Habs4LifeInTO says:

      Wonderful job, thank you! much appreciated.

      24 cups and counting….

    • Maritime Ronn says:

      Gmorning CJ

      Re Martin Reway.
      Is he really that small?

      According to the official Habs website, they have him at 5’8″-170 (probably taken last summer)
      The Gatineau website has him at 5’9″ 173.
      He possibly has some small growth left as he just turned 19 one month ago.
      Then again, were the measurements taken with skates and equipment on…

      • CJ says:

        Good morning Ronn. He looks small. No way of masking it. I remember having the same impression after watching Danny Kristo. I know it says he’s 5’11” and 185lbs, but I don’t see it.

        Again, in fairness, it did not appear to impact his game whatsoever. He is a great skater and not afraid to go in the corners. Finally, he is still a kid. He could add an inch or two, but more likely will put on 10-15 lbs of muscle.

    • B says:

      Thanks CJ! I wonder if Hudon is nursing an injury? I would have expected a lot more from him than the poor impression he left you with.

      –Go Habs Go!–

      • CJ says:

        The whole team was flat. Lots of travel in the Q. I hope to see him again. Generally speaking, he gets 4-6 shots on average a night. Just an off night. Who knows, maybe they have the flu?

        • B says:

          Good point about the long bus rides in the Q. I also wondered if the Drakkars were taking advantage too much of being in a larger city for a change (out too late enjoying some beverages and chasing skirts)?

          –Go Habs Go!–

  58. Mattyleg Won't Change His Handle For The Olympics says:

    @ DDO, you wrote about the Bouwmeester trade, and why MB missed the boat:

    “I think that was completely reasonable. Markov is not a number 2 D-man anymore. So now the Habs have 2 number 2 LH D-men. JayBo would have been the perfect complement to PK (as he is now for Pietrangelo). JayBo is a horse. He would have been good for another 6 years.”

    So let me get this right… Markov is not a number 2 anymore despite being sixth in scoring, having most average TOI, second best +/-, tons of shots, etc etc…

    And Bouwmeester would be good for 6 years. He is 30. Markov is currently 35, and “is not a number 2 D-man anymore”.

    Very strange logic there…

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  59. 24 Cups says:

    I know this puts me in the minority but should a guy who didn’t compete (for whatever reason) be the flag bearer for Canada? Just wondering how other people see it, that’s all.

  60. Maritime Ronn says:

    @ 44har48

    Yes, the USA hockey program has come a long way.

    25 years ago, only 15.3% of all NHLers were American born.

    Even with the influx of many more Euros or past Eastern Block nations since that time, today the USA accounts for 24% of all NHL players – several of All Star quality.

    Birth countries of NHL players:

    I don’t know how quantifiable this is, yet one would guess that the better young American athletes probably choose some combo of football/baseball/basketball as their primary sports – certainly in the south.

    And then there is soccer in the USA, which has almost 5 times the amount of particiapnts compared to hockey (13.6M-3.1M)

  61. 123456 says:

    Tough game for a Habs fan in NY. While I wanted the US to win the game I was hoping it would be 1-0 with Patches scoring the lone goal.

    Great hockey is always fun to watch (although I had to work and miss this game which killed me).

    Now I am left rooting for the US to take a bonze and my neighbors to the north to get a gold.

    Good luck boys.

  62. 24 Cups says:

    HabinBurlington is Canadian

    February 22, 2014 at 12:01 am

    “Timo you know I love you”


  63. 44har48 says:

    Congratulations Canada. This one stings…

    I didn’t think Team Canada fans (not the players at all) respected how far our USA hockey program has come in recent years, I really wanted this one to get over the hump. Also really do not want to hear that arrogant and abnoxious Don Cherry open his yapper. The reality in my mind, was even though Canada looked so superior to other teams on paper, they never are, the game is played on ice, not paper. When they win, its because of execution and hard play, not their names. On this day, as I thought would be the case, your defense was simply better than ours, more experienced top to bottom, and executed better. I like our group, but they are young and even MacDonough made some key mistakes with all his great play.

    My consolation is that the world got to see why I have been clammering that Carey Price is the best goalie in the world and he can play the big games when his team plays solid in front of him. He has won at every level he has ever played at except in Montreal – where I have yet to see a top notch 6 man defense in front of him.

    Sweden will be a tougher game if you can believe that, the next game always is in this tourney, enjoy it, cheers!

  64. Habfan10912 says:

    @Bellyfull I think it was the “6” being directly in front of the “9” that is the problem. 🙂

  65. Habfan10912 says:

    Good morning friends. I’m so relieved that yesterday is over. I felt the pressure of Price from here. Those of us who have watched nearly all of Price’s games over the years have seen him play even better but no one has seen him play in such a pressure pack game.

    There are often games where a young player takes that next step. Yesterdays game was a young goalie announcing to the world, I am the best.

    Congratulations to all my friends in a great nation. Canada, celebrate your teams hard earned effort and victory. Well earned.

    Off to the gym for me. Have a good day all!

  66. montrealtilldeath says:

    Hate to be a Grinch as to our D. as Duncan Keith was badly exposed in the 2 early blow bys. This has been there in all the games. The deteriorating ice saved him as fast breakouts are slowed gown by players having to settle the puck. The attack will come on his side as the Swedes will have noted him on tape. They will be like sharks to blood on Keith. This is their only chance. The ice will be better also as this will be the only game played on Sunday. I have absolute faith in Carey but beware. This is not over.

  67. jrshabs1 says:

    “chill out”

    MOAR BIGGAR!!!!!

  68. Captain aHab says:

    Crap…can’t catch Norway anymore. They just filled a podium.

    Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.

  69. HardHabits says:

    The Americans played a gutsy game and were a formidable opponent. Quick was solid and he had lots of help from his team mates who blocked shots. McDonaugh was a beast. That trade still stings. The Canadians for their part were relentless. The Getzlaf-Perry-Benn line was incredible. What more can you say about Carey Price. Total team effort. The Canada-Sweden gold medal game should be a doozy.

  70. BigB says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a site where I can find a replay of the game?
    Congrats to Canada. From what I was told, the better team won.

    Habs forever!

  71. Timo says:

    I love Andi’s hips. She’s got great hips.

  72. PrimeTime says:

    So from the poll of who is going to win hold?? About 40% posters so far are wrong. Sounds about right !

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