Liveblog: Canadiens blow 4-1 lead, win shootout


A game that was totally under control heads to a shootout:

What a nightmare season!

Pacioretty: Save

Cullen: Save


Heatley: Save

Bourque: Save

Setoguchi: Oy!

â€Ē Who’s really coaching the team?


  1. disgustedhabsfan says:

    Need to get last post on this thread.

  2. boing007 says:

    Some of you are always quick to rush in to Price’s defense after he commits a mistake of stupid proportions. At least he made up for it in the shootout this time.

    Richard R

    • DLHABSNUT65 says:

      Yes he made a mistake, even Dryden, Roy and Brodeur did/does that from time to time, it’s just now it’s thrown under a microscope for everyone to see!! For all the nice plays he makes he’s bown to make a bad one!! It just seems to me that when he does do it the D most often fail to bail him out!! Happens with a young D and they are young and inexperienced, but they will learn!!

  3. VancouverHab says:

    To HH: good CC clip — a schitzoid century indeed!

  4. HardHabits says:

    With the instant success of Goon, Peter Jackson has decided to try his hand on a new film about the pre-historical and ancient origins of hockey. He’ll be using a little know variation of a well known fantasy tale.

    There and Tank Again: The Habbit – by Bilbob Baggains

  5. Mr. Biter says:

    Price’s save % and GAA are virtually the same as last year. No PP except for tonight when they were great. Yeah balme him for 4 goals scored in the blue. No d-men around. Idiots.

    Mr. Biter
    No Guts No Glory

  6. Timo says:

    Who is Morgan Ellis that Habs signed to a 3 year? Is he anywhere near as good as MAB?

  7. Timo says:

    I like what White did tonight.

    • Bripro says:

      Absolutely! You mess with our goalie, even if you’re just digging out the puck, and you’re gonna need to Google an orthodontist in the morning!

  8. RockinRey says:

    Price and Pacs have lapses in judgement. As for Pacs you play until a whistle and if the call is missed so be it but he essentially pulled the chute on that play which shows a complete lack of maturity on his part and is actually kinda selfish. He was being hooked no doubt! But to dive and sell it instead of fighting through came off as really bush!

    As for Price I really thought he was the right choice overe guy they traded,bt he has regressed overall this year . Rarely has he stolen a game. I remember a couple when he was focused and locked in but his mishandling the puck and cavalier way in which he tried to get back on the one goal tonight opened the floodgates.

    I know they won but these two key players have a little more maturing to do. In fact there are a few on this club that need a solid teacher to come in. Is that guy Robinson? Maybe he would come in as an assistant. The defence could really use his guidance especially since Markov is no guarantee to anchor them….

  9. L Elle says:

    Highly entertaining game, and a night to remember for HIO comments.

    LOL, can’t stop laughing. Next, Leafs!!

    • HabinBurlington says:

      Agree L, have a good night, don’t forget to gas up the tank tomorrow fuel prices going up again this weekend!

      • Bripro says:

        Again? Seriously! What a fâ€Ēâ€Ēg rip off! I’m sorry for tonight’s plethora of colourful metaphors. One beer too many. And one or two goals too many by the Wild.
        Don’t get me started on gas prices and global surpluses, and the Gov’t convinced there’s no colluding, and they’re not all chummy with the big oil guys and there’s no spooning!

      • L Elle says:

        Thanks Burly, I think I’m going to start walking the 9 clicks (Ontario word lol) back and forth to work. Good night!

    • punkster says:

      True, this place is a hoot when we win.

      Not enough hooting going on recently.

      ***Subbang Baby!!!***

  10. H.Upmann says:

    The have a golden chance to get an awesome pick… I feel conflicted!!!! Want…them…to…….win….tank…….Gomez……….can’t………

    • Bripro says:

      I KNOW….look at me! I’m talking loud! Conflicted…that’s a good word for it. Conflicted. Heart palpitations! The adrenaline of playing the best 56 minutes of hockey since….what year are we? And then Price…
      I need to lie down.

  11. HABS_TO_THE_BONE says:

    I see many putting this near loss on Carey Price. So he tried for any empty net goal, big deal! The way this team let him down this season Carey deserves to score many goals. The goals tonight were all on the weak D not Carey Price!

    The way people get on in here towards Carey Price is Ridiculous.

    • The Dude says:

      Your Right…let’s do what Carey’s agent wants and sign him to a 7 year 52 million dollar contract with huge bonuses and while we’re at it give G-love an extension 4 for 30 million,oh yeah baby!!!!

      • HabinBurlington says:

        I can agree with the Gomez extension but unsure on keeping Price.

      • mb says:

        Extension 4 for 30 million? Not even a salary raise? Pfuh, you’re cheap.

      • Mr. Biter says:

        Dude , you are a Fraking idiot. I called you out yesterday and you never accepted my challange. If you don’t like the Habs go back to your “Afgan dancing Boys”. I’m sure you ‘ll have more fun. To refresh your stoner memory since you are the know it all about hockey and we have no good players on this team lets put them all on waivers and you can make your suggestions of who we should get. AssH#$es like you should go join the Leafs blog site.
        Fracking Idiot. This post will probably delated or get me put on some suspension. Even after we win you yammer on and on. Just Frack off.

        Mr. Biter
        No Guts No Glory

      • English is not a Crime says:

        How many times in the past two years has somebody other than Price won the Molson Cup Award for a month? Look it up and then run along with your nonsense already. If you hate the team’s best player, go cheer for another team and leave the fans of this team alone already.

        • Bripro says:

          Well, let’s see…
          Max won it for January, before that…
          Oh, it was rhetorical.
          Sorry. .. . … … . .. . my bad.

          • English is not a Crime says:

            Keep going…. It wasn’t rhetorical count em up…..

            Here’s a hint, October, November, December and February this year were all won by Price.

            Last year, pretty much exactly the same thing with only Plekanec sneaking one in among Price’s 5 wins in the 6 months of last season. The last 11 months, Price has been the team’s MVP in 9 of them. Ya, HE is the problem apparently.

  12. Bripro says:

    So I’m late in driving over to my buddy’s for the game. No score, and they call a 4 min. penalty, then another 2 just as I pull up. I’m thinking woo hoo, here we go.
    I get out, run into their house, and THEY’RE STILL EATING!
    So I’m trying to be polite, but I’m dancing like I need to pee. C’mon Tony, …get your butt in gear. He finally looks up and me, and I’m (standing behind his wife) pointing downstairs, and he’s being all casual, forgetting that the game started at 7, not 7:30.
    This takes all of 90 seconds, and he turns on the tube, and RDS are showing no score (their clock was still messed up), Cole has been hurt somehow (didn’t see it) and the Wild are escorting their goalie off the ice.
    It’s sill a 5 on 3 so I’m thinking I didn’t miss any of the penalty, except GOMEZ is on. Ah crap, RC hasn’t learned anything.
    Doesn’t he feed a sweet pass to Eller, and it’s…..2-0 ???? Huh? What’d I miss? I had to wait for them to recount what had happened to realize that PK had scored and Cole had drawn a second 5 on 3. I was so confused.
    But wow, what a start and it looked like they were going to put in a full 60 minutes, not 56…

  13. HabinBurlington says:

    I will not miss the Campoli Kaberle pairing next year.

  14. The Dude says:

    I ‘ll have too comment on Boone’s”They Suck!” .It’s about time ,lol

  15. deuce6 says:

    Center or Defense in the draft? I say draft the defense man..We can make do with what we have down the middle..Sign a Shane O’Brien and draft either Ryan Murray or Griffin Reinhart…We basically have a bunch of pussies in front of Price..We had Gill in this game, we win 4-1…


    Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  16. Bripro says:

    They’re trying to give me heart failure. I’m telling ya, that’s what they’re doing!
    Can’t Price just stay in his net? Leave the handling to your D.
    Granted, with Can’tpoli and Kaberlazy on the same D line, they might as well put a couple of straw dummies there instead. But…oye!

  17. vic says:

    Pachetory should be benched for what he said on the C.B.C

  18. H.Upmann says:

    If Gainey is indeed giving Carriere instructions: I see two things here: (1) the guy is the puppet master here, and everyone is a land duck (2) he’s orchestrating the tank: make it look like we’ll win the game them blow it hard. Lol

  19. jedimyrmidon says:

    Even though this win still felt like a loss, I’m glad the Habs managed to get 2 points, not because of the 2 points, but because a loss when leading 4-1 and collapsing in the final 3min with a non-call on MaxPac would put them in a really bad mindset. Not healthy for the team if you ask me.

    The best mindset, I think, at this point is to try and just play consistently and properly regardless of the outcome. Learn for next season. What they don’t need is to be shoved down with moral crushing losses. Look at the Leafs: their entire psyche is messed up. Their losses probably constitute of multiple daggers to the heart.

    • powdered toastmann says:

      Have a feeling that no lead against the Loafs will be safe on Sat. night.

      • jedimyrmidon says:

        Nope, no lead is safe with this version of the team. Kinda torn. I want the Habs to win against the Leafs, but at the rate the Leafs are losing they’ll drop below the Habs in the standings, i.e., to dead last.

        • powdered toastmann says:

          Yeah, after that 4 min. Gong Show @ the end of the game (which happens in every game that the Habs lead)…the chances are good that they will blow it. But the Leafs are not an ordinary team.

          That said, we still need to support these guys. It’s been a horrible year, but seeing White and Staubitz celebrating together after the ugly shoot-out reminds us that these guys do care.

          • jedimyrmidon says:

            Oh don’t worry. I support them fully and will not say I am disgusted by them just quite disappointed.

            Before the Cammy/Bourque trade, before Kostitsyn was shipped off, I believe the main problem was the D (still is a problem). But now we have very few full NHL players. So many players are 3rd and 4th line types. Others should be in Hamilton. So there’s a lot of work to be done now in all respects.

      • HNS says:

        Especially with Scarey in net.

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