Liveblog: Canadiens hand Devils first loss


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There were 38 seconds left in overtime when Andrei Markov scored on a Canadiens power-play to secure a hard-fought 4-3 win.
The Canadiuens had blown a 3-1 third-period lead.
It was Markov’s fourth goal of the young season.

The Devils came into the Bell Centre as the only undefeated team in the Eastern Conference.

Martin Brodeur had given up only three goals through his first three starts.

BIG win.

What a difference a year makes:

It took the Canadiens 10 starts to secure their third win last season.


  1. What do you think of this? PK to Toronto for Kessel and Gardiner??

  2. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …left the game at start of third period, score 3-2 to go to dinner celebrating My Son’s 17th birthday (how times fly πŸ™ ) …thinking the Evil Doers and Brodeur would come back to at least tie

    …very pleased They held on and won in overtime

    …what a difference adding the grit and testosterone of Prust, Armstrong, in addition to Moen, White, and I dare.say an involved Bourque have and will make to Our backbone

    …They are giving Our speed/skill Guys the space to excel

    …only problem, I guess We have to to kiss Drouin and MacKinnin ta-ta

    …ps: after seeing Galchenyuk’s beautiful set-ups on Gallagher’s and Prust’s goals, I can not see Him being sent back to Sarnia

  3. hab fan in leaf jungle says:

    Good win by the Habs. The instinct of Markov is why you pay a veteran the big bucks. Gauthier did a good thing by giving him the contract and the money even when he was injured. He has been there since the start of his career and you don’t dump a loyal guy like that when he is injured. That’s not what the Habs are about. That’s what Sinden does and the Ballard-era Leafs. Marky is the difference this year. He looks VERY strong on his sticks so no need to worry about the knees. PK should start clearing out his locker because The Habs don’t need his ego in that locker room. They are playing TEAM hockey and PK plays for himself only and for the big contract. Get rid of that punk and take the draft choices or prospects. Paajarvi and Klienhof for PK. Come on MB, get that punk outta there.

  4. lavie says:

    I like Therrien 2.0 System, way better than the Windows8.

  5. shootdapuck says:

    Galyenchuk has now been caught by the great ape in goal scoring race!

    The cerebral insight of PJ Stock:

    “Le problem est Markov n’a pas jouer un seul game cette annee”
    “Louis Leblanc est un kid locale”
    ” I have a pet peeve”

  6. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I yelled at Price after the tying goal because I thought it was weak. But what the hell, they won. Now sign PK please.

  7. Boomer says:


    Clowe: has more penalty minutes tonight (35) than NHL leader had entering game (Ryan White, 33)


  8. JayK-47 says:

    Did we make to 1,000 yet?


  9. I told myself the Devils were a good team. I said if the Habs beat them then they are for real,. Not only did the Habs beat them, it was the Devils that got some lucky goals, and had to fight for the tie and then lose, not in a shootout but in OT. I like these Habs, very entertaining. Markov is the difference, and hard play by the rest.

    They Call Me Shane
    “They never asked to be Canadiens, they were Chosen.”
    Shane Oliver
    Twitter @Sholi2000
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  10. otter649 says:

    Stubbs – Markov, not talking about injuries past: “You guys have no idea how much work I did.” He deserves every ounce of his success now (Off Twitter on the right side of this page)

  11. parkex says:

    Party. King. has lost all leverage. Enjoy staying home & watching thousands of $s a day go out the window.

  12. Habilis says:

    Fun stat to take your mind off PK for 7.6 seconds:

    With every team having played at least 4 games, your Montreal Canadiens are tied with the Sharks and Devils for the fewest goals allowed with 7. The Leafs have allowed 17.

    • Clay says:

      that gave me a good 10 seconds even…

      ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

  13. mike3131 says:

    We are a special team aren’t we?

    This is my first post here since Cammy was on this team, and to say this team is impressing me right now would be an understatement. Change is good, eh?
    I missed the game, but after just finding out that our best forward will be out for 3-4 weeks, the team responds by handing Marty F and his Devils their first loss of the season? At the Bell Centre? LOVIN’ IT! I gotta say MT gave me a pretty bad first impression as new head coach when he benched Eller after the first game, but hey! There’s a reason why I am not an NHL coach!
    And Andrei Markov. Who would’ve thought he’d be back in Vintage form? Would it be fair to say that he is hockey’s version of Adrian Peterson? (*Knock on wood*)
    You know what? I’m not at all surprised by our success after having watched 24CH yesterday. Management’s message is being heard loud and clear: “No excuses!”

    But there is one thing that is driving me absolutely crazy. I absolutely love the kid, but WHY THE HELL IS ALEX GALCHENYUK WEARING #27??? I mean he dominated the OHL with 144 points in just over a hundred games in three years wearing #94, his birth year, and now he takes his first strides in the NHL wearing #27? … the number previously worn by two players that just failed as members of the Montreal Canadiens in the modern era? (Kovalev, Bourque last year) I thought players were superstitious about their numbers!
    I happen to be very superstitious myself. I’m a goalie – so its okay, I guess. But can someone give me a little reasoning as to why Gally ended up with #27 and not #94? Is it like someone randomly gave him #27 on the first day of rookie camp and he hasn’t felt entitled to inquire about changing yet?!/mikelang35

  14. JayK-47 says:

    If we get to 1,000 posts, Boone gets a new server.

  15. Bun E. Laroque says:

    So was Don Meehan expecting the Habs to suck out of the gate so he could use it as leverage? Cuz that doesn’t seem to be happening.

  16. mr dave says:

    hi all been a while since i last posted something, so here goes. great team effort chucky-as you guys now call galchenyuk played a good all around game gallegher? spelling! played very well prust also played a good game as did the rest of the team price no words needed! suuuuubban needs to take a deep breath and sign for no more than 3.75 mil , per yr for 2yrs then ask for the bank??
    what do you guys think of that kind of contract??
    the habs have 24 cups I have 24 beers

  17. Sean Bonjovi says:

    The first time the Canadiens lose a game that they “should have won” let’s all try to remember this game.

  18. jon514 says:

    We should’a kept Sheldon Souray!

    I kid. Long Live The General!

  19. Been reading all about PK and haven’t comment in awhile. How much is PK worth? He’s young and has many years to be the Best on D. His hitting alone is bone crunching. What’s it going to be? Deal or NO Deal? That’s the million dollar we are all waiting for? Looking forward in the coming days.

    What a game tonight!!! Atta Boy Markov!!! In the right place at the right time. Keep er going!!!

    Galchenyuk and Gally are awesome!!! Prust too!!! That line is a keeper for sure.

    Go Habs Go!!!

  20. Clay says:

    I am appalled at the poll question. Really, really low brow.

    ☞ The first principle is that you must not fool yourself, and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard Feynman ☜

  21. …but will Subban disrupt the changing room? That is MY biggest concern.

    Promote the Youth, Support From The Veterans and Remember the Heritage!

  22. Richrebellion says:

    Its funny how most writers in montreal hated that gauthier signed Markov and said how much of a mistake it was. Now that Markov is actually back and playing that 5.75 mill is a steal. Markov`s elite skills had no connection to his speed or agility but more his positioning, vision and hockey sense. His goal tonight showed how being in the right position makes all the difference! Gauthier knew that and it didn`t work out as planned as he had a set back but he looks great now. A real difference maker and a pleasure to have back. Bergevin has made some nice moves but Gauthier set the team up nicely for this year. So much hate towards him but he did a good job with a few mistakes and some bad luck with injuries.

  23. LizardKing1967 says:

    So, was thinking what nickname to give our third line. Well, here it is.
    Please discuss…..

    The “GALLY” line

    Galchenyuk, Gallagher and the “Gallows”

    Drive for 25. 2012-2013. Max-Pac for Conn Smyth.


  24. FunkyCrabChairNF says:

    Don’t really understand why some people seem to get personally offended at even the mildest criticism of P.K. or indifference to his absence.
    To his biggest cheerleaders on here, he’s not as great as you think.
    To his biggest critics, he’s better than you think.
    In any case, he is not a future superstar. Maybe in popularity, but not as a Chris Chelios or Nick Lidstrom. Those are fantasies. He does not have the offensive skill that these guys have. What you see from Markov, you can’t even sniff that coming from Subban.
    He is however a top notch shutdown defenseman, both in killing penalties and erasing the effectiveness of elite forwards.
    He is an very good to excellent defensive defenseman and an above average offensive defenseman with who would be very good if only he had an accurate slap shot.
    What’s the point of this? Just to say the franchise is not ruined if he is traded, and if he gets sent out west, not likely to haunt the Canadiens. The question is only really answered by what they get back.

    • ed lopaz says:

      when Markov was 23 he was still splitting some time between the Habs and the Quebec Citadelles of the AHL.

      • FunkyCrabChairNF says:

        And when Markov was younget at age 22 as a rookie he had a season that, if you account for actual games played, is roughly equal to Subban’s season last year.
        This is exactly my point, arguments based on emotion and not reality. You throw out where the player was playing at a certain age as if it is a definitive measuring stick. But its easily debunked.

        EDIT: And Markov’s season you ARE referring to? He DEFINITIVELY outperformed Subban, in less games at the NHL level. But he played a few games in Quebec, so that doesn’t matter?

        • ed lopaz says:


          hey Funky, I’m a huge Markov fan. I have been since he came up to the team.

          Did you know that Markov played forward in Russia and only switched to defence a few seasons before he came over here?

          I am also a big Subban fan; you know the rookie d-man that scored 14 goals for us 2 short seasons ago??

          I cheer for both of them equally !!

          • FunkyCrabChairNF says:

            You implied Subban is as promising as Markov because he didnt play in the minors at the age of 23. Well Markov did play in the minors at 23, but he also played for the Canadiens at that age. And he was far above Subban in offensive ability at that age. What Markov has is not something that is learned with time or experience. He has innate, highly superior vision on the ice.

    • Bun E. Laroque says:

      Superstar waiting to happen.

    • PK is the Best hitting D the Habs had in quite some time. 29 other teams would loved to have him. Don’t you think….

      • FunkyCrabChairNF says:

        I didn’t say he sucks. I said the opposite. So why do people respond as though I did otherwise? And I’m sure everyone would love to have him for some ridiculous discount. But if you think EVERY team in the league is willing to make moves to get him on their roster, well, you’re wrong; we can be pretty certain of that.

  25. shootdapuck says:

    PK Subban has become the expesive option on a car!

    Nice to have but not essential !

    Moreso with every win!

    The cerebral insight of PJ Stock:

    “Le problem est Markov n’a pas jouer un seul game cette annee”
    “Louis Leblanc est un kid locale”
    ” I have a pet peeve”

  26. aj says:

    I think that after 3 wins, this should be enough for Subban to actually make a decision to play here or not. He’s making this contract dispute too dramatic! I’m fine with him having here. Rather than him sitting his fat ass in Toronto chillin’ a beer on a Habs game (or working out), why don’t he get back in the game and play!

  27. Marc10 says:

    I think it’s time we looked into that last Markov surgery. Clearly they loaded him up with some Steve Austin bionic gear!

  28. LizardKing1967 says:

    Andre Markov is the Adrian Peterson of the NHL!!

    Drive for 25. 2012-2013. Max-Pac for Conn Smyth.


  29. Nobody says:

    I agree with HardHabits. Nobody’s perfect.

  30. Rugger says:

    What would it cost the Habs to bring in the best face-off teacher money could buy? Who would be good?

  31. Adidess says:

    Should such vulgar language be allowed on this site? I may be oversensitive, but this is out of line.

  32. Habilis says:

    The Habs are winning. The Leafs are losing. NASA has sounded the all-clear for the next hundred years regarding asteroid impacts.

    All is right in the world. πŸ˜€

  33. shootdapuck says:

    Blueliners below the faceoff dot or behind the goal line!

    Must be a mirage!


    Jacques Martin has left the building!

    The cerebral insight of PJ Stock:

    “Le problem est Markov n’a pas jouer un seul game cette annee”
    “Louis Leblanc est un kid locale”
    ” I have a pet peeve”

    • FunkyCrabChairNF says:

      I think even Jacques would let Markov play that aspect of his game freely. And I can’t think of one other defenseman we’ve had since Martin first arrived that should have been trusted to know when to pinch deep.

  34. NightRyder says:

    Not having Larry Robinson on the Habs’ coaching staff rates as one of the bigger blunders (and that’s saying something) of our recent front-office regimes. No surprise San Jose looks decent so far.

  35. le but says:

    great way to end a game le buuut.classic markov.go habs go..

  36. Chuck says:

    I was kinda hoping that the game would go to the shootout just to see what Galchenyuk would do.

    Being a Hab fan is like buying real estate: only over the long-haul will you appreciate the true value of your investment.

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