WiFi woes at Rexall: Boone will return…


Back home in sunny, warm Montreal, fans will be brewing big pots of black coffee for a game that begins at 9:30 p.m. local time.
There will be bleary-eyed hockey fans at work Friday morning.
But less sleep is a small price to pay for a hockey epic:
The Battle for 28th Place.

An Edmonton win draws them even with the Canadiens at 60 points.

The Oilers have played one fewer game, however, so aW moves them up one spot in the overall league standings … all the way to the dizzying heights of 28th.

Columbus has a lock on 30th, so this game amounts to jockeying for draft lottery position.

Scott Gomez and Aaron Palushaj return from eye injuries, and armchair general managers – yes, there are a few in Montreal – will be asking why Louis Leblanc is in Hamilton to make way for Gomez and Palushaj.

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