Liveblog: Not dead!


Your Montreal Canadiens took three of four points in a back-to-back on the road.
And they hurt the Leafs.



  1. Mike11 says:

    Eller made Phaneuf look like a rookie on his goal. The team is playing well and that is a tribute to RC and his coaching staff.
    RC was a hard nose player who took no prisoners and played a solid game. He has the Habs playing the same way now.
    PK is listening and performing better and the whole team is playing as RC wants them to play.
    Send Gomez to the minors cause no one else will pick him up (maybe Toronto).
    The COACH on Coaches Corner NEVER has anything positive to say about the Habs – maybe cause he loss so often to them in the 70’s.
    A lot has been made about RC not speaking French, well on my southern travels I meet many Frenchmen who cannot speak English and make no effort to learn. What is good for one group is not good for the other. The coach should be the best coach and not the best FRENCH speaking coach.
    Good job Randy – at the end of the season we should keep you on and get rid of Gauthier.


  2. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …Habs will win NOTHING while Plekanec remains Our number one centre
    …but dumping Plekanec would be brainless (are We allowed to mention that there are ‘some’ Habs’ Fans whom are ‘brainless’ ?) …Plekky, as a second or third line centre, is defensively brilliant …and, as valuable as a top-end goal scorer

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

    • kbhab4ever says:

      Desharnais is the Habs # 1 center,The problem is that they are useing Plek’s as #2 BUT it is Eller that is the true # 2 center . Like Boone said Eller is/will be SO GOOD.I have been very vocal on the Eller as # 2 and play him with Bourque and Kostitsyn for a 2nd line with a BIG center(well fairly big) with good vison and skill,with 2 fairly big wingers ,with good shots in Bourqe and Kostitsyn.THEN we will have 2 lines with 4 big wingers with two skilled centers.But RC same as JM, thet Plekanec has to be #2 or even # 1 It has taken a almost a full yr,for the talking heads inMTL to admit that Desharnais is OUR #1 center.

      John Kenneth Brown

  3. petefleet says:

    HNIC’s Glen Healy is a complete tool. Did you hear him talk about how bad the 2004 draft was for the Habs? He named 3 bad picks from that year. Emelin …one of the best D men in the KHL and now in the NHL, Grabovski….2nd line centre for TOR,…and Streit….captain of the Islanders. Sounds like a real bad year for the draft!!! Healy is tool. If he’s going to try to make a point, he’d be much better off if he shut his mouth after the point and not try to back it up.

    Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.

    ***Habs Forever***

  4. Chuck says:

    Good win by the boys tonight. It felt good after hearing Laff fans consider this game a foregone conclusion (as well as their next two against the Isles; I think that they’re in for a rude awakening).

    I chalk the win up to Boone’s lucky hat. He needs to keep wearing it (unwashed, natch) for the duration.

  5. Habitant in Surrey says:

    …from here on, My ‘perfect season’, We will lose every friggin’ game remaining to prevent another blue-ribbon Superstar being lost in the hockey wasteland of Columbus, Ohio, select the first-over-all (or, Top-5 if the lottery does Us dirty) draft-pick …yet, beat-up the Booins and Weeds EVERY chance We play ’em …and, finally, end the season (I presume, as usual, the Weeds are Our last game of the season ?) defeating the Weeds one point from makin’ the Playoffs
    …that, for Me, will be almost as sweet as Our 25th Cup, which, of course, will be won in 2012/13 🙂

    Habitant means PASSIONATE HOCKEY

  6. habs001 says:

    May hurt in the draft but it does feel good to beat the leafs…why? genetic/ lol…but really neither team looked like they would do much in the playoffs

  7. Jim Edson says:

    Gotta love technology!

    The only thing better than beating the Laffs in their own barn is the ability to watch the HNIC talking heads making excuses for them!

    BTW did the Laff defense seem extremely slow to anyone else.

    What does the Commissioner of the NHL do?

    In short, a league commissioner is the action man for the Board of Governors.

    They tell him what they want done and he works to make it happen through his subordinates while making sure that individual franchises play by the rules.

    ******** Translated if you haven’t won the Stanley Cup in 40 years your NHL team is becoming irrelevant in a sports mad city long behind MLB, NFL and NBA teams, you just tell the commissioner(who you gave a new contract at 7 plus million per) to make it happen and the rules are bent sufficiently to action the command.

    • PaulT_Habs says:

      YES…….saw them live tonight and couldn’t believe it…..other than Gardiner who’s like lightning……Gunnerson is avg but all the remaing Def is really SLOW….was really surprised as was my buddy who’s a leaf fan and was raving about them b4 the game

  8. CanadienBoy says:

    Best one tonight was the Habs had a top 10 power play before because of Pearn whatTHE F## and how they miss him ,hate watching game on CBC, Muller boys was the one running the special unit DA !

  9. smiler2729 says:

    Bottom F’ing LINE:
    Da Habs BEAT da Laffs

    ’nuff said.

    THAT is Canada.

    Jack Edwards is a clam

  10. PaulT_Habs says:

    Just got back from the game tonight…..absolutley tons of HAB fans in attendance…..was great to see…..singing OLE…OLE…OLE in the concourse on the way out was Priceless……been a while since I saw a victory in TOR……..never surrender boyz

  11. manu07 says:

    Eller should do that spin move every breakaway or penalty shot he takes.

  12. citizenSanto says:

    I don’t know what the rest of the season will hold.
    However, a win against the theLeafs always gets me in the right mood.
    If your on the same wavelength, tune into this classic track by Van the man.
    When it’s live it ‘aint no jive!

    Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
    — Augustine of Hippo

  13. jedimyrmidon says:

    Anyone notice that Eller is pretty good at getting shorthanded breakaways? Same for Plekanec? Or am I just imagining things. Too bad he couldn’t score though.

    • HardHabits says:

      Habs have better scoring chances short handed than they do with the man advantage.

    • jedimyrmidon says:

      Yeah, the current PP is
      1) dump into opposition’s zone and usually end up giving them puck possession for an easy clear
      2) finally make an entry into the zone and get somewhat set up then… pass into the guy’s skates or to the other side of the body where he has to pivot to get the puck or pass then stop puck on stick then hesitate before shooting or passing, etc. Takes way too much time to get a good shot off.
      3) point shot that misses/nobody is screening the goalie.

    • neumann103 says:

      Yes and I think they share something that defensively responsible forwards feel in this scenario: make sure you get a shot off and turn around to get back. The last thing you want is a 5-3 the other way, shorthanded. It does tend to kill the big risk play that might pay off.

      “Et le but!”

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