Live chat: Discussing the hit on Pacioretty

Join Mike Boone and Kevin Mio from 1 to 2 p.m. on Wednesday as they discuss the hit on Max Pacioretty Tuesday by Zdeno Chara.



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  3. ZepFan2 says:

    Rob Laurie reported he recieved an e-mail from Brian Wilde that PK Subban had just found out Max has a broken vertebrae in his neck.

    Don’t shoot the messenger!

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  4. HabFanSince72 says:

    When I saw the hit I was sure he had to have broken vertebrae as well as a concussion.

    I really hope that isn’t the case. He may never play again.



  5. avatar_58 says:

    I have a serious question – why the shit do they talk to the player over the phone or whatever when something like this occurs? Who CARES what the punk has to say for himself? We have video evidence of what he did. Just because he says “awww shucks I didn’t mean no harm mr” they adjust the penalty?

    Hang up the damn phone and give him a suspension. I don’t really care what Chara says.

  6. avatar_58 says:

    I really hope that isn’t true.

  7. Captain aHab says:

    Team990 saying C4-C5 fracture. woah.

  8. ZepFan2 says:

    Thanks for the link.

    Believe me, I wish it wasn’t true!

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  9. SeriousFan09 says:

    My thoughts about the hit, and what it means for the Game itself.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  10. Dansolo says:

    I was listening to hockey analysts comments last night, and guys like PJ Stock and Matthey Barnaby (former players)

    were saying that Chara, a guy they’ve played hockey against, is not the type of guy who would have any malicious

    intent to injure someone, that that is not the type of guy Chara is.

    Well that may be true but that is also irrelevent here.

    I think the question to ask is,

    Did he mean to check Pacioretty into the boards?, Yes he did.

    He knew that Pacioretty did not have the puck, he still decided to check him. You can also see in the replay that he did

    indeed push Pacioretty’s head in to the corner post. 

    Now I’ve also heard hockey analysts say that the game goes by so quicky, that things happen in a flash. I can’t argue

    there, Chara made a quick decision to go through with the hit.

    Unfortunately the split second decision had serious repercussions. Even if Chara says he didn’t mean to injure Pacioretty,

    it doesn’t change the fact that he did infact injure Pacioretty. He made a decision to do it, and that was the result. So

    when you factor in the ‘Chara isn’t that type of guy’ into it, well in my opinion, in this case he IS that type of guy. He

    made a CHOICE to hit Pacioretty, and he CHOSE to hit him at a point when it was against the rules of hockey and

    when Pacioretty was vuneralble, despite the fact that could have been a split second decision.

    I say dirty hit, I say not acceptable, I say suspend him . The NHL has to send a message to this guy that that

    was not acceptable behavior.


  11. SeriousFan09 says:

    Exactly what I said, people going on about how “that isn’t who Chara is” well until you actually attempt to kill someone, you’re not an attempted murderer either.

    It was the same lame garbage I heard when Bertuzzi knocked Moore out of the NHL “That isn’t who Bertuzzi is!” well guess what folks, he decided to change who he was in that moment.


    – I shall always remember Captain Koivu. Habs and Hockey.

  12. The Kid says:

    don’t think so

  13. Wops says:




    Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty suffered a concussion and a broken vertebrae in his neck

  14. ZepFan2 says:

    CTV just reported Max has a broken vertebrae.

    ———————————————————————— “Young people have seen that a team can play electrifying, fascinating hockey while still behaving like gentlemen.” ~Serge Savard~

  15. Thomas says:

    Any updates as to his condition?

  16. habs365 says:

    we’ll see if bettman and his buddy CC have any B—s this time…myself and a lot of other fans around the league not just the Montreal fans all hockey fans are sick of this BS..not to worry…someday before chara retires a big guy is gonna come on the scene and things is gonna be evened up..the tough guys are scared of him…that’s why he’s aloud to do this stuff…the so called tough guys pick fights with mostly non fighters or guys they know is not gonna clean their clock…they have a chance at least to break even…for all you tough guys out there lets really see how tough you are and take on chara…until you can beat him…you’re not a tough guy…you’re what they call…tough and yellow…if you get my drift.



  17. sp00k says:

    Look at the replay/s and the pics, and it’s clear that Chara has his forearm on the side of Max’s head directing it into the stanchion.

    Add that to the two past games where Chara tried to get Max and it’s clear that Chara had an agenda to hurt Max.

  18. SamB says:


    Hoping that MaxPac takes his time recovering and that he’ll be able to continue having a career in the NHL.

    As for Chara, that was disgusting and intentional. He probably didn’t think it would turn out this bad, but he knew what he was doing. Maybe he thought it would end up like Lucic pulling the exact same move on Tyrell from Tampa, but fortunately for Tyrell that wasn’t at full speed and he didn’t get his head pushed into it. (do they practice this cheapshot in boston?)

    Anybody who has ever played a sport will tell you that they always knew exactly where the “hazards” were on the ice/field/court. So that excuse is just piss poor. Professional athletes are even more aware of their surroundings. Chara knew exactly where he was and what he was pushing Max into.

    Add to that that Chara has been going after MaxPac for the past two games (since the OT love tap). Doesn’t Chara also tend turn into a goon when he loses his temper and when the game is out of hand.

    The NHL won’t do anything to punish him though, don’t want to make the bruins fans mad, but who cares about the habs, we keep coming back no matter what.


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  20. Fansincebirth says:

    It’s bad enough reading the comments from Neanderthal loving fans but to have someone like MacKenzie spout off BS like that is unforgiveable.

    Welcome to the new (Bettman) NHL – NASCAR on Ice

  21. avatar_58 says:

    I have to stop reading TSN and it’s comments because I’m going to lose it. Un f’ing believeable. People can’t seperare their bias long enough to judge human on human violence.

  22. Kooch7800 says:

    Dont read them man I am telling you.  It is rediculous how ignorant they are.  I am not happy with the analyst calling Chara not dirty.  I hate Chara but the problem is he is so big no one can tune him up.

  23. BJ says:

    Latest news on Pacioretty. Severe concussion, injury to the neck as well as a possible fracture. Source RDS.

  24. CBrady12 says:

    yeah but who is RDS source? 

  25. nick says:

    Is there anything a little more official than the RDS tweet about Max’s health this morning?

    In terms of suspension (if he gets any), what do folks think is reasonable? I mean sure… MTL fans would all love Chara to be suspended the rest of the season, then have the NHL force Boston to give up one of it’s picks to MTL, etc etc… Although given that isn’t likely to happen, what is everyone expecting, hoping for?

  26. Thomas says:

    So last night, i was basically frothing at the mouth like a mad man.  The rage was almost uncontrollable.  I’ve calmed down a bit, and I think that he will get 1-2 games, but I think he should get around 5-6 or more.

    I don’t think Chara meant for the collision to be that violent, and I believe that he isn’t the sort of person to intentionally try and ruin a players career, not that that has happened, but it potentially could have.  Regardless of that however, he did initiate the contact, he did guide his upper body and head into the “turnbuckle” so he must deal with the consequences.  The players need to respect each other out there.  I don’t care who he plays for, I would think the same if it was Phaneuf who was rammed into the boards, he is a human being.  They need to get it into their thick skulls that enough is enough, this kind of reckless behaviour has to stop, otherwise someone is going to get killed.  I actually thought that last night, I thought he was dead, or paralyzed or something of that nature, it was sickening.  I guess Chara is discussing it as I write this, and I am anxiously awaiting the decision.

    That’s my two cents

  27. Wops says:

    Martin McGuire is pissed off on CKAC


    he is convince of the intent of Chara

  28. Kooch7800 says:

    Chara meant to do it. Watch the reply and look where Chara is looking. He deserves to be gone for the rest of the season.  THE NHL IS A JOKE AND DOES NOT CARE ABOUT HEAD SHOTS.

    If Max has a broken neck he should sue Chara.  That would send a message

  29. BJ says:

    This is just in. Pac still in hospital under strict observation. They will keep him in the hospital again today + as they are making more tests regarding his neck and spine. Source CKAC.

  30. BJ says:

    Look it up if you are really interested.

  31. avatar_58 says:

    One douche-nozzle stated the habs size as the issue, that if the players were larger a “legal” check wouldn’t do this. Nevermind that Pacioretty is above 6 and 200lbs, but apparently size affects one’s ability to take a head injury.


  32. nick says:

    TSN is half a #$%& hair away from giving Chara the key to the city.

    It’s unfortunate, but if Hamrlik had done this to Seguin (rather than Chara / Max), I get the impression that there would be a bigger push made around the NHL to deal a hefty suspension for a hit with murderous intentions 😛

  33. blu3chip says:

    Report: Max Pacioretty Suffers ‘Severe Concussion,’ Neck Injury From Hit by Zdeno Chara

    Details are beginning to surface regarding Max Pacioretty’s injuries after getting hit by Zdeno Chara on Tuesday night.

    Pacioretty sustained a “severe concussion” and a neck injury, accoding to RDS’ Renaud Lavoie. The report adds that Pacioretty may have suffered a fracture, but that’s not yet confirmed.

    The Canadiens announced Tuesday night that Pacioretty was conscious, could move his hands and feet and was talking.

    Pacioretty, 22, is a native of New Canaan, Conn. He played high school hockey at The Taft School in Watertown, Conn. He is in his third NHL season after playing one year at Michigan.

  34. avatar_58 says:

    He had better be ok, for Chara’s sake

  35. Jay R says:

    The NHL is truly becoming a “joke” in the sporting world in how it manages the conduct of its players on the ice.  Other leagues take tough stances regarding player safety (just look at the very strict officiating in the NFL and how after a few vicous head hits this past season, the league immediately started tougher sanctions).  Based on the escalating violence and increase in head injuries / dangerous plays, the NHL needs to start setting examples and immediately start changing attitudes of the players towards one another.

    With my disgust in what’s going on in the NHL (the MaxPac hit just being the latest over the top hit…not to mention other hits from behind that incurred major penalties yesterday alone), I’m also furious with the Players Association and the players’ agents as they idolly sit by as the players knock each other out of the game.  Both the Players Association and the players’ agents should be screaming as a collective group (forgetting their individual paychecks per indidivual players being fined/suspended) for tougher sanctions that would curb the damage being done to the players and the integrity of the game.  No one wins when players are removed from the game, including the best players in the game (e.g. Crosby) – they need to think past the contracts that they’ve gotten for their players to date – they need to think about the reduced interest in the sport and hence lower contracts in the future if there are less healthy players to play the game at an intersting level.

    As for Campbell and the suspension to be given to Chara, I must think that the NHL will have another black mark on it if it is a small suspension.  Not only will the NHL be seen as condoning Chara’s actions, but the perception will be that Campbell aided his son’s team.  I know that Campbell publicly “removed himself from this evaluation” but perception is still there – I find it hard to believe that the head enforcer of the rules and sanctions isn’t involved at least from a distance in all sanctions.  It would be best for all if Campbell moved to another position within the NHL or just stepped down.  Perception is reality, and this hurts the NHL in being taken seriously as a well managed sports league.

    Sorry for the rant, but I was disgusted at the specific hit last night and in more general terms in how the league officiating / head office are letting goons and thugs destroy the integrity of the game.  I personally like good hard clean hitting (I find it can change the momentum of a game), however I would agree to hard and fast significant sanctions being levied for any and all head hits (and to any severely dangerous hits other than just head hits – this part would need more definition – I’m sure the players could define this!).


    25 is a nice round number…waiting patiently

  36. avatar_58 says:

    It makes me sick to think not a week ago I considered a Pacioretty t-shirt, and today there may be a chance he’ll never be the same – if he plays at all.

    Trying not to overreact to this but I doubt the league does a damn thing about it. That’s what pisses me off

  37. Chuck says:

    Show the kid some support. Buy the t-shirt and wear it proudly.

  38. billylove says:

    IMO, “intent” is not the standard to be used in determining the punishment for Chara or anyone else in the NHL. The standard should be whether a player is “responsible” for causing injury. Proving intent is subjective. Establishing responsibility is an objective process. If players were held accountable because they were “responsible” for injuring another player as a result of an illegal hit, the NHL could actually make some progress to reduce serious head injuries before someone dies. If a hit is illegal, whether a player acted with “intent” should be irrelevant. The only way to stop this insanity is to punish players for illegal hits whether they meant it or not. By doing so, the league would be sending a clear and unambiguous message to all players: PLAY WITHIN THE RULES OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!  

  39. matmacat says:

    right on.

    a good analogy would be trying to get out of a ticket for burning a stop. Even if you didn’t intend on driving through it because you might not have noticed it (hidden behind beautiful folliage), you still have to pay up.

  40. avatar_58 says:

    Not a bad idea. I just hope he’s ok. It’s not fair to see a promising career end like this

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