Let the mud-slinging begin!

From a Bruins blog (follow this link)… wonderful stuff to stoke the Beantown faithful. Fans in Boston are being urged to "stay classy." And we’re not going anywhere near that comment.

Anyway… here’s an excerpt:

Please do not be alarmed by the influx of flag waving, chanting Quebecois roaming the streets of our fair city.

We are not under attack from the People’s Republic of Quebec. They are simply here to support their cowardly, dishonorable hockey heroes in an vain attempt to upset the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and salvage the train wreck known as the Centennial Celebration.

Although these individuals are mostly harmless clowns in Euro Trash clothing, city officials have issued some precautions.

Women are warned not to leave their handbags unattended. Retailers are being warned to stock up on Ed Hardy bebazzled t-shirts, Céline Dion CDs, and mega-hold gel.

Police have also been instructed to carry extra fire extinguishers in their patrol vehicles as an added precaution in the unforeseeable event that the Habs win the series. …

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