Leblanc deal worth $3.6 million. Sort of.

The contract Louis Leblanc signed with the Canadiens last week has a potential value of $3.6 million U.S. but only if the youngster makes the NHL team directly out of junior hockey.

The entry-level deal is the standard two-way contract and kicks in when he plays his first pro season which presumably would be 2011-12. According to our friends at capgeek.com, the contract has a cap hit of $1.2 million which includes an $810,000 base salary, $300,000 in bonuses and a $270,000 signing bonus which is spread over three seasons.

If Leblanc doesn’t make the Canadiens, he’ll still get the signing bonus and will be paid $67,500 Canadian playing in Hamilton.

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What have you done for us lately?

The Blackhawks have walked away from the $2.75 million Antti Niemi was awarded in arbitration.

Chicago has signed Marty Turco, for $1 million less.

And no one mentions Cristobal Huet … or his $5.6 million contract


  1. avatar_58 says:

    I must be the ONLY habs fan who didn’t notice nor care about Kosopoulos when he was here. Tom who? He was background noise. At least guys like Pyatt, Metro, Moore, Lapierre etc occasionally wow’ed us with fancy moves during their 5 minutes of play….what exactly did TK do? Lose fights? Yaaay! *snore*

    Much like Komosarek I was glad when he left. We don’t need stonehands who can’t play hockey. Yeah that’s right, I said it.

  2. Slovak says:

    Halak about his time in Montreal for TASR – The NEWS AGENCY OF THE SLOVAK REPUBLIC:

    “Life is not fair and a man sometimes must accept more pain than he deserves. But I will always claim that everything bad is good for something. In my case it was the fact that – coach did not give me a lot of chances, he did put me into nets only from time to time – it motivated me somehow to work even harder. I did try to be the best in every single game.”

    “In St. Louis we have young team and our and also my only goal is to get the team into playoff”.


    Halak is not angry anymore. I am not angry anymore. Time will tell it was a bad trade and hopefully it will take some positive effect.

    Great summer everyone :)

  3. alestar says:

    You have to admit, this past year’s Stanley Cup final will be remembered for its terrible goaltending. If not for Leighton spotting the Hawks “beer league” goals in almost every game it could easliy have gone the other way (*shudder*).


    XXIV…and counting

  4. nightmare_49 says:

       Jason Gold tweets:

       -Talks between Jose Theodore & #Preds heat up. Still talking a 1-yr deal…around $1.5M. Poile wants to get Hornqvist contract settled 1st. 

       – Yes, Kariya is still very interested in signing w/the #Ducks. He’s waiting on Ex-linemate Teemu Selanne to announce his return…very soon.

       –  Imagine this top 6 for the #Ducks: Ryan-Getzlaf-Perry, Kariya-Koivu-Selanne. Make it happen!

  5. Eliisa says:

    Thanks a bunch for the link and the info! I have been anxiously awaiting any news on the Heritage Classic.

  6. JD_ says:

    * The Hawks don’t want Niemi for $2.75M? Really? Duh? Management was smart to wipe the lipstick off that pig. At least the boy got his Cup ring. Should be thankful for that. And while he’s busy offerin’ up thanks, he might want to fire off an email to Michael Let-It-In: “Hi Mike. Thanks for havin’ a higher SuckageFactorthan me. Suckingly yours, Antti.” The Niemster didn’t win the cup, he just didn’t lose the Cup, like his buddy did.

    * Have to come down on the side of CarpeEffin’Diem as far as Louis Leblanc is concerned. He’ll always have his brains and that special sumpin'; won’t always have that rarest of opportunities to fulfill many a young man’s dreams. Guys like Leblanc don’t worry too much about what’s next cause they absolutely know they’re in the driver’s seat. Fairly certain his momma ain’t losin’ any sleep.

    * Huet’s comp just makes me shake my head. Yeah, I think Pierre McGuire has the capacity to out-buffoon anyone, but he was as right as rain on this Cristobal dude. Like PM said, wearin’ a Habs jersey turned the otherwise average Kings’ goaltender into somethin’ he wasn’t. Ah, yes, the Habs Jersey Illusion, similar to the economics concept of the money illusion – i.e., if the price is higher, it must be better – has inflated the value of many a journeyman. This is why so many lament the departure of every 3rd and 4th liner on the team, despite the fact that the roster limit is not 157 players. Tom the Bomb who?

    * “Yeah, but JD, if there was ONE player I would have kept, it was Kostopoulos. I mean, he worked his butt off every night. Ok, he couldn’t score or fight or anything, but he was all heart. And that’s what this team needs. Steve Begin too. And Dave Maley.”

    * Speakin’ of McGuire, that DGB bit about Mike Richards at home in the morning, and McGuire smilin’ creepily outside his window, made me burst out laughin’. The visual was a home run.

    * Carey Price hasn’t signed. In other news, goin’ to have my mechanic do some brake work on Thursday. Couldn’t do Wednesday cause it’s my mother-in-law’s birthday and I think the whole fam damily is headed to Old Montreal for lunch.

    * When in doubt, blame Punkster.

  7. Mattyleg says:

    Wow, any guesses where Niemi will be going?

    I’d say Atlanta or Colorado.

    —Hope Springs Eternal—

  8. alestar says:

    My guess was: Las Vegas


    XXIV…and counting

  9. Chuck says:

    Huet has appeared in 90 games for the Hawks, and his contract is worth $22.5 million… as it stands that’s $250,000/game. THAT’S how you lose money!

  10. ZepFan2 says:

    He won a Cup…

    No, the Chicago Blackhawks won the cup, as part of the team. He wasn’t alone.


    After admiring the Stanley Cup: “This is the only thing that has seen more parties than us.”
    – Steven Tyler

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