League fines Subban for trip

P.K. Subban

The NHL announced late Saturday morning it was fining Canadiens defenceman P.K. Subban $2,500 for his trip of Penguins forward Kris Kunitz in the third period of the Habs game in Pittsburgh Friday night.

There was no penalty assessed on the play but the Department of Player Safety, which monitors all games, decided Subban’s slewfoot of Kunitz was worthy of the fine.

Here’s the incident:

Subban has never been suspended or fined by the NHL prior to this episode.

On the blog A Winning Habit, Lisa Fiorilli wrote early Saturday morning, “I’m a P.K Subban fan. I love his energy, his skills and think he (has) great potential. But sometimes, Subban loses his composure and makes completely ridiculous plays. Most of the time, it can be chalked up to youth, or being played half the game, or some other variant on that. But slew footing is becoming a part of his game that I’m definitely not a fan of. He did it to Brandon Dubinsky. He’s done it a few other times as well, James Neal comes to mind here. And again tonight, he slew footed Chris Kunitz. I imagine he will get a call from Shanahan, as this one is pretty blatant. If he doesn’t smarten up, he’s going to be a marked man, both with other teams and by the refs. This play is all kinds of dirty, and the fact that he has a newfound habit of turtling when faced with tougher players is getting to be a tired act. He’s a smart, good kid. He doesn’t need to slew foot guys all over the ice.”


  1. Habitoban says:

    May have been noted already, but Weise played for the Rangers under Tortorella. Sounds like a case of “I didn’t like you then, and I don’t like you now.”

  2. JM says:

    The more I look at the Video PK deserved the fine and should have gotten a penality. This could have turned into an injury.

  3. JM says:

    What’s $2500 to these Guys – He pays that much for a 3-piece suit …

  4. Ferg says:

    Footsweep? In 45 years of playing, watching and coaching hockey I have never heard of a legitimate move called a “footsweep”. Where did you dream this up? It’s a trip and PK does it a lot. He does stupid shit like that a lot. We all love him ’cause he’s a Hab, but watch him objectively some time. He’s dirty, he hides from the rough stuff that he initiates, and he talks too much.

  5. aj says:

    To all HIO ppl:

    My previous comment regarding to Subban’s move on Kunitz was not posted here. I’m going to say this again, the “slewfoot” is NOT a dangerous move!

    What Subban did was actually a safe footsweep and when properly executed, an opponent will land on the ground safely.

    Again, the NHL should not have placed a $2500.00 fine on what PK Subban did on Kris Kunitz.

  6. Marc10 says:

    Good call by Shanny. It’s high time they reeled PK in.

    Our man should take a page out of Yemmy’s book and just look to wallpaper guys the old fashion way.

    Yemmy’s cleaned up his act. I don’t see why PK cannot do the same.

  7. Prairienewf says:

    I’ll bet Ferguson and Tim Horton go at it before the game’s a minute old.


    Stu Hackel? Or is it really John Denver or is it Terry taylor Hmmmm?

  8. Roger Ramjet says:

    The Habs are toast!

    Thinking otherwise is sheer denial.

    You can lay blame on who you want …. PK, RC, PG, AB, CD, and XYZ.

    Gents …. this ship has sailed.

    Next ….. !

  9. New says:

    I think the best thing might be to wake the players up. Gomez has had his chance. Send him to Hamiliton and don’t recall him. Send one simple message “I can lose money with or without you. Who is next?” Subban has buckets of talent but he is playing on the talent and pique. They need to get his attention. Right now he sees Gomez making the bucks, with talent, and coasting along. Sorry for Gomez but he has fewer possibilities to contribute, other than as a worthwhile message medium.

  10. neumann103 says:

    When I saw the play in real time I half expected a penalty but thought it was borderline and at least partially generated by a tangle. In slow motion it looks a lot worse, and more intentional.

    I still think it develops organically but there does seem to be a moment when PK turns the foot. I suppose you could say he was trying not to take the knee but it does kind of look like “Oh gee, look where our feet have ended up. If this one was just to slide a bit, you might end up flat on your ass.”

    I actually think that no penalty (in real time) but a fine and admonishment by the league (with the benefit of slo mo and multiple angles) is not a bad outcome.

    “Et le but!”

  11. montreal ace says:

    The best I seen the D play was for 4 games when they played the rookies. I thought they played great and used speed to get the puck out, and communicated well. Emelin should be playing his natural side and Gill should sit. During those 4 games St Denis was playing, he looked steady and made smart plays, but he has no pedigree. The D right now is a pairing of partners that dont compliment each other very well, but during that 4 game stretch they did, I would like to see that D again. Having said that we need to go after a couple of big stay at home Dmen. I am hoping we can find a gem on the waiver wire, which is a great way to upgrade if used properly

  12. Nick.A says:

    Most 22 year old defenceman are still developing in the AHL. So it’s okay that he’s still doing certain things. By the way, I did a moneyball analysis of the Habs and compared to the Average best teams in the NHL (Boston/NYR/Van/STL), here was the outcome:

    Price is worth 2 million (based on comparative performances)
    MaxPac = 2.8m
    Cole = 2.7
    DD = 2.5
    Plekanec = 2.2
    PK = 2.0
    Gomez = 1.0
    AK46 = 2.4
    Diaz = 2.1
    Gorges = 2.9
    Emelin = 1.9
    Gill = 2.4
    Moen = 2.5

    Surprising numbers…. but if you attribute a $ value for evey G/A, hit, BS, +/-, PIM…. this is what they are worth compared to the rest of the NHL.

    Gorges will be overpaid next year by 1 million$
    Gomez is overpaid by 6m, Plekanec by 2.5 mil

    What’s interesting is that many players on our team are overperforming compared to their current $ contracts.

    This can also be called moneypuck, and it’s the wave of the future for NHL GMs.

    • AndyF says:

      What did you use a weighting scheme for all those different performance dimensions? Would you share the details?


      • Nick.A says:

        Moneyball/Moneypuck… how it works:

        First you look at the best teams in the NHL as representative of what it takes to win…. So you take the average values of their total # of:


        Now you know you have a salary cap of 65 million. So you can pay say 40,000$ per goal, 26,000$ per assist, -2000 per PIM, 4,000$ per hit, 4000$ per blocked shot, 10,000$ per takeaway, -10000 per giveaway. And I also attribute 15000 per win per player

        Then you basically look at the Habs roster… multiply their stats by these values above to determine each players real value to the team… prorated for the whole year.

        The results are that the top NHL teams have players worth ~ 75million with a 65 million roster of actual cap hit. The Habs have 45 million in value (!!using the same values scale!!) with the same 65 million in cap hit.

        So you go out and say to the players you sign I will pay you what you’re worth and not let emotions get into the decision making.

        That means you pay players for what they are tangibly worth. You don’t pay players 5-6 million when they are worth 2-3 million. That way you also spread the risk so injuries don’t hurt your team. AND you ask your players to play more than their value of last season and promise to pay them that in their next contract… a motivational insentive for the player to play well, win games, and feel secure that their value will be respected for every effort they do.

        Moneypuck Gentlemen.

  13. durocher says:

    PK needs to keep it simple. If he applies his talent and skill to the fundamentals, he can be a top defenseman in the league. He hurts himself and the team when he tries to do too much, is too fancy, or makes borderline plays like this. Keep it clean, keep it simple.

    • jbroderi says:

      All well and good if every GM did it that way. Otherwise, you’ll just never get to sign a player. Did you take into account rookie contracts and people signed for less than they are really worth (last year of a rookie deal, where the player is tearing it up for 1 million or something?)

      “I’ll take potent potables for 500, Alex” JB

  14. Mavid says:

    i was just wondering if anyone else is watching the outdoor game, i had no idea it was on…found it channel surfing…is it just me or does the rink look really small?

    • ont fan says:

      They were talking on the Ranger game about the outdoor game in Philly..they sold tickets to 3 games..Ahl,oldtimers and the Ranger game…$600 a ticket and you got the 3 games..40,000 for each game were sold

  15. CanadienBoy says:

    Looking forward to the game tonight ,they win we all be hoping they make the playoff for what, i don’t know ,they lose great because it will be house cleaning time and a decent draft pick after reading S. Savard on Roy passion to win just may be he could be the guy to get the best of PK and Price and bring some swagger back to the Habs

    • mb says:

      Even if they win, my playoffs hopes wont be too high. But if they have to win just one more game this season, let it be against the Leafs!! You know, something like a 9-0 victory or something, then they go back to their old ways. I mean, if the Habs are out of the playoffs, I really wouldn’t mind Toronto to be out of the race as well!

    • Man Dingga says:

      I agree with your points but disagree they need to get the best out of Price. He has been good thus far. Aside from Gorges and Subban our D are made up 6th and 7th defencemen. Emelin has been a nice bright spot this season, love that he hits and isn’t afraid to engage the opposition but his defensive play has been questionable too. I love Hal, he’s been a great leader but he’s only useful at blocking shots. Thats it. The other D-men aren’t worth mentioning. The ever rotating circus of changing coaches has been a factor too. These systems take time to implement and then it takes the players time to execute it. The players need some stability in management moving forward I think thats a bigger issue.

  16. Les-Habitants says:

    I love PK – he’s an exciting player to watch, he cares, and he’ll be fie. He’s currently our top D – they have him on the top pairing, the PP, and the PK. The slew foot was bad, but I’m hopeful the vets and the coaches will keep him line. He should be about as close to untouchable on this team as there is.

    A lot of people have been talking about the chemistry Eller has with Andrei, but Eller’s been cold. We need a legit second line, and this team needs to get Plekanec going. Why not through Bourque, Kostitsyn, and Plekanec together? I’d like to see that line together for a full game.

  17. PeterD says:

    Leblanc gets a nice goal in the outdoor game.

  18. PeterD says:

    Play PK as a winger tonight to let him lose offensively…hey, why not Habs do it for Weber and Streit…let him work hte 4th line with Gomez and Darche tonight …sure better than sitting him…but either way a wake up call is in order to get him to re-focus.

  19. Nick.A says:

    PK’s playing great for a 2nd year kid. He’s 22 African Canadian player that’s pioneering his position. And Kunitz completely embelished.

    We need to put Plekanec in between Eller and Kostitsyn for our second line. Help me start this movement please! Talented players need likeminded talented players, not just 1 talented winger + Moen/Darche.

  20. mb says:

    That was a reply to a post that disappeared.

  21. HNS says:

    I hope they don’t give up on him. He’s young and he will learn.

  22. Strummer says:

    This further proves that this organization requires a thorough house-cleaning from senior management, scouting, coaching all the way down.

    Along with Subban’s melt-downs we have in no particular order:

    Price playing below average while on pace to start 70 games

    1-7 on shootouts

    No. 3 in blown leads and 1 goal losses

    total inconsistancy- beat Bruins twice, lose to Islanders twice

    the coaching circus

    Yogi Berra said “Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.
    Change hockey to baseball and it applies.
    Mental toughness can overcome a lot of the issues that plagues this team.
    The examples I cited above demonstrate that the players-especially the young ones don’t take those in charge SERIOUSLY.

    Do you think Bowman, Lemaire, Demers or Burns would put up with this crap?

    That takes leadership of which there is a lack of in this organization.

    Start hammering Molson on twitter.

    “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
    -Dennis Miller

  23. ProHabs says:

    Is PK in the lineup tonight. Leaf-Habs Saturday night on HNIC and I have no interest in watching the game. Sad. I would really like to watch the Bruins-Rangers game that is being played right now. Anyone have a link.

  24. citizenSanto says:

    As Frank Sinatra might say (or Joe Piscapo imitating Frank):
    You’ve got talent kid,
    but clean up your act.
    You don’t have to work blue.

    Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.
    — Augustine of Hippo

  25. Boomer says:

    i know its mean to say but he needs a good ass kicking. i dont want him injured though but just a little whoopin to put him in line. won’t happen though cause he turtles after starting something…

    Boom baby!

    • Strummer says:

      He needs proper coaching- not this interim guy who was apppointed by another lame-duck.

      They need a Totorella/Keenan type A coach

      “It’s just an opinion – I could be wrong”
      -Dennis Miller

  26. JUST ME says:

    A fine for P.K. is fine by me. Cause this illustrates his main problem wich is one that will repair itself with time and experience.

    Decision making baby ! Notice on how he is great when he knows where to go but how clumsy he reacts when it`s time to decide. He flies around players makes them look like fools with the spin-o-rama ,seems to be faster than most,enters the opponent`s zone and when comes the time to choose ,time to choose ,time to choose ? …

    Yesterday he was left alone against an opponent right in front of his own goal, what to do ? What to do ?

    Look at his blunders and it all comes down to this , decision making. The Nhl is a totally different ball game. He will learn and go through painfull experiences but he will get better and wiser.

    P.K. is a kid not a god.

  27. rogieshan says:

    It’s astonishing how much Subban reminds me of Chris Chelios at the same stage of his career. Rambunctious, contentious and uber talented. Remember when Chelios was arrested for shoplifting prior to joining the Habs, or how much he got under the Flyers skin in one playoff series that Ron Hextall attacked him during a whistle break? You’d hope Subban will mature at some point and figure it out, but I agree with Boone – the Habs would be wise to find a coach who can teach him some tough love.

    • gmur says:

      I agree. PK was sold as a very effective offensive defenceman after winning gold in the World juniors, dominating his league as a junior. Chelios was also presented as an offensive threat and a physical player when he arrived. PK made a huge impact when he joined the playoffs as a rookie and helped shut down Crosby, and the other Pens big stars. He got into their heads just like Chelios did when he was a young player. While PK might not bring a physical presence like Chelios had game in and game out, he forces opposing forwards to keep their heads up coming into our zone… I think the comparison with Chelios is an apt one. PK did play as advertised when he arrived and through his rookie season had a major impact… but he is having a tough sophomore year. If PK is traded in a knee-jerk reaction, as Chelios was, the comparison will be complete… and in my opinion, the Habs will regret it for as long as they regretted trading Chelios.

      If PK can learn to play within his limits, he will be more effective. Watching Chelios mature as a player, that’s exactly what happened. He stopped running after everyone, yapping at them, and matured into a dominant defenceman. PK will do the same… with the Habs or with another team.

    • New says:

      So we should wait till he’s 36 to see him mature?:-)
      Chelios dropped them, partied hardy, and generally got in peoples face while being a top D-man. He was traded because he was a problem for management. His on ice was fantastic.
      Subban’s off ice seems sedate. He is a problem on the ice.

      • gmur says:

        Well, it does seem that he gets on his teammates nerves a lot. And the rap on him is that he plays selfish, which doesn’t help in relations with your teammates. I don’t think they are identical players, by any stretch of the imagination, but there are similarities. Chelios was surrounded by pretty impressive group of veteran d-men and forwards. Robinson, Green, Ludwig, Gainey, Lafleur… I’m pretty sure he got told to sit down if he bothered people in the dressing room. And on the ice, playing with Robinson (which I remember well), must have helped his play a lot. Useless observation: imagine PK in the same dressing room as Chelios. He’d toe the line pretty fast.

  28. HabinBurlington says:

    Well we all have to learn things the hard way in life. PK is still getting accustomed to the NHL, getting a little fine and a talking to will hopefully serve as one more of those little life lessons we all need along the way.

    Still love the guy though.

  29. Les Canayens says:

    PK: but I was just trying to…

    Randy Ladouceur: talk to the hand.

    ☞ I can’t really hear what Jeremy says, because I’ve got my two Stanley Cup rings plugging my ears.☜

  30. Bill H says:

    I’m sorry to see PK playing this kind of hockey. He has enough talent that he does not need to resort to this level.

    On another note, and relating to Dave’s Stubbs’ article about declining interest in the Habs, for sure I find my own interest waning. I’m based in Toronto, so I don’t get to see many games on tv. I pvr the Habs games that are shown here. I don’t have the patience or interest to watch the whole game when they are playing uninspired hockey. I end out fast forwarding up to a goal or a power play and just watching those bits. It occurs to me that Hockey Inside/Out must be really suffering a down turn in hits too. Sure, hits might momentarily peak when they trade Cammalleri or fire Martin, but hits must be way down this year overall. Can Mr. Boone or Mr. Stubbs provide up with a hit comparison between this year and last year?

    • mb says:

      I obviously don’t have the stats of this website, but I’m pretty sure the number of comments isn’t lowering this year. Whenever things go bad, there seems to be much more comments than when the team is rolling.
      I guess it’s easier to comment about how the team suc*s!

  31. HotHabs says:

    This was a very subtle one. He’s done it much more obviously before. The league has finally decided to call it out. PK gets more unpopular by the day. One day soon he will be called for interference when he sticks his arm out to impede opponents from getting to pucks ahead of him – it’s one of his trademarks. Im surprised it hasnt been called yet.
    There are other NHL talents that fans have turned against over the years. despite having great skillsets they were soon hated because of poor attitudes or actions. PK is slipping into that category. It all started with the Richards comments…

  32. JustSomeguy says:

    Last year, with Muller as an assistant coach, PK’s game improved.

    Last year, with Muller as an assistant coach, the team had a working powerplay.

    Last year, even without Markov, the team had a working powerplay.

    Markov’s return won’t fix a thing on this team.

    The problem is that Cunneyworth and Ladouceur aren’t clicking with the team. Yeah, the team hasn’t walked out on the coaches (they’re still blocking shots, they’re suberb on the penalty kill), but the coaching staff, without Muller, isn’t getting the job done.


    The Habs’ organization could do with a solid housecleaning (Gauthier’s a tone-deaf tool), but the largest problem is that Cunneyworth and Ladouceur are not the right coaches for this team. I dunno if Muller would be a good head coach, but he’s a freaking SUPERB assistant coach.

  33. bel33 says:

    Anyone know if there’s a free stream of the Bulldogs game?? I’m working this weekend… and would like to catch the rest of the game.

  34. otter649 says:

    Subban must like slewfooting Pens last night Kunitz & before Neal in the game Pacs got suspended……

  35. remi_10069 says:

    Man, PK has made me look like a genius over the past 24 hrs. He screws up with a lazy play, cops tude with his coach and then pulls his usual crap on the ice. Vernon Davis has shown that selfish behavior can be changed, would love to know the recipe.


  36. mb says:

    It’s the second time in the last few games that he does that. I love PK but he needs to quit these stupid plays, or else it’s gonna turn against him.

  37. otter649 says:

    Still not as good as The Crosby slewfoot where the player slewfooted got called for interfence on #87 but definitely is something that Subban needs to take out of his game since
    he has done this play at least three times in his career……

  38. shakey says:

    borderline at best, as demonstrated by the fact it was not called.

  39. deuce6 says:

    I love the kid’s game, but this shit is getting old..


    Yes, I’m a Hab fan..Wanna fight about it?

  40. habsolutely416 says:

    hes gonna get it soon.

    ill be in the slot 😉

  41. Propwash says:

    Yay, more ammo for the P.K Subban detractors.

    Don’t let the wultures getcha.

  42. John Q Public says:

    D’Oh !

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