Latest twist in the Kovalchuk saga

Larry Brooks of the New York Post had an exclusive late Wednesday night.

Brooks wrote the NHL is willing to grandfather the Kovalchuk, Luongo and Hossa contracts if the NHLPA, in essence, re-opens the CBA. Damien Cox’s take.

Pierre Gauthier lives in Vermont.

• Check out Mitch Melnick’s superb interview with Chris Chelios. Chelios says some very nice things about Red Fisher.

• If Antti Niemi – 26-7-4 with seven shutouts in the regular season; 16-6 in the playoffs with two shutouts, a .910 save percentage, a 2.63 GAA and his name on the Stanley Cup – is worth $2 million, just what is Carey Price holding out for? François Gagnon floats a familiar name: José Theodore

• Bruce Peter has been researching the Canadiens’ young talent for Robert L’s site

More surgery for Jacques Demers

• Kids, don’t try this at home! In the video below, Max Pacioretty does a 57-inch box jump – which means he can leap over Gary Bettman.

• Rien à voir avec hockey, but everyone has to do this way cool Arcade Fire/Google Map thing



  1. Storm Man says:

    So you did not write no sorry post.”as GM of the Canadiens you aren’t holding public office, But you aren’t a regular private citizen” Your bulb must be broken today.

  2. RGM says:

    Thank you very much for posting this great recap. Greatly appreciated!

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  3. HabFanSince72 says:

    Actually, I am saying pretty clearly that they aren’t the same thing.

    You’re not the brightest bulb are you?

  4. GrimJim says:

    Your statement assumes he’s lying. If there is no way he will ever tell “whatever is going on” to the public, and he makes a public statement, ergo the public statement must be a lie.

  5. Storm Man says:

    WHAT. I hope you joking with that post. Your saying a Quebec MP and the GM of the Canadiens are the samething. I would like you to fill me in on this matter.

  6. observer says:

    no – all i am saying is whatever is going on there is no way he will tell it to the public – end of story.

  7. GrimJim says:

    So when he makes no public statement about the negotiation, you believe it’s because the negotiations are going badly, and when he does make a public statement saying the negotiations at proceeding well and will be done before camp, you believe he’s lying? You’re wearing your troll-coloured glasses again.

  8. Tag says:


    Recap of Tony Marinaro’s chat with Gerry Johanson (Carey Price’s agent)

    Q: Did Price ever threaten to strike if he doesnt get 3 mil?

    A: silly twitter message, nothing to it. Not one time has that come up, never discussed, never had one of his players miss training camp. Price will definitely will be at training camp, never an issue. Not worried about losing any leverage in negociations by stating that.

    Negociations have been very very positive – tone positive. 

    Length of time of negotiations is very normal, means nothing. Understands’ peoples concerns, but from inside the business, the time its taking is normal.


    Q: Has carey asked agent: “get me X amount”

    A: No. The process has taken time, but zero animosity between 2 parties

    Q: Was he rushed to the NHL?

    A: No. If you you look back to calder cup, perfromance was impressive. One of the best goalie performances I’ve seen. Gainey and Gauthier are very smart, know what they are doing (by fast tracking him). There is never a straight line to success, there are bumps, expecially being Habs goalie (pressure cooker)

    Other points:

    – Price excited abpout being a Hab

    – Price doing rodeo as a way to to mind off hockey at teh sugegstion of his agent

    – Price is in great shape

    – Price is training in Kelowna

    – Price is perfect to hand;le pressure cooker that is Montreal


  9. Mr-T says:

    Sorry, I meant the National Enquirer.                                                                                                               


    Support Carey Price          “Hypocrisy is not a virtue”                                                                                                            

  10. HabFanSince72 says:

    You seriously think this is about how far he lives from the Bell Ctr?

  11. Mark C says:

     Does not feel Price was rushed to NHL, cites AHL Calder Cup, talks about player’s learning curves…Tony asks about if Price should have lived with a family, agent shoots down idea…says Price was “super excited when drafted by Montreal” and his “just as excited today”

    Working out: Price is in great shape, rodeo a means of getting away from hockey, which he recommends all clients do in the off-season…Price has been doing on and off ice training in Kelowna area   

    “Carey is absolutely committed”…Agent not surprised Halak was traded, Montreal has always liked Carey since day one.

    Talks to PG every week, Tony seems to think they should be talking daily…market place is helping to dictate why Price is unsigned cited all the other unsigned good young players

    Laughed at twitter message, had a thought of Price carrying picket sign

    re contract:”things will get done sooner than later”  


    Tony feels that Price will sign for 2 years at $2.5M AAV.

  12. Rugger says:

    And a darn good job he has done there – Go Bernie!

  13. HabFanSince72 says:

    In a similar vein, U2 who, as artists, pay no taxes in Ireland moved their song copyrights out of Ireland (because those are taxed there).

  14. HabFanSince72 says:

    My take is that most Habs I/O posters would take anywhere over Quebec.


  15. 123456 says:

    the owner of the sabres, moved his primary residence from new york to florida to save taxes (he is high profile politically so it was also to prove a point to new york). does that matter? isn;t it “worse” if hte owner does not live local Vs the GM? if so, where did the former owner of our beloved habs live?

    at the end of the day, someone wrote something that drew interest…and that sells commericals right?

  16. observer says:

    the vegan belongs there full time in the farthest left-wing state in the country. only state that has elected a socialist party member to congress – bernie sanders.

  17. observer says:

    in other words he said nothing! nothing to enrage anyone! just what else would you expect him to say during negotiations?

  18. Mark C says:

    Twitter message: Holding out never considered by Price, agent, and firm; never had client hold out before, stated Price WILL be in camp

    PG: tough negotiator, positive communication

    Negotiation: progressing on positive course, slow speed is normal

    Price: saw him last week he is excited about upcoming season

    …will add more

  19. RGM says:

    That’s the thing that makes all of this so bizarre, and it’s really just another symptom of the inability of the League’s GM’s to control themselves. We’ve heard all this talk about how just about every team employs a “capologist”/numbers guy to ensure that the team remains within the constraints of the salary cap/imposed budget, yet look at the troubles that more than half of the NHL’s teams are facing right now. It’s absolutely ridiculous; yes in this particular case Kovalchuk is partially to blame given his outlandish demand of not settling for anything less than $100M over the duration of whatever deal he signs, but a team like New Jersey–which has a number of good young assets that are going to want their own piece of the pie in the coming years–that is known for being so conservative and astute doing this deal seems so out of the ordinary. That said, it doesn’t appear that Lou’s 100% on board for it, and ownership may be forcing his hand.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  20. spcbrass says:

    The NFL has a similar structure, but signing bonuses don’t count against the cap.  So you see these players getting 10-15 million in guaranteed money right up front and then 5-6 million per year with their actual salary (minus bonuses) going towards the cap.  It’s a different system, but it still has it’s flaws.

  21. Psycho29 says:

    I couldn’t believe it when I heard the discussion about the article on CKAC yesterday afternoon. It was Michel Villeneuve and that annoying commentator Jean-Charles about the fact the GM of “Les Glorieux” lives and pays taxes in Vermont. Also, “how are we supposed to attract free agents to Montreal when the GM lives in the states.” Like an FA is going to base his decision on that. They also mentioned that Gauthier had problems with Bill-101 back when he was with the Nordiques, that he wanted to send his children to English school.

    Of course they opened the lines on the subject. One caller suggested “Monsieur Molson” should force him to live here. 🙁




  22. RGM says:

    That should be an interesting chat. Hopefully somebody will be able to put up a recap of all the important stuff.

    —————————————– Josh Gorges for Captain!

  23. HabFanSince72 says:

    Personally I think he can live where he wants.

    However, when a very wealthy and prominent member of the community, who works for an important cultural insitution,  chooses his living arrangement in order to skip paying taxes, it is an issue.

    It would be an issue if a Quebec MP did this. Sure, as GM of the Canadiens you aren’t holding public office, but you aren’t a regular private citizen either.



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