Latendresse promoted to first line

Guillaume Latendresse
Up with Koivu, Higgins

Pat Hickey reports from practice that the Canadiens have a new top line for tomorrow’s game in Toronto vs. the Maple Leafs: Saku Koivu centring Christopher Higgins and Guillaume Latendresse. Michael Ryder has been demoted to the third line, on which he joins Kyle Chipchura and Mathieu Dandenault. The fourth line has Bryan Smolinski centring Tom Kostopoulos and Steve Bégin.

(These two lines are probably interchageable, 3 and 3A.)

The Thomas Plekanec-Andrei Kostitsyn-Alex Kovalev second line remains intact.

Defenceman Francis Bouillon returns to the lineup against the Leafs in Toronto tomorrow. D Josh Gorges returns to the pressbox.

Carey Price gets the start in goal tomorrow. 

Andrei Markov, who was banged up in the Buffalo game, skipped practice with a "therapy day" …. like 1.3 million Canadiens fans who were late for work this morning because they were telling Freudian analysts how Patrice Brisebois reminds them of their mothers.


  1. The Teacher says:

    Ryder has actually PICKED his game up over the last few games..everyone’s off their rocker.

    I repeat

    I’d MUCH rather have this year’s Ryder than last year…

    I was a big critic of Ryder’s last year…not this year..he doesn’t deserve it this year. We told him to hit and shoot more…he is….they aren’t going in..ok, that’s life..there’s 82 games, not 21….

  2. The Teacher says:

    My favorite one is

    The last time the Laughs won a cup, Tim Horton was still a hockey player…..

    now…that’s SAD!

  3. Jay Gold says:

    Scouting Report on Lats…
    Assets: Has an outstanding combination of size and hockey sense. Is equally strong scoring goals or setting up teammates. Already possesses excellent hitting ability.
    Flaws: Is a liability in the defensive zone, so he needs to work on his play without the puck. Tries to do too much with the puck WHEN HE IS ON HIS OFF-WING (RIGHT).
    Career potential: Power forward.

    Good call man…this scares me…

  4. showey47 says:

    You make a very valid point but smolinski brings something nobody can bring from hamilton right now which is leadership and experience. Besides its not like anyone is playing well enough to earn a shot other than sergei kostitsyn but lever says he goes through lazy stretches, lapierre who has been inconsistent with his efforts. The one player who no one talks about, ferland who is leading the team in goals could be interesting. It is a long season and injuries will happen which means call ups will happen. This is why it is important for everyone to be playing well in hamilton because who is ever playing well when an injury occurs will be the person getting the call up. Thats the point

    Besides he is also been our best face-off guy which is a whole other issue

  5. Blitzen says:

    So why not give one or two of them a shot at the Bigs instead of playing guys like Smolstinky, who looks like a former NHLer right about now?

  6. habsfan reduxit says:

    “… like 1.3 million Canadiens fans who were late for work this morning because they were telling Freudian analysts how Patrice Brisebois reminds them of their mothers.”

    Mike?? say what??

    … perhaps an explanation or two might help this Habs fan avoid the psychologist’s bench.

  7. Vancouver Hab Fan says:

    I agree that Smolinski does not deserve his roster spot. He has made some positive contributions but he has made more negative plays, particularly brutal are his blind passes in his own end that go right to the opposition and create scroing chances against the Habs. The guy has made brutal giveaways in each of at least the last 5 games. I would cut him and promote Milroy to see what he can do.

  8. coutNY says:

    I don’t think Montreal secretly would jeopordize their season to keep Ryder, but it’s funny, I jokingly said the same thing last year about our Defenseman during the Jan and February struggles. As for signing elsewhere this year, he was still a Ristricted FA. Meaning, Montreal would have had to turn down an Arbitration ruling in order for him to go elsewhere. I’m guessing he thought his value would have been greatly effected by his poor +/- in a hearing…?

  9. Deano says:

    As President of the CHipper fan club, I will echo your comments with a slight twist.

    In last year’s Calder Cup run, there were only two Bulldogs who stood head and shoulders above everyone else … Price and CHipper. Not Lapierre … Not Grabovksi … Not Locke … Not D’Agostini … Not Milroy.

    He could hold the puck for extended periods of time and could not be moved off it. He aways played against the other team’s top line and always shut them down.

    I saw the last 7 games in Hamilton and no forward or D was close.

  10. jonnyhabface says:

    i think from a practical standpoint we can all agree Lats is being moved up to our SECOND line…I think the PAKK line has been our ‘unofficial’ first unit for a few games now…

  11. krob1000 says:

    I have a great idea…….instead of concerning ourselves with Brisebois (who has played well), Ryder (who I think has played well and had tough luck) and Latendresse(who is a KID and come on strong as of late) we should start with our TO bashing a day early. What does a grandparent and a leaf fan have in common…….both were in their primes in 1967!!! Anyone notice what happens to Leaves in the winter…..they fall, get stepped on, raked, trampled or burned. Too bad the Buds are never around for the Spring!!! Toronto Maple Leafs….The Air Canada Centre ????Is that because they blow!!! HEY TLUSTY…..nuff said!!! ………..Ian…. White and Blue…..the end of a sentence we don’t want to hear the beginning of!!!

  12. A. Berke says:

    I fully agree with you. Brisebois has played a good game so far, and filled the role assigned to him. Yes he had a few passes gone bad and was caught behind as well but the rest of our D did make the same mistakes just as often. Furthermore he’s one of the least paid players on the team. He never was billed as the saviour or the star player of the team.

    On the other hand there are some other players who are making beaucoup dollars and not producing (although they seem to have their cheering groupies to always rush to their defence).

    I think ignoring the shortcomings of your “preferred” players and instead picking on another player who has been pretty steady but not stellar, is nothing but using a double standard.

    Ali B.

  13. Dan23 says:

    I’m okay with this change – if Lats can’t handle his new duties, I’m quite confident Carbo will shove him back onto the fourth line in no time.

    Ryder needs a change, and frankly so does the first line.

    I’m more concerned with tomorrow night’s effort – so far this season, I have not seen the Habs play one good game against the Leafs, even the ones where they have won.

    There’s a burgeoning crisis in Hogtown, especially after getting lit up by Phoenix for five goals on Saturday. Sundin called his linemates out, and I know they’re going to come out hard at the ACC. The Habs will have to match that and then some if they’re going to come out of it with a couple of points.

  14. johnnyhab says:

    The line up changes are fine…Guy just stick with them for the entire game please! give it a chance to gel!

  15. krob1000 says:

    I said he was a leader (fourth in the league qualifies as a leader to me). I did not say he led Montreal. When the league lists its scoring leaders do they list them in order of guys who led their teams?? Sorry if the word leader led you to believe I meant he led the team or league but 4th best in the entire league is pretty darn good to me. Fourth best power play guy in the league and we haven’t been using him quite often….doesn’t add up. I wonder if secretly management doesn’t want Ryder to fare too well or his cost may rise (sorry for even suggesting that but I have wondered it at times). He obviously enjoys Montreal or I am sure he could have taken more money to sign elsewhere given the ridiculous deals that were done. With alld ue respect to Gainey and Carbo I have owndered this more thanonce in the last couple of weeks because if they want to trade him you would think they would try and get him going and raise his stock. Only time will tell but the most important thing is we are still doing very well and this run in with the Sabres is really no real reason for panic.

  16. showey47 says:

    back in 1990 i used to watch a player for the sudbury wolves. He was a power forward who scored goals, and was physically dominant. But always looked like he was skating on his ankles. The difference with this guy is that he spent time in the minors to develop his game before going to the nhl, his name was glen murray. This is what lats needs to do.

  17. habsernyk says:

    Hello all! This is my first post. Very excited to be part of this website. It’s been my Habs lifeline since late last year.

    Anyway, I think this is a good move regardless of the player moved into Ryder’s position. Koivu and Higgins have seemed lost the last 3-4 games. It looks like they’re trying to help Ryder get out of his funk yet every time he gets the puck he bobbles it or skates around with it only to turn it over. He’s trying really hard to find his groove but it’s at the expense of two players who could do way more with the puck. At least on a less talented line it won’t be such a waste.

    This should help Koivu and Higgins get going since they can just “go” knowing that Latendresse will eventually catch up with them in the offensive zone.

    I just hope that, short of a disaster, Carbo lets the lines gel for a bit before he panics and reverts them. I thought he made a good call switching Ryder and Kostopoulos two weeks ago but as soon as Ryder scored he “rewarded” him back to the first line. He didn’t give Kostopolous a chance or let Ryder find any kind of groove. If he meant to punish Ryder he didn’t give it time to sink in.


    Go Habs!

  18. krob1000 says:

    Thank you, I knew he was right up there. I am still upset that we didn’t use Ryder in that 5 on 3 against Toronto. That would have been the perfect opportunity for him and the team. That was a big blow to his confidence I am sure and it came at the expense of the team. Don’t get me wrong I think Carbo has done an incredible job with everything except the Ryder situation. He has even overcome his own personal obstacles and is now a decent interview and has yet to put his foot in his mouth in quite some time.

  19. Cable Guy says:

    I’m sorry but promoting LAts to the top line is the equivalent of making JFJ the President of the Maple laffs, ok maybe not that extreme but he doesn’t deserve to be on the top line, he doesn’t deserve to be on this roster period.

  20. showey47 says:

    “whats the point” guys like milroy,ferland,locke,danis,cote,archer and lahti are all ufa’s next season. These guys are playing for jobs next season, if not for this team probably another team. They have had inconsistent goaltending for most of the season any maybe some calder cup hangover like the anaheim ducks have had at the start of this season.

    The difference between a future nhl’er and a career minor leaguer is the earlier plays desperate game in and game out so he doesn’t become the later.

  21. HABIT says:

    we need a break out player, a scorer, a star, a star…bob gainey bring us a STAR PLAYER.

  22. coutNY says:

    FYI, Teemu Selanne had 25… Souray had 19 so he was not the leader among Montreal players… Kovalchuk 18…. Ryder tied for 4th with 5 guys….

  23. krob1000 says:

    As much as I don’t like Latendresse on a “first line” this move does make sense. It gets Ryder onto a line that will consider him the go to guy. We can capitalize on Chipchuras apparent hockey sense. Latendresse was effective last year when teamed with Koivu and if he does go to the net and play big he will do alright. Higgins has eighty something shots on net and only 9 goals….thta’s a lot of rebounds up for grabs. My only real criticism is that Ryder won’t be getting as much ice time when his play warrants it over the guys who are going to get more. He should remain on the power play and I hope Carbo doesn’t go with the lines as the power play units because that would be doing us a disservice (Ryder off the powerplay as he was a league leader in ppg’s last year). I believe (someone please correct me) he scored 17 of his goals on the pp.

  24. RJ says:

    Personally, I’m tired of the Brisbois bashing. The guy has played well this season and he is the LEAST of this team’s real issues. We need players who can score and come through when the game is on the line.

  25. Gooner says:

    I really don’t understand why Latendresse would be put on the first line. The kid isn’t ready for the big league yet let alone the first line!! Carbo also has to quit rolling 4 lines all the time. We do not have enough talent. When we are down late in the game he needs to start double shifting people who are playing well.

  26. nightmare_49 says:

    Ryder was a poor skater in his 1st year and has improved about 50% in my opinion and i’m no expert but i don’t see any suttle change in his style of skating, he just worked hard at it.

  27. Blitzen says:

    Smokes has played well? wow…

    I can’t blame guys in Hamilton who may not be as motivated this year. They won their championship last year and have a couple of underachieving stiffs taking up slots in front of them on the big club. After a while, you may begin to say to yourself: “what’s the point?”

    Bring up Laps and tell him he’s on a short leash and that the other end of that leash is located near Toronto. You’ll see the motivation come right back. It’s nice to make a point but these are young guys and you can discourage them by showing absolutely no confidence in them when you give confidence to Smokes who is playing through the motions, collecting his millions, right now.

  28. krob1000 says:

    I also currently teach power skating (8-14 year olds) but I do think he is correctable. You are right it seems to be balance but I think it is as simple as him not leading with his shoulders. He often turns his shoulders one way while skating the other….a common simple mistake. He honestly just needs to turn his head and leave his houlders square. It also seems to happen (the falling) when he stands and turns while too upright and doesn’t bend his knees (laziness is all this is). His stride would be very difficult to change (isn’t that bad though) but I think you are referring to his balance issues. Skating is all about bending the knees and it is very energy consuming so people cheat and when they do so they cheat themselves (kids or adults). He could definitely use daily balance drills ( a lot of of one leg stuff !!!! all one leg stuff !!!!)

  29. Derek says:

    You guys show a great point, i wasn’t advocating that ryder stay on the first line though. I believe there has to be a better solution than latendresse to fix our overall offense.

    And i agree with both of you, ryder just isn’t getting the job done. I didn’t understand how he got so many goals his first 3 seasons and yet when i spoke to people they told me he was simply a great a player. I called it “luck” and on a line with koivu. And now we see…. even with koivu… his luck is running thin.

  30. arcosenate says:

    what is the reference to brisebois and mothers? can put this all on ryder, noone is scoring. at least on the ice. tomorrow is one of those games where you have a chance to really bury a team in trouble, i wonder if the habs have it in them to do it?

  31. Les-Habitants says:

    According to Lever, Lapierre still has to improve a lot on his 5 on 5 play and his effort level, night in and night out. Personally, I think Smokes has played well and is definitly not part of the problem. If Lapierre is still having trouble motivating himself, an essential quality for a checking-line centre, then (barring injury) there isn’t any reason to call him up.

  32. mjames says:

    You make some great points.


  33. mjames says:

    If this is the response to the Habs recent woes then this is very discouraging. This does not address why we have lost the last 4 of 6. It is not the lines that are causing us the problem. It is our inability to handle a strong forecheck.

    Maybe Carbo is addressing the problem in practice. Who knows as we never read about what they do in practice. We only read about line changes. If I was the coach I would try to do the following:

    (1) – Players need to play as a five man unit. That means no separation between defense and forwards.

    (2) – Defense must not collapse into their end. We can not let the opposition carry the puck into our end. The Sabers did this endlessly on Saturday.

    (3) Forwards need to back check like demons. When in our end our wingers must neutralize their defense men. Also when required the wingers need to check the player in the high circle (i.e. Ottawa goals in Ottawa). This is a major failing of Kostitsyn. As much as I like this guy, he needs to be more active in his zone. He waits around for the outlet pass in his end. With his skill and speed he can be more involved and still be ready for the outlet pass.

    (4) To ease pressure in our end, Carbo should allow a two man forecheck, when we lose the puck in their end. This will guarantee turnovers. By pressuring, the opposition will be forced to make clearing passes which should allow our defense to intercept or disrupt in the center ice area, assuming they are remaining forward and not collapsing (i.e. no separation). I might add that Kovy and Kostitsyn used a two man forecheck once in the Buffalo game and they caused a turnover. Last time I checked these guys were not our best checkers. This forecheck we ease the pressure in our end as it will frustrate the opposition break out. You need speed to do this and we have speed.

    I am not the coach but this is what I would like to see. Last Saturday Buffalo was rushing into our end with three and sometimes four players. How many times did we let Campbell and Roy skate the length of the ice? Our defense just collapsed in. This is what happens when the forwards and defense separate.

    By the way that fourth line looks good. I hope Carbo plays them. As for Lats on the first line well anything he gives us is a plus. He certainly does not deserve the promotion but I have given up trying to figure out his treatment.

    Lastly, has anyone heard the rumor that Lats is slated to be the next captain?


  34. Blitzen says:

    Chips and Dandy can get the puck off of the boards and Chips makes some sweet passes. I think this may work well for Ryder if he sits in the slot and waits for those passes to come. Chips and Dandy can also play D so Ryder may not have to think about it as much on that line, especially facing lesser talent from the other teams.

    Now sit down Smolinstink and bring up Lapierre to add some more grit to that checking line. Lapierre will be playing with a chip on his shoulder, something Smokes seems to lack right about now.

  35. Les-Habitants says:

    Ryder may be hitting, and yes his defensive game is much better, but he’s not doing his job as an offensive forward. Tender, for all the smack that has been directed his way, has been scoring and has done well when playing with Koivu. Ryder hasn’t been playing like an offensive forward, and with some sort of shakeup needed, there isn’t any reason to keep him on an offensive line.

    Smokes needs to remain at center since, quite frankly, there isn’t anyone available to take his place. Grabovski is too small to center a checking line, plus it was his offensive skills, not his defensive prowress, that kept him in the big club. No one in Hamilton has demonstrated that they deserve to be called up. So as it stands, Smokes remains our no.3 pivot.

  36. Blitzen says:

    I think having a big guy in front of the net is exactly what this line needs. Now maybe Ryder wasn’t doing it because that was, in fact, not in the gameplan. If it wasn’t in there, it should be. There’s no one close to the net whenever that line shoots on the goalie.

  37. theflower says:

    Geez, now the SMOGINAULT line becomes SMOGINOPOULOS well it still sounds ok I guess. I want my SMOGINAULT line back!

  38. theflower says:

    You are right on one thing every game Lats has played he can’t skate. I used to be involved in power skating and let me tell you, the reason he falls all the time, is because he has very poor balance and that has to do with his stride and skating ability. If he was 12 I could say its fixable, but he is not, so as far as getting better with time…….its a real longshot. You can teach a kid to skate better, but unless they are willing to change how they skated before it doesn’t matter. He clearly will never learn a better way to skate.

  39. Les-Habitants says:

    I like the lineup changes, although this means that both Ryder and Latendresse will be playing on their off-wings, right?

    LW – C – RW
    Higgins – Koivu – Lats
    Kostitsyn – Plek – Kovy
    Begin – Smokes – Kostopolous
    Ryder – Chip – Dandy

    Guess Carbo really does want to get Ryder out of his comfort zone.

  40. Derek says:

    Am I the only one who thinks this is NOT the answer to solving our offense problems? Ryder is hitting just as much as Lats, and unless he’s planning to just stand in front of the net as a screen, this line won’t be improved…..

    Try something new? how bout smolinski back on the wing on offense? the guy knows how to score obviously, look at his stats. We have plenty of people who can fill his shoes on defense… on a good day.

    How bout chips with begin and kostopolous as the shutdown line and make a third line that has a chance at going to the net as well? maybe grabs with some big wingers? If you want offense, you should allow the opportunity for it, am i right?

  41. Habs_008 says:

    lats on line one! ohh man, when I saw him 2 weeks ago in T.O he couldnt even skate, he tripped over the blue line! I guess he cant do any worse then Ryder is doing right now. I thought Ryder was gonna have a BIG year bc’s he is UFA. I guess money is not motivation enough for the boy. Lats will get better with time, he is very young, he needs to show that he belongs on the time and not in Hamilton.

  42. theflower says:

    Ed, I couldn’t agree more. I will say though, just from seeing it with my own eyes I love the Smoginault line. pronounce smo-gin-no, with the g in gin being a hard g not a soft g like Begin. hehe thats what my brother and I have renamed that line of Smolinski, Dandenault and Begin. It’s funny too my friend was with me at the game friday and he said he wasn’t sure about Dandy on that line but after the game he too realised Smoginault is really a great line. On a side note last year people asked me if Latendresse should make the team after I watched the whole rookie camp and I said no chance in hell, I did say Chipchura was ten times the player and as we are seeing he is. Go Smoginault Go!!! Oh btw you don’t call any of them by their name they all go by Smoginault, clearly I have too much time on my hands haha:)

  43. habfan53 says:

    I don’t see much difference in the two this year. Both CAN score but are having trouble finding the back of the net.
    Maybe with Lats on the first line it will add a little shakeup and UMPH, I’d like to see him parked in front like Espo used to.
    As for Ryder same thing a change will probably do him good plus I think Chips wants to be a little more offensive and this will give him the oppertunity as well.

    Luckily My wife was able to get me a couple of tickets for Tomorrows game so I’ll be able to see first hand
    (Sorry could’nt help it)

  44. J.T. says:

    Boone…I did a double-take after reading your original post. I assumed it was Dave or Kevin, but when I hit the bit about Freud and Breezer I had to check the author! Anyway, if Breezer reminded me at all of my mother, I’d be doing twenty-five to life for matricide.

    Anyway, I don’t consider this a demotion for Ryder if he’s still going to get his PP time and if Carbo continues to try and roll four lines. I think the Chips line is the actual third line anyway. Plus, I think with Dandenault’s speed and energy and Freddy’s ability to hold onto the puck in traffic, it frees up Ryder to get open for a shot. And he might actually get a pass once in a while from those guys, rather than watch Higgins (Hoggins?) carry the puck around like he thinks he’s Kovalev. I love him, but passing the puck once in a while wouldn’t kill him. Lats on the first line…sheesh. I can’t find much positive in that. Kid’s getting rewarded for doing no more than Ryder did…in fact, if you consider plus/minus an actual statistic that matters, he’s done considerably less.

  45. theflower says:

    I was at the game Friday night in Buffalo and I just want to say watching Latendresse go for the big skate again makes me ill. I have seen him play many times in person, including rookie camps and the like, how this kid is in the NHL is beyond me. This is one time where I think that a player is staying up strictly because, if they send him down they will be admitting they made a mistake last year and some believe there is still potential in him. I for one do not and never have he is the slowest skater on the team by far, has an awful stride and has horrible hands and refusing to use his size on a regular basis. As far as Ryder goes, even good scorers go through slumps. He worked hard friday night and his effort was there. To pick on him is just wrong, he has had some bad games no doubt, but so have others. If you look at every game we have lost this year the biggest issue has been backchecking. When teams transition on us we do not pick up the trailer and we have been killed by it, by Ottawa and twice by Buffalo this weekend. To see it happening in front of your eyes is even harder. I mean watching the wingers, worst of all Latendresse watching the trailer go past him and he doesn’t even think, hey thats my guy and watching our goalies left with their pants down in front of the net with a guy wide open, is hard to watch. Until our wingers learn to pick up the last guy will we get solutions. Also, I have seen Lapierre play in Hamilton this year and his speed and toughness makes a much better fit for the Habs than Latendresse.

  46. krob1000 says:

    I’d like to see them try Ryder on his offwing at some time to try and get him going.

  47. krob1000 says:

    Brisebois needs to take one for the team and give up a breakaway with a giveaway and draw the negativity back on him to help ol Ryder out.

  48. Ed says:

    A poster says they “hope that Ryder doesn’t bring his linemates down. They’re known for being defensive with an offensive spin, and this might make them not so good at either.”

    I am not sure where this comes from as Ryder is one of the players with a plus, while the majority are in the minuses. Some fans make it sound like Ryder is the worst defensive player on the team. Chipchura is the best forward at +5, and I think that, if Carbonneau leaves Ryder alone, he will produce on that line. When placed with Begin and Smolinski recently, he scored, and almost immediately was put back with Koivu and Higgins.

  49. KerryPrice says:

    At least some of us are on the same page. This is gross, and having to listen and read all the negitives against Ryder, The whole team has been playing crappy it`s last few games.I quess it`s all Ryder`s fault. Ryder`s the new whipping boy in Montreal i quess. To bad .

  50. Blitzen says:

    I agree that he can’t skate with them but I think Carbo had to make a couple of changes to shake things up. If he keeps rotating four lines, Ryder will go up against lesser competition and may score more, giving us production on a lower line. My hope is that Lats learns/is asked to sit in front of the net and pick up juicy rebounds. He has decent hands and he’ll get his share of goals.

  51. nightmare_49 says:

    The players are always disciplined when the team is not playing well. It could be curfew or skating the crap out of them in practice or call a practice for 6:00AM. Carbo makes them pay by putting his boy on the 1st line.

  52. rich_m_lewis says:

    Well said KerryPrice…couldnt agree with you more!

  53. rich_m_lewis says:

    How can any of you so called Habs “fans” be happy to see Lats on the first line? As bad as Ryder has looked on the first line this year, Latendresse will look that much worst. He’s a fourth liner at best! Given a choice, I’d send em down to the A and take Lapierre back up (even though he hasnt played great in Hamilton).

  54. WindsorHab-10 says:

    Thanks man, no problem.

  55. Yeats says:

    Get Gainey on the blower and let’s make a deal. You have anyone that likes to go hard to the net or throw a punch? This could be the trade we’ve been waiting for!

  56. Yeats says:

    Well at least in a Cyclones’ jersey he might look fast. I’m tired of tivoing the Habs’ games and then speeding it up to make it look like he’s moving.

  57. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    haha, put me in a habs jersey and i’ll punch anything! I’ll setup camp right on the edge of the crease. I promise. Who should I talk to about this? Too bad I’m comparable to Bouillon in size, minues 25 pounds.

  58. Yeats says:

    So you’re one of those “energy” guys. Damn, we could have used you in those two games against the Sabres. But don’t get down, the Koivu line had only one more shot on goal than you did Saturday night. And, they (alledgedly) suited up!

  59. Deano says:

    This maybe a repeat … but I can’t get through the entire set of posts. Here is the good news:

    1) Chipper is a tough, smart, heads up player who probably can find the open player better than anyone on the current HABs. If Ryder can get open, he will get him the puck. Having Dandy along for the ride won’t hurt. He’ll dig too.

    2) Not a big Lats fan. Just please stay out of Higgins and Koivu’s way. Not his fault, I just think they rushed him. He is younger than both Chipper and Kostitsyn and has done no time in Hamilton. He would develop quicker there, but I am afraid he is here to stay. Can’t wait to see him in 2009.

  60. showey47 says:

    bouillon+draftpick for perreault+martin lapointe
    bouillon+one of milroy/locke/ferland/cote for perreault and lapointe
    bouillon+dandy for perreault and lapointe
    bouillon+smolinski for perreault and lapointe

    The bottom 2 pretty much offset salary

    Well let the bashing begin

  61. Hobie Hansen says:

    As we all know Bob Gainey attempted to bring in a front line forward to address their biggest concern but failed over the summer. The Habs would have three quality scoring lines if say Ryan Smyth or Daniel Briere weren’t too afraid of playing in the pressure cooker that is the Bell Centre.
    I don’t think Guillaume Latendresse has proven himself worthy of playing on the top line with Saku Koivu and Chris Higgins. To me he’s looked slow getting to the puck and on the fore check. If I were Guy Carbonneau I might slap Bryan Smolinski on the wing with Koivu for the time being, until Gainey can pull the trigger on a deal, we’re hoping.
    The other problem, varying in importance, depending on who you ask, is the Habs do not have a heavyweight fighter on their 3rd or 4th line. Don’t get me wrong, guys like Georges Laraque and Brian McGratton are pretty much useless but having a guy like Chris Neal would be beneficial.
    And thirdly, who couldn’t use another big and tough stay at home defenseman? Garnet Exelby for the Thrashers is a beauty!

  62. Moey says:

    Easy solution to the first line for tomorrow night,

    Koivu, Kovalev & Kostitsyn…”KKK” who we’ll dub “The Klan”
    They wear white hoods instead of helmets…presto, the element of surprise will throw the leafs off their game.

  63. Moey says:

    Sorry guys, didn’t mean to offend anyone. I apologize if I have.

  64. linp says:

    Guy Lafleur said that our team has only four 4th lines. What do you think about that?

    As for replacing Ryder by Latendresse, I would reserve my comments until I see how the coach wants him to do. I am a firm believer of a system to help out lacking of skill. Carbo keeps saying that the players should work harder. Me, I think he should set up and practice a more effective 5 on 5 system. You can work hard. But if you work stupid, it is fruitless.

    As for putting Latendresse in the 1st line, I would like him to create traffic in front of the net. Make more body check in the offensive zone to gain control of the puck. Protect the puck along the board and pass it to his line mate. If he is asked to do just that, he would be more effective than Ryder in the 1st line.

  65. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I find your post offensive and lacking in taste.

  66. showey47 says:

    wow, i have no clue how to respond to that as i watch p.k. subban get a good scoing chance against the russians. The game is on sportsnet. But moey i would suggest you start digging upwards

  67. Deano says:

    Thanks for the heads up on PK .. never seen him play before.

  68. WindsorHab-10 says:

    As for Lafleur’s comments, I say more power to him. He’s one of the greatest to wear a Habs uniform and this shows me that he’s frustrated with the team as most of us are and may be this will light a fire under them.
    Regarding Latendresse, I don’t have a problem with him being on the #1 line provided a) He pays the price by going to the front of the net
    b) Carbonneau keeps that line the entire game no matter what.
    If you guys think we’re having problems they’re nothing compared to the Leafs as there’s talk of firing JFJ as well as Maurice and not to mention the press being very critical of the lack of production from most players. I hope the Habs bring their A-game tomorrow because they’ll need it.

  69. Yeats says:

    Lats should be on a first line, in Hamilton or better yet wherever the Habs’ ECHL affiliate is located!

  70. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    forgiven. let’s move on. we know you didn’t mean it.

  71. showey47 says:

    i think it is the cincinnati cyclones

  72. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    actually, I play some great backyard hockey up here in Ottawa and we could definetly use a big first line centre, my wingman broke his leg. I could give him skating lessons for free too.

  73. Yeats says:

    Is the picture some sort of a joke or did you Gazette guys decide to put up only the fastest portion of Latendresse, his hair?

  74. Deano says:

    That’s hilarious

  75. Yeats says:

    When he sports gell, his hair is unstoppable!

  76. Chorske says:

    Oh gawd, don’t tell me he’s gonna get all Rogaine-y on us now.

  77. Yeats says:

    I’d be happy with any one of those deals. And, what if Perreault could actually pass on “The Knowledge.” That alone would be worth it.

  78. Yeats says:

    Does that mask steriods as well as the Propecia Theodore used?

  79. Deano says:

    Watching Subban play on Sportsnet vs the Russians … he is going to make a great forward

  80. Chorske says:

    I don’t ever hit the panic button until mid to late December. Remember that Boston loss last year in December that threw us all off? It was as if one loss made us realize the emperor had no clothes. I really don’t think we’ve hit that stage yet, but it’s coming. But my real question is: why has Carbo hit that panic stage already? The worst vibe a coach can give out is one of panic. The place to try line combinations is in practice, not in an actual game. The whole line juggling thing reeks of lack of confidence and confusion and inexperience. I HATE watching it as a fan, because it basically equates to a white flag. I GIVE UP. And who the heck guves up that easy?

    Again (I always feel the need to say this), I loved Carbo as a player. But why is MOntreal always stuck with rookie coaches, for f*s sakes? Aren’t there experienced quality guys out there, chomping at the bit to coach a storied franchise? Hey, BONUS: the team comes with maybe 300,000 assistant coaches. Who wouldn’t want to coach in that kind of atmosphere?? 😉

  81. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I’d be the first Brazilian to ever play for the Montreal Canadiens, or possible the NHL. I used to wear my Brazil jersey under my gear. Couldn’t wear that shirt in the summer though…

  82. Chorske says:

    Just rechecked, it was a 4-2 loss to Boston on Dec 23. Wheels pretty much came off after that. There was definitely NO Festivus miracle for us last year.

  83. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I agree. I hate the 13 different line combinations a game. If a player isn’t producing, bench him and double shift the guy who is. It happened to me once, it was embarrassing and I made sure it never happened again.

    haha… Festivus miracle… where’s that aluminium poll gone to…

  84. showey47 says:

    so would i but most people wouldn’t because it doesn’t involve getting a 40 goal scorer in return. But it would pretty much solve most of our other problems like winning draws which leads to better 5 on 5 play and physical toughness that lapointe would bring, he is very strong, not nhl strong more like nfl lineman strong. He also fights and wins, and has also proven in the past that he can score goals

  85. johnnyhab says:

    As it stands does Ryder belong on the top line…No
    Does Lats belong on the top line…No
    Do you break up the chemistry of the 2nd line…No
    So who does belong…Trade in the works?anyone?

  86. Moey says:

    I remember that game, they were discussing on RDS how statistically over the years the Canadiens had bad luck with games on Dec. 23rd. Does anyone else remember that? So I wrote it off to the 23rd curse, but then don’t forget the flu in Jan. Some of the guys were on IV during the day to rehydrate. That went on for a month. They just couldn’t manage to come back. This is a new season, and it won’t be a replica of last year. It is a better team, so I have still have hope for a reasonable finish from them.

  87. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Keyword there johnnyhab is “As it Stands”. Management is hoping it doesn’t stand like this for too long and that someone steps up and earns the right. I’m just not sure who’s going to do it…

  88. 24 Cups says:

    Sorry, but I beg to differ. Yanic is great at faceoffs but not much else. He’s soft and can’t play against the other team’s third line centre. He laid down and died when he was traded back to Toronto last year. Lapointe has been going down hill for years. He has played 22 games this year and hasn’t even scored a goal yet. He also has been -68 during the past four years. Both these guys will be out of the NHL in the next year or two. I’d rather give a kid in Hamilton a chance than trade for these two. This is the type of panic trade that the Leafs are famous for making. We need to stay the course with what we have.

  89. showey47 says:

    hey you know what it was pretty much the reaction i expected and i respect it. This is by no way a panic trade since we wouldn’t be offering up much in the first place. Do you think bouillon,dandy or smolinski are gonna get contract extentions? Not a chance. I only suggest a solution to problems that we have other than a pure sniper without affecting the core of the team or the future. 1)someone who can win 2/3’s of his faceoffs and teach his trade to our younger players and prospects and 2) add toughness, leadership and someone who can fight and actually win.

  90. Chorske says:

    I agree about the flu, I’ve had it and I lost a pile of weight and I couldn’t do any aerobic exercise for about a month. I think the aspect of the game that stands out was that Boston was supposed to be easy pickings last year, and we still got handled.

  91. Wayne says:

    Makes no sense to me. He’ll just slow that line down more than Ryder does. Ryder’s just lost it right now. I see him working hard lately but it looks futile. He simply has to work harder on reading the plays and with more zone awareness without trying to dish the puck off in a panic.

  92. Chorske says:

    Always thought that Theodore boy was too pretty for hockey. I always kind of expected Theo to pull a Daigle and go to Hollywood. See, now, NO chance of that ever happening with Markov- yet another reason to love the guy.

  93. Chorske says:

    LOL, Yeats. I’m still unclear about why a goalie would need steroids. That kid was such a gong show.

    I don’t think Lats needs steroids. If anything he needs bigger ‘Les Boys’, not smaller ones.

  94. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    I will see you and raise you. Five minutes of first period.

  95. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    This Just In: Flyers Strike Again…

    TSN is reporting that “Scott Hartnell was given a five-minute boarding penalty and a game misconduct for hitting defenceman Andrew Alberts at 14:22 of the second period. Andrews left the game with an unspecified head injury and will be evaluated on Tuesday.”

    Scott Hartnell finished his check allright… on Andrew Alberts’ head. I understand Alberts was in a vulnerable position… but that spells headshot now matter how you read it.

    That makes what? Three times and twice against Boston? And when does the organization get fined? Does someone actually have to become paralyzed? I’m getting tired of all this…

  96. joe-hab-nuno says:

    ryder is not large, i’m 6 feet and i stood beside him and he was alot smaller then me.

  97. A. Berke says:

    I saw the replay. “Finishing the check” excuse is nothing but pure b.s.

    There was no need for that vicious hit. Alberts head was a bit low and after boarding his head bounced back off the rail.

    I also would like to see the league doing something about these goons who are hitting to injure (or even kill). How about automatic game misconduct followed by an automatic 10 (20 is better) game suspension?

    Is everyone waiting to see someone lose his life before taking preventive measures or handing severe punishments to both the players who commit these thuggery and their teams as well? Because serious injuries have already happened and nothing has been done to correct the situation, not even a slap on the wrists.

    I don’t think this classifies as hockey (regular hits yes but not this crap).

    Ali B.

  98. A. Berke says:

    the laffs (team and their management) appear to be in a total disarray and because of it (to save face or get a stay of execution) they’ll throw everything they have to us, including the kitchen sink.

    Soo, it behooves the team and the coaching staff to be fully ready to meet and win over the laffs Tuesday in TO.

    Bruins and Buffalo have won tonight and Isles got a point. The point spread with the Habs and the teams behind us is narrowing dangerously.

    Time to get real serious for everyone on the team.

    PS: This is not a panic mode but a very serious wake-up moment.

    Ali B.

  99. Ibleedbleublancetrouge. says:

    Did he actually say that?

  100. habfan53 says:

    I think the reason we keep getting stuck with rookie coaches is that the organization will not hire a uni-lingual ENGLISH coach, Bad for the french press (and PQ).
    I think the last one was Al McNeil.

  101. habfan53 says:

    Is anybody else going to the game tonight??

  102. TradeRyder says:

    Okay, so this wasn’t the first line change I wanted. But it IS A CHANGE… and we need it. Lats scored most of his goals last year on that line – maybe it’s where he’ll shine.

    Good luck boys – don’t take any crap! Score a few early!

    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  103. Moey says:

    Point taken, and believe me you won’t catch me saying “HO HO HO” over the holiday season either.

  104. mjames says:

    Your post – not quite politcally correct – at least here in the States. I know you are trying to be humorous but we Americans lack a sense off humor.


  105. cautiousoptimist says:

    Now here’s what we all wanted to hear from Latendresse:

    “”The longevity of this experience is up to me,” Latendresse said. “If I work hard, if I bring something to that line, if we get scoring chances, that’s where the longevity is coming from. If I don’t work hard, if I’m lazy and everybody’s playing better than me, I’m not staying on the first line….they’re going to be the playmakers and I’m the guy who’s going to the net. I’ll also make sure nobody’s trying to get physical with Saku or Chris. If anyone tries, I’ll be in their face.”

  106. Scotty90 says:

    I watched the Bruins / Flyers game last night. you have to look out for them because they can be dangerous. The hit on Alberts was quite dangerous. There was also a hit from behind by Eager on Chara who went head first into the boards. Aaron Ward immediately attacked Eager for the hit.

  107. RetroMikey says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Latendresse or Ryder period. But Lats has stepped it up a bit and Ryder has been a miserable disapointment to me, an overrated 30 goal scorer. We’re in a funk and what team isn’t? We’ve got the team chemistry and I really hope Carbonneau does not break the spirit of Grabovski. This kid can play and he needs more ice team. Perhaps it should be Michael Ryder in the press box and not Mikhail! If we don’t put a solid effort tonight, I’ll be bitterly disappointed going to the game tonite along with the rest of the Habs fans tonite attending the game as well. As usual, I’ll be at the Toronto bench 4 rows up heckling at Paul Maurice until I’m asked to shut up or leave by the usher tonite, with my obnoxious behaviour. Play hard tonight boys, hustle, hustle, hustle!

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  108. Naila Jinnah says:

    Very interesting developments… I hope that Ryder doesn’t bring his linemates down. They’re known for being defensive with an offensive spin, and this might make them not so good at either.

    The third looks like a promising, purely defensive, hard working, hitting line. I hope we get to see a lot of them!

  109. krob1000 says:

    We outhit the Sabres last game and lost. The scoreboard is where we needed help and got none. Although I hate to see Ryder “demoted” I think he will probably get more chances with Dandenault and Chipchura instead of Higgins. If there was a hustle and grit board I would like this line to see action but as it stands they stand little to no chance of scoring and I spend most of their shifts hoping they can hang on and not give up a goal (Islanders game excluded).

  110. CH1909-2009 says:

    I was hoping for

    Kovalev Koivu Latendresse
    Higgins Plekanec Kostitsyn

    But I guess it’s 6 of one… etc., without a real elite scoring threat up there with either of these lines.


  111. Jen says:

    It would be so nice to see how Kovalev does on the first line but the second line is playing so well right now that it wouldn’t make sense to split them up. I don’t like Latendresse on the first line but I guess we’ll see how it works out.

  112. Scotty90 says:

    I am not too worried that Ryder would bring down the 4th line. I have confidence in Chips and Dandy to make the necessary adjustments. I hope Lats uses his body more and gets in front of the goalie to hide the play and pick-up the odd garbage goal. On the third line, we need Smolinski to bring it up a notch or two.

  113. sidhu says:

    In all seriousness, the Habs don’t have a true “number one” line and they have two fourth lines. Though I have respect for the Higgins-Koivu-Ryder trio, the fact remains that they are not very effective 5-on-5, as demonstrated by their poor plus/minus numbers last year and disappointing offensive output this year. The Pleks line is a good second line; it poses a decent offensive threat.

    The remaining lines, however, are just a hodgepodge of the leftovers – there is no rhyme or reason to why some players are grouped with others. Lats is a weak skater, Smoke is slowing down, Begin and Kosto have a very limited offensive upside, Chipchura is weak on faceoffs, Dandy is a defenseman, etc.

    At least last year, the Perez-Bonk-Johnson line was a legit third line that had speed, was defensively responsible, and could ocassionally score.

    On D, we have an impressive top four (Markov, Komi, Streit, Hamrlik), Cube is decent, though our sixth D (Gorges and Brisebois) struggle often. It may be time to give O’Byrne a shot. He will make mistakes, as any rookie will, but at least he will learn and has a very promising upside.

  114. habfan2010 says:

    First time poster here. Big hockeybuzz fan. Lovin the habsinsideout insider info. Keep up the good work.

    As for the lines. They needed a change, lats added a nice element to that line last season when higgins went down. Lets hope for the same this time around.

    “Still the last canadian team to win a cup”

  115. Blitzen says:

    Why are you a big hockeybuzz fan? I could prolly put up 2-3 rumours a day and get one of them right once in a while. blindsquirrelnutwords.

  116. Blitzen says:

    Let’s wait and see what happens in-game but I think Lats was perhaps finally turning the corner.

  117. KerryPrice says:

    Why are all you guys on Ryder so much, and what has Latendresse done latley besides miss wide open nets and tripping over his own skates. Ryder the last game vs Buffalo was the only guy hitting. Ryder bringing his linemates down? thats absurd. i honestly think Guilliam shouldn`t even be on this squad he`s playing brutal hockey.If he was from NFLD he`d be in Hamilton long ago. I dont understand Guy`s thinking sometimes. I can name 4 kids in Hamilton who deserve Guilliam`s spot on the roster. maybey breaking up Koivu , Higgi and Ryder isn`t a bad idea but putting Latendresse on the wing, taking Ryder`s spot is crazy.

  118. Blitzen says:

    Kovy was hitting guys hard. I also think that Chips is one guy who rarely takes a shift off. He is also one of the few guys we have who consistently comes out with the puck in a scramble against the boards. That’s a rarity on this team.

    Although he did start off rather slowly, right now, I would sit guys like Smolinski and Kostopoulos before sitting Lats. I think if he proceeds to suck the next few games on the first line, then he might be heading down to get some seasoning. That way the team can tell the frenzied press that they gave him a decent chance to prove himself.

  119. The Teacher says:

    Lats has been HORRIBLE this year…

    I repeat..

    Lats needs summertime skating lessons.

  120. nightmare_49 says:

    Carbo did the same thing last year and Lats wasn’t the answer and stunk but he only sat once. When Carbo is in trouble he goes to SuperLats.

  121. habfan2010 says:

    I don’t go there for the rumours. I go there to converse with knowledgeable habfans.. and hockeyfans in general. It truly is a great community.

    “Still the last canadian team to win a cup”

  122. habsfan reduxit says:

    “… like 1.3 million Canadiens fans who were late for work this morning because they were telling Freudian analysts how Patrice Brisebois reminds them of their mothers.”

    Mike?? say what??

    … perhaps an explanation or two might help this Habs fan avoid the psychologist’s bench.

  123. 24 Cups says:

    Brisebois is a stop gap measure for a year while we wait for some of our young defensemen to mature and gain experience before they join the big club. He’s not here to be a saviour or play a major role. And the last thing he (or the Habs) needs is for the fans (in the arena or in print) to start treating him as their personal whipping boy. Been there, done that. The only thing that might be beneficial would be for Brisebois and Georges to split some of the games as the sixth defenseman. That way, Brisebois doesn’t break down as much and Georges gets a chance to prove whether he can play or not. Personally, I’m more worried about the play of Streit.

  124. P St. Pierre says:

    First of all, this line changing needed to take place. I don’t think that Latendresse is a permanent solution at all, but I think both the coaching staff and management want to see if the kid will play with more of an edge now that he’s being relied on for scoring. In all honesty, Ryder and Lats have played about the same this year, but the only difference is that Lats has picked up his game of late and maybe he does deserve a shot. I don’t know, I’m not a coach and I don’t see how he practices.

    For those criticizing this move because Ryder has a better +/-, I think that is simply ridiculous. +/- is a team stat and should be treated as such. Also, certain situations like being scored on during a delayed penalty can hurt a player’s +/-, yet the reality is that the team is down a man. The bottom line is that Lats has scored lately and picked up his hitting game in the offensive zone, where as Ryder has been pretty invisible. If he isn’t shooting, he’s not much good on the first line because he doesn’t have great passing or deking skills. Latendresse doesn’t have those skills either, but if he shoots the puck and plays an agressive game, he can be an effective player.

  125. zamboni says:

    Excellent points mjames in your post Here.
    Specially about Kosty not cycling in the back, he almost always looks parked waiting for the puck to hit him, I hate that, with so much talent, he should be working like Pleky.
    Heck if Kovy is working the way he is, Kosty should be benched for his laziness, that’s not a way to break into nhl, when you are still trying to prove that you belong in the big league (and I happen to like the guy).

    I also agree with you about forechecking, I brushed the subject in another Thread.

    JT, as always, dead on with your comments Here.

    I also personally think that it is wrong to put Latts on the first line, the guy needs to learn how to skate, even if we put that aside, with his size and strength he should be camped in front of the net instead of working the boards, it is clear by now that Carbo has chosen Latts to be his protégé, that’s the only logical way I can explain Latts’s preferential treatment considering his play.

    If I were the coach, I would put Kovy, Koivu and Ryder together, yes Ryder, even though the guy is in a slump, what better playmakers than Kovy and Koivu to get him out of that slump, Ryder is a scorer, and if he is not playing on the first two lines, than he’s wasting a roster spot, put him with Koivu and Kovalev and ask him to shoot instead of carrying the puck and making plays, let the other two handle that.

    Pleky, Higgy and Kosty can play the second line, we know that they had some chemistry when they played together last year.

  126. The Teacher says:

    but yes, he has improved his game over the last 5

  127. showey47 says:

    Off topic just watching tsn and the story about the debacle known as the toronto maple laffs gets negative coverage but is quickly overshadowed by guy lafleurs comments about the habs. It seems the only way we ever get any attention from tsn or sportsnet is when it is negative. I guess its an easy way for the homer sport stations to deflect criticism from their pathetic organization

  128. TommyB says:

    Right you are…and on Sportsnet they interviewed Jason Blake and talked about “have the Leafs hit rock-bottom?”, while fans are screaming for JFJ’s head on a platter.

    Habs better be ready for a pissed-off TO team tomorrow night. These guys are cranky!

  129. TradeRyder says:

    I’ve been praying for a first line change. Not what I had in mind, but it’s worth a shot – at least Higgins and Koivu can stop “trying to help Ryder” and we can stop watching Ryder try to skate through guys and fall on his ass.

    It’s true too that Chipchura shows real strength – drive, hockey sense, play making, great effort… and if he and Ryder have chemistry it could be great for both.

    Change is good!

    Now go and trade a couple of guys for a top goal scorer! We won’t get much better without it.
    A bucket with a hole in it doesn’t hold water. We need changes on the first line!

  130. showey47 says:

    Don’t we all wish it was that easy to just trade a couple of players for a goal scorer. There are no firesales at this time of the year it is end of november, not the end of february (trade deadline). The best we could hope for now is to trade our underachieving goal scorer( ryder ) for someone elses underachieving goal scorer and hope everything works out. Or stay the course hope things improve and look for deals at the deadline.

  131. nigel-ski says:

    I also don’t like seeing Latendresse on the top line, but Ryder does need to be shook up. Lats’ speed is almost non-existant. He was playing harder where he was. The guy I really don’t understand still being with the team is Grabovski. He doesn’t play in traffic, isn’t physical, isn’t scoring, is a minus player, and is small to boot. If we have to give one of our small farm guys a look, why not Locke? I can’t believe that Grabovski really is our best choice as a spare forward.
    Smolinski is no force out there either, seemingly balancing any good plays with gaffes.
    I say, call up a forward or two from Hamilton to shake things up a little. Lapierre would be my choice.

    Habs rule, Leafs drool…

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