Latendresse out, Ryder in, Halak farmed

Andrei Kostitsyn
Cleared to play

Canadiens forward Guillaume Latendresse will miss tonight’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs with an upper-body injury, returning Michael Ryder to the lineup from the pressbox.

Andrei Kostitsyn, who didn’t take part in Friday’s practice and was on the bubble pending this morning’s game-day skate, will play. Goalie Cristobal Huet has been cleared to return to action, having missed the last five games with a groin injury. Huet will back up Carey Price tonight, which sends Jaroslav Halak back to the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Coach Guy Carbonneau’s projected lines:

Higgins – Koivu – Sergei Kostitsyn; Andrei Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev; Ryder – Chipchura – Dandenault; Streit – Lapierre – Kostopoulos


  1. hhl says:

    my mistake on the spelling.also have family in new brunswick.edmunston.half serios about a smml town supporting an nhl franchise. if they can draw 15 000 to 18 000 a game why not?

  2. hhl says:

    well wadayaknow. youre right, except for the ryder thang

  3. hhl says:

    fraid not,think he s pissed?

  4. Blitzen says:

    We’ve been saying that about the last two games against the Laffs.

  5. Mattee. says:

    I like the optimism. I too have but some extra faith in Ryder tonight. He better no embarass himself… or worse… me.

  6. Mattee. says:

    I do believe he will score. So to answer your question: yes.

  7. A. Berke says:

    Ed & Mattee,

    The problem is not with Ryder’s hits, in fact he’s trying hard, however what is wanted from him is goals. During the first 20 games or so when he played the first line he had ample opportunities then, and even lately, he’s seeing decent playtime and quite a bit of PP time as well. The problem and the solution is with him only.

    On the other hand when you say: “Something along the line’s of, “Ryder is going to stay on that first line until he finds his game.”, you have the consider a more important issue: The team has been struggling a lot of late and there’s a lot more pressure on the coaching staff and the whole team. When your 1st liner is incapable of scoring (for whatever reason) how long the team is supposed take a risk of jeopardizing a game? Where & when the coaching will draw the red line and say enough is enough?

    Looking at his dismal scoring, Ryder appears right now more like a liability and not as an asset as most of us would like to believe and/or see. IMO that’s why he’s riding the pine in some games.

    His salvation: maybe making the best of his play tonight, both on 5-on-5 and PP even the playtime is limited.

    The best solution: IMO, trading him where he can find his old self again.

    Ali B.

  8. imafogdevil says:

    I hope your right. However, I think that Ryder is done in Montreal. For his sake, he needs to get out. Maybe he can be traded to the Stars and reunite with Ribiero. Remember how much he sucked in Montreal and needed to be traded? Ribiero has 15+ goals this year. Not bad for a cancer on the team. Then, the Stars can get Daiganais to play left, and its 2004 all over again.

    Seems to me that since the Roy incident with Tremblay, Montreal has become a horrible place to play. No wonder Briere went to Philly.

  9. Rocket Richard says:


    I got some insight from a well respective news commentator lately. Basicly he told me to look at the big picture for the Habs and keep a positive outlook, regardless of what happens on the ice.

    I believe the habs are due for a big game against TO. I think their are due, but they have to play 60 minutes.

    Signing Out,

    The Rocket Richard – “you must hate to lose”
    Read and Research Thousands of Articles Here

  10. linp says:

    I like your attitude. In my last post, I was encouraging my team to think more positive also.

    “Instead, we should have confidence in our own play. We should have an attitude to beat any team in the league. The players should play together as a team, use our speed and force the play. That’s the winning formula.”

    You’ll lose confidence if you don’t think positive.

  11. Habs Suck... Less says:

    Starting to sound like a recent quote from a former 1st liner affectionately called “the flower”

  12. Habs Suck... Less says:

    you forgot E. lack of talent

  13. Habs Suck... Less says:

    Just a reminder… nobody is being scratched tonight so that Ryder can play. He’s playing as a result of Lats’ injury.

  14. Habs Suck... Less says:

    People… do you really think suddenly Ryder is gonna score a hat trick??? He can’t hit the broad side of the Bell Center on the first line, and you think this is the big night that will make many eat crow when he’s on the 3rd line???

    OK… back to reality. The only reason he’s in is because of another player’s injury. That’s called being a reserve player. Enough said!

  15. A. Berke says:

    Good one Ian, 😉


    Ali B.

  16. Habs-Kat says:

    St is short for Saint and he did identify the city as being called Saint John’S. The “‘s” is what most people confuse. A small province can support an NHL franchise, if there’s corporate sponsorship. In a very old NHL, it would not have been impossible – I still don’t think its impossible if the right tools were in place.

  17. Rocket Richard says:

    OK, Habs fans.

    This is it.

    This is the game that the Habs will make a statement.

    This is the game that all you Michael Ryder bashers will be sorry as he nets 1,2 3 or more goals.

    This is the game that Carey Price makes his mark in the NHL.

    This is the game that Saku Koivu finally scores one(Last goal I think came in mid November)

    This is the game that everything comes togeather for coach Carbonneau.

    Of course, I could be wrong for this is just one man’s opinion.

    Signing Out,

    The Rocket Richard – “you must hate to lose”
    Read and Research Thousands of Articles Here

  18. joe-hab-nuno says:

    Saw this piece on tsn or rds, it was Carbs and Muller, with ryder and both goalies only on the ice. Don`t know exacyly what it was about since I was at work and the sound was of. But they were orking on Ryder`s shot. Muller was passing the puck from behind the net to Ryder on the slot, poor guy, I didn`t see any of the shots hit the net. Now that is big funk

  19. Ed says:

    In your post of 14:56, you defend your criticism of Ryder by saying that most of your family is from the rock. Then here you can’t even spell the capital of the province. It’s St. John’s, and Saint John is in New Brunswick. Also, where did you ever get the idea that a small province could support an NHL franchise. You should put a smiley after a joke, because you can’t be serious. Are you?

  20. nightmare_49 says:

    hhl – You sure you didn’t copy take that from Lat’s bio.

  21. TradeRyder says:

    We love our 4th liners so much, we have a whole BUNCH of them!

  22. Ed says:

    You say he’s got the size/weight and uses it sparingly to fight. He is the lightest regular on the team, but still has 52 hits, and of the forwards, is behind only Begin & Latendresse at 60. He has been up there every year in the hits category. Check out the players’ weights.

  23. hhl says:

    they should move an american team to saint john’s nfld.better fan,nashville or phoenix

  24. RS says:

    Take a look at the two teams’ forward lines. Complete physical mismatch in favour of the Leafs tonight. The Habs better chip the puck ahead and skate like the wind.

  25. nightmare_49 says:

    So your saying Ryder has fought as often as Higgins.

  26. showey47 says:

    Do you really want to be the next smolinski? lmao j/k

  27. showey47 says:

    What we are seeing from ryder is a complete lack of hockey sense(maybe from a lack of confidence), passing when he should shoot, shooting when he should pass he has very little ice vision. He is not a good passer, his toe drag move is the only move he’s got and i’m sure the oppostion defence know it. He does have a lethal shot, but doesn’t have much else. His footspeed has improved but still only faster than lats and no-one else on the team. I want ryder to start lighting it up also, cause we need goals to win but he is killing our team on the ice and off the ice because he isn’t scoing and we are gonna have a hard time trading him because of it. I just hope carbo leaves sergei on the top 2 lines for the entire game no matter what happens

  28. hhl says:

    sorry dont agree with milroy,hes another third liner,not a sniper.

  29. Kevin says:

    I’m glad to see Ryder back in the lineup. If he were replacing anyone, I’d want it to be either Latendresse, Dandenault or Streit. Since Streit had 2 goals last game, there’s no way you can scratch him. Him subbing for an injured Latendresse is a best case scenario for him.

  30. TradeRyder says:

    Good, positive attitude. Nuthin’ wrong with that.


  31. Mattee. says:

    If you’re a third or fourth line type player, you’re loving the idea of coming to Montreal. 15 minutes a game? Where do I sign.

  32. saku11 says:

    Ryder will sign with Calgary in the offseason and convince his brother to play hockey again. I think last game against Tampa was his best in a while. He had 2 shots in 8 minutes of ice time, he would have scored if not for a nice poke check by Denis. Here’s hoping he finds the back of the net tonight.

  33. Mattee. says:

    I honestly can’t help but cheer for him. I have not missed a game all season and I, like everyone else, am watching him very carefully. It’s depressing watching Ryder try so hard and come up empty hand every time. How many times have I watched him come out of the half-circle on the PP, make the first deke and take the shot and hit the goalie square in the chest (or miss the net). He lifts his head in disgust begging for an answer. I pity him, I really do. But he’s trying, he’s desperate and the pressure is killing him.

    During Carbo’s first press conference regarding Ryder’s lack of production, I think I would have answered differently. Something along the line’s of, “Ryder is going to stay on that first line until he finds his game.” instead of calling him out and putting even MORE pressure on him. The media in Montreal is difficult, the fans have high expectations, it’s your contract year and you’re looking for a long-term contract and now you’re coach is breathing down you’re throat. Something has got to give or he’s going to explode.

  34. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Thank you for correcting me. I was incorrect when I mentioned that Ryder had 8 even strength goals last year.

    I have not jumped on any bandwagon. I have been saying for quite some time that Ryder is only good on a PP. Here’s a blog post of mine from May 1, 2007:

    Of course Souray is not going to have close to the PPG numbers he had last year. He set an NHL record, for crying out loud! Even though Souray did not have as many PPGs in 03-04 and 05-06, he was still a threat to shoot. In 03-04, he had 186 SOG in 63 games. In 05-06, Souray had 202 SOG in 75 games.

    The other reason why the other forwards “didn’t cash in” because of Souray’s shot is because Souray scored so much. When he wasn’t scoring the goals, Ryder was because he had so much more time and playmakers like Koivu getting him the puck.

  35. TradeRyder says:

    I still say Ryder needs to solve Ryder.

    I think he’s working hard, but not all in the game. Whether it’s:
    A. His confidence is shot
    B. Carbo’s style rubs him the wrong way
    C. He’s trying “too hard”
    D. All of the above…

    …Carbo is right about one thing. Ryder needs to solve Ryder. Same goes (sadly) for his brother. You wonder if there’s a stubborn streak they need to get past.

    Not trying to be hard on them – I would love nothing more than to see both Ryder’s lighting it up. But figure out your mental game boys, before you are both in the doghouse forever. You have the talent – maybe you don’t really want it enough.

    Habs need a new defensive coach.

  36. hhl says:

    sorry, last comment responding to CHasman

  37. hhl says:

    no but ryder is not helping his or the teams cause.ryder dosent often carrie the puck into the zone,dosent help in sustaining any offence,(forecheck) for lack of footspeed,thus also causes more turnovers.has not been making good decisions when under pressure with the puck and often falls a step or three behind when backchecking,i noticed last year that he would dive once in a while to try to get a loose puck instead of moving his feet. his one move toward the net is not fooling anyone anymore.and thats what got him 30 goals,but also a plus – much as i would like for him to be successfull,(most of my familly is from the rock)i dont see him as a top six foward in montreal.change of address might do him good though.mtl is not a good place for him.the hole that hes in is way too deep.

  38. showey47 says:

    no doubt, streit should be back on the point. I am also far away from the carbo bandwagon unti he learns how to give more ice time to his top 2 lines and stop giving his fourth line 13 to 15 minutes a game.

  39. ccs says:

    Hope that Ryder gets another hat trick against the laffs tonight…wishfull thinking mabey but his time will come again. Mabey he learned somthing from Streit, stand in front of the net and let others bounce pucks off you and into the net.

  40. Mattee. says:

    uhhh, I think one D-man turned forward is more than enough. I am still no where near the Carbo bandwagon. If things go wrong tonight… I don’t even want to imagine what the new line combinations will be.

    (Lapierre-Koivu-Streit?)- just painful.

  41. Hoegarden says:

    the goals are not coming from Ryder. You can cheer for the chap all you want, the bottom line is that he is not earning his paycheck.
    I’d like, just for once, to see him drop the gloves and beat the living daylights out of someone or at least try to. That would show some commitment to the team. He’s got the size\weight and he uses it sparingly.
    He also annoyed a few folks when he was asked about his experience in the pressbox during the last Boston game. He could only say that the popcorn was cold up there…. I know the good folks from the Rock sometimes prefer to look at the lighter side of issues but it sure left some wondering about his attitude.
    We all wish he would come out of this awful slump (his big, once in a career, contract year coming up)and if he cannot pot a few then prove to management that he’s willing to bleed a bit for the team.
    Like Carbo said it, he and only he has the solution.
    You cannot blame bad luck forever…..

  42. showey47 says:

    agreed, i thought after streit’s 2 goal performance in a game where he could of had 4 i thought carbo would of had him on the koivu line again.

  43. fun police says:

    still can’t stand the idea of two defensemen as forwards.

  44. CHasman says:

    You said it RH

  45. CHasman says:

    I think we can all agree on one thing, the poor games that Montreal have come up with at home can not be blamed on Ryder. I’m glad to see him back in the lineup but he has to produce to get back in the fan’s favour. Eighty five goals in his last three seasons didn’t come from a bum. If he does get traded he will come back to haunt us. Let’s face it, we need all our scoring. Ryder is not getting in front of the net and banging in rebounds this year. His favorite pass is back to the point and that isn’t going to cut it. All the attention on Ryder from the fans and press won’t have much to do with the outcome of the game though. Key players tonight, Hamrlik, Komo(on Sundin all night), Kovalev, Koivu and Higgins. Last but not least, Micheal Ryder, for his own sake as much as the team’s.

  46. RH says:

    No one more honest, in this country, than a maritimer. Therefore, we have nothing to worry about in Ryder giving an honest effort. It’s unfortunate that Ryder has worked his ASS off this season, and has had nothing to show for it, other than a better plus/minus number. I’ll still be pulling for him to do well tonight. The Habs desperately need him to start putting some pucks in the net.

  47. TradeRyder says:

    I didn’t say anything about that – and I can’t recall every seeing Ryder complain or bad-mouth anyone at all. He also seems to be givin’ er most games this year… and trying hard to be more defensive. So I agree with you.

    One thing though – he seems to give up on the play more easily than others… but I think that’s not about being a team player, that’s about just not putting in the extra effort, or not beleiving that it’s worth it. I feel for the guy actually -he must be pretty dang frustrated. On the other hand – it’s up to him to get himself out of it. No-one knows Ryder like Ryder. Take a look inside Mikey and see what’s going on. I don’t want to assume this but with his brother’s odd situation, you do have to wonder if there’s something about them that they get in their own way somehow. Maybe just by letting things get to them and not talking it out. A lot of pressure in pro sports – you need to get it out. It’s almost spooky that he seems to still be laughing and joking.

    Habs need a new defensive coach.

  48. Ed says:

    It’s okay to criticise, but at least get your facts straight. Ryder scored 30 – correct. Ryder scored 8 even strength – incorrect. Ryder had 17 PP goals, 2 SH goals, and 11 even strength. All you have to do is check

    You have jumped on the band wagon which has been predominant lately in giving Souray credit for Ryder’s PP goals. What about 2003-04, and 2005-06 when Ryder also had a lot of PP goals, but Souray’s PP goals were no where close to last year? Also, how come all the other forwards on the PP did not cash in on the other teams cheating up to take away Souray’s shot? Koivu had 11, Kovalev & Higgins had 8, two forwards had 5, and no other forward had more than 1.

  49. showey47 says:

    I’m not crazy about seeing ryder on the third line if carbo plans on line matching against sundin. Maybe carbo should just go power vs power just play his top 2 lines against the laffs top 2 lines. Sundin’s line can’t score if we spend most of the time in their end instead of throwing out a checking line and hoping they don’t score. Besides sundin is their best face off man and koivu is ours ( i think his numbers are better than mats), so this would give us puck posession more often against the sundin line.

  50. Ian Cobb says:

    Nothing wrong with Ryder, its chemistry, pure and simple. His game has to mesh with his line mates. Coaches job to put the chemistry together.

  51. Mattee. says:

    I’m just curious, where is everyone getting this idea that Ryder isn’t a team player? Is it something he said?

    I’ve always defined a team player as someone who brings his best game every night, does as he is told and does not cry and complain about his coaches decisions. I’ve seen Ryder trying, he does as he is told and we haven’t heard him complain about a single thing since he joined the Canadiens. How is he not a team player? Please explain.

  52. Ian Cobb says:

    Give an honest effort, YES, show up, YES, but I’m too busy this time of year to answer all your prayers!

  53. Mattee. says:

    Careful now, I never said he had grit. I did however say that he is hitting and being defensively responsible (which is more than he did last year). Before you even suggest that he is a defensive liability, check the stats. Ryder is a -3 and he spent most of his time on a line that wasn’t scoring (himself include!). Meanwhile, our two D-men who have been playing as forwards are -6 and -8 (before last game). He may have been a defensive liabilitylast year but he has clearly upped that aspect of his game this year. When the goals don’t come, you focus on doing other things right and hope for some lucky bounces to get you back on track. It doesn’t help that your coach is wringing your neck in front of the media.

    I agree he has to get traded, and he will, for the right player.

    As for Ryder being a loser? I don’t even know what to say to that.

  54. showey47 says:

    i don’t think it went in, i’m pretty sure they would of reviewed if there was any doubt.

  55. WindsorHab-10 says:

    His goal in the shootout against Tampa was definitely in.

  56. Ian Cobb says:

    Sounds just about right R Mike. Maybe the two Ryders for a Horse in Calgary?

  57. showey47 says:

    well considering carbo’s 3rd and 4th lines get almost as much ice time as their 2 top lines ryder will get close to 15 mins, especially if he is given powerplay time

  58. WindsorHab-10 says:

    I’m praying for Ryder to show up and just give an honest effort.

  59. Naila Jinnah says:

    Good news/bad news.
    I’m all for Ryder’s success, really, but if he gets to play it should be on an offensive line, not a defensive one. AND he should get a decent amount of ice time. You can’t get out of a slump playing 5 minutes a game…

  60. showey47 says:

    No kidding koivu is no vinny, vinny makes the players around him better. Saku needs good players around him to be better. That is the difference between and elite player and a very good player, or a bonifide first line center to a second line center. But in fairness to saku he has been very good in the shootout this year, he had the goalie pretty much at his mercy but seems to only have the one move.

  61. TradeRyder says:

    The problem with Ryder is Ryder.

    He needs to get a handle on his head, and his game. And until then, he should be benched. It is too bad he’s playing… the team needs confidence more than anything else.

  62. TradeRyder says:

    Just go up to “change your profile” at the top of the page.

    To each his own!


  63. RetroMikey says:

    Personally, I would have sat Michel Ryder again. I have stated this many times on this site, Michael Ryder is a major disappointment and is not a team player. He is out for himself. I’ve seen him play in the past for the Bulldogs (living in Hamilton) with Claude Julien having major headaches with him and now I have seen Guy Carbonneau pop a lot of 222’s as well with the big club. Nothing but an overrated so-called sniper as far as I am concerned. Duncan Milroy deserves his chance and I do hope whatever they do with Michael, be it a trade or just plain release him, Duncan will step in. We have to let the young guns play more and more. They deserve it. They are our future and let’s not blow it for stupid trades for short term results.

    “We will win the Cup only with Carey Price in the nets”

  64. DYCSoccer17 says:

    Kids got the best shot on the team

    You’re kidding, right? How much is that shot helping him this year? He scored 30 goals last year…big effing deal. Of those 30, only 8 were scored even-strength, despite all the first-line ice time he got.

    he is one of the fastest skaters

    Ok, now it is clear that you are either kidding or that you have never watched the Habs play in your life.

    He is known in the league, thats why they close on him fast

    So you’re saying that his lack of scoring is due to the fact that other teams are keying on him? Sorry, but all great players in this league get closely checked. Those guys still score. Ryder clearly is not elite or even close to being elite.

    Souray is the reason he had so many goals last year. Virtually all of Ryder’s goals were on the PP. When teams started cheating up to take away Souray’s shot on the PP, it left Ryder and Koivu more room and time to operate down low. Now that Souray is gone, it is no surprise to me that Ryder can’t/isn’t doing squat on the PP. I don’t care about the guy’s heart or whatever.

    If an employee doesn’t produce, he is going to get fired. Management doesn’t care how much heart or passion a person has. If he shows up to work and drags down his employees because he can’t get the job done, then he should be gone. The bottom line is production.

  65. TradeRyder says:

    We don’t hate him. We just hate losing.

    And we don’t get quiet, we get excited about winning.

    Habs need a new defensive coach.

  66. jew4jah says:

    Nobody is cheering harder for Ryder than we, the fans. We are the same fickle crowd who BOO lackluster performance and sub-par efforts. We, who breathe & bleed bleu-blanc-rouge, expect our players to care at least as much as we and when we don’t see that hunger & drive, we turn. That’s why players like Koivu can thrive in this city; effort. Let’s face it folks, going by the numbers alone, he ain’t no superstar. But put his numbers up next to his storied career and he is Captain K. It’s not enough. We have to stop deluding ourselves, Koivu is no Lecavalier or (insert player’s name here). He doesn’t exactly strike the fear into the opposition’s netminders. How many of you felt, like me, that he wasn’t going to score in the last shootout against Tampa.

  67. mbplekfan says:

    If anyone tries to claim that Ryder has character or grit and can skate, well then they obviously know very little about hockey.

    Ryder is a shooter and nothing more. When Koivu got flattened in Pitt last year Ryder turned and skated away leaving Souray to skate half the ice to intervene. Ryder has never fought and lacks the intestinal fortitude to do so.

    He should be traded as soon as Gainey can get something for him.

    Ryder is a loser and a defensive liability.

  68. gohabzzzz says:

    noo!! ferland, milroy and d’agostini would look better tonight than ryder! everytime I listen to that guy in interviews I fall asleep and watching hime on the ice, I feel like closing the tv…he can’t play defensively so him being on 3rd and 4th lines is useless and if he ain’t scorin than what good is he?

  69. TradeRyder says:

    Score a hat-trick Ryder, so we can trade your a–!

    Habs need a new defensive coach.

  70. Habs_008 says:

    I think Lats size will be missed, hopefully Ryder does well tonight, we will see, the laffs always show up against us. If we use our speed, the game is ours.

  71. Corio says:

    Glad AK is playing, would suck if he got injured.. hope to see the brothers playing together again tonight for a few shifts.

    Hope Ryder has a great game!

  72. Mattee. says:

    I’m dreaming but when Ryder steps on the ice today, the fans should cheer his name. Imagine that. I think he’d cry, or score?


  73. Mattee. says:

    That is correct. I only wish Carbo had supported him right through the struggle. He may not be scoring but he has done everything else! He knows the goals aren’t coming for him so he’s hitting and defending and bringing the extra effort. I’ve said it before, a veteran should only be benched when he isn’t giving his best effort, and Ryder has fought for this team every night, he wants to score as badly as every single habs fans combined. Poor Kid. The confidence well is drying out for him… 2 goals tonight, I can feel it.

  74. likehoy says:

    Ryder for the the My NHL hat trick! (2g in regulation and 1 in shootout)

    it’s funny how when Ryder gets benched, those who support him crawl out of their caves to support him and those who hate him become quiet…

  75. HAB-PROFESSOR says:

    GREAT that Ryders back in.

    DAMN thats one kid I’d NEVER BENCH…EVER., tough kid, won’t take a cheap shot and i’ve never seen anyone give him one, in fact once Chara gave him a tap with the stick and Ryder just looked at him and smiled and guess what, chara BACKED DOWN, Ryder won’t back down, in fact he brings the same or more veteran presence to the ice than smokes. Kids got the best shot on the team, he is one of the fastest skaters and can really let the body fly with some high impact hits, little loose on the stick handling (not his strong point) but if he opens a lane then his shot is among the leagues best. He is known in the league, thats why they close on him fast, they don’t want his release. remember they caught onto Souray, same thing closing the gap, but Souray just started shooting anyway and his rocket shot actually broke sticks on the way to the net…A little ladyluck on Ryders shoulders and he’ll never be in the pressbox again, he has to make it so ridicules for Carb to bench him…As I said, I’d NEVER bench that kid. Gives his heart on the ice, and doesn’t EVER complain.

    we are really close to having our best lineup on the ice this year.

    and one more thing, Ryder is the key to giving us 3 scoring lines.

    until the problem in my picture is solved…we will not be Champions.


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