Last tangle in the nation’s capital


After tonight’s non-four-pointer, the Canadiens won’t play Ottawa again until autumn.

Plekanec line gets hot at the right time

Spacek hopes to be ready for playoffs

Canadiens talking about the Masters

Price sets new benchmark

Team won’t rest on laurels

Bert Raymond on Jacques Martin

Pierre Durocher on Price

Darche praises P.K.


  1. Chorske says:

    God forbid a month should go by without some bleating by the usual suspects about emotional coaches, and Montreal’s alleged need for one. Raymond’s memory must be messed up from whatever he is smoking. An emotional coach a) always ends up losing the room b) puts his emotions ahead of the team c) makes poor decisions (like leaving the star goalie in for nine goals, for instance, just off the top of my head).

    Laraque is a joke. And Raymond is a joke for trying to have it both ways- he disses Laraque’s impartiality and reliability… but still buys into his claim that there is trouble in the room. A room Laraque hasn’t see the inside of since Dubya was president. Pff.

  2. notbigbird says:

    The Google translation of the Raymond article seems to be stating the many Habs are less than happy playing for JM. But he’s there for the duration, so the players had better get with the program. Has this sort of opinion about the players’ attitudes surfaced elsewhere, or it it pure conjecture?

    (But why bother? This question won’t be read because it’s not on the top page.) 🙂

  3. Jim Edson says:

    Is anyone aware of these restrictions on a Bruins Fan website?

    Wonder why French is included and Spanish, German, Russian or Chinese not?

    Kind of strange in the land of the brave and home of the free speech?

    Any non-Bruins members found on this site, as agitators or virtual vandals, will have their profiles immediately terminated, and will be prohibited from entering this site. The administrative team take pride in offering fans of the Boston Bruins, an environment in which to celebrate and discuss amongst fellow fans, and do not look kindly on those that wish to disrupt our forum for reasons of petty rivalries. We do not wish to create any unnecessary rifts between our fans and fans of any of the other NHL teams. Please respect our site as you would your own. Thank you

    Attention !
    Tous les membres de ‘non-Bruins’ ont trouve sur ce emplacement, comme ces agitateurs ou ces vandales veritables, aura leurs profils tout de suite efface, et sera interdit d’entrer ce site. Les administrateurs sont fiers pour offrir des ‘fans’ de Bruins, un environnement dans lequel celebrer et discuter parmi les collegues, et ne regardent pas avec bonte sur ceux qui souhaitent perturber notre forum pour des raisons de jalousie petite. Nous ne souhaitons pas ne creer aucune activite desagreable avec ‘fans’ de NHL. Veuillez respecter notre emplacement comme vous votre. Merci

    Can’t recall seeing such restrictions on fansites anywhere else outside of North Korea

    …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

    Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

    • notbigbird says:

      Not such a bad idea. Maybe HIO should do the same.

      • Jim Edson says:

        Would you then have to translate the disclaimer into Gaelic?

        …..My empire is crumbling, my international sponsors are deserting me, my authority is questioned, I am held in contempt wherever I go.

        Who am I: Mohamar Ghadaffi or Gary Bettman.

  4. Clutch10 says:

    Who on the team 990 left their mic on a dropped a couple of f -bombs last week? Howard Stern was talking about on his radio station on Monday.

  5. arcosenate says:

    Noticed a strange statistic today, Nicklas Lidstrom, barring a couple of decent final games, could end up in the negative for the first time in his NHL career. He is -3 heading into the final two games of the season. I hope he can get to the plus side before the end of the season, be nice to see him go his whole career without a negative season.

    The Anaheim Ducks are going to be a major player come playoff time, they have some serious mojo heading into the post-season. I bet Saku must be pumped considering what it looked like for them a month ago.

    Habs need to beware of Spezza tonight, now that it doesn’t matter he’s playing his ass off.

    Boston would be a great team to play in the first round, seriously, we match up pretty well against them, barring whatever nagging injuries we have, that might be a nice way to start.

  6. Chuck says:

    Though their years may be eerily similar, there’s one stat where Price has outshone Plante: shutouts.

    Plante only had 4.


  7. soperman says:

    “…in a city that feeds its goaltenders to its young,…”

    Hilarious Stubbs.

  8. Off-side says:

    When hockey teams are eliminated we jokingly tease them about picking up their golf clubs. All this golf talk is jinxing our team!!!!!! Hockey players don’t vote all summer long.

  9. derfab says:

    Bring up some kids for the last 2 meaningless games. Besides Price, Hamr, Gill and Pleks could really use some rest. Cammy just wants 20 goals. If he isn’t fully recovered he should also be put aside because his intensity and scoring will be heavily counted on if we are to make any kind of showing in round one.

    Since we have little control over which club we play, we should play a little with the minds of our opponents and risk tanking the last 2, just to send a message that we want to play the top team and not the 2nd runner up.

  10. Off-side says:

    Cammy, please stop talking about golf. You played lousy all year and need to focus on hockey. Only a guy like Sedin can discuss that sport or the Masters as he has scored almost more points than you and your supposedly top scoring mates combined. We know you like golf but we don’t care. Get back to work.

    • Max_a_million says:

      Dude he has a severely separated shoulder and a hurt ankle. The guy is kicking butt with that in mind. He hasn’t been able to lift things with his shoulder, so he can’t work harder with his upper body. His ankle has been bad so he can’t work harder with his lower body.
      There is not enough appreciation here for how tough that separated shoulder is.

    • Dave Stubbs says:

      I asked Mike about the Masters and he replied to my question. Read the rest of his comments in today’s story. He spoke with great passion about what the Canadiens have to do from here on in. The Masters was maybe two minutes of a 15-minute talk. Are his interests outside of hockey restricted by his statistics on the ice, i.e., if I’d asked Carey Price about bull-roping, that would have been OK?
      By the way, Mike was asked yesterday about the upcoming federal election. He replied to that as well… as did P.K. Subban when asked the same question.

      Dave Stubbs

      Hockey Inside/Out
      Sports Columnist/Feature Writer, Montreal Gazette
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    • HalifaxHabs says:

      yeah, he’s not allowed to discuss anything else during hockey season… next time a reporter asks him a question that’s non- hockey related he should just ignore them, and be a robot, because that will make him a better player? right? talking about golf yesterday has somehow prevented him from being a good hockey player right?

  11. HabFanSince72 says:

    I’m not a separatist. Not remotely.

    CBC’s anti-Hab bias does not make me want to vote yes in a future referendum.

    Neither does Don Cherry being named one of the top ten great Canadians. It doesn’t matter to me, I’m a citizen of the world and can look elsewhere for culture.

    This, however, is a different matter. This makes me deeply deeply ashamed for the ROC.

    • Why oh why would Canada waste money on such a non-event?

    • 123456 says:

      Well the Mint will make money on it so in a way it’s a tax on dummies… in theory will lower your taxes.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I wonder if the coin will have a perforation allowing the coin to be split in half. Given who the guys father is, they should be prepared to then reattach a side with a real ugly lady on it that he chooses to remarry.

      My father was a tool and die maker at the Royal Canadian Mint in Wpg when it opened in the 70’s. He had to get out, the culture in how that place operates, well it is pure government BS.

    • notbigbird says:

      You’re kidding? What’s the big deal? Lots and lots of people will eat this up. Not me. Just saying it doesn’t bother/affect me one way or the other. Besides, like it or not, and you probably don’t and I don’t much care, we’re part of the Commonwealth.

    • VancouverHab says:

      Well, to no-one’s surprise I’m delighted at these, and other, celebrations of our Canadian cultural history. I have no desire to be artifically severed from our national past (paraphrasing another loyal Monarchist, Louis Riel) and even less desire to make a move toward becoming another American-esque republic, with one politician (uhhg) having the powers both of Head of Government and Head of State.

      Yes I did cry for joy at the end of “The King’s Speech.” Why do you ask?

      • SHUTTemDOWN says:

        Fortunately, your generation is on the way out.

      • Rudy says:

        1,000 thumbs up to VancouverHab

      • Da Hema says:

        There are republics whose governing institutions and offices are not at all like the U.S. Canada could become a republic and still preserve its parliamentary institutions, thereby also preserving the distinction between the head of government (prime minister) and head of state. I would far prefer Canadians elect our head of state. The time has come to sever completely our relationship to the incestuous British royal family. We live in the 21st, not the 17th, century.

        • VancouverHab says:

          The century is irrelevant, River Horse: you could equally say ‘we live in the 21st Century AD, not the 4th Century BC’ — democtratic republics are that old.

          Constitutional monarchy could easly become an avant garde idea for solving failed political systems — say, The United States of America.

          The Age has nothing to do with it….

          • Da Hema says:

            Far be it for me to deny historical context! Indeed, that was my point: constitutional monarchies have outlived their historical usefulness. Canada is not Saudi Arabia or Qatar or Jordan, other “constitutional” monarchies whose leaders claim their legitimacy based on the “royal right to govern” but really exercise it on the basis of contempt for ordinary human beings. I am more than open to an extended debate on the nature of monarchy if you wish.

            We hippos really hate it when others try to tell us what to do!

          • VancouverHab says:

            “Don’t argue with a Hippo” does read like good advice!

            My point, to balance this it, is that Canada is not a republic, like many other hideous self-styled republics, infesting the world now as they have so often before.

            There are arguments pro- & con- for republics; there are arguments pro- and con- for constitutional monarchies. There have been examples of both, good and bad, in centuries past and on the globe today.

            Again, the question is not of outgrowing, advancement, progress, or any other such dogmatic term: these things each come and go and come again as the times and circumstances change & dictate.

            Canada has been and is a constitutional monarchy and I like us & so I am happy to see us stay more or less as we are. I see no compelling factual reason to take the risky move of changing to some other here-untried system: and I have one more clear thing distinguishing us from our immediate Southern neighbours.

            And now the Hippo will bite my head off.

    • Da Hema says:

      One lovely word: republic.

  12. Mike D says:

    JM’s game plan over the next two games (or at least what I think it should be):

    1) Play the bottom 6 as if they were the top 6, but roll 4 lines. This will give the top 6 guys some rest without taking them out of their groove and give the bottom 6 guys a chance to produce, build momentum and gain confidence for the playoffs. It also gives Cammy a chance to heal a bit faster/better.

    2) Consider playing Auld in TOR too. Not saying do it, but consider it. I don’t think Carey will lose focus or be any less sharp come round 1 with the extra time off. If anything, I think it will make him hungrier to get back in there, plus it will give him some rest.

    3) Put Weber in for the next two games to get him going, and maybe sit Hammer (or maybe Skillsie?) in his place to get him rested for the playoffs.

    4) If Spatcho is healthy enough to play, get him in there so he can shake the rust off and get his game legs back.

    5) If the Sens or Laffs start the goonery, protect guys like PK and Price, and play with caution….a lot of caution.

    Disclaimer: Assuming the Habs do want to win these games to remain in 6th, then adjust the above if necessary to win.

    – Honestly yours

    • HabFanSince72 says:

      I’ve said it before, but we want to avoid the Caps. This year they consciously took their foot off the gas during the regular season in order to prepare for a long playoffs. Despite that they will still finish first.

      • JF says:

        Agree about the Caps. Winning one more game will ensure that we don’t finish in 8th. I think we could handle the Bruins, and the way the Flyers have been playing, they don’t scare me as much as they did. They fact they recalled Leighton from the AHL suggests they don’t have a lot of confidence in any of their goaltenders. Also, it’s not certain Pronger will be back for the first round.

    • HabinBurlington says:

      I don’t disagree with any of your suggestions. Still playing the games to win, just relying a little more on our supporting cast to pitch in. Besides a guy like Pouliot really could use a spark going in to playoffs, maybe just maybe he could get it going in these games with good mins. and some pp time.

    • HalifaxHabs says:

      I can’t see them letting Price go 9 to 10 days between starts… He’ll play Saturday

  13. jakobsbror says:

    you mean last tango in the capital?

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