Last chance to send greetings to Pocket

Henri Richard, a true Canadiens great
David Bier Studios, Gazette files

If you haven’t yet added your birthday greetings for Canadiens great Henri Richard – and many of you have, from around the world – do it now!

The legendary Pocket Rocket turned 18 on Friday, celebrating one birthday every four years as a leap-year baby.

Born on Feb. 29, 1936, Richard won a record 11 Stanley Cups during his illustrious 20-season career with the Canadiens, a standard that will never be matched in today’s expanded NHL and in an era of free-agency.

Inside/Out reader habfan53 had a fine idea: Why not a thread so folks could send along their birthday greetings to the great Pocket Rocket? You’ve got until 2 p.m. today to add yours, and I’ll print the thread and take it to tonight’s Bell Centre game to get it into the Hall of Famer’s hands.


  1. Habhopeful says:

    Congratulations On finally being able to have a beer after all those 11 stanley cup wins on your behalf, Hope you have a good one…

    Happy Birthday!


  2. NightRyder says:

    I’d still take Pocket today over Smolinski!

    Happy Birthday.

  3. doug says:

    Happy Birthday Monsieur Richard- You’re a legend on the ice and 100% class off of it. Thank you and your teammates for adding so much joy to my life.

  4. G-Man says:

    Happy Birthday to the only person on the planet with enough Stanley Cups for all his fingers (thumbs included) with one extra!
    Your pride and fierce determination lifted us from our seats time and again. All the best to you and your family, Henri!


  5. sakusteam says:

    Happy 18th Birthday Mr Richard !!!!!!!!
    Too bad Montreal is playing in Buffalo on your Birthday. I sent e-mails to Montreal and Buffalo suggesting that they help celebrate your Birthday. Hopefully Montreal listened to my suggestion to have a party in the Molson zone for you. Eleven Stanley cups but not able to have a beer. Sounds pretty funny.


  6. Bash says:

    Hello Henri!

    One of my fondest hockey memories is playing against the NHL Oldtimers..a fundraiser in NL some years ago.

    Our lines were matched up the whole night and I was smiling from ear to ear as I chased you around the ice!*

    You remain one of my favourite players..I will never forget that come from behind victory in Chicago when you practically carried the team on your back in the third period.

    *BTW…I had two assists in an 11-3 loss but was -3 for the night!

  7. carmine007 says:

    Happy Birthday Henri!!!

    We share the same month!

    It’s NEVER over til it’s OVER!

  8. Kenny says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Richard!

  9. Dan23 says:

    Joyeux anniversaire M. Richard ! Je vous souhaite mes meilleurs voeux. Go Habs Go !

  10. krob1000 says:

    Please send me a lottery ticket Henri…….I know it would be a winner… would have to be if you touched it. Midas has nothing on you. Happy Birthday Henri. Although I am only 31 years old I still refer to you nearly every time I get into it with a Leaf fan. I always bring up the fact that you have as many Stanley Cups yourself as the Leafs have ever won….it is my finishing move….there is no defence against a statement like that.

  11. Habs64 says:

    Happy Birthday to the Pocket Rocket!! Enjoyed watching him play when I was a youngun!

  12. Shan says:

    Joyeux Anniversaire, M. Richard!
    I guess now you can vote!

    Take care
    Shan (a Habs fan in Toronto)

  13. Guy21 says:

    A Very Happy Birthday,Henri-You were always one of the best Habs……Your parents must have been so proud of her boys…


  14. Richard B says:

    Thats a nice story,
    Happy birthday Mr. Richard
    From Richard in Newfoundland

  15. smiler2729 says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pocket Rocket! When I first started collecting hockey cards and watching HNIC way back in 1971 on Nun’s Island, you were one of the first Habs to capture my imagination and to this day your number 16 is always played anytime I pick 6 numbers for the lottery, I don’t know why but it seems to be as lucky to me as 7.

  16. habfan53 says:

    P.S. Thanks Dave

  17. habfan53 says:

    To my favorite player “Bonne st Heureuse Anniversaire”

    I have been fortunate to have met M.Richard on several occasions. My favorite was around 1972 I was caddying at the Elm Ridge Golf Club outside Montreal. It was their annual golf tournament and I WANTED his bag. Because I had been in a dispute with the caddy master he gave me somebody elses. It cost me 20.00 to buy his bag back so effectively I caddied for nothing. About an hour after the round finished I was hitching a ride home. Who should stop to pick me up but Henri himself. As we drove I told him he was my favorite player he said I was lucky to get his bag then, I explaind what happened and he laughed. He drove me all the way home and then tried to pay me my 20.00 back. I said thanks but it was a real pleasure to carry his bag he would not accept no and placed the money in my shirt pocket. I later found an extra 10.00.

  18. Shoowtime says:

    Happy B-Day Rocket

  19. Corio says:

    Happy Birthday Rocket! 🙂

  20. fuhgawz says:

    Happy B-Day Pocket —— and many many more to come —– wish i would have been alive to see you and your brother play but the stories i have been told and have read is what makes this team a thing of legend. Proud to be a fan and proud we have you guys still around as amazing ambassadors to hockey and especially this team.

    GO HABS GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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